Closed Yes! Let's... [Taurina]

Az is shown the past so he can decide for the future.

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Yes! Let's... [Taurina]

Postby Azmere on September 1st, 2018, 2:27 am


It was easy for Azmere to say these things. Truth can set a man free but the truth of the heart is another matter entirely. The bodies people inhabit bind their souls but there is a key -a way to fly beyond the corporeal realm and its limitations if one knows where to look. Even though an injury had made him to forget, his soul never did. His Chavi never lost those memories. When they had been set free and everything came flooding back, the answer to one of the greatest mysteries of life and death had been answered - and it had been right in front of him all along.

Azmere danced with Taurina as they spoke words of commitment, passion and fate. The spaces between were filled with tenderness, compassion and love to the extents of which the man had never known nor had the capacity to fathom. His hands would not obey any command other than to hold her -though he wouldn’t have asked anything else- as if their bodies had become magnetic to one another. He had said more, she had said always. These things meant the world to the scarred man as he felt his pain fall from his body. Now it was her turn to fill the silence with her own truths. Like a refreshing rain after a long drought, each drop was immediately absorbed into the garden of his spirit where a world blossomed into life. This world was their haven; a special place that would provide shelter in any storm for all of the lives to come. The gorgeous woman professed her promise to find him in each cycle after this one would end and his heart sang in a golden light that would serve as her beacon.

The smooth skin kissed by moonlight was never without friction from his hands and if he had his way, it never would be vacant of such a feeling again. Uncontrollable urges broke the stoic face known by so many and left it plastered with a half smile and a mismatched gaze that was rimmed with tears of joy and contentment. So much in life was a struggle; a fight. The body of the Drykas was covered in the evidence of that truth. Life on the Sea of Grass had made him strong but not without a cost and they were going to return to that place and reclaim their family together but as one, not two. Some might question the decision; might wonder as to the reasons behind it. Why risk your happiness in such a dangerous place? If any should ask, the man wouldn’t justify it with a lengthy explanation for the truth was simple. There is nothing to fear when a man knows he will never be alone.

Azmere now had that confidence. He knew that Taurina would always be with him. If he died, she would find him in the next life. If she died, he would chase her into the Web. There was no place her soul could go that his would not be drawn to and the same could be said in reverse. Her soft touches spiked him in a fever of passion that revealed itself in the temperature of his body which rose at a steady pace. His muscles ached in the best ways from such an exuberant display of lust and desire earlier but she had awoken something in him that didn’t seem ready to be finished. The thought brought a light smirk to his unmarred side- the ankal would never be finished reveling in the wonderland of his love. Such a temple as the two bodies that she was demanded offerings daily; constantly.

The words from her lips drew his focus back to the lavender eyes that threatened to drown him in their love. He longed to hear about her ideas for his next windmark. The tale that Azmere and Taurina had spun deserved no less than an epic mural carved into the granite of his skin. Her kiss; her enthusiastic acceptance of being possessed by the archer ignited the heat that had been building beneath his skin. The only reason he had not taken over at this point to unleash the creative fire within him was the way her fingers touched him.

Taurina was an artist and it was plain to see, especially to the man who felt as if she was sculpting him into her memory. His skin prickled and rose to meet the butterfly landings of soft fingers and smooth hands. Forever into eternity. The woman had sealed herself to him until all things returned to nothing and this embrace revved his core into a melted kiln of emotions that threatened to boil over. In that moment where he took hold of her in response to her outpouring of affection and love, something happened. A pleasantly different sensation etched itself into his skin just below his left ear and down his neck towards his throat. A swirling breeze burned with divine light in the style of a knotted windmark and hidden within a lone cloud was a quarter moon. The way it felt didn’t give Azmere pause but rather it fueled him to connect more with the woman in his arms. How and why were not his concern but something inside of him was now tethered to something inside of her- tangible and real.

Azmere took a breath and opened his eyes to see a mark upon her neck as well then he moved with his hands and his head to place a kiss upon it. The swirls felt warm and tasted like the sweet salt of her skin. The almost ceremonial pause found him with his hands in her hair; both held still so that the stars in his gaze could reflect in the lilac pools that she used to captivate him. Tomorrow, they would gather all they had and leave for the steppe but tonight- in the arms of one another- they had all they would ever need.

The man with weathered hands and vivid scars was frozen for a moment as the curtains blew apart and Leth’s silvery glow touched the skin of his child. Magnificence is just a word. Beauty is just a concept. Not these nor anything like them could ever capture the truth of what Azmere saw. He could not have dreamed of anything more perfect and he shivered only to keep from being overwhelmed. Slowly, he began to move again. Hands peels back furs and blankets so there would be no bound limbs or pesky distractions. His eyes stayed open as he kissed along her neck and shoulders while his hands roughly ran up and down her back. The man sat up and used his legs as well as his arms to bring her hips up until their abdomens aligned. The time for talk was over.

Everything cemented in the soul, the mind and the heart had created a thunderous noise in his flesh that would no longer be silenced or ignored. Fingers curled into the firm rounds of soft skin at her base and held her tight against him until his arms ached and he could feel the fire within his beloved. Back and forth, he churned the passion between them and stoked their desires. A growl escaped his throat as their bodies worked out the best way to fit all on their own and his machinations turned from something suggestive to a gauntlet of teases that begged to be satisfied.

Azmere’s head rolled back and his eyes closed as he allowed his body to soak her into itself as if he could create a permanent imprint of her naked form against him. His head fell forward in a languid sort of bob that allowed him to kiss her collarbone, teeth caught on slick skin and his lower lip was dragged along until he came to that place beneath her jaw next to her ear. The muscle of speech flicked out like that of a Dhani as it sniffed for its meal. The Drykas was starving and had found the last meal he would ever need for no hunger would ever afflict him again so long as the radiant keeper of his heart was near. His arms began to burn as he worked her hips back forth against his legs and pelvis where the forges of their spirits’ interwoven heat against the other brought the man full with devotion; something he longed to share with her.

The warrior could wait no longer. The next pass up against his body, he lifted her just enough higher to join them. The woman’s body was ready for him, slick with lust just as his body had been. His mouth shot up and found hers, lips were demanding and his tongue was restless but they worked in time to the back and forth he maintained with his hands. Her body fit so well over top of his legs and within his arms. Taurina filled the space so that he could feel her thighs pressed down upon his legs, her arms around his neck and her chest against his. The things her body did as a reaction to his fascinated him and it was all he could do to not get lost in the rigidness of her sensitive places as friction brought them to life. The velvet of her depth enthralled him as the tensed muscles alternated between clenched and relaxed. Az found himself arching to meet her, to give her more of his body. The Eth had his soul and everything else followed.

For chimes, he kept them going like this until he could feel her tremble like the quaking of the earth. His body reacted with chills of its own and as the edge drew closer for him, the eyes of day and night watched as her face twisted in the loveliest way when she was confronted with the fall. When her soft panting changed to an audible call of pleasure, Azmere drove up as his hands brought their hips together and he held them there as both bodies shook with the tremors of ecstasy. Heat, electricity and emotions consumed them both for a few moments. Strong arms bound them together as his lips found her once more. Breath was heavy, labored and held a rasp from the exertion. Before anything could be said or anyone could move to break them apart, Azmere leaned back until his shoulders sank against the bed though he never released the object of his adoration so she laid forth across him just as before.

Tender kisses were laid along her jaw and the corners of her mouth as his hands held her firm through the last of the contractions by muscles overburdened with lust. His body tingled all over but the emblazoned desire was not consumed. Their bodies fit so well that he started to move his hips in small circles which worked up into her as a strong point to the endurance of his love. He pushed up slightly and rolled over onto his side leaving her to face him and lie upon her own hip. Blankets and furs smothered them and the man used his strength to rid the bed of the covers altogether. With her leg thrown up over his hip, he took hold of her thigh and her neck while he poured more affection upon her pouting mouth. The gyrations never stopped. Moments turned to chimes and then the count was lost while they laid twisted together.

After a time, Azmere withdrew and rose above Taurina but only for a few ticks. He turned her on her other side then sank back down until his chest pressed into the cool of her back. He was on fire and so he wrapped his lower arm underneath her body and snaked his hand up to hold her breast and tease her neck with his thick fingers. His other hand gripped beneath her inner thigh and lifted so that he could work his hips up against her bottom. The physicality of his infatuation with her had grown cold the instant they were apart. The splash of heat as he concealed himself in his love pulled a deep groan from his throat that was cut short as he bent his neck around and clamped his lips upon her ear. If she looked over her shoulder, she would find deep, passionate kisses lying in wait as the ankal rocked in and out to a rhythm in his head. Her leg was slowly propped up higher onto his arm so that his hand could crawl up and pay proper attention to the fiery ignition where their bodies joined. He had no trouble finding the most sensitive areas for his fingertips to play.

Passion and love mixed into a fire that would have melted solid rock but it only melted time instead. Azmere chased Tarina up the steep cliffs towards the highest peak. Her vocalizations were merely expressions of the things her body confessed to him. The sweat and honey combined which brought sensitivities to a level of heightened awareness which nearly broke the man but he merely clung to the lithe body in his grasp for an anchor. Her curves brushed against him in ways that deepened his resolve to always find a way to touch her; to create a constant reminder of the beauty of their physical attraction and how it was not meant for only certain places or times but to always- as she had said always- be a beacon which pointed to the truth of their bond. As he clawed his way after her, the top of the mountain in his sight, his body quivered and shook as muscles from head to toe had reached their limit. His breath was gone but his lips still uttered her name. “Taurina.” It was just a whisper but soon it was repeated. And then again immediately. “Taurina.” The syllables reflected the struggles of his physical form but the love in him spurred onward by a spirit calling to its counterpart was far superior. “Taurina!” He screamed in a whisper as he dove off the cascading falls. He slipped into another place as his body quaked in the release that seemed to have no end. An endless fall into total bliss. Everything about her complimented him and everything he did was for her. The culmination of these things resulted in the most primal and visceral experience Azmere had ever known.

As the throes of the blessed evening ran their course, Azmere wrapped his love in his arms and held her tight. Their bodies relaxed against one another but he did not let them separate nor would he. His frame was big enough to encompass the earthly goddess from behind and still bear them enough room for their eyes to lock and lips to meet. The Drykas was happier than he had ever been and the best part was that he knew it would only get better. This simple truth kept the coals raging in his soul long after the fires of lust and primal urges had died out--though they were never truly gone. How one so sensual as Taurina found her way into the leathery arms of a scarred horseman was a mystery to Azmere. It was a mystery wrapped in a story that held many things. Tragedy, comedy, heartbreak, purpose and honor all had a part to play but underneath it all -through the thick and thin- was a love story. No greater song would ever be sung than the beautiful woman who fell from the stars and landed in the loving arms of a tattooed man who held the stars in his eyes.

“I love you, Taurina. Forever into eternity.” Azmere whispered against her neck. Tomorrow marked the first day of the rest of their lives...a whole new start- together.
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Yes! Let's... [Taurina]

Postby Taurina on September 1st, 2018, 5:35 am


There is nothing quite like finding one’s soulmate. Everyone searches for so long for something that they begin to doubt even exists. After so much hurt and pain caused by frivolous things and false loves, the soul just sort of gives up. Its pieces scattered in the wind so that when the right one is found there is nothing left to give. There is nothing left to put back together. Somehow these had gotten lucky. Somehow they had found each other before the world had destroyed everything they were and everything they could be. And oh, how it had tried. How it had put obstacles in their path and caused for doubt to thrive and hearts to ache. How it had made the story that should have started the moment they met take years to unfold. The world was cruel. But Drykas were strong. And soulmates were stronger.

Tomorrow would begin a new chapter in their lives. Tomorrow they would pack up their things and set off into the sea of grass to find once more their people and their family. Nothing was going to be easy about it. Even as knowing as Azmere was, the plains were a place of struggle and danger. There was no guarantee they would even make it but life did not come with a guarantee. Life was messy and complicate and beautiful and amazing. They would make it. If only because the gods, the world, fate, owed them that much. But tonight, tonight was not about what was owed to them. It was not about what came next. No, tonight was about this, about them, and about the bond of love and commitment that had been forged.

Azmere kissed the mark that no shift would fade before he just held her hair and stared into her eyes. She smiled as joy soared weightless through her soul. Nothing compared to this. Nothing compared to having him. To getting to belong to him. She kissed him softly, briefly, as he shivered and then he was moving again. He was casting aside blankets and furs as his lips worked against her neck and shoulders. Then his hands returned to her body. Running rough up her back while he sat them up in a more upright position. Taurina understood where he was going and she was eager to follow.

It was an amazing thing to be held by Azmere. To be in his arms and feel his hands roam her body. To feel as he held her so tight that his arms shook just slight with the effort exerted. She loved that about him. That he needed her to feel this so greatly he tested his physical limits. Taurina moved with him. She tangled her fingers against the hair of his head and gripped down against the muscle of his back. He teased her and played with her in a way that made her moan and growl and whine. Her teeth went to work in a series of nibbles and bites that worked across his shoulder and neck, finding all those fleshy soft bits to taunt and suck while he kept up his game.

She held his neck in her hands as his head rolled back and then his shoulders when it rolled forward again. Easy she allowed him to kiss her collarbone, groaning as teeth drug up her neck and his tongue flicked that tender place of her jaw. She moaned then. Something deep and rumbling. Her head rolled back, her back arching, as she exposed herself for him to do with what he would. She was aching all over. The ministrations of his hands and arms working her against his hips having boiled her up into a passionate frenzy. She needed him. Just as much as he needed her.

Taurina sunk low upon her lover- her husband as lips clashed and tongues intertwined. He kept their rhythm and she followed it easy with her arms draped around his neck and her thighs over his legs. Fingers gripped at hair as their bodies rocked to a song only they knew the words to. She sang too. She sang like a little song bird full of life with her pants and moans and whimpers that spoke of all her heart’s desires. He gave himself over to her and she took everything that she could hold. Soul met soul and body met body. They were two pieces of a puzzle that no one else was invited to. The Ethaefal would have it no other way.

Paths of fire and chills raced up her spine down to her toes as he took her to that place where waterfalls fell. She could not contain what it was to find that edge with him. Her face twisted as her mouth fell open and her call rose from her like a thundering river crashing against the walls of her chest. He drove up just as she began to fall. His arms bound her close to him as they dove as one down to where waves crashed and thunder roared. He buried his lips against hers as it came to its end. Hard she panted as she clutched him and tried to find some way to recover from all that raced through her mind and soul. Time was not left for that though. For time was never on their side and Azmere was claiming all of it that he could, wasting none.

The woman panted and whimpered as the man of her every affection lowered her to lay upon him once more. Bodies not quite finished pulsed and throbbed as the couple kept the fire of their souls alive. Azmere did not let her come down and somehow she was okay with that as the embers in her core continued to burn. So long as he was okay with her little moanings of need and want. He seemed to be okay with that for he moved her to her side where he pushed off the blankets and continued with a slow gyration of hips against hips. Kisses of passion and honey and love were shared as they just remained there in a tangle of limbs for moment upon moment.

The whining started anew when Azmere withdrew himself. He had gotten her ready for more, the fire again burning bright, and then he was just suddenly gone, the cold air hitting her like an assault upon her body. But then he settled behind her with his chest pressed against the cool of her back. She gave herself easy to him. Biting her lower lip tight when his fingertips grazed over the flesh at her chest and gripped at the tenderness that was the inside of her thigh. She giggled, just slightly, for such a place was sensitive and ticklish. His hips settled against her and soon again he had drawn himself up into her, a deep groan rocking through his chest. He clamped lips upon her ear and near instantly she turned to meet him. Those passionate kisses taken and savored as he lead them into the steady rhythm of the sweetest song.

Soulmate. What was a soulmate? Taurina would not have known how to answer that question two years ago. She might not have even known how to answer it a year ago or a season ago. Now though, now she knew. She knew that it meant love and it meant partnership. She knew that it meant going through life together and being there through the good and the bad no matter what. She knew that it was more than any god, more than death, and it beat time. A soulmate was not just there for one life. He was there through every life. Maybe not always found so easy. Maybe a little heartache and turmoil had to be gone through first. But finding him? Finding him was worth it all. And she would do it all again life after life if it meant getting to have him in the end.

He took her to that place where passion and desire rooted in love clashed like a storm. His fingers worked against her sensitive places as her moaning filled the night air. They flew together over the grass up to the tallest hill where they met and looked out over the land only to see just how beautiful it was. He held onto her and she him. One hand reaching back and taking a tight hold of his bottom while the other buried in the soft plush of a pillow. She ran and he chased her. Up the hill and over the mountain towards the valley. He would follow her anywhere, just as she would follow him anywhere, always. Forever. No quiet lover, Taurina let him know when her end was again near. Her body beginning to shake in the violence of tremors that sparked down her body. He spoke her name soft against her ear. A prayer, a wish. She had never felt so loved, so adored, as she did when his screamed whisper shattered the earth and again they fell.

“Azmere.” Taurina panted soft when the trembling ceased. “Azmere.” She just loved saying his name. She just loved being able to love him and being loved by him. He did not leave her, but instead he remained as his arms wrapped around her body and she twisted so that she might claim all the kisses her heart desired. And she did. Her fingers gripping his face as she kissed him over and over again; and when she did not kiss him she stared into his gaze. Pools of lilac meeting the stars as they shined and spoke more than words ever could. How had she gotten so lucky that he was the one who stepped into the Lilacwind pavilion that day so long ago? Luck had nothing to do with it. For soulmates it never did. For they were destined from the beginning to find each other. She knew that now and she was so very thankful that it was so.

Taurina stroked gentle fingers down the side of her beloved’s face. The light of the moon hit him just right that she could see the shadows of his scars. She raised her lips and she kissed them. Down his temple, across his cheek, over his eye. And then she went to the right side of his face and did the same. When he was too far away, she drew him in closer so that he would not leave her but instead just turn so they could remain as they were while she still got to have her way. She poured her love out on him the only way she knew how. With kisses and touches born from acceptance and love for her warrior hearted Azmere. Her beautiful, wonderful, magnificent Azmere. Her husband, her one great love, the mate of her soul. So happy she was with him. So excited she was to face, to build, the future with him. Theirs had been a love story for the ages and now it had come to its end. Or was this its beginning? She did not know, but what she did know is that here she was happy. This she never wanted to let go of. Never would let go of. Not for all of time.

“I love you, my darling Azmere,” Taurina whispered against his lips. “Forever into eternity.”

~ The End ~
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