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Nellie Hawkins

Postby Nellie Hawkins on August 24th, 2014, 6:28 pm


abstract quiet, unassuming young woman trying to survive, not thrive, by keeping her head down and her dagger sharp in sunberth until she has acquired the skills, the knowledge and the means to leave for anywhere else.

name nellie hawkins
dob 3rd, winter, 495av
race human
gender female
language common
residence sunberth

occupation fisherman
aspiration gadgeteer

appearance 5'6". lean. unremarkable. dark hair. dark eyes. alert. jumpy.
scars left collarbone * *human bite-wound, a nasty scar; "a permanent reminder of the sordid nature of sunberth on the day of her parents' demise."

traits self-serving. friendly. opportunistic. amoral. driven. practical.
religion dira. ovek. any one that listens.
01 acting +01
06 begging 05sp, +01
01 body building +01
02 brawling +01, +01
02 business +02
05 carpentry 05sp
02 clamdigging +01, +01
05 cooking +04, +01
04 deduction +01, +02, +01
04 endurance +02, +02
02 escape artist +02
01 food preservation +01
02 foraging +02
05 gadgeteering 05sp
04 gigging +04
11 herbalism 10sp, +01
02 hunting +02
02 intelligence +02
01 intimidation +01
01 larceny +01
02 law +02
05 metalsmithing 05sp
07 negotiation +02, +01, +01, +03
02 persuasion +02
05 philtering 05sp
04 planning +01, +01
08 rhetoric +02, +01, +01, +01, +03, +02
04 running +01, +01, +02
09 scavenging 05sp, +02, +01, +01
01 seduction +01
22 socialization +03, +01, +01, +05, +01, +05, +01, +04, +01
04 stealth +04
01 storytelling +01
03 subterfuge +02, +01
05 swimming 05sp
04 tactics +02, +02
02 teaching +01, +01
05 unarmed combat +01, +02, +02
04 weapon: dagger +04

36 fishing 05sp, 15rb, +03, +3sxp, +02, +03, +05

64 observation +04, +02, +04, +03, +05, +04, +02, +03, +02, +05, +02, +03, +05, +03, +03, +04, +05, +05


lore of (acting) trying to project confidence

lore of (body building) a warm prior to training can prevent injury
lore of (body building) core muscles are side, stomach and back
lore of (body building) core muscles keep you stable and balanced
lore of (body building) stretching and warm ups

lore of (brawling) furniture and items aren’t off limits

lore of (business) informing the customer
lore of (business) connecting with the customer to aid in sales

lore of (combat) hitting a man where it hurts

lore of (cooking) how to clean fish (sp)
lore of (cooking) shucking: the art of harassing clams
lore of (cooking) one can never have too much garlic
lore of (cooking) too much salt can ruin a meal
lore of (cooking) a watched pot never boils
lore of (cooking) decent stew screams for spices

lore of (clamming) gathering clams from the sand

lore of (feelings) the numbness of grief

lore of (fire) fire has hypnotic beauty
lore of (fire) the beautiful agent of my world's destruction

lore of (fishing) using cheese as bait
lore of (fishing) saltwater trout of baroque bay
lore of (fishing) difficult in the winter
lore of (fishing) shad is abundant in sunberth
lore of (fishing) wrapping twine around the arm safely
lore of (fishing) when to use a net instead of a baited hook
lore of (fishing) nets can get caught on collections of rocks
lore of (fishing) unhooking a net from rock debris without damaging it

lore of (gadgeteering) simple machines (sp)

lore of (herbalism) use of warming herbs
lore of (herbalism) horse chestnut: an herb used for heating up your body
lore of (herbalism) horse chestnut: has spikes to protect from squirrels
lore of (herbalism) horse chestnut: when dry can only be used as kindling

lore of (hunting) peace in gigging
lore of (hunting) using frog calls as warnings
lore of (hunting) unappetizing sight of captured frogs
lore of (hunting) using frogs' natural instincts in hunting

lore of (law enforcement) gangs and wave guards are the same

lore of (misc) using nursery rhymes to make decisions
lore of (misc) the mob always sees advantage in tragedy
lore of (misc) pity often translates into a few coins
lore of (misc) trading fish for herbs, firewood, and medical assistance when needed
lore of (misc) pretending you know someone to avoid a potentially dangerous situation
lore of (misc) unintentionally making dinner plans
lore of (misc) if you get caught, its not the end of fighting

lore of (negotiation) begin haggling with a low price
lore of (negotiation) using a friendly face
lore of (negotiation) expect lower prices later in the day
lore of (negotiation) starting a barter
lore of (negotiation) price high when beginning a barter

lore of (npcs) brega loves baubles
lore of (npcs) lennie: the vendor
lore of (npcs) merv: doesn't mind a bloody floor
lore of (npcs) cid: likes to search through the rubble
lore of (npcs) captain eleuia: trainer from sun's birth
lore of (npcs) gimor: my partner in training

lore of (observation) making assessments based on appearance

lore of (pcs) caela: met in market
lore of (pcs) caela: works in a tavern
lore of (pcs) dor’gen: giant, purple man (?) with plentiful scars
lore of (pcs) firenze: been at the orphanage a long time
lore of (pcs) firenze: prefers to be outside
lore of (pcs) firenze: abandoned at the orphanage by her parents
lore of (pcs) kechaiya: healer
lore of (pcs) kechaiya knows of warming herbs
lore of (pcs) noven: cooks at the orphanage
lore of (pcs) noven: intimidating yet generous
lore of (pcs) noven: calls her clam girl
lore of (pcs) palaren: from zeltiva
lore of (pcs) shakune: a woman with black eyes
lore of (pcs) shakune: market shopper
lore of (pcs) shakune: from the desert

lore of (people) should have the freedom to guard themselves

lore of (persuasion) stealing the competition's customers
lore of (persuasion) using outside events to help barter

lore of (religion:ovek) ovek must hate me today
lore of (religion:ovek) makes for a good distraction
lore of (religion:ovek) may be using her for entertainment

lore of (scavenging) cattail stems are free and taste better that way
lore of (scavenging) braiding cattail stems together for easy carrying

lore of (self) dancing flames cast visions of the past
lore of (self) the aroma of the sea: a fond memory
lore of (self) the life of a harlot is not for me
lore of (self) my parents died in a lab explosion
lore of (self) the most disgusting kiss of my life
lore of (self) digging through the remains of my past
lore of (self) i will survive, no matter what
lore of (self) the scent of destruction is a reminder that i live
lore of (self) my father's pestle is a priceless treasure
lore of (self) the humiliation of being harassed
lore of (self) a victim and criminal
lore of (self) not interested in the snake people
lore of (self) skeptical yet open to offers
lore of (self) doesn't want to eat a cat
lore of (self) soft heart
lore of (self) don’t feed cats outside your home
lore of (self) gangs make my skin crawl
lore of (self) overcome. be stronger. faster. less 'disadvantaged'
lore of (self) right-side attacks are harder than left

lore of (socialization) introducing oneself
lore of (socialization) a polite introduction could make a difference

lore of (sunberth) for a moment, sunberth showed mercy on me
lore of (sunberth) the paranoia of sunberth
lore of (sunberth) shopping in sunberth a crowded affair
lore of (sunberth) a need for a form of self-defense
lore of (sunberth) has a reputation in other cities

lore of (sunberth:location) baroque bay
lore of (sunberth:location) the rotten mansion
lore of (sunberth:location) pig’s foot tavern: serves bad fish soup
lore of (sunberth:location) pig's foot tavern: don't beg in front of customers
lore of (sunberth:location) sunset quarter's orphanage
lore of (sunberth:location) proving grounds

lore of (the rotten mansion) mysteriously fallen down

lore of (unarmed combat) fake and slip
lore of (unarmed combat) more movement is required against taller opponents
lore of (unarmed combat) eye, nose, neck, chest, and gut are good targets

lore of (weapon) battle-axe: not a weapon for me
lore of (weapon) dagger: could come in handy
lore of (weapon) dagger: good for last minute self defense
lore of (weapon) dagger: used in close quarters
lore of (weapon) dagger: aim for the eyes, face, neck or knuckles
lore of (weapon) dagger: a proper stance for fighting
lore of (weapon) dagger: high guard stance
lore of (weapon) dagger: high guard to slash
lore of (weapon) dagger: high guard to feint

lore of (zeltiva) wave guard: zeltiva law enforcement

summer 518
credit debit purpose balance
338gm, 7cm
-2gm dagger 336gm, 7cm
-5cm charcoal sticks, x10 336gm, 2cm
-1gm parchment sheet, x5 335gm, 2cm
-1gm scroll case 334gm, 2cm
-5gm box crab trap *price comparable to small animal trap/small animal cage due to similar finished size and materials used 329gm, 2cm
-10gm, 5sm class & practice dagger * 318gm, 5sm, 2cm
+546gm wages, summer 518av 864gm, 5sm, 2cm

winter 514
credit debit purpose balance
19gm, 7cm
+364gm wages, fall 513 383gm, 7cm
-45gm seasonal expenses, poor 338gm, 7cm

autumn 514
credit debit purpose balance
+100gm starting package 100gm
-5gm fishing pole & net 95gm
-10gm canoe, bark 85gm
-15gm toolkit, clamdigger's 70gm
-2sm pail, gallon 69gm, 8sm
-1cm butter knife 69gm, 7sm, 9cm
-3sm cooking pot, gallon 69gm, 4sm, 9cm
-4cm dish, 6" x2 69gm, 4sm, 5cm
-3cm serving spoon 69gm, 4sm, 2cm
-1gm blanket, winter x2 68gm, 4sm, 2cm
-1sm basil, 1oz 68gm, 3sm, 2cm
-1sm thyme, 1oz 68gm, 2sm, 2cm
-2sm oregano, 1oz 68gm, 2cm
-4sm parsley, 1oz 67gm, 6sm, 2cm
-4cm garlic, 1oz 67gm, 5sm, 8cm
-1cm salt, 1oz 67gm, 5sm, 7cm
-5sm cistern, gallon 67gm, 7cm
-2sm pail, gallon 66gm, 8sm, 7cm
-3sm large basket, common 66gm, 5sm, 7cm
-1gm rope, hemp (50ft) 65gm, 5sm, 7cm
-1sm salt, 10oz 65gm, 4sm, 7cm
-7sm, 5cm gloves, leather - used, good 64gm, 7sm, 2cm
-1gm, 2sm pants, leather - used, good 63gm, 5sm, 2cm
-4sm, 5cm corset, leather - used, good 63gm, 7cm
-1gm gigging spear (sharpened quarterstaff) 62gm, 7cm
-45gm seasonal expenses, poor 17gm, 7cm
+1gm earned 18gm, 7cm
+1gm earned 19gm, 7cm

- simple shirt, undyed x 1 (sp)
- simple pants, undyed x1 (sp)
- simple smallclothes, undyed x1 (sp)
- simple shoes x1pair (sp)
- simple coat (sp)
- gloves, leather - used, good
- pants, leather - used, good
- corset, leather - used, good

- waterskin (sp)
- basil, 1oz.
- thyme, 1oz.
- oregano, 1oz.
- parsley, 1oz.
- garlic, 1oz.
- salt, 11oz.

- handful of mother's blueprints (3 sheets)
- backpack (sp)
- comb, wood (sp)
- brush, wood (sp)
- razor (sp)
- soap (sp)
- eating knife (sp)
- flint & steel (sp)
- butter knife
- cooking pot, gallon
- dish, 6" x2
- serving spoon
- blanket, winter x2
- cistern, gallon
- father's pestle, stone (value: 2sm)
- glass bauble x 2, melted in fire that killed parents (value: 2cm/ea)
- worn, but shiny brass button, *
- dagger
- charcoal sticks x10
- parchment sheet x5
- scroll case
- flametongue, *
- practice dagger

- fishing pole
- fishing net
- canoe, bark (wt. 45lbs, seats 2)
- toolkit, clamdigger's (clam shovel, clam tube, mesh bag, oyster knife, rasp)
- pail, gallon
- basket, large, common, beech wood
- rope, hemp (50ft)
- gigging spear (sharpened quarterstaff)
- box crab trap

nellie and her parents moved to sunberth from ravok when she was barely 2 years old. though she doesn't remember any specifics of life in ravok, she remembers with complete clarity how paranoid her parents were for most of her childhood, constantly on the look out for people moving in the shadows and danger in every doorway - and, since this was sunberth, those things were frequently there in abundance. not understanding the origin of her parents' fears, nellie assumed them to simply be fearful of sunberth itself, not suspecting that there may be something altogether unrelated, but just as menacing, tied to their history in ravok.

as she grew older, becoming both more self-sufficient and less prone to youthful idiocy, her parents withdrew further into their work - her mother into a complicated world of gadgets and inventions, and her father into his philtering lab. despite nellie's repeated efforts, her father flatly refused her access to his lab, and her mother would show her only the simplest of gadgets, old things useful now only as relics. nellie grew resentful and stubborn - and determined to infiltrate their worlds with or without their help, even going so far as to snatch a handful of her mother's blueprints to study, in an attempt to learn what her parents refused to teach.

until the day her father's lab exploded. or imploded, rather, as the flames and destruction were mysteriously, entirely confined to his workspace. though no bodies were found, nellie assumes both of her parents were in the lab at the time, as neither her mother nor her father ever appeared again. she was 17.

nellie has been living hand-to-mouth in sunberth ever since the tragedy of her parents' deaths. forced out of her family home - and relieved of most of her possessions in the process - by a small but vicious group of street thugs, nellie has relocated herself frequently and is now in search of a consistent income and more secure place to live. her current shack in sunset quarters leaves much to be desired in the way of protection - from the elements and the populous - but no one has tried to take it from her yet, and as far as she's concerned that makes it the perfect place to stay.

additionally, having witnessed the aftermath of her parents' deaths, nellie has begun to worship dira - her worship so far extends only to asking the goddess to take her gently, if it is her will. nellie's hope is that, when death finally claims her, it will at least be swift and painless. nellie is skeptical that the gods take much interest at all in mortal lives, but likes to hedge her bets, offering thanks and unimportant prayers to whatever deity seems appropriate at the time. generally this pantheon involves dira, syna, leth, and lhex, but she's open to adding others as the situation arises.

living so uncertainly, nellie hasn't given much thought to her future. at some point, she would like to continue down the path of gadgeteering, following in her mother's footsteps. she is both curious and wary of her father's field of study: philtering; she holds the process partially to blame for her parents' untimely deaths. travel is a vague desire, and somewhere in the back of her mind, nellie would like to leave sunberth in search of someplace less harsh, perhaps even to ravok to search for more details about her parents.

summer 518
2nd of summer - quenching the thirst - open, ongoing abandoned
3rd of summer, 4th bell - all the thoughts of a turtle are turtle - job thread, completed, graded
7th of summer, 9th bell - the mechanics of using violence, pt. 1 - solo, completed, graded
17th of summer, 9th bell - the mechanics of using violence, pt. 2 - solo, ongoing
64th of summer, 14th bell - keep it simple - solo, ongoing
87th of summer, 11th bell - if it wasn't for bad luck... - job thread, completed, graded

autumn 514
1st of autumn - seasonal shopping - completed, graded
2nd of autumn, 9th bell - city of chaos - open, exit: 11th bell, abandoned
2nd of autumn, 13th bell - fishing for information - completed, job mentioned, graded
4th of autumn - runaway clams - completed, job mentioned, graded
6th of autumn - i'd rather smell the... - completed, job mentioned, graded
7th of autumn - askin' for it - completed, job mentioned, graded
9th of autumn - clammed up - completed, job mentioned, graded
13th of autumn - in a clamshell - completed, graded
22nd of autumn - the rotten truth - quest, completed, graded
23rd of autumn, 5th bell - here fishy, fishy - completed, job thread, graded
30th of autumn - the business of hunger - completed, job mentioned, graded
43rd of autumn - 'gig'-gity - solo, completed, job thread, graded
60th of autumn - woman's best friend - abandoned
67th of autumn - aw, shucks! - completed, graded

33rd of summer, 507av - head over heels - completed, graded
78th of autumn, 513av - fire & tears - completed, graded
80th of autumn, 513av - soot & resolve - completed, graded
87th of autumn, 513av - shadows & scraps - completed, graded
40th of winter, 513av - peas in a pod - completed, graded



merv, of the pig's foot tavern
kane baker, of baker's butchery and bakeshop

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Nellie Hawkins

Postby Nellie Hawkins on August 24th, 2014, 9:16 pm

  • learn weapon: dagger
  • train weapon to competent (by winter 518) to expert (by spring 519)
  • buy a dog (akinva deerstalker or silkena: dog lore)
  • fishing to expert
  • discover flametongue *
  • introduce more conflict

  • find a family (friend, mate, gang - safety in numbers)
  • more religion?
  • learn of/worship: Eyris (gnosis?)
  • boost gadgeteering skills & prereq skills
  • library (copy books & npc w/gadgeteering)
  • boost herbalism & cooking
  • learn trapping? lizards & such
  • discover book on metalsmithing *

  • master gadgeteering
  • reimancy intiation? fire?
  • leave sunberth

  • flametongue *


  • crab trap links * * *
  • dagger & knife things * * *
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