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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

The Bolt Hole

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Sunberth is a serious place to live. Life and death battles on a daily basis takes its toll. And to deal with this sort of life, new industries and new businesses crop up all the time. Once such business is The Bolt Hole. Ran by twins that narrowly escaped a very mundane life in Wind Reach, Desden and Desre were the chosen of their Gods. Priests and Priestesses in their own right, they saw an opportunity and took it. People love music. People love dancing. When life is hard, party harder. But the twins don't like the same scene day in and day out. So they set up a party that circulates Sunberth, moving every few days into abandoned buildings so that one location doesn't experience the noise and crowds as the party happens. So every third day The Bolt Hole opens. Word spreads quickly as to where it is. And it just costs a simple silver to get in.

Once there, liquor and drugs are always for sale. But they aren't truly necessary. Because both Desden and Desre are marked by a plethora of Gods that give the overall experience of The Bolt Hole a unique flare. Illusions happen regularly, causing the place to fill with wispy mist or a multitude of colored lights. The music is loud, always driven by drumming, and the people that crowd the space love it. They dance freely and hard, bodies mashing bodies, and while it makes great pickings for thieves, the majority of people have a good time and leave The Bolt Hole unscathed.

Everything in The Bolt Hole changes. Some days in some locations there are fixed bars. Other times, the bar is just along plank set up on barrels with servers serving liquor on the other side. Sometimes there is a stage, and sometimes the drummers and singers are down in the crowd. One never knows what one will find in The Bolt Hole. All are welcome, and at the end of the day all go home safe. For the one hard fast rule in every party is that no one gets hurt. Bouncers, both mysterious and frightful, police the area keeping crime and violence to a minimum. Rumor has it they are members of their own gang, or perhaps even a cult that worships parties. Regardless, their presence smooths out operations for The Bolt Hole and keeps their customers coming back.

The Bolt Hole was initially funded by Goldfinger. However, the twins paid off their business loan incredibly fast and since then have done nothing but rake in the funds. As a personal favor to Goldfinger, they often produce private parties for him and his associates as well as some of the more affluent members of Sunberth.

Name: Desden
Race: Inarta
DoB: 491 (27yo)
PoB: Wind Reach
Title: Master of The Bolt Hole
Skills: Play Musical Instrument (Drum) (85), Tonfa (80), Dual Wield (78), Hostessing (68), Play Musical Instrument (Violin) (54), Bartending (60), Singing (58), Dancing (56), Play Musical Instrument (Trumpet) (52), Music Composition (45)
Gnosis: 3 Marks Sivah, 2 Marks Ionu, 1 Mark Rhaus

Desden seems serious, but hes the classic moody musician. He can open up a party and get it started in a heartbeat. But he often reads as unapproachable and godly. He likes fostering that persona because he keeps his life private and The Bolt Hole his public image. When among friends, he relaxes and is quick to smile. Dresden is laid back, creative, and .

Name: Desre
Race: Inarta
DoB: 491 (27yo)
PoB: Wind Reach
Title: Mistress of The Bolt Hole
Skills: Play Musical Instrument (Guitar) (83), Short Sword (78), Dual Wield (75), Hostessing (68), Play Musical Instrument (Flute) (64), Singing (50), Dancing (58), Dancing (56), Play Musical Instrument (Drums) (52), Music Composition (45)
Gnosis: 3 Marks Rhaus, 2 Marks Ionu, 1 Mark Sivah

Desre is Desden's exact opposite. She seems to know everyone in town and is friends with them. One could easily say the party doesn't get started until Desre shows up. She brings light and laughter with her wherever she goes. No one feels excluded if her attention turns to them. She can draw out even the most reclusive or introverted person and have them laughing and dancing in no time at all.
There is a 1 silver cover charge to enter The Bolt Hole. Once within the bolt hole, the drinks and drugs available change with the venue. Drugs are all aphrodesiac in nature or relaxants/stimulants that always cost 1GM a hit.

The Bolt Hole does have two signature drink. The Lightening Bolt is a strong tall drink that's guaranteed to get any man feeling fast and loose. The Silk Bolt is a smoother more sophisticated drink the ladies love that tastes like vanilla cream but is equally as strong.

The Lightening Bolt - 2sm
The Silk Bolt - 1sm

And finally, The Hole In The Wall is a small corner area where Hookah Pipes are smoked while dancers rest. Latrine pits are always dug or prepared to service the crowds and keep the immediate area clean.
Musicians, Bartenders, Singers, and people to set up and take down The Bolt Hole are always being hired. Check with the local Storyteller and check pay rates off The Price List.

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