Completed To set up a new nest

Elea sets up in the place she knows next to nothing about, yet.

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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To set up a new nest

Postby Eleutheria on July 29th, 2018, 4:57 pm

77th Summer, 518 AV

After the introduction in Cosmos Center, it was time to move out to Elea’s new home. Perhaps Lhavit’s issue was abundance of stores that Elea didn’t need at the moment.

Everywhere she went, there were tons of places that were more than eager to sell her high-end garments. It would seem that if there was a clothing material, they had it here. Elea actually entered one of the clothing outlets: partially to take a good look at full spectrum of Lhavit clothing and thus, glimpse of their culture. And partly, because the more she thought about living here, the more she believed she’ll need additional set of clothes.

The interior of the shop looked actually more modestly than the exterior, with fully wooden ceiling, floor and outer walls. It featured grand racks of different clothes for sale, of all kinds of materials. Carefully, she beheld the whole ranges of different silk dresses. As she continued browsing, she quickly came to presume what her sights outside in the city confirmed: The Lhavits were indulgent in their choice of clothing, taking great care to look wealthy and well. So much for not standing out in plain clothes: If your style was rare, no matter how plain and unassuming, it would still stand out.
Oh well. She snooped out a couple of plain enough clothes in her favorite colors: black and red and headed out. She’d make a purchase once her home was properly sorted out.

Now, as for mapmaker’s store, she made the purchase right away. City map costed more than the garments Elea had on right now; but was about just as useful. Now she could actually orient where she was at and get to the Okomo Estates.

Navigating the city Elea’s never seen before, was tricky for her, even with a map. What later on she’d find plain and clear way, was confusing and labyrinthine. She had moments when she had to backtrack a hundred meters or two, but after asking for some directions, she finally was getting back on track, more than halfway there.

Then, an issue arose. The sun was setting and it was getting dark. Having no idea about the nighttime safety of the country she was in, Elea assumed that if she wanted to reach the Estates in one piece, she had to get moving, sharpish. The complexity of remaining course wasn’t a problem: Total distance was. Elea started running, not wanting to take any chances. A passerby and those sitting on the outdoor chairs by the tables were sure baffled by that curiosity: A ginger-haired girl, no older than early twenties, was haphazardly jogging across the streets with a large backpack, hoarsely panting like a bear. Nothing and no one was on her mind, however: She set herself to run all the way to her destination, damned be her exhaustion and people’s looks.

That was Elea’s greatest strength and greatest flaw at once: While she bore observation and smarts of an owl, when she concluded what had to be done, she was stubborn like a donkey. But the strength and stability in her legs waned, even as the spirit of hers increased in zeal. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. No matter. Rather than take any risks with nighttime wandering, Elea would still jog on as hard as she still could, in spite of pain alarming her legs and lungs ever trying to ventilate and then suck in more breath than they could. Elea was close to the Estates, but her flesh failed, her strength left her completely and she stumbled on the rough road, falling flat on her face.

“Maybe I should think of the risks involving my own strength.. or lack thereof” – Elea thought. Even now, she’d try to learn what was there to learn. What did she learned? She shouldn’t run the prolonged periods of time, unless she intended for this event to repeat. She was still breathing hard, chest feeling warm like a furnace, heart pounding like a drum in orchestra, sweat flowing wholesale over her forehead. Before her, were serene fields of diverse crops and tranquil cottages. And one of them was hers.

Time to get up. Ascertain damage. Elea felt bad with her nose and forehead. But upon inspection of the latter, she discovered no wounds to worry about. Her nose was all right too: It did not even bleed, through some weird call of fortune. The hands were extra filthy, though: It would seem that, in the last moment, they connected with the ground and amortized the fall.

Drawing the map that was to lead her to her cottage, Elea shook the dirt off her clothes. From what she already got to know, the Estates manager’s residence was just around the corner. Elea headed there, so as to be properly introduced to her new residence and the rules of the place, written or not. Time to move up and, after a few moments of gathering courage, knock on the door.

“H.. hello? I’m Eleutheria. We’ve corresponded before, I purchased a cottage here. May I be led to it and… perhaps be introduced to the Estates and Lhavit at large?” – she’d speak up as soon as a person opened up.

(Ledger: purchased city map, -2Ki)
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To set up a new nest

Postby Eleutheria on July 29th, 2018, 7:22 pm

77th Summer, 518 AV

“Ah, it’s you! Milla Raike, at your service. Yes, we’ve corresponded.. You do have your keys on you, no?” – the manager asked, smiling politely with her tall face and long, ashen white hair. In place of answering, Elea reached to her pants and drew out the key, showing it before Milla in still dirty hands. Her sweat was still shining in the sunset.
“Good, good... are you all right? Your face is all red, you were chased?” – asked Milla.
“Ehm… not quite, I believe! It’s just, it’s getting dark and I wanted to reach home before I, well, would be chased by something or someone. I'm not familiar with nighttime safety of this place. I fell down on the street while running, but it’s nothing to be worried about, really.” – answered Elea, chuckling.
“I hope so! And, really you should have not. It’s soon Midnight Rest and actually, the city is mostly active around the clock! Especially in Zintia..”
“Zintia is the central part, right? The one that’s built up the most?”
“Yep! I know you lived in Ravok, but, this is your very first time in Lhavit, right?”
-“Ehm… yes.”
“Well, then we have four periods of rest. Dawn rest, Noon rest, Dusk rest and Midnight rest. Each has 5 hours between one another and the midnight rest comes in an hour and a half. Anyway, let’s go, I’ll lead you to your cottage” – Milla stepped forth, closed the door and walked over to Elea’s left, prompting her to follow.
“That’s.. an interesting division of rest times and….” – she choked further question away from her throat, so as not to ask something that seemed royally dumb.
“Yes? Go on, ask ahead! It’s all right to ask anything you’d like with me, especially if you’re completely new to the city.”
Well, there was that. Elea gulped and took a deep breath, further delay prevented only by a thought that her social anxiety was starting to become some kind of joke. And the joke was neither on Milla, nor Lhavit.
“When do you people sleep?” – she delivered the punchline.
Milla laughed, cordially, but still laughed. At least the joke, that was Elea’s first steps in Lhavit, was funny. – “Around the sleep times! Each is about two hours, so we sleep 4 times throughout the day, 2 hours per go. Totals around 8h, same as everyone” – she explained jovially, maintaining eye contact with perplexed Elea.
“Is your... sleeping magically augmented? How do you sleep two hours only without getting your health all in a bunch?” – she answered. The joke just keep on throwing punchlines, each harder than the last, evidenced by Milla’s laughing.
“It’s going quite well! It allows us to be active around the clock and celebrate things all around the clock. I realize that someone who was never raised there will find this weird, but it’s more than doable. Just give it a few weeks, you’ll come around."

Or get insomnia and end up in hospital – Elea thought to herself. She knew that no place is like Ravok, but the eccentricity of Lhavit was surpassing her expectations. – “How is it about job opportunities here? And, places of education?”

“Bharani Library is our knowledge depository. Pay 5 ki and have access of the one section for five days. There’s also Alluvion Academy. They teach a lot of different stuff, herbalism, philtering, mathematics… They’ll get you acquainted to something for 25 ki per season, well-versed in any of those for 50 ki per season, or more if you want to be more than competent. Not that expensive, no? You also have the Towers that teach magics, personal and world alike. Dawn teaches reimancy, Twilight teaches alchemy, among other things…”
Alchemy. Elea was suddenly listening much more clearly and fixing her sight on Milla’s. This was the whole reason for arriving here. This is why, she emigrated. The Institute could teach her to be expert reimant, but not to be expert alchemist.. so she arrived here.
“..but these are pretty picky about their students. You’d have to get a recommendation from one of the owner’s family members, Constellations, Shinya, to even stand a chance. You just arrived and no one knows who you are.. well, I only know you lived in Ravok, but that’s all. You’d have to work on your connections before you can aim for that.”

Milla was perceptive. She knew what to say the moment Elea abruptly started to maintain eye contact with her. Elea desired to sigh and get her head down, but her habit of not exposing emotions, while flawed, was not permitting that act. “Thanks for the information” – she answered swiftly, taking care not to sound somber.
They then stopped by a modest, stone-walled, wood-roofed cottage, with a small garden to its right and a strange, goat-like being inside that garden.

“Hush! Come on out!” – Milla proceeded to goad the strange goat out of the garden, quite successfully, as it stepped out of the garden. “That’s Okomo” – Milla said. There’s more of those at the pastures. You should summon me every time one of those gets to your domicile. Your, that’s right: This is your place. 400 square feet of a rectangle domicile, 144 sqare feet of a garden to tend to. Inside there’s some basic furniture and a brochure for you, it lists any and all shops and places of interest in the city. Don’t hesitate to come to me for more information: Or, for that matter, to any of your neighbors. It’s okay if you sleep the old way for now, but remember to try switching to our pattern eventually. It really can be done.”

“Okay, thanks, but.. What good is garden for me if I never touched plants in my life?” – Elea asked.

“Then learn gardening! More than a few of your neighbors could show you. Or better yet, head out to Library, you’re bound to pick something up there. I have to go back, but it was real nice talking to you. Make sure to say hello once in a while. Enjoy your stay!” – Milla said, before leaving Elea to her devices.

Well, that was a predicament. Elea came from a place where she was relatively privileged: Of course, all who would live in allegiance to the Black Sun’s aegis, were free from squalor, but it was still good living. More importantly, her father was in Ebonspyre. This allowed her to enter the Institute. Here, she seemed nothing more than a sorry fluff of unidentified jelly amphibia, discarded on the beach by the reciding tide, with no connections to speak of. No family nearby. Starting over, alone in the strange city where not even the sleep pattern was making any sense. Elea did not looked much better than a beached jelly amphibia either: Her face, shoulders and neck were still shining in perspiration, her hands were still dirty and the hair went loose from running. But still. A home to call her own awaited her, so she promptly entered.

It was’t in that good a shape either. There was hearth, bunk, a chest and a table with a chair. Elea closed the door, locked it down, then dropped the backpack at the table. She was thoroughly tired, having only strength to close windows, pack out the backpack and use her chest to lock down her most valuable belongings: The book that her mother gave her, containing philtering notes, the map, her remaining Ki and her rations. Then, once it was closed, she shoved both the keys down her pants and dropped herself unto the bunk, breathing deep and flowing away into deep sleep quickly. She washed up on the completely new city, looking pathetic and having no one to trust, with her ultimate goal being farther than she expected. No matter: Elea did not expected a flowery route to her ultimate goal and obstacles in her way to meet and understand her passion, has so far only hardened her.

If it was going to be easy, it wouldn’t be interesting.

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To set up a new nest

Postby Eleutheria on July 29th, 2018, 11:28 pm

78th Summer, 518 AV

If it wasn't interesting, I'd never want to wake up.

Rays of light from the closed windows. Dark, somber ceiling of wood. Hunger, represented by the signals from the stomach. Those things got Elea to open her eyes, but as her instinct prompted her to get off the bunk, her legs responded with a jolt of pain, too weak to stop movement, too present to be dismissed. A legacy of the yesterday's running session, no doubt.

No reason to stay in bed: time to get up, only for Elea's bare feet to meet the rough wooden ground. In her former residence, they'd prefer stone floors. But then she remembered that you walked with boots in that residence anyways, so she took on her own, opened up the chest and got going at her ration at the table. Simple, easy to chew and maintaining a good, albeit non-exquisite standard: Just the way she liked it. Still, one thing brought her attention: she reeked of yesterday.

Time to open up the window, turning the rays of summer's sun into a blast of blinding light. Elea took few seconds to let her eyes adjust and started reading the brochure that would give answers on where to go for what.

There was a bathing house, fairly close too: The first order of business, if Elea was to do anything else. The price tags would probably not warrant a visit everyday: A relatively private water source had to be found, that or having the bathing done at home. But, today, Elea certainly earned the right to throw some coins for a good bath.

There was a furniture shop: Just something to make Elea's new household less grim. Elea made short notes on what she'd like to get there: A modest dresser, two shelf sets, two modest chairs, just in case she had to witness visitors. A bed would also be a welcome improvement, but Elea feared to make too many rash purchases before at least aquiring some kind of proper income. Oh, a basket or two were essential, large and good. Also, a barrel, to store water for washing and maybe plant watering or other fluids/items, eventually. It seemed a better solution than having to walk around to a running water source too much.

Elea's shoulders and arms were more often than not violently kissed by the sun, turning red and radiating heat, so she elected to buy an new shirt of fiber, this time with sleeves. Sure, very few Lhavit folk ever bothered with sleeves, but it was a best temporary solution to work with.

Once her plans were ready, she set out to make proper arrangements, but not before setting out to the bathing house, that she found on Shinyama hill. She soon enjoyed the soothing, tender touch of warm water, augmented with soap and other cleaning means. Hands, once marred by remains of dirt, were now pink and squeaky clean. So was the neck, once marked by sweat.

Now that Elea was no longer smelling like misery, she could set out to make the purchases. One of them was what she reminded herself of as she went: A dagger, at Touch of Fire. Elea's skill with daggers was sub-par, but existing and her order was well-recieved. Furniture was a different business: First, she found out that it was Noon Rest already and the shop was closed. Having nothing to do, in the meantime, Elea decided to try and calm her hasty and stormy self, still confused in spirit by her new residence. She sat down below a tree, in shade and looked up in the sky.

Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in again. She was told to do that sometimes, by her parents and others, when she was anxious or impatient. Today, she was mostly just anxious, with the stream of thoughts, fears and predictions streamed through her mind. When was she going to get used to this weird sleep pattern? Can she get a job here? All she was remotely able to do, was alchemy, basic mathematics and philtering: was either in high demand here? Alchemy was probably way above Ravok level, setting her relative skill there back. What if she had to learn something new? Was a low-skilled job enough to sustain her AND get her to afford courses and library visits she needed? The thoughts were eating her peace away, not allowing her to even nap, let alone calm down. Fear over the future, too great. Urge to get up and walk around, great as well. Was there a way to halt this train, no, cascade of thougts?

Elea remembered how she could barely think while running. Going for a run again did not sounded expedient when she just came off the bath house. Maybe if she commited to some tamer exertion, she'd be better off. Elea reached out her hands forward, then to her flanks, in T-shape. She started breathing deeper, trying to distract her mind with breathing and keeping her arms straight. "What a haphazard attempt at meditation", she said to herself.

Suprisingly, the terror of her worries was less. She was mostly thinking how best to maintain her arms in their form, trying out different tilts of theirs as the pain of keeping them up was too great. After a minute or two, she still had enough, but kept breathing deep. She focused on the trees around her and the sights of the mountains. There was a certain... tranquility, to them, especially now that Elea seemed to have tamed her thoughts. They were still there, moving ever forth like a coming tide, but they weren't as insistent as before and could be managed with peace, for now. She'd have to do her newfound trick again, soon.

An hour or two passed and the shop was open again. Elea was trying out a position with arms lifted up horizontally as that happened, but her "meditation" was promptly halted an she entered. She was told that the arrangements for setting up the furniture she requisitioned, would only be able to be done tomorrow. After a bit of further shopping, she did returned home with her new shirt and two baskets, however.

Later on, she found a stall that sold basic foods and vegetables, a tavern to get basic drinks and bread from and read about the fisheries near the port. In Starglow Spa, as she witness, she could buy soap. It would help her a lot eventually.

Figuring out where should she go for substinence and basic needs, Elea decided to go for the "cherry" on the top. Back where it all started, the Cosmos Center. Sure, a bit of arms-stretching works for a little bit for short time and Elea believed strongly she could settle down here and eventually become all she could and wanted to be. Still, action follows belief and exiles anxiety. Just like yesterday, Elea entered the Center, sat down the chair and opened up the conversation with a single question:

"Hello, my name is Eleutheria and I would like to get a job in this city."

Ledger: 1 dagger (2 Ki), 1 avg dresser (2 Ki), 2 avg chairs (14 tk), 2 avg shelf sets (10 tk 1 barrel (36 gallons, 2Ki), 1 cotton shirt (1.25 tk), 2 large common baskets (Beech wood, 6 tk)
Total expenses: 6 Ki, 31.25 tk.
New balance: 91 Ki, 68.75 tk.

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To set up a new nest

Postby Eleutheria on July 30th, 2018, 6:30 pm

78th Summer, 518 AV

If I never woke up, I'd never discover anything.

This day was a fine mixture of good news and bad news. Fine, because Elea was braced for bad news and elated with good news. One of the good news, she got only recently. The Cosmos Center has directed her to The Starry Chalice for the job she was looking for. A smiling and friendly, though large and imposing woman, looking suprisingly youthful, greeted her. Elea had to simply say that she just arrived in Lhavit, that she practiced philtering and that she'd like to work under her. Then, she got to answer some question and her anxiety and stress were back up all over again. Elea's experience involved occasional assistance to mother, rather than studies in Higher Learning Institute, except the book or two. She got at least the questions regarding safety right, bringing smile to the keep's face. Then came other questions. Often, she'd buzz with her voice and tell her the right answer for something.

"That's a volumetric flask, you measure in it and only that. You wouldn't apply heat, to volumetric flask, that's what the round-bottom flask is for" - she said. - "Any idea why?"
Elea took some look at the round-bottom flask, racing through her mind to find the answer, until deciding the silence ensuing was getting too uncomfortable. - "For more uniform spreading of heating. It's also useful for containing chemical reactions" - Elea's memory of her help to mother was suddenly reporting back for duty.
"Clever girl." - she heard, which prompted her to smile in spite of herself.
"Well, most of it was simply to estimate where are you at with your ability. That allows me to figure out what exactly should you do first and what do we work on. Important part is, you got the safety right, so you can go. I'll see you tomorrow. And, in case you're still not processing this, you're hired".

"Thank you very much! I'll see you tomorrow" - there was little else to reply for Elea, for now. She simply exited the building, marching on home, quite proud of herself. The most important part of the day was complete: Elea had now a steady income. Not that great deal for most people: But for a freshly matured girl who just washed up in a completely foreign city, with no information and contacts to go on, this felt like a stroke of exceptional fortune. Especially considering the paycheck: It would, without a doubt, allow her for robust, healthy lifestyle and if she had no unforseen expenses, would let her afford good education, with lack of connections remaining an obstacle.

Of course, this assumed she would keep the job and do it well. And that required being rested. Which required a good bed. A bunk was fine, short-term, but Elea still ended up at the carpenter's. And, what a coincidence: They were readying the convoy with her previously ordered items. Without thinking much and considering it investment in herself, Elea asked for a quality bed to be added to the convoy. Luckily, there was one in the stockpile and after she parted with 20 Ki, she bought herself a much better sleep than yesterday's. Then it was merely a matter of marching on home.

As Elea walked her route to the Estates, her legs started to feel funny again. She reminded herself that this was the spot where she began to so needlessly and haphazardly run. Or was it needless? Elea remembered her father's saying about the pains after exertion: Keep at the exercise and the pain will eb away and never be back. Don't keep at it and it will go, only for you to having to exert yourself again and inviting it back, with a vengeance.

Breaths became deeper and legs sprung into action. That Elea did not had her backpack on, certianly helped, but lungs ventilating above her capacity and legs complaining about the repetition of their duress were getting at her again, prompting her to slow down, without quite stopping her. Elea never got anything done by caving in to obstacles, though and was emboldened by her recent success to soldier on. Spirit had to carry the flesh, if the latter was to amount to anything. But even as she slowed down, the pain of the legs got only worse. Elea started wondering why, only to stop, kneel down and breathe heavily still, pondering whether assuming an other method of running was going to help anyhow. If her arms were exerted while she was extending them to her flanks, she instinctively asserted them in different position.

Perhaps by trying to jog the way when she started running, would help. The worst exertion manifested itself in only certain places of Elea's legs, maybe they were exploited wrong. Besides, Elea was still a migrant with a harsh task and great ambition to settle. To stay on track, she needed to stay willful, to harden her mentality in pursuit of her goal. But was that really done by running around, dropping off fluids off herself as if she just stepped out of the water?

Then, she remembered. Action follows belief. So... if there's no action... there's no belief. Elea almost sprung forward. Her heart blasted blood so hard through her, it was like it could explode. Her lungs were conjuring a hurricane in them, with air violently flowing in and out. Her forehead was dripping sweat, yet Elea was still going what could be considered a graceful jog... by Elea herself and an untrained eye, far away. Truth was, she was still fairly clumsy about it and soon fell down near Okomo Estates again.

This time, she had her arms ready way sooner. Elea's face and torso did not connected with the ground. Stubborn as she was in her attempt, Elea tried to go on, only to stumble again. Try and quarrel with her body as Elea might, she could not go on, so she kept breathing hard and trying to find strength to go on, still on her knees and hands. After a while, however, an occurence. A wave of strange energy flew through Elea, as if a reimant has struck her with electricity. But rather than take her life or conciousness, it gave her newfound strength to press on. A second wind.

Elea looked sorry again, as she showed up at home. But her spirit, was elated and well. She dropped in the bunk to breathe out her fatigue, only to remember that the carpenters were coming to install her stuff. She'd greet them in her black, sleeved cotton shirt, show the places she'd like the new things placed, went on to empty garden with a chair and watched them work from there. The sunlight was shining at her sweated head and arms, seeming to try to evaporate the sweat, as she watched the workers doing their thing. Once they were done, she just had to thank them for their business and prepare to rest.

The house was less dank than before, with doors all open. The new furniture graced it well: opposite the bunk, a fair bed would be ready to grant Elea rest, with the bunk remaining as a backup. Elea was not done with exertive tasks, though: She took out her large barrel, walked over to the nearest fresh water source, filled it up and, once again sweating hard, brought it over home. Royally exhausted, she at least had now water supply to wash with and could eat up her evening ration with clean hands.

The evening, she spent reading her mother's philtering book. There were some things she was yet to discover: The perks of boiling stones, the few basic recipies, lots and lots of safety notes. There even was a page or two about cooling baths: Something Elea never saw her mother do. It would appear it was useful in removal of solvents by an other device, or liquid collection post-distillation. Fascinated as Elea might be, however, she quickly got overwhelmed by her weariness and drifted away into sleep, helped by her new comfy bed.

Ledger: Good bed (-20Ki)
New balance: 71 Ki, 68.75 tk
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To set up a new nest

Postby Eleutheria on July 31st, 2018, 8:53 pm

78th Summer, 518 AV

And without discovery, I'd see no meaning in life.

Was her migration a mistake? Should she have stayed with mother and father and simply took on another direction in world magics? Was there no other way to sate Elea's passions, than to end up here, where in so many ways, the opportunities have opened up before them and yet in so many aspects, she took a step back?

Would her life be different if the Ebonspyre chose to recruit her when she was young, just like they did with her father? Would she become like him, detached, even cold, even if still more than willing to do his duty to the family?

Do we choose our destinies? - Elea pondered, as she lied in her new bed, mother's diary in hand. If a duty calls, we do it, no? Even here, no doubt. Great or small, we must do our duty. - Elea's duty right now was to provide for herself. No longer burdening her parents, she had to live with her own work and will. And she felt proud, even as she was quite mature and good deal of girls of her age in Ravok, had to provide for themselves, unless they led particularily good lives. I mean, they all thought her out of her mind, to emigrate from a city like that to one she knew next to nothing about, other than that it's knee-deep in magics she was interested, no, passionate about. Maybe she was. Maybe Elea was out of her fair mind.

But she wasn't out of her willful stubborness. And, as if luck would have it, that was exactly what she may need here. Come the next months, the weather will calm down, release its opressive heat away from Elea's skin. And enough security and time to think over her options. Where to go. What to learn. How to get what she came here for, eventually.

Eventually. For if there was one thing Elea cogitated these days, it was that she could not get into her ultimate goal anyways. But she had a steady income and time on her. Thus, it was time to learn not worry about things that can be tackled long-term, or can't be helped right away. It will not be easy to apply that. But it would be worth it. Last gift that Ravok gave her, was that of patience.

Yet her lust for knowing could not be sated. That was whole Elea: When she was small, she'd explore anything on sight, damn be the requests not to. When she learned to read, she pulled a complete 180, and seemed to devour the whole new world of knowing from the books at the library.

And now, her passion for world magic continued to grow. Her hunger to meet and understand alchemy seemed unsatable, even if she someday, somehow, mastered and even advanced the field. Even the worst stories of the dangers of alchemy and the price would not deter her, even her mother's own warnings.
I may lose my mind, I may see my body wither, I may die. But I won't lie to myself: My passion and craving is to meet and understand the world. Mysteries are fire. Truth burns. Yet if it's to burn me down, then send me the bill. To pursue enlightnement, no matter the sacrifice: I would not have it, any. Other. Way.

Meditation brings wisdom and moderation and might help her to migitate the dangers. Patience may avert them outright, so that she may consume more fire, before she burns out. Focusing on the present, though, brings peace. For Elea's fiery material composition was stable and well, burning in youthful energy. And her soul was just as strong, with its passions lighting the way through their orange fires, not that different from Elea's loose cascade of hair.

The book ended up on the shelf, however and Elea drifted away to sleep. She will come to awaken in four hours, so as to witness the starry skies above her, before going back to sleep. Gradually, she planned to embrace the sleep pattern of Lhavit, which would mark the end of her acclimatization time.

Once that was done, furthering Elea's quest was merely a matter of her ingenuity.

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To set up a new nest

Postby Madeira Craven on August 13th, 2018, 10:31 pm

Grades Awarded!

Don't forget to edit/delete your grade request!


  • Land Navigation: 2xp
  • Running: 2xp
  • Planning: 2xp
  • Endurance: 3xp
  • Observation: 4xp
  • Socialization: 4xp
  • Organization: 1xp
  • Cosmetology: 1xp
  • Meditation: 1xp
  • Logic: 1xp
  • Research: 1xp

  • Lore of Lhavit fashion
  • Endurance; a stubborn body
  • Running: the risks of hyperventilating
  • Location: Okomo Estates
  • People: Milla Raike
  • Zintia: central peak
  • Lore of Lhavit's rest times
  • Location: Bharani Library
  • Location: Alluvion Academy
  • Lore of the prerequisites to be a Tower student
  • Lhavit Fauna: Okomo
  • Endurance: muscle pain
  • Cosmetology: the basics of proper bathing
  • Location: Touch of Fire
  • Meditation: breathing exercises
  • Location: The Starry Chalice

Awards & Retribution
+City Map: -2ki
+1 dagger: -2 Ki
+1 avg dresser: -2 Ki
+2 avg chairs: -14 tk
+2 avg shelf sets: -10 tk
+1 36 gallons barrel: -2Ki
+1 cotton shirt: -1.25 tk
+2 large common baskets: -6 tk

Congratulations on your first completed thread!
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