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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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Winter 518 AV Calendar

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Winter arrives on a calmer note than previous seasons, and with a hopeful air; the chill weather still lingering from autumn has raised hopes that winter has returned. However, this idea quickly vanishes as the weather warms and no snow appears.

Winter is full of festivals, and while the city has a somewhat more somber air at another warm winter, many try to use this time to recover and renew themselves. While not necessarily easily accessible, the slowly melting glaciers higher up in the Misty Peaks makes sure that there is still plenty of water for drinking, bathing, and growing crops, meaning that despite the warm weather Lhavitians are not suffering as much as they could be.

Overview of Season Events

☼ Daytime Event - ☾ Nighttime Event
☆ Moderated/Prompted Event

1st: The Watchtowers flare blue, announcing the arrival of winter.

☾ 10th: With the lack of snow, the Star's Shadow announces that they will be open throughout the winter season, and hosts a reopening party where all drinks are 15% off.

☾ 22nd: The stars above Lhavit become noticeably brighter, and a shower of shooting stars begins, continuing all throughout the night nonstop. The shooting stars will continue to streak across the sky over the next 48 bells, even faintly visible during the day. Citizens take it as a sign of good luck, and many throw impromptu parties.*

☾ 23rd: With the shower of shooting stars continuing, the observatory hosts a free viewing party. All are welcome; snacks and refreshments are served, and many citizens set up blankets and pillows to spend the night.*

☼ 42nd: A known student of Elena is seen stumbling throughout the city displaying effects of severe overgiving; they are wild-eyed and clearly hallucinating, shouting incoherently and attempting to attack anyone who gets too close. Eventually, they are taken into custody by the Shinya, but not before rumours begin to fly.*

☾ 46th: The Midwinter Festival is held once the sun goes down; it is somewhat more somber than in years past, as once again winter has come with no sign of snow. Still, it is a lavish celebration and feast, and many take it as a time to renew hope in their hearts.

48th: A letter appears in the Gazette's postings around the city, addressing the overgiving mage seen several days prior. It claims that magic should only be taught by those who are competent, and only at respectable institutions, citing the incident as a clear danger when it is done otherwise. The letter is signed by all three Towers, and sparks heated discussion throughout the city as people begin to take sides. The topic becomes particularly popular at the Basilika over the remainder of the season.*

☼ 53rd: With the warm weather, the snow apples at the Snow Apple Orchard are ready to harvest much sooner than usual; Mariolla Snow puts out an ad asking for help harvesting the apples, offering cider and baked goods for payment.

61st: Aviakittis is celebrated all throughout the day and into the night; while just as lavish as any other festival, this day of celebration is more relaxed as Lhavitians honour their extra 'stolen' time in winter. All businesses except for bathhouses and restaurants are closed as people take time to relax and treat themselves and their loved ones.

88th: The Azure Festival takes place, beginning in the morning and lasting well into dawn of the next day; the temples are flooded with people during the day, and once the sun sets, the same crowds don their masquerade outfits, ready to dance and drink the night away. (Open thread by Madeira here)

☆ ☾ 91st: To end the season, the Koten Temple announces that they will be hosting a fundraising dinner to help pay for the damage that both the city and its citizens have suffered over the past seasons. Everyone and anyone is invited, though there is an entry fee of 2 kina. All of the most well-known and influential citizens attend the dinner, and there is noticeable tension between Tower members and many of the other citizens, particularly Elena and her students.*

The Midwinter Festival

Held halfway through the season on the longest night of winter, the Midwinter Festival is meant to celebrate the balance between night and day, and between Leth and Syna. It is a celebration of renewal and hope, and of the beginning of the longer days to come.

It is largely a festival held with one's family, sometimes in their own homes, with plenty of feasting, drinking, and dancing throughout the night. Those without family of their own often find themselves welcomed to at least one table, and made an honorary family member for the night, so that nobody has to experience the festival alone.

The festival this year is slightly more somber and tuned down (not that any non-native to Lhavit would really be able to tell) as people reflect on yet another winter without snow, but is celebrated fiercely all the same.


Aviakittis is a celebration of the extra day in winter, and is a way to to honour the extra 'stolen' hours. It is a more relaxed festival than most others; almost all Lhavitians take the day off work, though most bathhouses and restaurants remain open.

Lhavitians take this day to relax and pamper themselves and their loved ones; sleeping, eating good food, giving expensive gifts, and attending the spa or a bathhouse are all common activities on this day. Many couples take the time to spend the day together and treat each other, resulting in many children being conceived on this day in particular.

The Azure Festival

An extravagant festival, the Azure Festival extends throughout both the day and night. During the day, people take the time to go to the various temples throughout the city, praying to Syna, Leth, Zintila, and any other deities they might worship.

Gifts are often exchanged during this festival; most popular are baked goods, with restaurants and bakeries selling all sorts of pasties and cookies in the shapes of stars, the sun, and the moon.

Come night, the largest celebration of the festival begins; a masquerade to honour Zintila, people dress up in all sorts of clothes from ridiculous to luxurious when they go out for drinking and dancing. The common theme is that either way, it's over-the-top, and it reflects the celestial bodies in some fashion or another. It is also tradition to don a mask of some sort while out celebrating.

(Open thread by Madeira here)

Dinner at the Koten Temple

An announcement is made that a dinner is being hosted at the Koten Temple; over the past few seasons, there has been damage done to the city, and a fair amount of citizens injured either physically or mentally. The dinner is meant to be a fundraiser to collect kina to allocate towards the recovery of both the city and its citizens; all are invited.

Anyone who's anyone, will, of course, attend; there are even rumours that Zintila herself might be present. There is a 2 kina entry fee, and there will be raffle tickets sold. Food will be served buffet-style, and guests may help themselves to food and refreshments throughout the night as they please. There will be live music, and plenty of dancing.

Throughout the night, tension is obvious between Tower members and civilian magic teachers, prompting whispered rumours among other guests; even their respective students are involved. However, things remain civil throughout the night...for the most part.

This will be a loosely moderated event; I will post the thread, and anyone who wishes to join it may do so. You do not need to let me know prior to doing so, and you may continue to join the thread at any point as it progresses. For the most part, I will leave those who join the thread to do as they wish due to the nature of it, but I will interject on occasion and/or as I feel necessary; mostly to keep the thread moving, or to act as NPCs when it is called for.

Weather Throughout the Season

Despite the chilly autumn, weather throughout winter is mostly warm; while not quite the warmth of spring, it is warmer than it should be. There is also little to no rain throughout the season, meaning hunters and volunteers have to trek into the mountains to collect water from the glaciers more often.

Despite that, there is a fairly consistent breeze that can make the nights chilly, and helps alleviate some of the warmth. Shawls come back into fashion as an easy way to keep oneself cool during the day, and warmer at night.

Seasonal Challenges

Complete 6 of these challenges to earn Lhavit's Seasonal Medal. A maximum of 3 challenges can be completed in a single thread, and if doing multiple challenges in a thread each one should consist of at least 800 words; that is, threads containing 2 challenges should be a minimum of 1,600 words, and threads containing 3 challenges should be a minimum of 2,400 words. Single challenge threads should be a minimum of 1,000 words. If you have completed the challenges, then post them to my office with links to the threads.

✧Observe the shooting stars at the observatory*

✧After reading the Towers' letter in the Gazette, express your opinion about the controversy happening between professional and civilian magic teachers (reading the letter can be done solo, expressing an opinion must be done with another PC; they can be done in different threads, but both must be done to count for the challenge)*

✧Treat yourself to something lavish for Aviakittis*

✧Throw a shoe at somebody (with another PC)*

✧Earn 5 XP in a magic skill you already have OR learn a new magic skill from another PC

✧Insult someone, with or without meaning to (with another PC)

✧Attend the Azure Festival in full masquerade dress

✧Bake something for a festival

✧Help pick apples at the Snow Apple Orchard (with another PC)

✧Get a new pet

*Event/challenge credit to Neologism! Be sure to thank him for his wonderful suggestions.
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