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Postby Taurina on February 16th, 2016, 2:33 pm



Place of Fall : Mura
Resides in Riverfall
Lives at Kuahala Estates
Ethaefal during Leth's light
Drykas when Syna takes her reign
Fell 2nd of Summer 513 || 5 Years on Mizahar
Fluent in Common, Basic in Pavi & Grassland Sign
Tattoo Artist at Riverfall Ink



By night, when the light of Leth is high in the sky, Taurina sparkles in her Ethaefal form. She is beautiful and other worldly with a soft, easy grace that is only explained by the fact that she is one of the Ethaefal. Her body is fit and slim, weighing at a hundred and fifty-five pounds andImage standing at approximately six foot tall. Her eyes are a stunning shade of indigo with flecks of silver in them that have an almost eternal look of wandering in them. Her face is slim and oval shaped with lips that have a defined cupid's bow and pinkish tint to them. Her eyes are big and almond shaped with a proportionate nose sloping down in between them. When she smiles indents form in her cheeks on either side of her mouth. Her skin is soft and opalescent in color with iridescent tints that resemble the moon.The only difference in her skin tone is in her face where her cheeks have a rosy tint to them, adding some color to her face. To compliment her face she has long, loosely curled hair that comes down to her lower back.

The glassy stone horns all among Taurina’s race are blessed with grow up from her temples before curving backwards in an ornate downwards spiral and along with her hair, the color of her horns change with the seasons. When Morwen takes her rule over Mizahar, Taurina’s hair spirals down in a shade of white that resembles the snow. Her horns during Morwen’s season contrast her hair in that they are an ink black color with just a bit of dark violet at the tips and along the edges. With the new beginnings spring brings, the colors of winter leave the woman’s hair and horns. Taurina hair changes to a soft lavender gray color while her horns turn to a pearly shade of white with tints of blush pink. Summer brings with it warmth, but the color of Taurina’s hair turns to a cold ink black while her horns are an ombre that transitions from a dark green color to a bright emerald color. When Fall comes and the leaves turn, Taurina’s hair and horns change with them. The Ethaefal’s hair turns to a dark crimson color while her horns turn to a shimmering deep shade of gold.

Breakdown of Ethaefal Appearance: :
Height : 6ft
Weight : About 155
Body Type : Thin, fit, slight hourglass shape
Eye color : Indigo with flecks of silver
Horns : Sprout from her temples in a backwards spiral, there are two other spirals that sprout off the main one.
Winter - Ink black with dark violet tips and edges
Spring - Pearly shade of white
Summer - Ombre look from dark green to bright emerald
Fall - Deep gold
Hair : Long, loose spiral curls that come to her mid back
Winter - White
Spring - Lavender Grey
Summer - Black
Fall - Dark crimson
Ethaefal Form Model : Laura Marano

Reference picture of horns color during the seasons :

ImageWhen Syna’s light shines and stretches over the land, Taurina is reminded more deeply of her fall from Leth's domain for her body becomes the fragile human form it was in a past life. In this form she is a mere five foot, four inches tall that weighs a hundred and twenty pounds. She looses all the beauty of her Ethaefal form and turns into something she tries hard not to despise. Her figure is slim and fit, not overly so, but enough that one can tell in her past life she did some sort of physical work that toned her body. Instead of the opalescent color of her Eth skin, her skin becomes an somewhat dark porcelain shade that is marred by all the flaws that come with being human. She carries the scars and mistakes of her past life that she cannot remember more than whispers of. Her hair is cut in many layers that reach down to her lower back in the longest layers with various tiny braids mixed in (hair length and style different from current model). The color of her hair doesn’t change in this form but instead is stuck at the color of dark brown with highlights of muddy blond on the top of her head. The eyes of her human form are a boring brown shade that make her crave the light of the night and the beautiful thing her body transforms into with it even more. In this inferior form, Taurina has tattoos lacing up her back in an intricate, wispy pattern that resembles something like the wind. The windmarks cover up some of her more severe scars that she earned in her past life. While most things from her past life are lost to her, she remembers earning the windmarks. The memory is hazy, but she feels a connection to it and knows that for some lost reason it is important. She also has scars on both of her hands that she once believed were from the day she was initiated into reimancy, but as of early spring 517 she realized they must have always been there and she just never paid close enough attention to see them before her initiation.

Breakdown of Human Appearance: :
Height : 5ft 4in
Weight : About 120
Body Type : Fit, wiry muscles, petite
Eyes : A dull brown
Hair : Just past mid-back length, wavy and layered. Dark brown shades with highlights of light brown/muddy blonde color.
Human Form Model : Skylar Grey


Like the god Taurina loyally follows, the Ethaefal has a dark and mysterious personality. She isn’t shy really, just introverted and takes a step back quite a bit to observe what is happening around her. She is loyal, but takes her time to trust people fully and allow her emotions to freely show. Once her trust and good opinion of someone is lost it will never be gotten back. She is not really a gentle person, but she has the potential to become one. Within her lies a chaos and darkness that has not fully been tamed, but is somewhat tempered by her faith and her desire to not let it control her. She hasn't quite mastered finding a good balance since her fall. Her world has changed from being taken from the life cycle and taken to Leth's domain to falling through the crack back down to the world she once believed she would never touch again. She is a lost soul who searches for her purpose and a place to belong.

As a human, Taurina's personality is very similar to how she is in her Eth form. She is still rather introverted, loyal, but slow to trust and searching for her place in this world. Little is known to her about who she was in the life her daylight form reflects. The culture, family, and land she once knew is lost to her. However, she has a curiosity and longing to know who she was in that life and a desire to learn about the people she once was apart of. That is the main personality difference between her two forms, the knowledge that there is a people out there who are what she was and her desire to know them once again.


.: Before Creation :.

During the summer of 513 an Ethaefal fell from grace back into the cruel reality of the world. In was dark and the water was raging so it was by luck alone that the fallen being made it out alive. She was found the following morning unconscious, washed up on the shores of Mura clutching what looked to be a piece of driftwood. A kind fisherman who lived among with Konti took her into his home and took care of her. Those first days have always been a blur of confusion and unknowing. The Eth had to get used to the world around her, to the changing forms, and the fact that the only name she knew her mouth could no longer shape. Early on, with the help of the fisherman, a name was picked and that name was Taurina.

Taurina spent a season with the fisherman and slowly adjusted to the world around her. She adventured in Mura and found it interesting, but it did not feel like home. The Konti women were kind and welcoming, but she believed to stay in Mura was not the plan Leth had for her. Still, she had grown close to the fisherman and he was teaching her what little he could about the world she had returned to. Some of the Konti women taught her some other things as well, like some of the basics of drawing and tattooing as well as reimancy. After some begging one Konti woman initiated Taurina and the Eth began to learn the very beginnings of how to manipulate her res. Eventually though, it wasn’t enough and her soul longed to be connected with her past so that she may possibly figure out why she was back here instead of back where Leth had taken her once before. The problem was that she didn’t know anything about the life her earthbound form reflected. All she had were strands of out of context memories that made little sense.

Her first mission was to figure out where her earthbound form came from. Many of the Konti she met and knew could only tell her that she was human in her daylight form which only added to Taurina’s frustrations. She searched for any information she could get ahold on and was close to giving up when she stumbled upon some luck and a Konti woman who had been outside of Mura before. She found out from this Konti that she might be one of the Drykas, paired with the tattoos on her back and one of her more particularly strong memories this seemed like the answer. Taurina decided to give it a try at least and began to pack her things and get ready to say goodbye.

Things took a turn for the worse, however, when her fisherman friend got sick. Taurina put her travel plans on hold to be with him. She wasn’t much of a nurse so they would just talk and when he was too weak to talk, she told him of the little bits and pieces from her previous life that she remembered. Important events were still in chopped up pieces in her mind that would come and go. She remembered the reason for the marks on her back, a bond that was more important than anything else with a creature most powerful and respected. There were pieces of her past family who had surely moved on to their next life by this time. There wasn’t much, just like gentle eyes, rough hands, braided hair that tangled in the wind. Small snippets of detail, but nothing that could answer who she was or why she was here.

It wasn’t long before the fisherman passed and Taurina left the city with others who were leaving Mura. She travelled around, searching for this place called Endrykas. Her travels took her through unknown lands with people from all different walks of life. Inexperienced in the ways of these different cultures, Taurina stuck close to those she was traveling with and kept a healthy distance emotionally from most everyone. It took maybe about two seasons for her to get to Riverfall. On the way she travelled with different groups and saw bits and pieces of Nykas, Syliras, and Riverfall. From Riverfall she purchased a horse and left with a merchant group that was suppose to be trading with Endrykas in late spring of 516.

The travel through the Sea of Grass was much more dangerous than Taurina had expected it to be and things did not go as smoothly as she thought they would. The merchant group she was with got lost, not being as experienced as some of the others. What was suppose to be a twelve day trip out to Endrykas turned into a summer out in the sea of grass. One in the group insisted that they keep heading east and with no other plan, that is what the group did. In the long run she got lucky in that she got to keep her life, not all in the group were that fortunate. At the very beginning of the fall, Taurina and the few who were left of the original merchant group finally made it into Endrykas bruised, battered, and very tired. Finally among the people she had been searching for, she hoped to find a home and a sense of belonging among them, believing that in some way she was still a part of them.

.: After Creation :.

Fall 516 :: In a new city surrounded by new people, Taurina struggled to fit in and find her place. Spending most of her time alone and many nights with only the silent Leth and her sketchbook for company, fear was allowed to blossom and take control over her heart and mind.

Winter 516 :: Hollow and lost, Taurina began her search for a place to belong and a family to share. Though their city was torn between gods and man, she was found in a place of shared brokenness by Azmere who took her home to his pavilion of misfits and orphans. The change was a struggle, but with it came love and patience and compassion. Even when nightmares and storms came, Taurina learned that she was never going to be alone again.

Spring 517 :: In a season of hope and new life and happiness, Taurina bonded with her strider Starfire and shared the experience of gaining her windmarks with Azmere alone. Tied to the web, Taurina became fully Drykas and was reminded of that when her windmarks were found to have disappeared the very next morning. Foolish decisions tore a rift between her and the ankal she had grown to care for, but he reminded her that she was light and forgave her. Even when she did not forgive herself.

Summer 517 :: A nightmare filled with fear of the unknown future brought Taurina and Azmere closer together in the night hours. A race won, a mark upon stone made, and the want for a kiss ignored; Taurina finally accepted that she was Drykas and Ethaefal both and no one was going to take that from her. Just as she had begun to maybe understand her world, it changed again when an unexpected Kelvic bond formed suddenly between her and a maned wolf named Alekxandra. Unknowing and confused, Taurina decided that this had to be the choice of the gods and kept the bond. Promising that they would figure it out as they went, together.

Fall 517 :: A season filled with work, training, and magic. Taurina found that she does not like Walahks much, or at least not the one who taught his reimancy so brutally. Though the season was quiet and hot, there was rejoicing when pavilion member, Rufio, thought gone returned.

Winter 517 :: With Azmere's disappearance, Taurina held on to hope that he will return again. It was only when season end came that she realized he was not and that the sea must have swallowed him whole. Full of grief and longing, the Ethaefal realized her love for him and decided that she could not stay in the place where he had been. Leaving her family and everything she had come to know and love, Taurina headed for Riverfall nursing her broken heart.

Spring 518 :: Though she wished to just be able to forget, Riverfall only caused grief to grow. Seeing Azmere everywhere she went made Taurina moody and lazy, life not seeming worth living anymore. She made mistakes, choices she continues to regret, and learned that running away from the past was not a solution. More important things came when Alekxandra showed back up and it was learned she had become a Nakivak. Promising to never leave again and to protect her, Taurina found a reason to try again. With some help from a client and a need to not be in constant pain anymore, Taurina let Azmere go with a promise to always love him.

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Postby Taurina on February 16th, 2017, 1:38 am


They say that home is where the heart is. Once Taurina's heart was lost and wandering. Looking for a place and a people to call her own. The Ethaefal was more or less a vagabond, constantly searching for her place. The journey she went on led her to Endrykas which was once the home she was born into. After a season alone in a tent within the Amethyst clan so that she was close to work, Taurina met Azmere. Ankal and watchman, he found the Ethaefal to be a kindred spirit in need of a family and it was he who gave her one.

In the tent city of Endrykas, within the Diamond clan is the Stormblood Pavilion and that is where Taurina's heart can now be found. The Stormbloods have become family and with them the Eth is at home. They are not the biggest, the strongest, or the most knowing. Yet, they are growing and learning. They are there for each other. Taurina's heart can be found here surrounded by the hearts of her family. She feels lucky to have found them and hopes that life may continue as it does. Trials will come, they have come already, but the pavilion has persevered. She hopes that it always will.

The pavilion tent itself is "constructed from a sturdy fabric over seven latticed panels, the Stormblood pavilion looks white from a distance, but a closer view reveals subtle shades of light grey that combine to make it resemble a storm cloud rising out of the grass. Inside, seperate spaces for the residents are marked off with hanging dividers lined with dark grey felt to muffle sound. Enough extra attachment points are provided to allow repositioning as the Pavilion's needs change. The private side of each divider has been left blank to allow personalisation. A central smokehole opens at the peak of the roof, with space for a hearth immediately below it, and a storage area off to one side, where hanging shelves hook onto the wall lattice." (Adon pg. 18 of OOC)

Taurina's section of the tent is much like the rest. She has kept it simple for now, a place to hold her belongings and sleep. Plans to someday paint the private sides of her dividers have been mentally made, but she does not plan to follow through until she is more confident in her painting. So for now the canvas is blank. The one thing that separates her section from the others is that she has a portion of the ceiling that is more easily flipped up and removed to reveal the sky to her. This skylight of sorts allows her to spend nights inside while also getting a full view of her god which is something that remains very important to her.


Met Early Summer 517Image
Character Sheet

Taurina met Alekxandra while out sketching in the Sea of Grass on the 17th of Summer 517. The bond that formed between the maned wolf Kelvic and the Ethaefal happened in an instant, taking both of the women by surprise. Taurina has never known a Kelvic before Alekxandra. The woman intrigues her and the bond between them excites her, but also frightens her. She does not know all what it means or how it works. The idea that there is someone from whom her emotions can never be full hidden is terrifying, but also brings a sense of peace. It is the idea that she will never be fully alone as long as she remains bonded to Alekxandra that brings her this peace.

Spending fall and winter apart, the bondmates reunited in Riverfall in the Spring of 518. They remain unknowing of each other, tip toeing around the imaginary lines they have subconsciously drawn around themselves. Taurina trusts Alek, wants to protect her, and maybe in some way loves her. But the time spent apart took the pair backwards rather than bringing them closer. They work now to bridge the gap, slowly growing closer even as outside forces try and tear them apart.

Within the Pavilion
ImageMet Early Winter 516
Character Sheet

Taurina and Azmere's relationship can best be described as complicated. He is her ankal, her friend, and someone who causes warmth to spread through her body when they touch. She doesn't have the words to describe the feelings she has when around him, but she does know that she trusts him. He has taught her what it is like to feel safe, protected, and to some extent loved. She once promised to never leave him or the home he gave her when bringing her into the Stormblood pavilion. A misadventure in the spring of 517 challenged this promise, however, and since a confrontation upon returning Taurina is unsure of where she stands within the pavilion and with Azmere. Her heart aches to erase the pain she has caused him, but if she has learned one thing in this life it is that the past may be forgotten and maybe even forgiven, but never can it be rewritten.

Winter of 517 Azmere disappeared into the Sea of Grass, leaving his family to fend for themselves. Taurina held onto hope far too long that he would come back and when the end of the season came she finally let go and believed him to be dead for no one came back after so long gone. Her heart shattered, she left the pavilion and Endrykas and ran away to Riverfall in an attempt to hide from her feelings. This did not work well and the Eth found herself trapped within her grief and guilt in a different city. It took another pushing her for her to finally let herself let go and remember fondly, but move on.

ImageMet Mid Winter 516
Character Sheet

Haena joined the pavilion with her two children not long before Taurina was brought into the family. The Eth has not interacted with her much, but does find her interesting and is curious to learn more about her.

*More to come as threads progress

ImageMet Early Fall 516
Character Sheet

Jasmine was the very first Drykas the Ethaefal met and the only one who she has known throughout the whole of her being in Endrykas. She trusts the blonde probably second most to Azmere, considering her a close friend and confidant. She sees Jasmine as a strong, beautiful, and determined woman who did not get what she deserved with her first family. The past is the past, however, and all they can look forward to is the future and making it better. Jasmine lived through her ordeal and came out the other end with her soul intact from what Taurina has seen. Like a sister, Jasmine has in one way or another always been there for the Eth and she has helped teach Taurina what it means to be apart of a family. Wherever they go from where they are, it is Taurina's hope that she only gets closer to this one she calls friend.

Taurina feels guilty about leaving Jasmine perhaps most of all. They were friends and Jasmine was pregnant when they parted. She wishes she could go back and say she is sorry and make everything better. But she also worries that she will be locked out, pushed away, and not accepted back by anyone, but especially not by her friend. So Taurina remains in limbo, wondering but not feeling brave enough to try and go back and face her friend again. Only time will tell if family will ever be family again.

ImageMet Mid Fall 516
Character Sheet

Rufio is the second Stormblood Taurina met. The pair met when Rufio came to get windmarks repaired at the Lilacwind pavilion during Taurina's first season in Endrykas. Taurina finds the mixed blood woman to be energetic and adventurous. An interesting, free spirited soul. She does not know her too well because they did not get much time to learn about each other before Rufio left at the end of winter 516. Taurina hopes that one day the woman will come back and they will be able to rectify their lack of a relationship despite having been family for a season before Rufio's departure.

With Rufio's return there was chance for a relationship to blossom, but time was not on their side. Trapped in her pain, Taurina let no one in including the bubbling and energetic soul of Rufio. She left her as well and while she regrets the lack, strangers are easier to mourn than friends.

Outside of the Pavilion
ImageMet Mid Fall 516
Character Sheet

To this day Taurina still does not know Merevaika's name. The two have met twice now, the second meeting going better than the first. The short haired Drykas confuses Taurina more than most. She had told the Ethaefal that the gods move against her. She is a self proclaimed murderer of her sister's child and the Eth has witnessed her taking advantage of the less fortunate. Taurina finds her to be selfish and manipulative, but also is interested to run into her again. She thinks there is more to meet the eye when it comes to this one she often refers to as "the thief" and wants to reveal those deep, hidden layers. She also desperately wishes to learn the woman's name, finding it infuriating that the woman has not revealed to her even that.

ImageMet Mid Fall 516
Character Sheet

Taurina first met Naiya when she first met Merevaika. Her opinion of the red-headed Drykas that day was low, but it has since grown. During the harsh winter the two teamed up -along with Naiya's baby boy Shai- during an interactive story Bull narrated at the Anchor of Gold and Earth. Taurina found an acquaintance outside of her family in Naiya and decided to go to her in the spring when given the task of furnishing the Stormblood's new pavilion. The pair truly got to know each other during the trip, actually learning each other's names that day to hopefully not forget again. Naiya is a strong Drykas woman and a loving mother in Taurina's eyes. She looks forward to getting to know her better as time goes on and thinks it good for herself to have friends outside of those just within her pavilion.

ImageMet Early Spring 517
Character Sheet

In the spring of 517, the Ethaefal met Turrin and the misadventure that followed is the event that caused emotions to run high upon Taurina's return home. Despite all that happened, Taurina finds Turrin to be interesting and she still is not angry with him for taking her on the adventure. She blames herself for having brought up the idea at all. He had just taken her idea, used her own curiosity against her, and dared her to go with him. The Eth did not want to back away from a challenge so she went. Turrin has a lot of life experience that Taurina does not have and so she finds herself curious about him. He is a strange man, different from most all Drykas she has met. She would not mind still being a friend to him (as long as they stuck within Endrykas and did not go on anymore misadventures without a Drykas with them), but it seems that Turrin has disappeared. Taurina has not seen him since the trip out to the valley.

*Subject to change as threads progress and relationships evolve


Name :: Starfire
Age :: 3 years, born Winter 513 (age unknown to Taurina)
Sex & Breed :: Stallion, Strider
Size :: 16 Hands
Coat :: Pure white, luminescent during night hours
Acquired :: Bonded in Spring 517
Thread :: Catcher of Dreams

Starfire is still very much a mystery to Taurina due to the fact that their bond is still very new. He is patient with her, but more pushy than Melody. He follows her around and in his eyes she sees a fire that reminds her of the strider she was bonded to in her past life. The pair have not yet been through much, they still are exploring each other, and learning how each works. That said, if Starfire was lost to Taurina it would crush her. Their bond is already strong and only gets stronger with each passing day.

Bonding with the white stallion was a game changer for the Ethaefal who was loosing her hope that Leth still watched over her. Now that she has Starfire she believes that he was sent to her by her god and has a renewed hope that this is the path she is suppose to be on. That she belongs in Endrykas among the Drykas and that she is meant to become apart of their culture once again. Because of this belief that he is godsent, she frequently refers to him as "zulkina" or "my zulkina".
Melody - Sold
Name :: Melody
Age :: 5 years, born Spring 50th 512
Sex & Breed :: Mare, Colorsplash
Acquired :: Starting Package

Melody is a very mellow, easy going horse which was exactly what Taurina had been looking for in an animal when purchasing the mare. The pair have been through much together. A summer traveling the Sea of Grass with merchants, a fall where they were each others only friends, and the gaining of a new family come Winter 516. Despite the fact Melody is no strider, Taurina loves her and takes care of her like a prized possession. Melody is apart of the Eth's family and that is unlikely to change.

Upon returning to Riverfall, Taurina found someone to take Melody off her hands as she could not hope to afford living in Riverfall and boarding two horses.

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Postby Taurina on February 16th, 2017, 1:40 am


Skill Total Experience Points
Observation 100 3+2+1+2+3+5+3+5+3+4+1+2+3+4+2+1+3+5+3+1+2+1+2+2+2+2+4+4+5+4+3+2+3+1+2+2+2+1+1

Skill Total Experience Points
Socialization 68 4+1+3+3+1+4+2+1+1+1+1+3+1+2+1+3+4+5+1+1+2+2+1+1+2+4+1+3+4+3+2

Skill Total Experience Points
Philosophy 27 1+4+1+1+2+1+1+3+1+1+1+2+1+3+2+2
Reimancy (Water,Earth) 31 10 SP+1+2+1+1+3+2+2+1+3+3+1+1
Rhetoric 29 1+2+1+2+2+2+2+2+3+2+3+1+1+1+1+1+2
Riding (Horse) 26 10 SP+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+3+1+1+1
Sketching 37 5 SP+5+5+4+5+4+1+1+1+3+1+1+1
Tattooing 37 5 SP+1+3+2+3+3+2+2+3+1+3+1+1+2+5

Skill Total Experience Points
Acrobatics 4 1+1+1+1
Acting 3 3
Animal Husbandry 4 1+1+1+1
Astronomy 10 10 RB
Bodybuilding 1 1
Cleaning 13 1+1+1+1+3+1+2+2+1
Cosmetology 8 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1
Dancing 1 1
Detection 1 1
Endurance 22 1+1+1+1+1+2+1+2+1+1+2+2+1+1+1+2+1
Fishing 3 3
Grooming 4 2+1+1
Horsemanship 20 1+2+1+1+2+2+1+1+1+2+2+1+1+1+1
Intelligence 9 1+2+1+1+1+2+1
Interrogation 10 1+2+1+3+1+1+1
Intimidation 1 1
Investigation 14 2+2+1+1+1+2+1+1+1+1+1
Land Navigation 1 1
Leadership 4 1+1+1+1
Logic 5 1+1+1+2
Medicine 3 1+2
Meditation 10 1+1+1+2+1+2+1+1
Negotiation 4 2+2
Organization 15 1+1+2+1+1+1+1+2+1+1+2+1
Painting 6 2+2+2
Persuasion 9 1+1+2+3+2
Planning 10 1+1+2+1+1+1+1+1+1
Running 2 1+1
Seduction 4 4
Singing 2 1+1
Stealth 1 1
Storytelling 5 1+1+1+1+1
Tactics 1 1
Tracking 1 1
Weapon : Shortbow 11 10 SP+1
Wilderness Survival (Plains) 11 10 SP+1

Rewards and Penalties :
Thread : Ink and Water
Overgiving (mild): Taurina will find herself tempted to rely on reimancy at every opportunity over the next day, as well as exhibit a tendency to fidget and feel the need to do something with her hands at all times. Using any reimancy during that period is very likely to intensify her over giving.
Thread : Shadows and Flame
- A few bruises from the fall, will heal in two days
- A lost arrow
Thread: Catcher of Dreams
- Strider Stallion
Thread: Chasing Puddles
- Slight weariness that will last for the rest of the evening
- 1 small quartz cube
Thread: Every Tear One Day Will Dry
- Bruised arm and ribs that will hurt for 6 days without proper care, pain will go away in 3 with medical attention
Thread: Sayohat
- Used 1/4 of sugar cubes
Threads: Digging Deep, Sinking In
+ Quartz paperweight with a shell inside, made with Reimancy
- Overgiving: Taurina's nosebleed will eventually slow and stop within the hour. However, Taurina will feel the temptation to cast more Reimancy throughout the day. She will also feel shaky and have mildly erratic behavior. If Taurina uses more Reimancy during this same day, the effects will worsen.

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Total : 620

Acrobatics: Consciously falling backwards

Acting: Putting on a fake smile for customers

Common Akalak trait: gold eyes
Akalak: dual personalities

Anatomy: variance in eye shapes
Anatomy: visible features of the eye

Condor: Scavenging bird of prey

Animal Husbandry
Animal Husbandry: horses roll in dirt to cool off when too hot
Animal Husbandry: it is bad for a horse to drink too much water too quickly
Animal Husbandry: Repeat a signal firmly when the animal does not listen at first
Animal Husbandry: Reward wanted behaviour with praise
Animal Husbandry: Water can be used to help cool off a horse on a hot day
Animal Husbandry: Commanding hunting cats to track and follow
Animal Husbandry (Horses): Signs and symptoms of colic
Animal Husbandry (Horses): Treat colic with mineral oil and lots of walking
Animal Husbandry: Using treats to teach a behavior

Bodybuilding: Performing sit ups safely

"The Bond" forged through pain and grief
The Bond: Sudden and intense
The Bond: Sharing emotions
The Bond: Grows stronger with time
The Bond: Rare and special
The Bond: Taurina's anchor

Amethyst Clan: Known for their horsemanship
The Opal Clan: Healers with kind hearts

Cleaning: ink and blood are difficult to scrub from cloth
Cleaning: Shaking dirt from heavy cloth
Cleaning: Washing out rags in between uses
Cleaning: Use boiling water to sterilize tools

Colic: A blockage in a horse's gut that can lead to death
Colic: Can be caused by certain grasses

Cosmetology: a simple braid
Cosmetology: comb from bottom up
Cosmetology: brush for tangles, comb for mats
Putting a simple braid into hair

Windmarks are a landmark in the Drykas Culture
Drykas culture: accepts all people of use
The Drykas: of enduring spirit
Drykas: Ankals lead pavilions as patriarchal heads of family
Drykas Watchmen: Protectors of Endrykas
Drykas: Windmarks tell a story
Drykas: The strider bond is a rite of passage
Drykas culture: Leaving the dead out for nature to reclaim

Endurance: distraction as a salve for temptation
Endurance: Self-reprimanding idleness to work through pain
Endurance: Refusing to acknowledge pain
Practicing restraint with a difficult client
Endurance: Keeping busy to cope with feelings
Endurance: Suffering through a nightmare
Endurance: Pushing through fatigue
Endurance: Thinking of the positives of an unpleasant situation
Endurance: Determination to achieve goals despite opposition
Endurance: withstanding emotional pain
Endurance: keeping tears at bay

Ethaefal: do not chose their Earthen form
Ethaefal: not common in Endrykas
Meeting other Ethaefal brings sadness
Ethaefal problems: Clothes that fit one form may not fit well the other

The Third Zith Attack
Taurina bonds with a strider!
Taurina gets her windmarks!
Flower of Storms, Gems, and Beasts; You just had to see it
Flower of Storms, Gems, and Beasts: Enchanted a procession of beasts
Farewell ritual for Azmere

Eypharian: Have six arms
Eypharian: Have skin that glitters like gold

Fishing: The hook goes in the water
Fishing: Baiting a hook
Fishing: A game of patience and waiting

Grooming: a horse

Horsemanship: offering treats for attention
Horsemanship: calm approach so as not to cause a startle
Horsemanship: await signs of acknowledgment before initiating touch
Horsemanship: riding a horse that is dirty can cause harm
Horsemanship: putting on tack
Horsemanship: sugar cubes for rewarding behavior
Horses sense fear & will pick it up from their rider
Horsemanship: Stroking a frightened horse to calm it down
Horsemanship: Reassuring calm words
Horsemanship: Sounds a horse makes when they are uncertain or uncomfortable
Horsemanship: The call of a horse in distress
Horsemanship: Teaching a strider grass-sign
Horsemanship: Horse well-being is priority after a long journey
Horsemanship: It takes trust to calm a spooked horse
Horsemanship: Horses are wary of new tack
Horsemanship: Entice a horse to tack up with treats
Horsemanship: Detangling & braiding a horse's mane
Horsemanship: Reading the visual cues from a horse
Horsemanship: Removing yvas and rubbing down after ride

Horse Breeds
Horse breed: Colorsplash
Horse breed: Cyphrus Strider

The Black Stallion: Memory or dream?
Melody: Tame and boring
Melody: a creature of routine
Melody & Taurina: Trust is shared
Melody: Storms make her stubborn
Melody: Afraid of thunder
Starfire: A gift from Leth
Starfire: Fills a void
Starfire: Stubborn, but yields

Intelligence: overhearing snippets of muted conversation
Even simple things are not as they appear
Adventure leads to danger and danger to death
Fear is a web that traps those who do not fight
Intelligence: Noting subtle shifts in crowd tension
Intelligence: When factors don’t add up to just coincidence
Patience is the path to power
Intelligence: Looking for signs of a threat
One has to be early at market to get the best trades

Interrogation: Clarifying meaning
Interrogation: Trading information for information
Interrogation: Asking open-ended questions to gauge job performance
Interrogation: Referencing past encounters to gain answers

Intimidation: Revealing anger makes others hesitate

Investigation: Asking around in search of someone
Investigation: Finding answers to be better at one’s job

Lore of the power of silence
Lore of the Nakivak
Lore of grief
Lore of betrayal
Lore of physical intimacy

Kelvics: Animal Shapeshifters

Pavi: Grass-signing when overcome with emotion
Pavi: Ohs Tratche means ‘just another ride’, ‘not to worry’, ‘it’s okay’
Pavi: ‘Zulkina’ meaning ‘godsend’
Lore of ready happy body language

Leadership: Deciding the course of action
Leadership: Making a decision for another

Logic: Finding flaws in a persuasive rhetoric
Taking rumours with skepticism
Logic: Follow the water to find game
Logic: Using thought to prevent practical failures

Medicine: Bandages have to be the right tension
Medicine: Giving care instructions

Meditation: Using crystals to aid focus
Meditation: Finding focus
Meditation: Focusing on happy thoughts
Meditation: Body-scan
Meditation: Ignoring distractions

Sand: Coarse and gets everywhere
Lost love hurts
Horizons are beautiful

Negotiation: Offering what's mutual
Negotiation: Pay a share now, pay a share later
Negotiation: Giving away too much information makes haggling harder

Observation: Faces are not symmetrical
Observation: unfocusing to view broader patterns
Observation: The feel of scars
Observation: Watching emotions attach and avoid certain people

Organization: stowing supplies in a designated place
Organization: Creating a welcoming interior
Organization: Making preparations for a large task
Organization: Placing items in a row

Overgiving: the temptation to cast more
Overgiving: mysterious but surely unpleasant
Over-giving: The desire to keep using magic
Over-giving Effect: A taste of metal & migraines
Overgiving Effect: Temptations to cast
Overgiving Effect: Nosebleeds

Painting: Thinner layers dry faster than thick
Painting: Outlining whole works helps keep proportions
Painting: Different pressure creates stroke thickness

Past Life
Pieces from a past life: A lullaby long forgotten

Lore of the man who lost his Strider by his own hand
A fur-feather cloaked woman led the enchanted beasts
A meeting with a mysterious Drykas girl
The Mysterious Girl: Gives Taurina courage
Alekxandra Winterflame: Kelvic Maned Wolf
Alekxandra: Bondmate
Alekxandra: Marked by Morwen
Alekxandra: Doesn't like bugs
Alek: came back
Alek: regrets running away
Alek: holds Taurina's complete trust
Alek: a Nakivak
Aoren: Skilled and knowing mage
Asher: Quiet, perceptive, kind
Asher: Let's others choose when they're ready to talk
Asher: patient and caring
Ayla Silverleaf: A client who doesn’t have a tale to tell except her sadness
Ayla Silverleaf: Ruby Clan
Azmere: Stormblood Ankal & Ra’athi of The Watch
Azmere: The story of how he got his scars
Azmere: Unpredictable, trustworthy & strong
Azmere: A kind and caring man
Azmere: Temper like a storm
Azmere: The story of his past
Azmere: A fighter; a warrior; a protector
Azmere: The only one to try to reach Taurina’s emotions
Azmere: Missed and waited for
Bull: A crafty storyteller
Dernan Sunwalker: A blunt bookkeeper at The Raised Sun
Fur-Feather Cloaked Woman: "Honor the balance of life"
Garard: the quiet one
Injal Lilacwind: friendly to strangers
Injal Lilacwind: Has confidence in Taurina’s abilities
Injal: Has a way of weeding out secrets
Injal & Jarorra Lilacwind: Kind-hearted tattoo artists
Jarorra: asks few questions during a consult
Jarorra: calm and happy when working
Jarorra: Gives reassuring words
Jarorra: A curious soul
Jasmine: Kind-hearted & willing to help
Jasmine: Stands up for Taurina
Jasmine: Like a sister
Jasmine: Raised in the Amthyst Clan
Jasmine: Daughter of an affair & cast out from her pavilion
Jasmine: Dealt with colic before
Jonas Pridesun: Scorned by Drykas & Taurina alike
Jonas Pridesun: Speaks of the Dual-God
Jonas: Slain by the storming entity
Keil: serious one of the group
Keil: Quiet and focused
Keil: Sometimes mean
Keil: unpleasant
Konrad: Mean walakh reimancer
Konrad: A foul man but a fair teacher
Koshin: new client
Leana Sugartree: Opal Clan
Leana Sugartree: Taurina’s first commission
Leana Sugartree: Her second bonding is a tale of sadness turned to victory
Lodai: Loud and forceful
Merevaika: Smart & manipulative
Merevaika & Naiya: Friends
Merevaika: The thief
Naiya: A mother in pavilion Dawnwhisper
Old Fisherman: A dear friend rather than like a father
People: Rufio Stormblood
Rufio: kindred spirit
Rufio: fortune teller
Rufio: Brave and adventurous
Sloane: Daughter of a fisherman
Sloane: Kind to offer her rations as bait
Sloane: Part of the Firelash Pavilion, Ruby Clan
Theoris re Ahnatep: the Sunbearer, Six Rapiers
Theoris re Ahnatep: The tale of a warrior
Thomas: First hunt is a big deal
Wymez Brokenspear: Of the Ruby Clan
Yantra Ambersheaf: Elder oft found at the Wind Knotted Gates

Persuasion: Convincing another of your skills
Persuasion: Convince one & others will follow
Persuasion: pleading through the bond
Persuasion: 'its not your fault'
Persuasion: deflection

Philosophy: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter – all are vital
Spring is a season of new life & hope
Philosophy: Killing of a race is not right
Philosophy: Good and evil create a balance
Philosophy: Facing mortality
A cowardly fool is worse than a thief
What drives people to murder?
Philosophy: Emotion colours one’s perception of reality
Philosophy: There is a design to everything, nothing happens by chance
Philosophy: Do not judge those you do not know
Philosophy: Getting in touch with one’s inner self
Philosophy: Drykas reincarnate as striders
Death changes one's perspective on life
Philosophy: the endurance of life and death

✤ Sea of Grass : A Dangerous Place (SP)
The Lilacwind Pavilion is beautiful
Endrykas: The Conclave
Location: Where the entities brought us peace
The Sea of Grass: Not as peaceful as it looks
Endrykas location: The Guided Horse
Endrykas location: The Raised Sun
Endrykas: The Caravansary burnt down taking the owner’s life with it
Location: The Wind Knotted Gates
Location: Tent of the Patrons
Ola Pohaku: Life Rock
Ola Pohaku: Origin story
Ola Pohaku: Covered in white, green, blue and brown fingerprints
Ola Pohaku: Colours represent life and death
Ola Pohaku: For men, blue indicates 'birth' and brown indicates 'death'
Ola Pohaku: For women, white indicates 'birth' and green indicates 'death'
Adding your print to Ola Pohaku
Endrykas: Home
Location: The Healing Hoof
Endrykas Location: Baultime's Barrel
The Sea of Grass: No guarantees
Endrykas: Nobody has an easy life
Ahnatep: A city to the south
Ahnatep: A ruin compared to former glory
Endrykas: The Anchor of Gold and Earth
The Anchor of Gold and Earth: Bull tells a story
Location: Bastani Bakery
Location: Semele Park

Planning: laying out an agenda
Planning: selecting tools for a task
Planning: listing things to address
Planning: Thinking of a sketch ahead of time
Planning: Take a dagger- just in case

Promise: 'never alone again'

Reimancy: cooling droplets of water
Reimancy: producing small spheres of res
Reimancy: a bowl's worth of res
Reimancy: being wary of one's limits
Reimancy: water-casting
Reimancy: Res is an extension of yourself
Reimancy: Res can be made into different states
Reimancy: Easier to transmute res into an element when it is in a state similar to that element
Reimancy: Discipline of Personal Magic
Reimancy: Shifting res from gel to liquid
Reimancy: Elements can be mixed to create new elements
Reimancy: Res can attract the elements
Mastery is found in the detail
Reimancy: Being wary of over-giving
Reimancy: Conjuring res needs a clear & focused mind
Haste is a mage’s undoing
Reimancy: Changing res form from gel to liquid
Reimancy: Overgiving – the taste of metal
Reimancy: Once res is fully transmuted to element it can no longer be manipulated
Reimancy: Partially transmuting res
Reimancy: Exuding res from one's eyes
Reimancy: Res is beautiful in the morning light
Reimancy: Solid state is difficult
Reimancy: Easier to follow steps than to skip them
Reimancy: Creating quartz spheres
Reimancy: Forming solid Res
Reimancy: Changing res to gas is easier than to liquid
Reimancy: Forming diamond-like stone out of res

✤ Lore of Religion : Leth (SP)
Morwen: Goddess of Winter
Morwen: Abandoned Mizahar
Morwen: What Morwen's Mark looks like
Morwen: Endangered Endrykas
Storming Entity: Calmed by earthen entity's voice

Rhetoric: Avoidance in answering questions
Rhetoric: Calling out a con
Rhetoric: Repeating to solidify an arguable point
Rhetoric: Conveying a heartfelt apology

Riding, Horse: using yvas
Riding, Horse: squeeze lightly with thighs to move forward
Riding, Horse: Falling from a horse
Riding, Horse: A nervous rider can make even a calm horse jumpy
Riding: Mounting & dismounting
Yvas: Drykas horse-riding gear
Riding: Firm grip and tight knees along with verbal cue to slow

Running: Watch out for unexpected obstacles!

A saying: 'Eyes are windows to the soul'
Enchanted Beasts: "Blessed to guide you in the hard times to come"

Taurina: Feels alone with Leth as her comfort
Taurina: Inspired & determined
Taurina: eager and willing to learn
Taurina: Embarrassed by shoddy work
Taurina doesn't trust Injal
Taurina: Her true self in her nightly seeming
Taurina: Longing for companionship
Taurina: Not one to share her burderns
Taurina: Yearns for adventure
Taurina: Not ready for death
Taurina: a nightmare of being stabbed
Taurina: Fears the storms that shroud Leth from her
Taurina: Faces fear alone
Taurina: Summer is the saddest season
Taurina: Loves her form in Spring
Taurina: A promise to seek Leth
Fog Hallucination: Haunted by her innermost fears made manifest in her seasonal forms
Taurina: Faithful to her gods
Taurina: easily distracted by the Windmarks Story
Taurina: Not ready to die
Taurina's Vow: To be alone no longer
Taurina: Stands up for herself
Taurina: Hypnotized by a mysterious man
Taurina: Doesn't trust the rain
Taurina: Time to be brave
Taurina: Nonthreatening in earthbound form
Taurina: Finds another’s clumsiness amusing
Taurina: Embarrassed about not being a true Drykas
Overcoming fear to save another
Taurina: Shy & unused to attention
Taurina: Tied into The Web
Taurina: Windmarks disappear
Taurina: Fears loss – of Starfire, of Azmere, of herself
Taurina: Belonging; forever drykas
A fearful imagination wreaks havoc
Taurina: The arduous journey to Endrykas
Taurina: Longs for more control of her magic
Taurina: Comforted by family in a frightening storm
Taurina: Excited to surprise others
Taurina: Her dreams keep her going
Taurina: pushing away family is a mistake
Self-discipline: Need to be patient.
The pain of being non-Drykas
Taurina and Azmere: Stronger together
Taurina: Finding her inner strength
Taurina: Truly a Drykas
Taurina & Azmere: A bond of love
Winning a race against Azmere
Taurina: Finds hope in a family made whole
Taurina: Likes solitude
Taurina: Homesick for Endrykas
Taurina: Hates sand
Taurina: Shattered, but still standing.
Taurina: Wants a challenge
Taurina: Afraid of overgiving
Taurina: Nervous about her first real commission
Taurina: Can’t remember life in Leth’s realm
Taurina: Constantly comparing herself to others
Taurina: Needs reassurance for her work
Taurina: Worried if her work is good enough for safety reasons
Taurina: Everything’s going to be fine
Taurina: Has allowed herself to become close-minded and apathetic
Taurina: Feeling compassion for another
Taurina: Has heard the mantra of 'I'm sorry' before
Taurina: Not always about her
Taurina: Never thought of making a family of her own
Taurina: Doesn't know what became of her family in her past life
Taurina: Wants to live life
Taurina: Doesn't want to forget anything
Lore of weeping for another's loss
Taurina: Wants to tell a story by living it
Taurina: Prefers heat to storms
Taurina: Jumpy- always
Taurina: Regrets not learning to fish from the fisherman in Mura
Taurina: Haunted by fears daily
Taurina: My pavilion is my family
Taurina: Not shy about her Leth form
Taurina: Does not like to talk about her emotions
Taurina: Loves Melody
Taurina: Playful with her horse
Taurina: Ever curious
Taurina: Wishes for storms in winter’s absence
Taurina & Starfire: Becoming a true team
Taruina: Restless and cannot sleep
Taurina: Feels she was forsaken by Leth, does not forsake him
Taurina: Has regrets but wouldn’t go back
Taurina: Unafraid and unapologetic in who she is
Taurina: Dwells on wrongdoings
Taurina: Happiness is fleeting
Taurina: Plagued by nightmares in Leth’s absence
Taurina: forever a part of the Grasslands
Lore of opening up to a stranger
Taurina: Full of regrets about Azmere
Belief in reincarnation soothes Taurina's grief
Taurina: Makes a promise to live well
Taurina: Will not let love pass her by again

Singing: Humming softly
Singing: Azmere's lullaby

Sketching: To get better practise, practise, practise
Sketching: Choosing objects that match your skill level
Sketching: A blade of grass
Sketching: Tracing to get an accurate outline
Sketching: Shading
Sketching: Appreciate progress
Sketching: blending a gradient of shades
Sketching: captures a fixed moment
Sketching: curves imply motion
Sketching: an imperfect circle
Sketching: leaving negative space
Sketching: light touch for light shades
Sketching: multiple shapes make a scene
Sketching: strong outlines stand out
Sketching: check your reference often
Sketching: a dark background makes light objects 'pop'
Sketching: drawing a shape in stages
Sketching: the relationship between size and presence
Sketching: drawing and shading a braid
Sketching: eyes and eyelashes
Sketching: the lines that define a face
Sketching: many lines to indicate hair
Sketching: Creating a guide for drawing faces
Sketching and shading facial features
Color categories: focus, accent, highlight, shade
Sketching: Drawing geometrical shapes as a guide for complex images
Sketching: The soulfulness of eyes is hardest to capture
Sketching: Using a story to create images
Sketching: Repeating patterns with small differences to create symmetry
Sketching: Using personal experience to give life to one’s work
Sketching: details matter
Sketching: how to sketch a butterfly

Socialization: the fear of embarrassment
Socialization (Drykas): windmarks in sorrow as well as joy
Flirting can attract business
Socialization: Sharing resources & not taking more than you need
Socialization: Not outstaying one’s welcome
Socialization: Drykas pavilion etiquette
Socialization: Apologising to appease another’s anger
Socialization: Trading one favour for another
Socialization: Extending condolences
Socialization: Discussing an unknown hobby
Socialization: Making conversation while waiting for results
Socialization: asking for directions

Stealth: Moving on tiptoes to keep quiet

Stormblood: Family and home

Striders: The depth of the bond
Striders are drawn to the entities
Striders' windmarks glow within the presence of the entities

Wilderness Survival, Plains: it is not wise to go into the plains alone

Tactics: Weighting the options

Tanning: Pigskin toughens with age

Tattooing: keep the skin stretched
Windmarks: take many bells to finish
Tattooing: freehanding makes for inconsistent lines
Tattooing: pig skin is tougher than human
Tattooing: shallow and deep pricks both waste ink
Tattooing tool: needles to prick skin
Tattooing: Using paint to create a guideline
Tattooing: Painting tattoos first gives clients a view to what it will look like
Tattooing: The right depth with the needle
Tattooing: the importance of keeping the client still
Tattooing: wipe away ink before it stains
Tattooing: Pushing undried ink into the skin with a needle
Tatooing: Advantages of the chisel tool versus single needles
Tattooing: The process of sterilization
Tattooing: Too much pressure draws blood
Tattooing: Tapping ink into human skin vs animal hide
Tattooing: Large pieces take more than one session; for the client's sake as well as the tattooist's
Tattooing: Stick & poke technique
Ink left unsealed will dry out
Tattooing: Inking needles before piercing the skin for detailed work
Interpreting the meaning behind a tattoo
Tattooing: Some parts of the body bleed more than others
Tattooing: Some jobs require an expert's hand
Tattooing: Only prep the ink when you know what colours are needed
Riverfall Citizen Tattoo: important cultural reference
Tattooing: mixing ink

Tracking: following your nose

Vantha Bounty: For Morwen’s absence
Vantha: Physical Traits
Vantha: Followers of Morwen

The Web
The Web: Unites drykas and striders

Zith: widely feared on the plains
Ziths: Attack when dark and rainy

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Postby Taurina on February 16th, 2017, 1:46 am


Fall 516 AV
Purchase Cost Total Notes
Deposit N/A 100 GM Starting Package
Shortbow -30 GM 70 GM Starting Purchase
Arrow, Shortbow (20) -1 GM 69 GM Starting Purchase
Dagger -2 GM 67 GM Starting Purchase
Toolkit, Tattooing -25 GM 42 GM Starting Purchase
Charcoal (10 sticks) -5 CM 41 GM 9 SM 5 CM Starting Purchase
Yvas -2 GM 39 GM 9 SM 5 CM Thread Purchase
Large Saddlebags, Yvas -8 GM 31 GM 9 SM 5 CM Thread Purchase
1 lbs. Sugar Cubes -1 GM 30 GM 9 SM 5 CM Thread Purchase
Seasonal Expenses -45 GM -14 GM 1 SM 5 CM Poor. Fall 516
Seasonal Wages +364 GM 349 GM 9 SM 5 CM Fall 516

Winter 516 AV
Purchase Cost Total Notes
Rollover N/A 349 GM 9 SM 5 CM From Fall 516
Small Paintbrush -1 SM 349 GM 8 SM 5 CM Thread Purchase
Skin Piece -1 GM 348 GM 8 SM 5 CM Thread Purchase
Fishing Pole -1 GM 347 GM 8 SM 5 CM Thread Purchase
Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 212 GM 8 SM 5 CM Common. Winter 516
Seasonal Wages +364 GM 576 GM 8 SM 5 CM Winter 516

Spring 517 AV
Purchase Cost Total Notes
Rollover N/A 576 GM 8 SM 5 CM From Winter 516
Apples -1 GM 575 GM 8 SM 5 CM Thread Purchase
1/2lb Jerked Beef -3.5 GM 572 GM 3 SM 5 CM Thread Purchase
Forearm Tattoo *Disappeared upon next shift to Drykas form -20 GM 552 GM 3 SM 5 CM Thread Purchase
Riding Quiver, Small -25 GM 527 GM 3 SM 5 CM Thread Purchase
Leather Armor -10 GM 517 GM 3 SM 5 CM Thread Purchase
Payment to Lilacwinds *Paying for used practice skin and to replace tiny paintbrush -2GM 515 GM 3 SM 5 CM Thread Purchase
Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 380 GM 3 SM 5 CM Common. Spring 517
Seasonal Wages +364 GM 744 GM 3 SM 5 CM Spring 517

Summer 517 AV
Purchase Cost Total Notes
Rollover N/A 744 GM 3 SM 5 CM From Spring 517
Cotton Sash -1.25 SM 744 GM 2 SM 4 CM Thread Purchase
Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 609 GM 2 SM 4 CM Common. Summer 517
Seasonal Wages +546 GM 1,155 GM 2 SM 4 CM Summer 517

Fall 517 AV
Purchase Cost Total Notes
Rollover N/A 1,155 GM 2 SM 4 CM From Summer 517
Meal Purchase -5 SM 1,154 GM 7 SM 4 CM Thread Purchase
Payment to Konrad -20 GM 1,134 GM 7 SM 4 CM Thread Purchase
Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 999 GM 7 SM 4 CM Common. Fall 517
Seasonal Wages +273 GM 1,272 GM 7 SM 4 CM Fall 517

Winter 517 AV
Purchase Cost Total Notes
Rollover N/A 1,272 GM 7 SM 4 CM From Fall 517
Seasonal Expenses -135 GM 1,137 GM 7 SM 4 CM Common. Winter 517
Seasonal Wages ~ 1,137 GM 7 SM 4 CM Winter 517

Spring 518 AV
Purchase Cost Total Notes
Rollover N/A 1,137 GM 7 SM 4 CM From Winter 517
Cash in Housing +500 GM 1637 GM 7 SM 4 CM Horse Package
Purchase of Apartment -500 GM 1,137 GM 7 SM 4 CM Kuahala Estates
Dyed Cotton Pants -1 GM 5 SM 1,136 GM 2 SM 4 CM Thread Purchase
Dyed Cotton Shirt -2 SM 1,136 GM 4 CM Thread Purchase
Two Small Mixed Drinks -1 GM 1,135 GM 4 CM Thread Purchase
Dyed Cotton Dress - 1 GM 5 SM 1,133 GM 5 SM 4 CM Thread Purchase
Sandals -2 SM 1,133 GM 3 SM 4 CM Thread Purchase
Bread and Cookies -1 GM 1,132 GM 3 SM 4 CM Thread Purchase
Drink and Dinner -1 GM 1 SM 1,131 GM 2 SM 4 CM Thread Purchase
Seasonal Expenses -450 GM 681 GM 2 SM 4 CM Good. Spring 518
Boarding Starfire - 45 GM 5 SM 635 GM 7 SM 4 CM Spring 518
Seasonal Wages +546 GM 1,181 GM 7 SM 4 CM Spring 518

Summer 518 AV
Purchase Cost Total Notes
Rollover N/A 1,181 GM 7 SM 4 CM From Spring 518
High Leather Boots -1 GM 1,180 GM 7 SM 4 CM Thread Purchase
Muffin -2 CM 1,180 GM 7 SM 2 CM Thread Purchase
Night Clothes -7 GM 5 SM 1,173 GM 2 SM 2 CM Thread Purchase

Fall 518 AV
Purchase Cost Total Notes
Rollover N/A ~ From Summer 518

Winter 518 AV
Purchase Cost Total Notes
Rollover N/A ~ From Fall 518


- One simple, off-white shirt
- One pair of simple, brown pants
- White, simple undergarments
- One grey colored cloak, frayed at the hem
- Simple pair of leather boots - worn
- Leather Armor
- Cotton Sash
- One roughly inch wide, foot and a half long wrap: Gifted
- Light brown cotton shirt
- A pair of loose fitting pale teal pants
- Lilac colored dress with flowing skirt and ruffled sleeves
- Sand colored sandals
- Pair of high leather boots
- Black Velvet Chemise
- Turquoise Silk Chemise
- Crimson Lace Undergarments

- 1 Waterskin
- 1 Backpack
- Comb (Bone)
- Brush (Bone)
- Soap
- Razor
- 1 eating knife
- Flint & Steel
- 1 Fishing Pole
- Yvas
- Yvas Bags, large

- 1 Shortbow
- 19 Arrows
- Small Riding Quiver
- 1 Dagger

- Balanced Rations (1 weeks worth)
- 1/4 lb of sugar cubes
- Apples
- 1/2lb of Jerked Beef

- Toolkit, Tattooing
- 10 Sticks of Charcoal (8 left)

Heirloom: A leather-bound journal full of the half finished sketches of a budding artist that Taurina takes with her most everywhere in case inspiration strikes.

- 1 small cube of Reimancy created Quartz: Gifted (turned into a necklace with the string being a thin piece of cloak fabric from Taurina's cloak's hem)
- Amulet of Desire : Aquired in thread Silver and Lilac

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Postby Taurina on February 16th, 2017, 1:48 am


Fall 516
Date Thread Title Participants Summary Status
3rd A Homecoming of Sorts Jasmine Stormblood, Sisquoc, open The end of a long journey, Taurina is close to the place she wishes to call home Complete, Graded
4th Blades of Grass Solo In the late night while everyone sleeps, an Ethaefal struggles to sketch Complete, Graded
5th & 6th New Beginnings Solo [Job Thread] Taurina starts work at the Lilacwind Pavillion Complete, Graded
7th Chasing Puddles Aoren After some failed attempts at controlling her magic, Taurina meets Aoren Complete, Graded
10th A Couple of "Jon Snows" Lorcan Lörcán & Taurina meet for the first time. Perhaps together, they can find the pieces to who they are. Abandoned, Self Graded
16th The Space Between the Stars Solo [Negative Space part 1] Taurina does some more sketching Complete, Graded
17th Starlight, Shine Bright Solo [Negative Space part 2] More Sketching Complete, Graded
18th Faces in the Night Solo Taurina does some more nighttime sketching Complete, Graded
21st Ink and Water Solo During a morning of rain and darkness, Taurina runs into some trouble when practicing her tattooing Complete, Graded
28th Not a Lost Cause Solo Struggling to figure it out on her own, Taurina gives up some of her pride in exchange for some help Complete, Graded
29th Fragments Solo A day of grey in a city of colors Complete, Graded
30th Familiar Faces Jasmine Stormblood In a search for inspiration, Taurina stumbles across Jasmine and a trade of knowledge Abandoned, Graded
39th Skin and Bone Solo Taurina works on her tattooing Complete, Graded
43rd Will Not be Afraid Solo Lessons in fear and trust Complete, Graded
50th Writ in Ink Rufio One gets new ink and the other her fortune read Complete, Graded
56th Water or Gold Merevaika, Prophet, Naiya Dawnwhisper Streams and oasis are running low, people are told to be respectful of everyone’s need and ration but this causes problem with some not so pleasant folk. Complete, Graded
71st Shadows and Flame Open, ST Starter The third Zith attack of the season is the worst yet Complete, Graded
72nd Shaken, Not Broken Solo Taurina deals with the aftermath of the latest Zith attack and how it has effected her both physically and mentally Placeholder
91st A Season's End Solo Taurina reflects on the past season as she sketches during this fall's last night Placeholder

Winter 516
Date Thread Title Participants Summary Status
1st Ink Stained Roses Solo One can get too stuck in their own mind. Sometimes art helps, sometimes it makes things worse Complete, Graded
2nd Something in the Air Prophet, Meadow, Khida, Kondrad Venger, Naiya Dawnwhisper Two events coincide. How the people respond will determine the fate of Endrykas. Complete, Graded
5th She Gets Under My Skin Azmere Az goes to get new windmarks and meets Taurina for the first time Complete, Graded
9th Once Upon A Time Alija [GST], Naiya Dawnwhisper Bull begins a wild and exotic story and challenges the listeners to complete it to get everyone's mind off of the lack of winter. [GST Event] Abandoned, Graded
15th Lady of Light, Lord of Night Solo [Job Thread] The completion of a set of windmarks comes with an unexpected story Complete, Graded
20th Are Those Stars or Are They Tears? Solo/Prophet [20th Event-Fog Delay] The fog left by the last storm causes hallucinations for all who are touched by it. What will it reveal? Complete, Graded
25th By Day One Way, By Night Another Merevaika The thief and the Eth meet again, only this time the Eth is in her true form. Complete, Graded
36th Butterflies in the Lake Sloane Fishing... Seems like a good idea. Right? Abandoned, Graded
43rd Remedy Haena Two of the newest Stormbloods feel a bolt of altruism. Abandoned, Graded
56th No One Gets Left Behind Jasmine Stormblood During one very long night, Taurina learns a little of what it means to be apart of a family Abandoned, Graded
61st Stains of Red and Violet Solo [Job Thread] A mystery interrupts an otherwise quiet day at work Complete, Graded
77th Trials of a Tempest Haena, Azmere, Rufio, Open for Stormbloods The night blows with wild energy causing animal companions to feel anxious Abandoned, Graded
88th Can you Feel It Coming In The Air Tonight? Prophet, Khida, Haena, Naiya Dawnwhisper, Konrad Venger, Sloane, Rufio The conclusion of a season marked by trials; a final verdict. Complete, Graded
90th Remembrance Solo Just in case. Date not set. Placeholder

Spring 517
Date Thread Title Participants Summary Status
1st Complexes Solo [Job Thread] Taurina assists in giving a youth his first windmarks Complete, Graded
5th Catcher of Dreams Solo The Eth has waited, wondered, and wished upon the stars. This night, a wish comes true, but will it be enough? Complete, Graded
6th & 7th Reach for the Stars, but be Prepared to Fall Azmere Taurina takes Azmere with her to receive her new windmarks, but not all goes according to plan. Complete, Graded
25th All That Glitters Naiya Dawnwhisper Taurina enlists Naiya's help in getting some shopping done. Abandoned, Graded
30th & 31st Sometimes the Small Things Matter Turrin Turrin drags Taurina along with him in a search for firewood in the sea of grass Abandoned, not graded
31st The Aftermath Azmere & Jasmine Stormblood Upon returning from her misadventure with Turrin, Taurina finds that things at home are not full of sunshine and rainbows Complete, Graded
41st & 42nd Misery Ink Solo Taurina turns to practicing her skills when emotions make sleeping impossible Complete, Graded
54th Badla Jagt Stormblood & Dawnwhisper Pavilions Haena's boy, Tomas, undertakes the time-honored tradition of the horseclans with his family and close friends. Abandoned, Self Graded
67th Every Tear One Day Will Dry Solo Taurina learns that sometimes one cannot get through all things on their own Complete, Graded
91st Rose Colored Solo [Job Thread] Taurina struggles to deal with a client who is meant to get his windmarks repaired Complete, Graded

Summer 517
Date Thread Title Participants Summary Status
1st The Absence of Light Azmere Taurina wakes Azmere after nightmares follow her home Complete, Graded
17th The Night We Met Alekxandra Taurina meets Alexandra for the first time. Life will never be the same. Complete, Graded
20th In the Light of Day Alekxandra Alek has a second greeting with her bondmate, who looks quite different than their first meeting Abandoned, not graded
29th The First of Many Solo [Job Thread] There is a first for everything Complete, Graded
35th Playing in Starlight Ashka Windrunner Taurina meets Ashka and the pair embark on lessons in trust well into the night Abandoned, not graded
50th To Better Oneself Konrad Venger, Open Taurina goes for a morning run, what happens after is unexpected Complete, Graded
66th These Trials Faced Solo [Job Thread] Sometimes things happen and it is okay Complete, Graded
88th A Lesson Remembered Solo A piece of the past that has been forgotten is found and its meaning is remembered Complete, Graded
TBD The Moon on the Sea Solo Secret number three Placeholder

Fall 517
Date Thread Title Participants Summary Status
3rd Fireballs and Raindrops Konrad Sometimes those who have what is wanted are not fully trusted Complete, Graded
36th Bonding Struggles Jasmine Taurina takes Jasmine for a day out to get her mind off things, but things do not always go according to plan Abandoned, not graded
50th Tricks of Light Azmere It is time for secrets to be revealed Abandoned, Self Graded
62nd Sayohat Stormblood Pavilion Rufio returns home to the Stormbloods Complete, Graded
77th The Weight of Choosing Solo [Job Thread] The weight of a choice none should have to make Complete, Graded
TBD The Thundering Heart Solo [Job Thread] Shh..It's a secret.. Placeholder

Winter 517
Date Thread Title Participants Summary Status
40th The Light in the Shadow Wymez Sometimes what is unwanted is exactly what is needed Abandoned, Self Graded
59th Where The Moon Sleeps Rufio Adventure is just around the corner, one just has to be brave enough to say yes Abandoned, Self Graded
90th The Shadow and The Soul Solo A heart grieves for what has been lost, and the pieces of a life now over are locked away. Complete, not graded

Spring 518
Date Thread Title Participants Summary Status
NS*Means "Not Specified" The Land and Sea Gates Single Post Taurina's entrance into Riverfall N/A
11th Looking Glass and Butterflies Solo Taurina wanders around the city of Riverfall Complete, Graded
18th Digging Deep, Sinking In Solo Early mornings are good for burying the regrets of the night and pouring over talents left too long unattended. Complete, Graded
20th Just Say When Solo Sometimes the trials of the heart become to much and one will do anything to forget, even if its only for a moment Complete, Graded
23rd These Tangled Webs We Weave Alekxandra Winterflame Some things from the past are worth holding onto Complete, Graded
25th & 26th Beginnings Solo Everyone has to start somewhere Complete, not graded
38th Binding Ink Madeira Craven, Allister [Job Thread] Madeira commissions Taurina for an impulsive tattoo Complete, not graded
45th Those Who Swallow Starlight Alekxandra Winterflame It does well to pay heed to warnings about the things that lurk in the night Abandoned, not graded
50th Spirals and Dots Solo [Job Thread] The ink is not new, but the change of venue and meaning is Complete, Graded
60th Day of Shadows Event Happy Sweetday! Let the festivities begin! Abandoned, not graded
75th The Art of Letting Go Solo For a heart to heal it must first move on Complete, Graded
80th Ripples in the Pond Solo What happened then is not so easily forgotten now Complete, not graded
TBD*Though not changed in the thread. Discussed oocly about changing time stamp to after the 80th. Morning Sunrise Kavala There's nothing like a jog down the beach to start the day. Abandoned, not graded

Summer 518
Date Thread Title Participants Summary Status
15th Lilac and Silver Solo [Job Thread] Taurina completes an incomplete tattoo and gets more than she bargained for Complete, not graded
22nd Finding a Center Azmere Azmere begins to piece together a few things Complete, not graded
42nd-43rd The Dream Tower Solo A hunt for answers leads to somewhere most unexpected Complete, not graded
43rd Not Alone Azmere Taurina goes searching for Azmere in the middle of the night Complete, not graded
81st Yes! Let's... Azmere Az is shown the past so he can decide for the future. Complete, not graded

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