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A gathering place for the hunters of Lhavit.

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

The Hunter's Guild

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Following the Zith threat of Summer 518 AV, and the subsequent small amount of hunters who volunteered to defend the city, the Hunter's Guild was established. Its main purposes are to improve the lines of communication between those whose livelihoods depend on the forest of the Unforgiving, to bring a sense of community, organize hunts, and to uphold a sense of honour among hunters. Among the members of the Guild, one can find a plethora of expertise and knowledge that cannot be so easily found between the pages of books.

The main building of the Hunter's Guild - the headquarters; so to speak - is an old, reclaimed two-story tavern on the Sartu Peak. On the ground floor, a pair of massive oak doors separates the veranda from the dim, candle lit interior. Inside one can find a bar and plenty of space to sit upon dark wood furniture and engage in alcohol-fueled banter after a long day of work hunting. There's a back room just behind the bar where a kitchen supplies patrons with deliciously prepared fruits of the day's hunt. A massive, stone fireplace is the focal point of the room. Made entirely of stone, the fireplace bears many an animal head above it on wooden plaques, decorated with the name of the hunter who supplied it. It's a great honour to provide a trophy head for the guild; the bigger the beast, the better.

Up the stairs one can find three distinctly different rooms. The first is a haphazard sleeping quarters, used for those who are simply too tired to return home. The quarters are cramped and always in a state of disarray, with bunks stacked so close that no privacy is really allowed; but a tired man doesn't care about such things. The room directly opposite is the smallest room in the building, and acts as something of a conference room, to gather all the members if needed. At the end of the tight hallway is a store and practice room, complete with spare equipment, toolkits, and even a target or two for polishing one's aim. The equipment contained at the guild is always bog standard and of poor quality, thus many hunter pride themselves in owning their own weapons and armour.

The most interesting room however, is contained in the basement, which is Irmina Bloodwood's domain. The tradeswoman certainly has an eye for things that could fetch a handsome price. She's the first point of call for hunters who find something unusual or interesting during the hunt, and wish for someone who knows what they're doing to take on the object. Irmina is never really fair with prices, but that's just the nature of the business. The basement is a chaos of crates, barrels, and other such things ready for shipment in and out of the city, and no one ever truly knows everything the room contains. In her absence, the basement is under lock and key and guarded by two rather scary looking mercenaries that Irmina has personally hired.

Everyone can sell the fruits of their hunt at the Jugged Hare; selling is not the point of the Guild. The Hunter's Guild oversees large organized hunts, provides a place to quickly part with unusual trophies, and keep records of all affiliated hunters; therefore if one goes missing in the field, the Guild will send out search parties to retrieve them; dead or alive.

To become part of the Guild, one must sign-up with one of the founding members; this means proving themselves a competent hunter. Upon sign-up, the new member will receive a hunter's card containing their information such as name, age, appearance, etc. They'll also receive a brass bracelet to keep on their person at all times, with the Guild's insignia of a bird with wings stretched over its head engraved onto it; this marks them as one of the Guild's members. There are no ranks in the guild; everyone is equal. The down-side to being a member of the Guild is that they answer to the Shinya; thus, if the city faces peril, members may very well be required to enlist in efforts to defend the city.

The Guild does provide training, but it by far is not a school environment. Students are expected to grow a thick skin, study hard, and be useful to their mentors. There are no designated teachers; anyone can teach if they take a liking to somebody. All one needs to do to become a student is ask someone else to mentor them, and they'll usually say yes; inter-guild relationships are key. The more people know you and respect you for what you do, the more opportunities will come your way. Likewise, making enemies can quickly end in banishment from the Guild, and there are no second chances.

A feature of interest in the Hunter's Guild is a wooden notice board just outside of the front door. Along with advertising in the Star Gazing Gazette, locals often use this board to pin up jobs that need to be done, such as getting rid of pests from their gardens, or hunting down predators that have been coming a little too close to their animals. It's rare that the jobs are exceedingly challenging, but the pay is usually good enough. However, the main reason why everyone checks the board almost daily is because Long Stan and Orim often put up notices when they are organizing larger hunts, and those are always plenty fun.

Members of the Hunter's Guild also, on occasion, offer their services to help escort those who are less experienced into the wilderness.

Location credit: Raeyn

Long Stan
ImageName: Stannis Sunwalker (Long Stan)
Race: Human
Birthdate: 468 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Founder and hunter at the Hunter's Guild
Skills: Bodybuilding - 42, Hunting - 75, Intimidation - 50, Mountaineering - 60, Stealth - 35, Storytelling - 55, Teaching - 50, Weapon (Spear) - 67, Wilderness Survival - 88
Languages: Common (Fluent), Nari (Poor)

Born and bred of Lhavit soil, Long Stan has really had quite the lifetime of adventure. Over a good mug of whiskey, he'll happily tell many stories of hunts and battles with ferocious beasts, one only crazier and less believable than the next. His friends, however, will vouch that every single one of them is true.

He grew up with Orim, and the two have been just about inseparable since early childhood. 'A bond deeper than blood', as they often say. The nickname 'Long Stan' he indeed earned back in those days for having always been so very tall. Suffice to say, Stan is a little intimidating at first. He has an ageing face covered in valleys and scars, leathery skin weathered by the temperament of the forest, and piercing grey eyes; but in spite of his advanced years, he's in a terrific shape. A light beams from him, an unparalleled energy and yearning for adventure, and a wide grin tends to soften his intimidating features.

ImageName: Orim (Redbeard)
Race: Inarta
Birthdate: 465 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Founder and hunter at the Hunter's Guild
Skills: History - 35, Hunting - 62, Land Navigation - 62, Teaching - 30, Tracking - 50, Weapon (Shortbow) - 60, Wilderness Survival - 76
Languages: Common (Fluent), Nari (Fluent)

Orim is by far one of the harder members of the Guild to get along with. Though rarely seen outside of the company of his childhood best friend, Long Stan, he is far less talkative than the others, and far less inclined to share details about himself. However, should you be lucky enough to find the man taking a liking to you, he's more loyal than a dog and more honour-bound than most. He is passionate about seeing the city he grew up in flourish. Establishing the guild initially was his idea.

Orim is very much a typical Inarta; he isn't afraid to speak his mind on matters, and he does so boldly. His long, red hair is often tied up, and his red beard kept neat. A myriad of freckles adorns aged, sun-kissed skin. It is in the wilds that he find himself at his happiest. Brave like a bear, the man often wishes to take hunting parties into the Unforgiving under his leadership, even if such occasions are a rare possibility.

Though not exactly a family man, Orim does have two children: Raeyn and Mara. After the death of his wife Astrid, he never remarried.

Irmina Bloodwood
ImageName: Irmina Bloodwood
Race: Human
Birthdate: 484 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Hunter and merchant at the Hunter's Guild
Gnosis: 1 mark of Xyna (Minting level 1)
Skills: Business - 80, Hunting - 32, Intimidation - 30, Mathematics - 40, Negotiation - 65, Persuasion - 50, Tactics - 55, Weapon (Crossbow) - 45, Wilderness Survival (Forest, mountain) - 48

To put it simply, Irmina is one scary woman. Her presence is commanding, and she's no-nonsense and straight to the point; she has one thing that she truly cares for, and that is money. She has a symbiotic relationship with the guild; the hunters provide her with valuable trophies and goods, and she in return brings a lot of money in. No one can ever really do what she does as well as she does, thus she's left alone with a green light to do as she pleases, when she pleases. Suffice to say, getting on the bad side of Irmina is a bad, bad idea.

A beauty of dark skin and chestnut hair, Irmina is surprisingly short for the great renown her name carries. She's been known to make the largest of men cry however, and no one really knows how she does it. She's just that good.

Purchasing from or selling to Irmina requires ST permission and potentially moderation.

ImageName: Liard
Race: Human, mixed (Human/Inarta)
Birthdate: 488 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Hunter and tracker at the Hunter's Guild
Skills: Animal Husbandry - 35, Foraging - 60, Hunting - 55, Land Navigation - 40, Teaching - 25, Tracking - 62, Weapon (Shortbow) - 45, Wilderness Survival - 78
Languages: Common (Fluent), Nari (Basic)

Liard had quite the sad childhood. Raised by an alcoholic single father, he had learned early on that he had just himself to count on. He'd often have to clean up messes after his old man, get him out of trouble, and make apologies on his behalf. Thus when the old man finally passed away shortly after the boy's 22nd birthday, he wasn't all that sad. Industrious as he was, he had found a way to support himself and make a living from his exceptional aim and love of the wild.

Liard is a free spirit; a rugged beauty with a crop of auburn hair, never quite cleanly shaven, and often smelling of the woods, he has green eyes that sparkle with untamed energy. He lives for himself and only himself, does what he pleases, and swears like a sailor doing it; a whippersnapper attitude he has carried into his later life from childhood. Liard has a great love of banter, but often rubs people the wrong way; suffice to say, he's an acquired taste when it comes to friendship. He loves to drink, he loves tobacco, and he has a real sweet tooth, apple pie being his greatest and perhaps only weakness.

For such a rough fellow as is Liard, he has formed a true companionship with a female calico cat. It's very rare for the two to be seen apart. Going by the name Misty, she's neither a prolific hunter nor very useful in many situations, but she sure is cute. Few understand Liard's deep protective love of the cat, but she does keep his blood pressure down in stressful situations, and what more could a man really ask for?

Tess Aleheim
ImageName: Tess Aleheim
Race: Human
Birthdate: 470 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Hunter and trapper at the Hunter's Guild
Skills: Foraging - 55, Hunting - 42, Land Navigation - 30, Teaching - 72, Trapping - 65, Poison (Arboreal, bestial, roots, mineral, moss) - 48, Weapon (Blowdart) - 50, Weapon (Crossbow) - 30, Wilderness Survival - 82
Languages: Common (Fluent)

Tess is a little bit crazy; anyone who knows her will tell you that. When she works, she gets this weird little spark in her eyes, which is truly worrying since the majority of her work consists of constructing traps and killing animals. But then again, that's Tess. No one has bothered to question her for years.

Tess is a crazy grandmother with a family a little too large to be able to keep count of all her grandchildren. She takes a lot of that grandmotherly attitude with her, being really quite caring over new members and existing members alike. She's the one to talk to if you have your heart set on joining the guild. She's got a way of buttering everyone up with some witty banter, creative affectionate insults, and a generally great sense of humour. Everyone seems to love her...apart from Long Stan. She just rubs him the wrong way. The two are somehow distantly related, and endlessly tease and taunt each other.

ImageName: Rhemy
Race: Drykas
Birthdate: 498 AV
Birthplace: The Sea of Grass
Occupation: Crafter and hunter at the Hunter's Guild
Skills: Animal Husbandry - 25, Bowing - 45, Cartography - 30, Fletching - 55, Hunting - 45, Land Navigation - 52, Riding (Horse) - 48, Weapon (Longbow) - 46, Wilderness Survival - 80
Languages: Common (Fluent), Pavi (Fluent)

A love of mapmaking and discovery brought Rhemy to Lhavit after the loss of her Strider, and a few strong friendships have kept her in the city since. The industrious young woman is truly a master of making a living in a new setting, even if some facets still prove a bit of a culture shock. She loves that in the Star of Kalea she can divide her time between a love of the hunt, and more scholarly pursuits.

A pretty face on a tall girl, Rhemy keeps her brown hair short and her olive skin makeup free; her body is of a muscular build. She has a friendly disposition, forever with a smile on her face. She does, however, really hate Liard. At some point the two had had a disagreement over something or other, and it seems they haven't been able to find common ground since.


Novice: 5 topaz kina/lesson
Competent: 1 kina/lesson
Expert: 2 kina/lesson

Guild members offer lessons on hunting; fees are on a per lesson basis, but there is no limit to how many lessons one may take provided they are of the appropriate skill level. Master level classes are not offered.

Wilderness Guide Services

1 - 3 bells: 3 kina
Half a day (3 - 6 bells): 6 kina
One day (6 - 8 bells): 9 kina

Any guild member with the appropriate level of Wilderness Survival (Master) can serve as a wilderness guide and escort those who are less experienced into the wilderness around Lhavit. Note that these are not lessons in Wilderness Survival, though your PC may learn some things along the way. Hunting lessons may be combined with wilderness guide services if you like, simply add up the two prices. For information and prices for trips planned to last overnight or several days, contact your ST.

Guides will not escort PCs too deep into the Unforgiving, and will stick within the boundaries of the Misty Peaks (see the Lhavit Atlas for a map).

Food & Drink

Ale: 4 jade kina/mug or 2 topaz kina/pitcher
Whiskey: 5 topaz kina/mug
Wine (Spiced): 4 topaz kina/pitcher
Bread & okomo cheese: 2 topaz kina/platter
Potato stew: 2 topaz kina/bowl
Roast of the day: 5 topaz kina/plate


Animal snare (Bird): 2 kina
Animal snare (Tiny): 1 kina
Animal snare (Small): 5 kina
Arrows: 1 kina/20 arrows
Flint & steel: 1 kina
Rope (Hemp, 50 ft): 1 kina
Torch: 2 jade kina

Members of the Guild may borrow bows, spears, leather armour, lanterns, blankets, tarps, and one-person tents at no cost provided they return them. All such items are used and of poor quality. These items are not available for sale, as they are not produced at the Guild, but were donated to be used by members.

OOC Info
The Hunter's Guild gladly welcomes anyone who wishes to join them provided they have proved their competency in hunting; recently founded, the Guild is still small, and as such they are not overly picky about who they allow in.

Note that if you wish to enter the Kalean wilderness alone, you must have a Wilderness Survival skill of Master level. Otherwise, you must be accompanied by a PC or NPC who has a Master level Wilderness Survival skill. If you are found to be exploring the Unforgiving alone and without the required skill level, your ST will intervene, and there will be consequences, up to and including death.

To become a member of the Hunter's Guild, one must have the hunting skill at competent, a weapon skill at 15 points or more, and a related skill (tracking, trapping, animal husbandry, etc.) at 5 points or more.

If you wish to become a member of the Guild and have the necessary skills, please contact your ST for permission. You must then write a thread where your PC goes to the Guild and proves their skill to one of the members; this thread may be self-moderated, or done with another PC who is a Guild member.

Below is a list of the PCs who are currently a member of the Guild; if you're interested in joining the Hunter's Guild, feel free to contact them for threads!

Current Guild Members (PCs)

Zach Grasswind
Raeyn Inactive

This location is free to self-moderate except in the case of selling to or purchasing from Irmina and joining the Hunter's Guild as a member. Please contact your ST for either of these to receive permission, more information, and potentially moderation.
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