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A Gran adventure featuring drinking, and some shopping.

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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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The Tavern Menace

Postby Gran Mitzr on February 7th, 2019, 2:57 am

Time Stamp: 3nd of Winter 518AV

The soft sound of wet footsteps could be heard outside. People's feet sloshing in the winter rain's muck. Their voices muffled through the poorly built walls of Gran's apartment. His eyes slowly opened, large bags had formed under them. A streak of light from the shoddy window managed to land right in his eyes. He squinted and turned away. He brought his hand up to shield his sensitive eyes from the light. The first thing he noticed, more so felt was a pounding headache. He Sat up for a second rubbing his eyes. Reaching for the corner of his bed where is water skin was hanging, he unplugged the top and greedily sucked the cool water from the skin. He swung his feet from the bed and placed them on the warped floor. Letting himself gain some sort of footing he slowly stood up and was hit with a wave of dizziness, the headache didn't help anything. He wobbled for a brief moment before regaining his balance. Walking towards his desk he picked up his trousers from the back of the chair sliding them on one leg at a time. Followed by his shirt. His cloak and was hanging from his walking cane. He quickly threw on his cloak swinging it around his shoulders.

He moved to the corner of his room, where he had stashed some of his coins, and drew out a few of them placing them into his coin purse. He turned on his heels and threw on his boots before grabbing his cane and walking out the door. Slamming his door on the way out, he made his way out of the complex and passed the orphanage, the roads were slightly muddy and the sun was high. He figured it was about noon. He faltered for a moment as he had planned on heading straight to the Pig's Foot, but remembered he needed to buy some stuff from the market.

By his count, he had spent almost nine years in Sunberth. He was no longer harassed, or targeted by crooks. The occasional mugger would try to hit him up, but he had been lucky so far being able to either outrun them or hide from them. He dwelled upon his time in the city as he walked the streets. His feet carried him to his first spot, the seaside market. It was bustling and brimming with activity, markets seemed to be sprawled out and corridors had been formed by the sheer number of people selling things. The ruined buildings and the quickly pieced market stalls made it a surreal experience

As he walked by he could hear each respective stall shout catchphrase or their promises of the best product or the cheapest in all of Sunberth. He stopped at one, which had several pots hanging with a couple baskets of junk set out in front. "Welcome boss, can I offer you the finest in Sunberth cookware? Or perhaps some of these fine out front? I've got a little of everything and everything you need my friend." His voice was slick and greasy. The man himself was short and squat, his hair was thinning and he had it slicked back with some oil.

"Well, maybe you could talk me into some of these famous cookwares of yours." He replied to the fat man. His hand was stroking his chin as he inspects the pot that was hanging from a hook which was only attached by the man's hopes and dreams it would seem. "I've got a pot, a kettle, a pan maybe a brewing vat? What about utensils?" Each word he spoke he sped up a little. Seemingly wanting to show off every single one of his wares. Holding up his hand he stopped the onslaught of the salesman "How much for the kettle and pot?" He said short and to the point. "Well let's see, since its fine iron and was crafted by the absolutely best Sunberth has to offer... How about 10gold miza?" he said with a sly grin. Gran shook his head and turned as if to leave. "Wait, how about 5 gold Miza? Come on you know its worth it? Don't you need to eat or cook for yourself boy?" He pleaded with gran, desperate to make this sale. "Well a man down the way said he was selling the kettle, pot and utensils for a gold miza and five silver." He said with a yawn as if to show he was no longer interested. "Fine, I can easily match that rat. A gold and five silvers and you can walk away with all this." He said haughtily, his face slowly turning red. " Alright, you have yourself a deal. " Gran said with a smile. He shook the man's hand and dug out the exact change. The pot seemed to have been used same with the utensils but it was honestly the best you could probably get in the city right now. He loaded the kettle and the Large spoon into the pot and began his slow march down the stalls.
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