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The Encounter (Madeira)

Postby Martini Elwood on December 22nd, 2019, 5:31 am

As Martini gathered her things almost hesitantly, she felt the hammer of her heart against her ribcage. She stood stiffly and seemed to even flinch when Madeira looped their arms. In a way the brunette was sure this was the woman's way of comforting her… but she struggled to keep up and stay attentive on the words being eased into her mind.

Small talk, respond. She was jittery, fidgeting and shivering slightly. She was getting more pale the closer the duo seemed to creep to Martini's not so empty apartment. Small talk, respond. Had Madeira begun to lean into her slightly for support? No, it must have been another attempt to ease the ongoing swell of nerves that seemed to come alive.

Nausea, she felt sick and uncomfortably hot. Would Madeira send away the ghost? Did she want that? She stopped herself from shaking her head - it would only give an opening to her unease. So she swallowed, despite the thick and dry way she forced it down. Her mouth tasted sour and the sickening heat of her skin was almost enough to knock her off balance. No, no.

She - she could handle this. One step, two, a quiver of her legs barely made three. She had no doubt she looked unbearably ill. Quaking as she was, her lips pressed tightly together as her brows furrowed and she wrung her trousers with her free hand. Yes, she was surely not okay. What's more, the woman almost seemed to pull her along - she had no doubt she would've made a run for it if not for the reassurance that Madeira was with her and the unbelievable pressure she felt to keep going.

And then she released her held breath, only then noticing her dizzying condition from the lack of airflow. They probably looked odd - no doubt people would display confused and worried looks. After all, the pregnant woman was dressed so pretty compared to the simple garb Martini donned. The weight over her shoulder, her backpack seemed almost too heavy with the stress piling on top. And then Madeira spoke as they climbed a few stairs and waited at the Solar Winds for Martini's room number to pass her lips.

She tried, honest. But the dizziness was back and before she could answer coherently she whimpered a groan and her knees buckled. She briefly registered alarmed noises but then everything was background noise and her world was blackout into nothing as her consciousness slipped away.

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The Encounter (Madeira)

Postby Madeira Craven on January 19th, 2020, 2:25 am

Grades Awarded!

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Martini Elwood

  • Gardening: 1xp
  • Observation: 4xp
  • Socialization: 4xp
  • Leadership: 1xp
  • Organization: 2xp
  • Writing: 1xp
  • Negotiation: 1xp

  • Gardening: keeping a plant alive out of spite
  • Lore of the never ending process of grief
  • Socialization: the proper way to greet a client
  • People: Madeira Craven
  • Drawing: tattoo concepts
  • Lore of the personal significance of tattoos
  • Negotiation: settling payment
  • Madeira: trustworthy
  • Lore of a panic attack

Awards & Retribution

This was a lot of fun! I hope to see more of Martini and her chaos in the future. <3

Madeira Craven

  • Negotiation: 2xp
  • Hypnotism: 2xp
  • Interrogation: 1xp

  • Lore of negotiating with a child
  • People: Tain
  • Tain: owner of Tain's Studio
  • People: Martini Elwood
  • Martini: haunted
  • Martini: chronically tired
  • Interrogation: delicately prying
  • Martini: uses art as a coping mechanism

Awards & Retribution

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