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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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Infinity Manor

Postby Madeira Craven on September 2nd, 2018, 4:49 pm

Infinity Manor


Infinity Manor sits back on the bustling Zintilia peak on a private, fenced in acre of land. Neglect from it's previous owner has given rise to a smattering of wildflowers and invasive beech and willow trees that resist all attempts to uproot them. The path through is paved in smooth cobble and splits to lead to two curving staircases onto a patio that wraps completely around the house, topped with a roof to keep off the rain. The front door, which sits well back from the street, is intricately carved and rarely, if ever, locked, though there is a knocker in the shape of a Okomo ram’s head to announce ones presence. And just below it is a little plaque that reads:

Don’t mind the ghosts
they live here too

And another hurriedly constructed plaque just below that says:

Stop stepping on the flowers
you're upsetting the house

The doors open into the first floor where the vast, open space and lack of internal walls makes the house feel bigger than it actually is. Here visitors are greeted with tall bright wooden walls in a perfect hexagon, topped with intricate crown moulding and lit with glass sconces. Just right of the front doors is an elaborate common room with art on the walls and a handful of sofas and chairs arranged around a large fireplace. Off to the side is a golden birdcage with contains a single, shockingly blue pigeon, and hanging above the mantelpiece is an enormous mounted tiger head that looks below with glittering yellow glass eyes and a fearsome snarl. To the left of the entrance is an open kitchen with wooden floors, and iron stove, griddle, oven and cast-iron pots and pans and a well stocked pantry that holds too many bundles of bones and jars of soulmist for the typical kitchen. Towards the back of the first floor is a door with a plain brass handle that opens into a workshop with a simple workbench, table, and secondhand tools hanging on the walls that smell perpetually of cedar and bone dust.

All four stories are reached by a spiralling metal staircase in the centre of the first floor. In the second story a small circular hallway connects four comfortable bedrooms that each has a nicely carved bureau, wardrobe and padded bench with a privy shared by adjacent rooms. A large, elaborate bathroom is shared by all members of the house and contains a deep copper tub, small fireplace, vanity, privacy screen and plenty of grooming tools. At the top of the staircase is a trapdoor that opens to the master bedroom, which sports a domed ceiling painted with constellations and a window on all six sides. The room has multiple chest and wardrobes filled with a small selection of fine clothing, a comfortable privy, a small private seating area around a fireplace, and a beautiful writing desk.

Going down from the first floor leads to a small landing with a rather unwelcoming door studded with thick iron nails that a Spiritist would recognize as ghostnails. A heavy iron lock also keeps out more corporeal trespassers. This opens to the basement where the numerous tools for magical research are kept; including a small library of mystical writing, a desk and lab table, rough furnishings, a fireplace, blackboards covering the walls, four basins with barrels of water and a large barrel set up on a hinged platform for emergencies requiring quick dowsing of water.

The Castlette
Around the back of the house one would come across bizarre cottage on the grounds. Stepping clear of Infinity Manor, back into the thin dotting of trees, the flowers and grass give way to the cold, rough texture of raised stone. The Castlette rises to a height of twenty feet at the corners, with turrets topped with small silver and blue flags grouped in trios on each one. The sleek stone is interrupted by ten foot high double doors cut into a texture resembling half-logs. Rope decorates the door on its hinges, with a non-functioning lever located adjacent to complete an illusion of this tiny castle.

As of Sping 519 the castle has been gutted by fire, leaving soot blackened walls and no furnishings. Over time the stained glass windows in each wall has been replaced, but the castle is lorded by only spiders now.

Emma Chamelle
ImageName: Emma Chamelle
Race: Ghost
+10 Possession
+20 Materialization
+30 Projection

Sweet, shy, and scared of the dark, Emma doesn't fit the stereotype of a typical ghost. She manifests as a little girl in a frilly nightdress with big brown eyes and curly hair; the delicate tissues around her eyes, nose and mouth crusted with weeping sores from the disease that killed her. She's reserved around strangers, speaking little if at all, but is bubbly and rambunctious with friends and residents. She spends her time haunting the Manor grounds, playing with the chickens and talking with her bondmate, Raj. Raj himself has been dead for many years, and is no more than a stuffed tiger head mounted over the fireplace.

But for all her bright childish charm there is something profoundly disturbing about Emma. She is tangentially aware that she is dead, and some suspect that somewhere deep down she knows that Raj is dead too. Her delusions are strong but paper thin, and in those rare moments of clarity its possible to see that just below the surface this gentle child is deeply and irrevocably broken.
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