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(Job thread) Dovey meets a hapless new arrival.

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[The Drunken Fish] Unprepared

Postby Dovey on December 1st, 2018, 4:23 am

Title Here 518 AV

The man was scattered and ink-stained; his hair and hands seemed permanently sprinkled over with dust, not from any particular source. His companions ignored him as he straggled his way over to Dovey, where she lurked near the door avoiding her work for the moment, and peered at her over the large and rather cornery sack he cradled in his arms. "Er," he said.

Dovey blinked up at him. He was taller than her, of course - few, at least few humans, were not - but the difference in their heights was unusually slim. "What do you need?" she said at last, when it became apparent that he was not going to continue to speak unprompted.

"Ah!" he replied, and gazed over her head. He was nervous, Dovey thought - well, why shouldn't he be. A twinge of bitter sympathy ran through her; she had been just such a new arrival - only he seemed to have come here of his own free will.


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