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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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A Hammer to Fall

Postby Radia Lyte on November 11th, 2018, 2:46 am

Fall 10th, 518

It had been another dreary day in Sunberth, yet it had been a dreary day, the energy that filled Radia was anything but. Her golden brown eyes cast towards the city. No gate, no guard to welcome her as she would leave Tent City and make her way towards the inner workings of Sunberth itself. It was a cool day, with a light rain but it didn't bother the behemoth of a woman. She stood tall even among the men as she walked with a fluid gait that resembled much like how a male would walk. There was very little feminity when it came to the woman, she was not born to be a female despite having the parts of one. Her golden blonde hair was slicked back from the drizzle, her strong jawline clenched as she walked with a formed fist.

Despite her attitude of justice and honor, she knew very well what it meant to show any weakness of heart in this city. She had nearly been robbed because of her somewhat naive nature. That was quickly remedied when she learned more about the entrails of the city and her people. Therefore Radia kept her eyes wide open for all to see. She hated to look grim and unpleasant but doing so had cast a look on her large frame and face that made her look imposing. She was not one for intimidation or acting out on her rage, she was tempered and would not let her size dictate how she felt towards the humanity and sometimes scourge of the city.

These thoughts were helped with her nightly prayers, when all was quiet she would ask for patience and understanding as she would forge her soul in the fires and try to alleviate the pain and the infection this city had come to be. Even the proud Sun Birth Gang had been something of a tragedy. Rumors said they were once a valiant and honorable group of men and women but now reduced to nothing more than just another Gang, no better than the other infections that plagued Sunberth.

Though heart heavy to find some kind of justice, Radia had to keep the peace with herself and not to piss off the wrong people or she would find her head separated from her shoulders, a fate which she cared not to be part of. But days were gloomy, sometimes littered with just constant remedial and manual labor. She was not a learned woman of reading and writing, but what she lacked there she made up with pure strength. Her body was hearty, strong and she could endure much before she fell to a knee which was difficult in itself. Have you ever tried to make a mountain kneel?

With keeping in step on the infested streets, the woman kept her head held high and looked straight ahead of her. "Excuse me, sir, would you like to try some fresh fruit? A lad such as yourself looks like they could use some protein to help--oh, I am so sorry, I thought you were a--"

"Don't worry about. You are not the first or the last who would have I was a male." Her voice was thick and pronounced, holding little familiarity with a woman's tone. She would give a short smile and wave him off, not interested in the apples he was selling. Truth be honest, she had a very little appetite for vegetables and fruits. There were days when she would love nothing but a thick, juicy steak to sink her teeth into, but she needed her money for equipment.

The most important thing was trying to save this city from its dark hold. The citizens didn't ask for any of this, the lawless, honorless, despicable thugs who run it keep the people in a constant haze of fear. If she could break that hold somehow or someway, she would feel like she would have done some good in her life. But there was no need of honor, justice or chivalry in Sunberth. But maybe, just maybe she could let some of that light to trickle through the clouds.

"Please, Priskil, give me the strength to help these people." It was a silent prayer as she looked towards the heavens, her face washing over from the drizzle of rain falling into her face. She would shake her head once, raindrops flinging off her hair before she would use her calloused fingers to stroke through the short strands and push them back away from her eyes.

As her eyes settled back on the city and what was in front of her, she could hear some screaming. It was dire and heart wrenching to hear things like that even when she slept, she could hear it from Tent City...someone was being victimized, robbed or even raped. Her hand clenched again and she would narrow her eyes. It was just as she had expected.

The clear ringing of a hammer falling down into an anvil alerted her that she was nearby a forge. And a little ways away was the forced scream of a young woman, her eyes full of terror and a man squeezing and groping for whatever he could find on her person. With a quick stride, she moved like an enraged bull towards the happening. She would lean forward, her fingers unfurling from her fist and she would grab whatever she could of the man who was trying to harass the woman.

Her strength was enough to toss him away and cause his body to roll several feet away. "You all watch as a young girl is being torn down and debased as a human while this thug looks for a scrap of money, or something more! I won't let it stand." Her voice boomed as she spoke to those who watched and did nothing to help her.

Once more her fists formed and she would take a defensive stance. As the male who was more than eager to shank the girl he was attacking, one look at Radia and his mouth dropped and his eyes widened. The towering female took a step closer and the man jerked back, taking a few steps away to get an eye full of this beastly woman.

"What the hell is this? Why don't you just mind your own business?"
"This IS my business!" Radia retorted.
"Stupid bitch!"

He had to save face. Not only was he flung and rolled away, but it was also all done by a single female. A large...imposing female, but still a woman none the less. He couldn't let that stand. His ego and masculinity drove him to attack her, his fists flailed wildly. She brought her arms together and felt her ribs punched a few times before she lifted a hand and struck the man down with a solid blow to the arm. It was enough for him to curse loudly. While he was somewhat dazed from the attack, she took him by the arm and collar and spun in a semi-circle and threw him once more away.

He fell down and rolled away several inches away in the mud and dirt of the ground. "Run! And I better not see you do anything else like this again! Or I'll beat you black and blue!" Radia was not good at making threats, but there had to be a line to be drawn. She stood there as imposing as she could. The nameless thug glared at her and beat his hand against the ground before cursing at her and walking away.

Radia turned her attention to the frightened young girl who she had saved. The girl backed away slowly, "Don't hurt me!" she would yell towards Radia which made her cringe as she looked away. Then she would bow her head and kneel before her, "I was merely trying to save you, Little Miss. I don't want to hurt you." The girl was confused, why else would one beat off a vulture only to pick off what was left? She looked down at Radia, her eyes on the massive woman and kept her hands to herself. She let out a quiet thank you before scampering off like a scared mouse.

Radia heard the fleeing steps of the girl and sighed.

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A Hammer to Fall

Postby Radia Lyte on November 11th, 2018, 7:59 am

"Can you blame her?" Came a voice from the distance. The ding of a hammer falling into an anvil exploded with sound as Radia stood up from her knelt position. Her head moved towards the voice, and she saw a brunette, haired young man. Her golden brown eyes softened from his mild grin and his dirty work clothes clapped of dust as he leaned in over a makeshift countertop. The background noise came from a distance behind him, the forge at work from a master blacksmith of Sunberth.

Radia looked back to where the young girl had run off, she said a silent prayer and hoped against hope that she would be alright in the mess and strangulation that was of this dreary city. With a hardened gaze, she walked towards the employee of the smithery and stood with her arms crossed over her chest.

"People don't often come around here helping people as you did. It's not often someone helps anyone around here without asking something for it. You didn't even bat an eyelash as you tore that guy off that girl. Saw it with my own two eyes I did."

"I would like to think there is still some honor left in people. Some of them are too scared because they think kindness is a sign of weakness. Do I look weak?" Radia jested almost with a flex of her biceps through her shirt, but she did not readily show off. The young man laughed and ran his dirty fingers into his matted hair.

He would scratch his neck and look back up at her. He had to crane his neck a bit to see into her eyes, from a distance it was easy to tell she was taller than most women. Now that she was up close to him, he could tell she was taller than most men as well. She really did stick out from the crowd.

"Honor you say? Kind of a pipe dream if you ask me. Even the Sun Birth's Gang is not willing to risk helping someone for nothing these days. Quite a shame really. Everything has pretty much gone to shit. Although there are people like you around. There is a girl who helps at the Orphanage."

Radia was confused by these words the young man spoke of. She remained stalwart as she looked down upon him, her gaze never leaving his eyes even though it caused him to turn and look away, "Orphanage? I suppose that would be a thing here. Poor children who don't have families or orphaned because their parents were murdered for one reason or another."

The young man nodded, but it was nice to know that some people still had a beating heart in their chest and didn't shy away from doing what was right. She took a step back and looked up at the sign, "An armorer is it? A quaint name for it. My name is Radia Lyte."

"Radia? Interesting name. Even more interesting is the last, you look pretty impressive fighting that thug even if you were just using your bare hands and all. You could make some good money throwing people like that. Some of the richer folk or crimelords could use muscle like that."

Radia frowned and shook her head, "I would not work with such honorless bastards." Her voice was sharp, and the sound of the hammer behind the young man ceased for a moment. The man who was forging away at a new set of armor had looked up at the two and grunted heavily sweeping away dirt and sweat from his brow before hammering once again as the rhythmic cling of the hammer fell.

"Honor? Hahaha. You are an interesting woman. The Knights here used to believe in something like that. I don't think they do anymore. But maybe..." the young man looked behind him to the older fellow swinging the hammer and then returned his gaze to the brawler in front of him.

He shrugged his shoulders, "Well who knows. But most people don't believe in that anymore. If you are really interested in helping people though you could try and get a job as a Sun Birth. They are always recruiting people for whatever means of a job."

Radia remained still and silent, even though her expression was soft it was still stoic and unmoving. She knew of these former Knights but did not do much to instigate a meeting with them. They were fallen soldiers, swept in the breeze of darkness that everyone seemed to be cast into this city. She would need better training with a sword though before she would venture out to meet with them.

"In any case! Whatchya buying?" The young man grinned again and showed off some impressive leather armors and metal armors that both he and the master forger had created.

"I haven't got much on me, surprisingly enough I haven't been pickpocketed yet. Although I don't think many would try something so bold against me. I could settle for something for 20 pieces of Gold Miza. You have anything to show for that?" The woman was curious about their wares.

The man grinned and went around towards the back. She stood there waiting, arms still crossed over her shoulders as she kept an eye on everything and everyone around her. The young man came back and showed off a fine piece of hide armour. "Made this myself. It's sturdy, light, good protection. You won't find anything better unless you are looking for steel. In which case, you'll need to show a lot more than just 20 gol' Miza."

She eyed the man and shook her head, "I'll pass. I appreciate the time you took to help me. But those other pieces, the scale mail. How much is that?"

"50." Came the voice from the back, a gruff grunted sound followed shortly after with a swing of the hammer. The young leather worker smiled and shrugged, "You heard him. 50 Gol' Miza."

There was an equal grunt from Radia, it was steep and she only had so much for food and other necessities. She could not afford it, "I understand. It's not cheap by any means. But we are the best of the best. When you get some more from whatever 'Honorable' job you take up, be sure to come back and see us!"

"I don't believe I caught your name..."
"I'll remember that. Seeya around, Nathaniel."
"You too, Radia. Your Miza is always welcome!"

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