At A Glance

Ixzo and Cetus happen upon one another.

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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

At A Glance

Postby Ixzo on December 9th, 2018, 6:02 am

7th of Winter, 518AV
The Temple of the Unknown lay in the center of the castle commons, and Ixzo found herself drawn to its majesty. It was a slower day for the Kelvic, she had no requests and her reoccurring hunts were not due for another few days. Enough so that the Kelvic found herself wandering into the city during the day time, a rarity for her. She left her bow at her hut, but wore her simple red dress and boots, long dreaded hear flowing down by her shoulders instead of her signature Mohawk. At a glance her scars and tattoos would not make her stand out, nor would her simple axe and hunting knife as weapons, of which they could easily be confused for utility. Today she did not think she stood out, and so enjoyed the anonymity of blending in with the Sunberthian crowd around her. She wanted to investigate the massive structure that took up the center of the castle commons, and yet never seem to lay host to any squatting souls, nor stood the ground for any fights. It was a mystery to her how such a place could be left alone for so long in a city like this, and she wanted to see why it was.

The huntress was beginning to get used to distrusting everyone and everything in this city, and so she did not walk up to the castle directly. It seemed the heart of the commons, and yet there was a reverence paid to it that she did not understand. So she utilized the tactics she was used to as a tracker. She didn’t have to track the building really, she could see the height of the thing from a few blocks away, and the reverence that was paid to it was tangible in the area surrounding the courtyard of the Pre-Valterrian structure. What she did though was look at it with all her senses. She could see the thing clearly, but she allowed her reflective gaze to look into the open corridors that traveled through the base of the building. She could smell the stench and rank of so many bodies in the commons, mingling in with the tantalizing smell of fried doughs and brazed meats, but the castle itself seemed to have some semblance of nature and tranquility surrounding it, that even her lion senses could distinguish from the scents that wafted through the air around her.

She could hear the background song of the people haggling over wears or arguing in between the stalls, but as she circled it there was an aura of silence surrounding the castle. It was after two loops around the property of the ancient skeleton that she decided it wasn’t too bad. Some people gathered near what she perceived to be the front of the building, others sat solitarily inside meditating or praying on their own. There seemed to be a stark lack of arguments or even conversation within the building and its courtyard. Immediately her mind wandered to her favored deities, as she entered the serene place. Priskil, of course, would appreciate the reverence of a place like this, especially in such a despicable city as this. Her other deities may not care. Myri would certainly be discontent, as no one seemed to draw blades on these grounds. Caiyha and Zulrav would not care for the building or the city scape so much as she thought, and so the temple held little reverence to the Kelvic, except for when it came to Priskil.

So the Kelvic found herself edging near the front courtyard, not that she wanted to use the Temple for it’s seemingly intended purpose, but rather that she was interested. The strange spot of serenity that interrupted the chaos of the castle common intrigued her. The lioness found herself watching a rather large and hairy man calmly instruct those who sat before him with a strong deep voice. She did not bother to understand the common that he spoke, but she did realize that they were learning some odd slow exercise, that looked similar to stretching but could obviously take some strength training. Her warrior mind was confused by it, and so she found herself crouching on a step to watch them, actually paying attention to the strange creature’s words.

It was when she started to listen to him that she realized he was not a man, but a gorilla. She was used to seeing primate like creatures of all sorts in the jungles, but she had purposefully avoided them there, for they were strong and scary creatures that she had never hoped to take on, even as a lion. And yet this one spoke? Was he some sort of Kelvic that had learned to speak in his animal tongue? Impossible, Ixzo had tried. Was he a magic user who morphed himself into this strange form as some sort of amusement? Ixzo also rated this as impossible, she had recently learned how magic was regarded in this city, and anyone who would use it so openly would be hanged. Surely that meant he was confident enough in who he was that he did not fear the fear of a crowd? The Kelvic found herself stooping into a wall by one of the Temple arched entryways as she attempted to discover the new mystery that was this man… or gorilla, whatever he was.

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