Closed The voyage of a life [Itt]

A race against time, a helpful stranger, and the boat that might save his life.

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A city floating in the center of a lake, Ravok is a place of dark beauty, romance and culture. Behind it all though is the presence of Rhysol, God of Evil and Betrayal. The city is controlled by The Black Sun, a religious organization devoted to Rhysol. [Lore]

The voyage of a life [Itt]

Postby Hauk Tarn on February 19th, 2019, 1:56 am

Hauk’s brow furrowed. “What the petch is that?” he repeated. That can’t be right, although he really wants in the mood to push the matter much further. Instead, he decided to make easier for himself. After a few ticks of thought, he said “Watt. I’m just going to call you Watt.” But by the time he had said the words aloud, Watt, his new acquaintance had already run off, apparently to search for the water that he craved. So the lad had good hearing it seemed.

He watched as Watt approached one of the other passengers. So caught up with his own situation, Hauk had forgotten that there were others around them. Some would glance every so often, giving of faces of both concern and pretending not to see anything. Most just kept their distance. For that Hauk was grateful. The man that Watt had approached was apparently hesitant to help, but after glancing in his direction, the man eventually gave in. Hauk made a note of the man. He’ll have to pay him for the bottle. He didn’t want to be in debt to any one any more than he had to, especially since he was not a citizen of the city.

His thoughts were broken suddenly as the ship tilted violently. Hauk cried out at the sudden movement, one arm dashing forward to hang onto the rail. Stars exploded in his vision, and everything turned a dark blue/purple hue. If he was not actively pressing the leaf against the wound he was sure that it would have fallen off. As it where, he could feel fresh, new cracks breaking the charred skin, and the blood that accompanied them. He had clench his jaw tightly to fight off of the sensation, and for another few moments, pain was all that he knew. The resulting re-balancing of the ship did not help matters either, and it was a few more ticks before he had regained his senses. By then Watt had returned, holding the bottle in front of him “Water!”

Hauk looked up, as the pain receded. He needed to get off this boat and find a healer. If the wound didn’t kill him, this passage will. Gingerly, he reached out and took the bottle and drank from it. It wasn’t more than a few mouthfuls, but it was enough. The water tasted…fine. It wasn’t the freshest he had ever had, but it certainly wasn’t the worst either. Refreshed, Hauk made an attempt to stand for the third time. While he still felt the pain and weakness, for what ever reason he felt more secure as well. Standing up, if a little hunched over, he handed the bottle back to the lad.

“Thank you, Watt.” He said, with sincere appreciation. He breathed in deep, letting the lakes breeze fill his lungs, and looked out over the water. He wasn’t sure, but he though he could see just the faintest rise on the horizon. Perhaps this blasted boat ride would soon be over, and he cold find a healer. At the point he had done everything he could do to save himself, but he wasn’t sure that it was enough. Now, it was all up to this boat and its captain. He hoped that it would be enough.

For Fen’s sake.
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The voyage of a life [Itt]

Postby Rohka on August 16th, 2019, 4:28 am

Hauk Tarn

    Meditation +1
    Wilderness Survival +1
    Dagger +1
    Observation +1
    Socialization +1
    Medicine +1
    Meditation: Breathing through Pain
    Wilderness Survival: Makeshift wound wrap with dirt and cloth
    Medicine: Cauterizing a wound with a heated knife
    Caiya: Goddess of Wilderness
    Watt: nickname for What the Petch is That
Additional Notes:

Injury: Deep gash above hip, will turn into a scar by the next season

Your writing is lovely! Definitely felt the pain of the wound and the attempts to treat it. Hauk's patience comes through as well, and Watt as a nickname was sweet :D Looking forward to reading more!! Especially more of Fen.

Also, since you've told me that you are going to update your ledger with living expenses next Monday when you're back in town, I am holding you to your word and releasing grades :thumbsup:


    Observation +1
    Herbalism +1
    Socialization +1
    Wilderness Survival +1
    Herbalism: Juniper leaf helps cuts
    Wilderness Survival: Ravok Lake water is safe to drink
    Language: The Common for Water and Medicine
Additional Notes:

I love Itt/What the Petch is That/Watt :D Offering expensive leaves and getting bottles from strangers, all to help a man with a smelly wound! I'm excited for Itt's adventures ahead~

P.S. I'm cheering Itt onwards with his struggle to learn Common!! :nod:

Short and sweet thread with a ton of substance and character - thanks for the read!

Since this is the first grading I've done in a while, let me know if there's anything I missed :)

If you have any concerns over this grade, don't hesitate to send me a message on either Discord or Miz. Also, please be sure to EDIT any posts in the grading queue to 'Graded'. Enjoy!
-Rohka ❤
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