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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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The Park

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The Park


Bloodshed is Our Native Tongue.

Riverside Isle Park, now simply known to all as 'The Park' (P9), is the current Daggerhand base of operations near the city of Sunberth proper since the execution of their former Boss, Robern Dalagnar. It consists of a four and a half acre forest shrouded isle to the north shore of the river which runs through Sunberth proper, bisecting the city as a whole before meeting together north of the isle into a singular river once again.

The Park in all of its beauty turned into Dalagnar's last laugh in the face of all of his enemies after his death. When the city turned on the syndicates in an act of civil decimation, The Daggerhand retreated to the Park where Stiletto first rallied the remnants of the gang, and fended off the horde that was Sunberth. It was a feat that could only have been done due to the first thing anyone ever sees when wanting to visit the park.

The Clockwork bridge :

Before anyone ever finds themselves awe stuck by the Beauty of the Park, any historian or Gadgeteer of note would simply be baffled by the bridge leading to the Daggerhand Headquarters. The only means of access to the park past one northern Daggerhand River Docks rests, The Clockwork Bridge.

The bridge remains a strange water powered clockwork mystery that rose up from beneath the water connecting the isle's southern tip to the main city proper at the Rotten Ruins (F). Its been a true mystery ever since the now deceased former leader of the Daggerhand began to remodel the park in some vain attempt to flaunt the parks beauty as a sign of Dalagnar's former power.

The Clockwork bridge has triggered many rumors about its origins. But In actuality, it was once used to transfer mining carriages down onto tracks long buried below the river's surface, and much deeper. But such an ancient edifice has gone silent at least for now; the gears lining the walls of the bridge all motionless. Most of the gears remain hidden behind a layer of painted wooden panels to hide the past.

A rotating shift of five Daggerhand Siblings can always be found patrolling either side of the bridge, with five more tasked with walking the center, leaving fifteen men always stationed on it at any normal point in time day or night. They allow citizens to cross and enjoy the beauty of the park during the day, but become instantly hostile to all who try to cross the bridge during the night. Six iron wrought cages have been hung from its sides at the center where prisoners are kept within to slowly wither away as a warning to those who visit the isle to remain on their best behavior. Or to keep out at night.

The Park


The park itself is lovely.

That alone is an ultimate irony given the most brutal gang in Sunberth controls it. Staggering vistas can be seen far off of the Slag heap towards the east hills. The ruins of the burned down Rotting Mansion and gallows which acted as Dalagnar's execution stage can be seen to the north as a clear sign that the gang should always act with caution and brutality. The main attraction to many romantics in the city is a walk around the small wading pool at its center for those wishing to rest their feet after wandering the many stone gravel paths which wind their ways among the woodland isle.

ImageOne of The Park's most interesting features amidst its trees and hedges lies atop a small rise to the western edge of the isle. There lies a circle of 'standing stones' with some ancient clockwork device at the center within the ground. Most believe it to be a meeting spot for some Pre-Valt scholars because the stones seem to be designed like chairs around the assumed, Astronomy related, device.

While the park is beautiful, the citizens know better than to venture to the very northern point of the isle where the large brick three story Daggerhand complex resides. For the Daggerhand, there is a small private dock towards the back of the building which the gang uses to transport supplies and reinforcements to and from the city. Using the river itself as one of their best assets. The Park's Manor has enough space to house half of the gang comfortably within it and below in its lower basement areas, with the rest needing to camp out on the park if necessary. On average, other than being beautiful, the land is typically used as a training ground.

NPC's & Services

Name: "The Gardener", Mr. Grubbins.
Race: Human
DoB: Summer, 452 A.V.
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Underboss

Skills: Longword 88, Brawling 53, Intimidation 53; Gardening 66; Agriculture 52; Architecture 44; Sculpting 30; Torture 15; Tactics 51; Leadership 51.

Gnosis: Phylonura, lv 1.

"The Gardener" has a long standing history within the Daggerhand.

He was one of Libby Dalagnar's, the daughter of the ex-boss, first Red Guards. Grubbins took an injury saving her life during the attack which killed Robern's wife. Indeed he was the only survivor from their guards, and fought ferociously to protect Robern's daughter even after being wounded with an arrow to the stomach. Robern remembered his loyalty and trusted The Gardener even up until his death.

As The Gardener grew older, and less inclined to stay within the usual ranks of the Daggerhands, Robern had him educated in the ways of gardening to tend to his mansions personal gardens for his daughter's benefit. A job he still continues to do to this day with care. He remains the main groundskeeper of the isle tasked with maintaining it to this day. All while ensuring no one interferes with the Daggerhand. At any given time, he maintains security of the Daggerhands on patrol, granted the title of Underboss by Stiletto for his loyalty to the gang even after Dalagnar's death.


Name: Libayna "Libby" Dalagnar
Race: Human
DoB: 45th Spring 498 AV
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Underboss; "The Mother".
Skills: Running 48; Escape Artist 54; Larceny 61; Torture 43; Seduction 77; Weapon-Dagger 66; Brawling 49; Intelligence 52; Leadership 51, Animal Husbandry 55.
Gnosis: Chaon, 1st marked.

The following information is not known to the city at large. Only Daggerhand know and members really speak of Libby by name. Only referring to her as "Mother" or by her rank of Underboss.

Little Libby Dalagnar was the pride and joy of Robern Dalagnar. She was his only child, daughter of his wife who was murdered brutally roughly a decade before. Libby was fortunate enough to survive the attack that took her mother, but she didn't escape unscathed. Even today the right side of her face tells of a severe burn from poison that only grazed her, causing permanent blindness in that one eye and a face she hates to look at. Despite the burn, Libby is generally considered as one of the most gorgeous ladies of all Sunberth, even competing with Brega herself for looks, though there's even less that can compete in being dangerous.

The Gardener saved her life when the city swarmed like bees, executing her father. But, Libby is a woman after daddy's own heart, and has learned from his brutal views of Sunberth Politics to wield them with lethal intent. She enjoys watching in on torture, and even though her father once said she's was too delicate to ever have to lift a weapon, she gets a thrill out of joining in, just to hear screams of pain.

This lust for adventure was how she became an Underboss for Stiletto. She did not wish to lead, so fought a former holder of the title to claim a Underboss seat of power for her own.

She makes the HQ her own, and is rarely ever alone. In truth, she wields the respect of those who see themselves as the 'Old guard'. The veteran elites of the gang, who also helped back Stiletto during the transnational phases of leadership. She has sense informed the new leader of the syndicate about her fathers old debts and connections.

"The Gardener" was once apart of her Red Guard, but now a new generation protects her along side her lovely pet, a Dire Wolf, named Whites (it's ironic because it is dark gray) that follows her constantly, and could easily tear a man apart in seconds. It's happened before, and it's not beyond Libby to instigate violence just to get a rise out of Whites. To gain the title of Red Guard, one has to have been a loyal member of the Daggerhand for at minimum a year and have preformed an action of supreme loyalty.


Name: Stiletto
Race: Human -assumed
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Boss of the Daggerhand
Skills: Weapon(Dagger) 80; Dual Wield 63; Intimidation 86; Brawling 77; Leadership 92; Cosmetology 66; Disguise 90; Impersonation 82; Tactics 55
Hapchance, twice marked.
Krivas, first mark.


To those who seek to describe Stiletto, many come to the same conclusion that they are imposingly charismatic. To command the respect of the most brutal of thugs in all of Sunberth is no small task. But, it is one that Stiletto preforms with dauntless confidence.

No one dares ask them about their past, nor does Stiletto talk of it. Their voice alternates with practiced grace, turning masculine one moment before becoming effeminate the next. While their identity is hidden, whats not hidden is that hey were a member of the Daggerhand in their hidden past who only just rose to prominence following Dalagnar's death. And despite impossible odds, Stiletto kept The Daggerhands together. It was though such strife that Stiletto was beset upon by the twin gods Kelwyn when Stiletto promised to destroy the Night Eyes and Sun's Birth. Gaining one mark for each of the enemy gangs.

Stiletto's name alone now brings fear to many in Sunberth, but it was a reputation built upon brutality and cunning which caught the eye of Ssena who saw fit to bestow her mark upon them for doing what few people could do. And that was to scare someone to death through word alone.
The Park is free to be self-modded during the day. The Park is then closed around the 18th bell at dusk.

All night activity requires mod approval.

Joining the Gang
Of the three organizations which dominate the city of Sunberth, joining the ranks of Daggerhand is by far the least difficult.

A potential member need only to demonstrate their interest in joining Daggerhand to a member of Brother/Sister rank or higher. Upon demonstrating interest, this individual will then be tentatively inducted under the leadership of the aforementioned Brother/Sister. During this time frame, their superior will put the potential member to the test through a variety of ventures.

They will be expected to kill.

They will be expected to shake down establishments.

They will be expected to demonstrate the ruthlessness required to stand alongside the Daggerhand.

If the individual proves themselves through these ventures, they will be fully accepted within Daggerhand and marked accordingly with a Thorn-Encircled Dagger tattoo.

Sibling Requirements
Rank of Brother or Sister are as follows:

  • Weapon: (Any) - 10 points
  • Intimidation, Negotiation, or Persuasion - 10 points
  • Trade Skill - 15 points
  • Lore: 1 Daggerhand and 1 Sunberth-related.

    On another note, there are members of Daggerhand whose roles call for discretion. These individuals are typically business owners or are generally informed enough to be sources of information for the organization. Known as Associates, these members are few in number; yet vital in role. A notable example of a Daggerhand Associate is Merv of the Pig's Foot Tavern.

  • The Daggerhand are more than thugs. A PC is free to select any non-magical occupation as their trade/role within Daggerhand should they wish to become an Associate after joining.

Upon officially being recognized as a Brother or Sister, an individual may begin to advance through a variety of means.

The most stable is simply through doing one's job exceptionally well. Whether an individual chooses to place their focus on extorting as much coin out of a business as possible or simply brutalizing the enemies of Daggerhand; doing one's job well does not evade notice.

In order to be eligible for promotion to Big Sibling via service or Challenge, a PC must meet the following criteria:

  • Weapon: (Any) - 35 points
  • Intimidation, Negotiation, or Persuasion - 26 points
  • Unarmed Combat (Any) - 30 points
  • Trade Skill(s) - 26 points
  • Active Membership - Two Seasons

However, for those desiring a much swifter journey to the top, there is the tradition of Challenges. Upon spending three seasons within the organization, a Brother or Sister can issue a challenge to their reigning Big Sibling. Combat to the death ensues, with the strongest seizing the title of Big Brother or Big Sister. Likewise, a Big Sibling can challenge an Underboss in the same fashion three seasons down the road.

However, upon ascending to the rank Underboss the swift route to the top concludes. In order to maintain stability whilst remembering past misfortune, the organization's leadership has unanimously agreed to forbid the challenging of the Boss.

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