Closed Of the Civilized Wilds[Zavya]

Crylon and Zavya meet among the edges...

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A city floating in the center of a lake, Ravok is a place of dark beauty, romance and culture. Behind it all though is the presence of Rhysol, God of Evil and Betrayal. The city is controlled by The Black Sun, a religious organization devoted to Rhysol. [Lore]

Of the Civilized Wilds[Zavya]

Postby Crylon Stonecraft on February 27th, 2019, 1:36 am

It was quite clear to Crylon that the man before him had no interest in what he said. That he was so blinded by his own certainty, that he could not see the forest for the tree growing right before hm so to speak.

Crylon knew the wonders of Sultros, but was not blind to its faults. Things needing work, fixing, effort. Nothing was perfect and without capacity to be improved, at least no mortal city Crylon knew of.

This man though, so sure of his own place, its perfection... Was blinded to anything else.

As the man looked down at Crylon, literally and figuratively, Crylon in turn met his eyes with his best flat and steely gaze. Unflinching. Without a failure in resolve. With the full weight of his iron bones and stone skin, as sure as only an Isur had a right to be when dealing with a closed minded person. Whether part Isur or not.

“Fish, swim in lake. Also not care about sky. Not understand. Think only world water, and nothing else matter. Nothing else value. Till net come down, and pull into harsh world of air. Then fish left gasping on deck of ship, in place not matter.”

“If want be fish, swimming in lake, is fine. Do as do. I not make do different. Is only speak of choice, and of understanding other make choice.”

Crylon, a proud Isur, could use just as condescending of a tone as a half bred half again Isur of some well to do family of a city ruled by a deity of no import when compared to Izurdin. A city who owed its existence, the very idea of building and making and putting wood together to make a boat and a house and a city on a lake, to Izurdin.

Before the man had a chance to respond to this, the kelvic's attention was torn away by the animal passing by to taste of his offered pastry.

The kelvic hastily parted ways with a few words before racing off to chase the animal. Turning back in kind to her more bestial form to chase the animal.

And with some quickly spoken and not so kind words the man parted ways as well, heading after the tiger. Crylon simply arced an single eye, much more prominent due to the Isurian brow ridge, and watched him walk away without saying anything further.

Once they were gone, Crylon turned back to the fire, considering it. He had not actually started the fire, but had seen how it was done, which was still something. And he had tried before then, which was also something. So perhaps along with meeting some random people of Ravok, he had also learned a thing or two, along with perhaps making the kelvic consider a thing or two.

Crylon, of almost unlimited hope for the future, found little hope for his words getting through to the man. He had decided his path, it was only left for him to walk it.
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Of the Civilized Wilds[Zavya]

Postby Zavya on February 27th, 2019, 3:15 am


Skills Earned:
  • Observation +5
  • Philosophy +3
  • Rhetoric +2
  • Socialization +4
  • Wilderness Survival: Forest +1
  • Lakeshore: Not truly wild, not truly civilized
  • Philosophy: Assuming an enemy makes one more likely to find enemies than friends
  • Philosophy: Harshness of forge builds strength
  • Ryker: Thorin's cousin
  • Wilderness Survival: Building a fire
  • Zavya: Kelvic tiger
Comments: Thank you for being so patient with me throughout this thread! And Zavya thanks you for being so insistent that not everything has to be bad.
Skills Earned:
  • Hunting +1
  • Observation +4
  • Philosophy +1
  • Rhetoric +1
  • Socialization +3
  • Wilderness Survival: Forest +1
  • Crylon: Isur
  • Crylon: Possesses a magical muffin tin
  • Crylon: Used to work for Thorin
  • Philosophy: People are enemies, but they don't have to be
  • Self: Has never left Ravok
  • Self: Muffins are gross
  • Thorin: Ryker's cousin
  • Wilderness Survival: Building a fire

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