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Postby Raeyn on May 25th, 2018, 5:30 pm

Name: Raeyn
Race: Inarta
Gender: Male
Age: 27 year old
Date of birth: 1st of Summer 491AV
Place of birth: Lhavit

Profession: Hunter
Faceclaim: Edward Bess


Height: 5ft 10
Weight: 172lbs
Build: lean muscle
Eyes: blue
Hair: fiery ginger w. white strand
Skin: pale golden, freckly

More detail :
ImageThere's a quiet charm about him. Raeyn is handsome in the face with blue eyes and pale golden skin doused in freckles. He stands at an unremarkable 5ft 10, with a frame of lean muscle. His appearance is always tidy, clean shaven, clothing void of creases. Long red hair is tightly braided out of the way.

It's easy to tell him apart from the crowd however, as Raeyn suffers with poliosis; a relatively harmless skin condition that resulted in a tuft of his hair, eyebrow and eyelashes to be completely white. There's also a crescent of skin, much much paler than the rest of him, lining the inside of his nose, beneath his left eye.


Raeyn is a responsible man, happy in solitude, more content in his own company than that of his peers. He often keeps his thoughts to himself. He's the kind of man who cares about the consequences of his actions and how others perceive him even if beneath a calm and composed exterior he's selfish, ambitious and judgemental.

Likes: books, secrets, intrigue, art and architecture
Dislikes: obnoxious people, his sister's ex boyfriends



none none

ImagePoliosisHereditaryPoliosis is a skin condition that results in Raeyn having the following white skin discolourations; white strand of hair at the forehead, white patch of skin on forehead, white patch of hair in right eyebrow, white patch of eyelashes on right eye, white patch of skin that looks like a crescent under right eye, large white encompassing all fingers and knuckles on left hand, white fingers and knuckles of right hand and underneath, right up to the elbow.
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Raeyn CS

Postby Raeyn on May 25th, 2018, 7:28 pm


Master skills XP Total Rank
Observation +5+4+5+4+1+1+1+2+5+3+5+3+2+2+2+2+5+4+5+3+2+3+1+5+5+4+5+2+3+3+3 100 Master

Expert skills XP Total Rank
Socialisation +1+4+2+1+3+2+2+1+2+2+1+3+5+5+1+4+3+5+1+5+2+2+4+5+3+1+3+3+3 79 Expert

Competent skills XP Total Rank
Alchemy 26SP+5+5 36 Competent
Endurance +4+3+1+4+2+1+1+2+1+2+1+1+5+1+1 30 Competent
Hunting 14SP+4+2+5+3+2 30 Competent
Meditation +2+1+5+5+1+1+3+2+1+2+1+1+1+1+1 28 Competent
Weapon: Short bow 10RB+10SP+2+2+3+5+3+3+3+1+2 44 Competent

Novice skills XP Total Rank
Acting +2+2 4 Novice
Acrobatics +1 1 Novice
Animal Husbandry +3+3+1+1+2+1 11 Novice
Animation + 5 5 Novice
Bodybuilding +1 1 Novice
Butchering +1+1+5+1 8 Novice
Caretaking +1 1 Novice
Cleaning +1+1+1 3 Novice
Climbing +1+2 3 Novice
Cooking +2 2 Novice
Cosmetology +1+1 2 Novice
Cosmology +1 1 Novice
Dancing +1 1 Novice
Food Preservation +1 1 Novice
Gambling +2 2 Novice
Glyphing +1+1 2 Novice
Grooming +1 1 Novice
History +1 1 Novice
Investigation +1+1+2+1+1 6 Novice
Intelligence +1+1 2 Novice
Intimidation +1+1+1+1+2+1+1+1+1 10 Novice
Mathematics +1+2 3 Novice
Medicine +1 1 Novice
Mountaineering +2 2 Novice
Negotiation +1+2+2+2 7 Novice
Land Navigation +2+2+1+1 6 Novice
Leadership +1+1+2 4 Novice
Logic +1+1+1+1+4+3 11 Novice
Persuasion +1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1 9 Novice
Philosophy +1+1+1 3 Novice
Prayer +1+1 2 Novice
Planning +1+1+1+1+1 5 Novice
Research +3 3 Novice
Rhetoric +3+2+1+1+1+2 10 Novice
Running +2+2 4 Novice
Seduction +1+2+1+1 5 Novice
Stealth +2+1+2 5 Novice
Storytelling +2 2 Novice
Subterfuge +1+1 2 Novice
Tactics +1+1 2 Novice
Teaching +1+1 2 Novice
Tracking +5+2+2+2 10 Novice
Trapping +2+1 3 Novice
Unarmed Combat +1+1+3+2 7 Novice
Weapon: Spear +5 5 Novice
Wilderness Survival (forest) +2 +2+1+1 6 Novice


Common (fluent)
Nari (conversational)
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Raeyn CS

Postby Raeyn on May 25th, 2018, 7:31 pm


A-E :
Animal Husbandry: Commanding Ru to 'stay' and 'come'
Animal Husbandry: Using whistles as commands
Animal Husbandry: Commanding Ru to leave
Alchemy: Raeyn’s life long romance
Alchemy: Danger and Beauty
Alchemy: Result is a non-organic material with a half-life that decays over time
Alchemy: Setting blood on a keystone to begin the process
Alchemy: A practical magic
Alchemy: Loading an alchemical ring
Alchemy: Positive and negative sides to a ring
Alchemy: Test the ring with worthless material first
Alchemy: Preparation takes a long time
Alchemy: Even small reactions can be dangerous
Alchemy: Faunts transfer desirable properties
Alchemy: Filters remove undesirable properties
Alchemy: Charging an alchemical ring
Acting: faking merriment
Acting: if you can't make it, fake it
Alchemy: Djed wire is a scarce resource
Animal Husbandry: using obedience commands
Amulet of Desire: Also magical?
Amulet of Desire: Shines when facing something desired
Archery: judging distance
Acting: lying through your teeth
Animation: puzzling out the process
Animation: the role of the Source
Animation: the difficulties of emotions

Butchering: Easier with a fresh kill
Butchering: Which parts of rabbit are edible and which aren’t
Butchering: Skinning and gutting deer
Butchering: Choosing the best cuts
Butchering: skinning a rabbit
Backpack of Voiding: Magical, bottomless bag
Backpack of Voiding: Focus on an object to retrieve it
Belief: Anyone can be beautiful

Cooking: browning chicken over a fire
Chicken: An odd pet that acts strangely
Chicken: Dubbed Woodie by Mara
Chicken: Can be useful
Cleaning: Polishing a bow
Caretaking: comforting an agitated person
Cosmetology: basic grooming
Climbing: constructing a simple harness
Climbing: constructing a simple pulley system

Dancing: More complicated than it looks

Endurance: Pushing through pain and injury
Endurance: Dealing with throbbing pain
Eggs: Good for your health
Endurance: Barely keeping composure while terrified
Endurance: Ignoring pins and needles
Eleona Smith: thirsty old lady
Endurance: Knowing when to surrender a fight

F-J :
Food Preservation: Using salt to keep meat from spoiling
Fear is a great motivator

Glyphing: Runes can be drawn on just about anything
Glyphing: Can be used to stabilize and store djed
Goal: Become master of every inanimate thing
Gophers: nasty little pests
Glyphing: ’Joining life and djed’

Hunting: Separating cute animal from delicious flesh
Hunting: Birds are very different from small mammals
Hunting: It's easier in a group
Hunting: Fattening birds up before their season makes them easier targets
Hunting: Lore of estimating a bird's flight pattern
Hunting: No use trying for hard kills
Hunting: Checking kills
Haneht: brought flowers
Haneht: fond of Ruru
Haneht: a kind person
Haneht: offered to teach Raeyn dancing
Haneht: first kiss
Hanhet: 19 years old
Hanhet: dancer at the Ethereal Opera House

Inarta culture
Investigation: Looking for signs of the path you left behind
Investigation: asking pertinent questions
Intelligence: Spotting a fault and working to capitalise on it
Intimidation: power move
Intimidation: the use of threats
Intimidation: drunken threats
Intimidation: physical aggression
Intimidation: disapproving glare

K-O :
Kaiya: A Sun Maiden that Raeyn knew previously
Kaiya: Will pray for Raeyn
Karl: Lua's brother

Land Navigation: Using familiar paths
Land Navigation: Using a torch to navigate in darkness
Lore of the basic principles of alchemy
Lore of the strange phenomena in the Unforgiving
Lhavit culture
Lhavit: Unexplained fog of Summer 518
Location: The Jugged Hare
Location: Twilight Tower
Location: the Caltholicon
Location: Kinell Hotsprings
Lore of counting to aid meditation
Lore of determination
Lore of talking to oneself
Lore of perfectionism
Logic: there is always a reasonable explanation
Lore of the magical muffin tin
Location: The Tenten Peak
Location: Temple of the Sun
Location: The Basilika
Lore of prayer to Syna
Lore of Syna's sacred flame
Lore of rumours of wild djed in Lhavit
Lore of false confidence
Location: Bharani Library
Location: Wullis Weapons
Location: Zintia’s Rest
Lore of gopher characteristics
Location: The Shooting Star Inn
Lore of vermin hunting
Lore of awkward hugs
Lore of post-coital cuddling
Lore of self reflection
Lore of the comfort of self-pity
Lore of uncontrollable rage
Leadership: issuing commands
Location: the Hunters Guild
Lore of membership at the Hunters Guild
Lore of a vicious hangover
Lore of a promise to stop drinking
Lore of grave injury
Lua: an intimidating eight-year-old
Lua: daughter of an opera singer
Lua: gets along well with Mara
Lore of romantic cluelessness
Lore of the Reimancy initiation process
Land Navigation: signs that indicate north
Lore of the strong bond between twins
Lore of a sincere apology
Lore of revenge
Laird: has a unique sort of charm
Logic: seeing through a ruse
Lore of Nuit appearance
Lore of the mechanical arm
Lore of icor
Lore of the similarities between Alchemy and Animation

Mountain deer: Physical and vocal characteristics
Meditation: controlled breathing
Meditation: stretching to center oneself
Meditation: visualization
Mathematics: calculating distance and drop
Meditation: using a touchstone
Meditation: Relaxing the body one part at a time
Meditation: Picturing your djed
Money: A good motivator
Mathematics: Accounting for drop in arrow trajectory
Meditation: Rhythmic breathing
Meditation: Makes it easier to ignore the voices
Magic: Mostly restricted throughout Mizahar
Magic: A controversial subject in the Basilika
Midsummer’s Festival: Traditions
Meditation: intense focus
Medicine: using rubbing alcohol to clean a wound
Meditation: using pain to focus
Magic: malediction
Madeira: has a magic lab
Madeira: has a bondmate

Nightcap: alcohol before bed
Negotiation: Finding the right sized blade
Negotiation: sealing the deal

Observation: Identifying an off-duty Shinya
Observation: Testing the weight and balance of blades
Observation: Associating aesthetics with a place
Observation: Analysing appearance to give hints to a person’s job

P-T :
Prayer: Giving thanks to Leth for surviving a dangerous night
Planning: Getting ready for an argument
Planning: Using metal eggs for alchemy
Prayer: Asking Syna to banish the darkness
Planning: Be prepared and go down fighting
People: Eleona Smith
People: Hassel the cleaner
Persuasion: childish insistence
Philosophy: the similarities between Reimancy and Alchemy
Personal Magic: theory of res production
Philosophy: rely only on oneself
People: Madeira Craven
People: Savis Mare

Running: dealing with a stitch
Raeyn: Believes the end justifies the means
Raeyn: Hungry for knowledge and power
Raeyn: Doesn't admit his struggles
Raeyn: Finds alchemy exhilarating
Raeyn: Putting trust in a stranger
Raeyn: Dreams of owning his own alchemy lab
Raeyn: Taught to get his hands dirty to be able to achieve something
Raeyn: Proud of a job well done
Raeyn: Embarrassment worse than pain
Raeyn: A logical person
Raeyn: Hearing voices
Raeyn: Fears insanity
Raeyn: Greatest fear coming to life
Raeyn: Second-guessing himself
Raeyn: A drama queen
Raeyn: Wants to eat his new pet chicken
Raeyn: Often fights verbally with Mara
Raeyn: Worries Mara sick
Raeyn: Doesn't apologize
Raeyn: Not a slacker
Raeyn: A tad obsessed with his work
Raeyn: Thinks in the now
Raeyn: An opinionated person
Rhetoric: People should make their own decisions, no matter the consequences
Raeyn: Always getting into strange situations
Raeyn: A vow to become teetotal
Raeyn: The Temple of the Sun is his happy place
Raeyn: Strives for the ideals of a Wind Eagle
Raeyn: Ambitious in all he does
Raeyn: Always has to be the best
Raeyn: A narcissist
Raeyn: Recognizes a good opportunity
Raeyn: Distressed by aging
Raeyn: Misses Mara
Raeyn: Feels that family is everything
Raeyn: Had parents of a protective nature
Ruru: invaluable hunting partner

Shortbow: calculating wind resistance
Shortbow: proper stance
Stealth: Using slow and cautious movements
Subterfuge: Using small talk to distract
Summer 518 AV: Just started, and already a strange season
Syna: Grants clarity with her light
Syna: Goddess of sun and light
Socialization: introducing oneself
Subterfuge: Using flattery to try and get information
Socialisation: Using non-verbal cues
Socialisation: Attempting to function in a hangover
Socialization: the usefulness of courtesy
Seduction: Raeyn attempts to flirt, in his own way
Saiyin: Plain glassblower at the Midsummer’s Festival
Saiyin: Prefers usefulness over beauty
Saiyin: Lives at the Okomo Estates
Saiyin: Believes Mizahar is too dangerous to travel
Socialization: Hosting a guest
Socialization: the art of the polite introduction
Spear: proper stance
Spear: basic attack and block
Spear: keep your distance
Shopping: choosing a fine wine
Shortbow: wild warning shot
Socialization: lover's banter
Socialization: engaging the rumour mill
Savis Maren: a Nuit
Socialization: rude introduction
Savis Maren: an animator

Tracking: following prey to find predators
Tracking: finding a rabbit warren
Tracking: Too difficult to do at night
Tracking: Making use of a hunting dog to track injured prey
Tracking: Injured prey leave a blood trail
Trapping: laying snares
Trapping: squirrel trap
Trapping: Dismantling and recycling empty snares
The Unforgiving: Aptly named
The voices: No thought is safe
The voices: Want Raeyn to kill
Twilight Tower: Closed for Summer 518 AV with no explanation
Tactics: Free is free
The Basilika: A place for debate
The Valterrian: Ancient cataclysm that almost destroyed the land
Teaching: correcting archery posture
Tactics: flushing out prey

U-Z :
Unarmed Combat: Raeyn can’t stand his ground
Unarmed Combat: Hap-Hazard Defense Stance
Unarmed Combat: drunken punching

Wilderness Survival: marking your path
Wilderness Survival: building a fire
Wilderness Survival: It pays to be prepared when bedding down in the wilderness
Wilderness Survival: Finding adequate tinder in damp conditions
Wilderness Survival: Building a makeshift shelter is harder than it seems
Willow goose: A favourite meat for Lhavitians
What goes up must come down... hard
Woodie: Lays strange metal eggs
Woodie: A magic chicken
Woodie: Metal eggs could be useful
Wind Reach: Mount Skyinarta and imageries of the home of the Inarta
Woodie: curious and underfoot

Yanna Dawn: friendly acquaintance
Yanna Dawn: has a childish crush on Raeyn

Zith: Huge, terrifying, and vile beasts
Zith: A confusing and threatening presence in Lhavit
Zith: Attacked and killed a Lhavitian within the city
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Postby Raeyn on August 8th, 2018, 8:21 am


ImageTwin SisterShooting Star InnThere are few people in this world whose company Raeyn truly appreciates. One of those is his sister. The lively, vivacious polar opposite of him, Mara has grown to learn how to get on his nerves just enough.

✦ Mara: Very determined
✦ Mara: A little too mothering sometimes
✦ Lore of Raeyn and Mara's routine
✦ Mara: Just wants to help
✦ Mara: Concerned about Raeyn, but won't ask
✦ Mara: Brings gift of chicken...but not for food
✦ Mara: Stole a chicken?
✦ Mara: Frequents the Temple of the Sun
Mara: a sight for sore eyes
Mara: broke up with Taris
Mara: dating Haneht
Mara: wrongly accused of betrayal

ImageFatherNPCHis father has never been much of a family man, but as Raeyn grew up, the two managed to find a common language in the forest. Orim is the one responsible for instilling the love of the hunt in his son.

ImageMotherDeadRaeyn has only fond memories of his beautiful socialite of a mother. She passed away shortly before his 23rd birthday due to a mysterious, drawn out illness.

ImageGrandfatherDeadMany stories did Raeyn hear of the far distant Wind Reach as a child. Before the twins were born, Ariellis moved the whole family, him, his wife and three children to Lhavit where they put down new roots.

Faction Affiliations

Hunter's guild - member
picGood friend-

✦ Long Stan: a great drinking buddy
✦ Long Stan: Orin's best friend


Tess Alheim: expert trapper

picBest friend-

✦ Laird: a hunter
✦ Laird: like, stupid pretty
✦ Liard: lover-turned-enemy
✦ Liard: returned after a decade
✦ Liard: apologized
✦ Liard: wants to start over as friends


Rhemy: comes from Cyprus


Irmina Bloodwood: oversees the basement



ImageKelvic BondmateNPCFollowing a nasty street fight, Sasha saved Raeyn's life and nursed him to health. Bound by a deep bond of friendship and love, the two are fiercely protective over one another. Kindred souls.

✦ Sasha: saved Raeyn's life
✦ Sasha: an alchemist
✦ Sasha: janitor at Twilight Tower
✦ Sasha: a rat kelvic
✦ Lore of a kelvic shift
✦ Sasha: invaluable to Raeyn
✦ Sasha: sucker for complements
✦ Sasha: knows the truth about Summer 518
Sasha: has improved Raeyn's life exponentially
Sasha: thinks Raeyn is a drama queen
Sasha: knows Raeyn is a murderer
Sasha: forgives Raeyn

ImageMentor, Teacher, FriendTeacher at the Twilight TowerHaving been a long time friend of his mother's, Orath quickly took to young Raeyn and vice versa. In his younger years the boy looked up to him as a figure of aspiration. Now they share a great mutual respect for one another. It is Orath who had first instilled the love of Alchemy and all things magical in young Raeyn.

✦ Orath: Alchemy professor at the Twilight Tower
✦ Orath: Human by day, Ethereal by Leth’s Light

ImageBest friendPCThe misfortune of being stranded in the red storm, for three whole days, had lead them to develop something of an incredible friendship. Narifa challenges Raeyn on every turn. Her kindness knows no bounds. Perhaps it could be said that she makes him a better person.

✦ Narifa: First met on the night of the banquet
✦ Narifa: Single in Summer 518
✦ Narifa: A potted personal history
✦ Narifa: Somewhat of a teaser
✦ Narifa: Raeyn’s true twin
✦ Narifa: a caring person
✦ Narifa: has good intentions
✦ Narifa: knows about Raeyn's whispers
✦ Narifa: threatened to leave
✦ Narifa: a constant in Raeyn's life

ImageChildhood FriendPCSome childhood friendships live, whilst other die in their cradles. Raeyn and Alexis have been though too much together to let the distance tear them apart.


ImageEx boyfriendPCRaeyn and Haneht shared a very strange relationship plagued with plenty of problems... Until Haneht slept with his sister. Now Raeyn just flat out hates him.

✦ People: Haneht the Eypharian
✦ Haneht: enjoys men and women
✦ Haneht: betrayed Raeyn
✦ Haneht: unfaithful
✦ Haneht: not sorry for what he has done
Haneht: betrayed Raeyn
Sibling Bond: spoiled by Haneht
Raeyn: loves Haneht


ImageAquaintenceOwner and shopkeeper at Wullis WeaponsIt's always good practice to be in the good graces of your arms dealer.

✦ Wullis: Owns and manages Wullis Weapons
✦ Wullis: Good source of information and gossip
✦ Wullis: Willing to give a lessons in how to wield a dagger
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Postby Raeyn on August 8th, 2018, 8:22 am


+100Ki starting package
-102.2Ki Spending 518AV Summer
+ 2455Ki Income 518AV Summer
- 270Ki living expenses 518AV Summer
- 270 Ki living expenses 518AV Fall

Total: 1917.8Ki

Summer 518AV
+100Ki (SP)
-30Ki Kalean Spicecoat (hunting dog)
-25Ki Hunter’s Toolkit
-4Ki Game Arrows(20)
-6TKi Tan leather shoes
-2Ki Earrings
-1Ki 5TKi Armband
-6Ki 7TKi 5JKi CoatCape (half) - 1gm, Cloak -5sm, Wool fine *3, Fur trim *1.5
-15Ki Llama wool robesRobes -1gm, Llama wool *10, Dyed *1.5
-6Ki 7TKi 5JKi Fine wool tunicTunic -5sm, Damasked *3, Wool fine *3, Dyed *1.5
-3Ki 6TKi Fine wool trousersTrousers -8sm, Wool fine *3, Dyed *1.5
-2Ki dagger
+ 455Ki wages
- 135Ki living expenses
- 135Ki NPC living expenses
+2000Ki Weekend writing challenge

Total: 2182.8KiKi
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Interior lookFine wool tunic dyed white and damasked with gold, fine wool loose trousers, tan leather shoes
Exterior lookCoat with a half cape sewn in made of fine black wool with fur trimming, deep red and navy robes made from soft llama wool
Simple clothingshirt, trousers, cloak and simple boots
Simple undergarments
Jewellerygold armband and earrings
Backpackwhich contains:
Set of Toiletries: comb, brush, razor, soap
Food for a week
eating knife
Flint & Steel

Magic muffin tinThis battered brass tin looks unassuming. It's dented, tarnished, and has seen a lot of miles under its rather decorative lid. Latched by a simple mechanism, when this tin is opened, there will be one large steaming hot muffin as if fresh from the oven inside. The muffin's flavor and style will vary each time the lid is lifted. However, each muffin will prove to be nutritious and filling. If the muffin is removed and the lid closed, then opened again, another yet different fresh hot from the oven muffin will be present. If the muffin is left in place and the lid dropped, the same muffin will remain in the tin - fresh and hot - until it is removed.

There will be an unlimited amount of muffins in this tin. This magic item can be used to provide a whole host of muffins to a crowd, however, there is no way to control the flavors and sometimes the flavors will vary drastically. The 'banana nut' are particularly tasty as are the 'chocolate chunk' ones. However, the 'raw meat' flavored ones may not appeal to everyone. Any flavor of muffin is possible, even perhaps flavors one didn't know existed. The muffins will never be poisonous.

Hunter’s Toolkithunting knife, 1roll of thin rope, vials containing common animal scents, preserving kit, 2 tiny animal snare, 1 small animal snare, 10sqft camouflage trap.
Amulet of desire
Bag of voiding
Game Arrows: 20
Tear of Tanora containing the most dreaded memory
Sun ring: gives wearer +10 negotiation to be awardedImage


Great grandfather's short bow. It has small cosmetic scrapes and scuffs but is still in fairly good shape and more importantly it's still functional.
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Postby Raeyn on August 8th, 2018, 8:23 am


400 sq feet studio apartment with a hearth, bunk, chest, chair, and small table.


Image Ruru Kalean Spicecoat Ru and Raeyn have been together since the beast was a puppy. Gifted and trained by his father, the pup soon became a fearsome hunting partner. Ru is a medium sized dog with a golden cinnamon coat and inquisitive eyes. He's biologically perfectly suited for survival in the mountains.
Image Woodie Magical hen A very strange hen who has a habit of laying a few random metal eggs. These eggs range between anything from bronze to steel, depending on luck.No one has any explanation as to why. Perhaps she's just special.


ImageName: Sasha
Age: 1 year 1 season (looks about middle aged)
Birth date: 67th of Winter 517AV
Lifespan: Winter 520AV (Rats seldom live for longer than 2 years)
Race: Kelvic (dumbo rat)
Gender: Male
Place of birth: Lhavit
NPC type: bondmate
Human Form
Sasha is a fresh faced man with pale skin, black eyes and a mop or curly brown locks on his head that almost always looks rather untamed despite best efforts. Standing at about 5ft 8 his physique is impressively average. Slightly thicker, longer and pointier than average nails carry on from his rat form. He looks very innocent with a certain nervousness in the way he carries himself. Thin smile lines are permanently imprinted into his skin.

ImageRat Form
Droopy ears and huge eyes are the first thing that stand out about Sasha's animal form. He has a very curly, brown coat and a long pink tail that many would mistake for a worm. Physically he's just a typical rat, neither especially big nor teeny tiny.

Sasha is intrinsically social, to the point where he gets very lonely very quickly. He's a delicate soul with a hard to mach curiosity and will to explore everything that peeks his interest; even though sometimes it gets him into trouble. He's a simple Kelvic of simple needs which mainly consist of having enough food in his belly, someone to talk to and a warm place to sleep.

SKill XP Rank
Alchemy 30 Competent
Climbing 5 Novice
Escape artist 5 Novice
Socialisation 10 Novice

Sasha was born and indeed lived his entire life in Lhavit which considering that rats don't tend to live very long has so far been very uneventful. He had spent most of his days looking for companionship and squeezing into places he shouldn't be. A curiosity with everything and everyone has led him to fin himself quite popular with magic students, often more or less obviously eavesdropping on their lessons and making the odd coin cleaning labs. On the 85th of Summer 518AV he meets an unlikely new friend in dire straits - Raeyn. Only time will tell what fate has in store for them.

Common living conditions: 132Ki/ season (once he meets Raeyn)
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ImageRayen is a twin. Born to second generation emigrants from Wind Reach, he and his sister Mara had a pretty generic upper-middle class upbringing. But whilst she grew up beautiful and outgoing albeit a touch headstrong, he took a backseat to her splendour and sought meaning in books instead. As a boy he was curious about the world he lived in, learned its rules and eventually looked to find out how to bend them.

It was this curiosity that lead him to become fascinated with one of the Twilight Tower teachers, Orath. The Ethaefal became something of an inspiration to young Raeyn. A connection which over time resulted in igniting the young Inarta's passion for alchemy.


threads :
501AV; Summer 12th - What's the worst that can happen
507AV, Spring 73rd - The beginning of a life long romance
507AV, Winter 49th - Curiosity Abound
509AV, Spring 12th - Through our children, history lives on
510AV, Spring 13th - Pretty Prey
510AV, Spring 50th -On the same page
510AV, Fall 63rd - Partners in Crime

Summer 158AV

Raeyn is not a one man island. The strange happenings in Lhavit have a profound effect on him as he realises the fragility of his own mind.

threads :
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