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(Job Thread) The Daggerhand increase their presence as the tension between the Big Three hits boiling point

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[Western Heights] A Show of Force

Postby Orakan on February 28th, 2019, 5:38 am

37th of winter 518 ♦ 18th bell

A cough shook him, lungs rattling away, and he had to stop what he was doing until it passed. It stirred the dust motes that had been drifting lazily in the rays of Leth's light that poured through the window and he sniffed, clearing his throat as he knuckled at the corner of his mouth. The mold that covered his walls had remained since the flood years ago - even a good scrubbing had done little to clear it. He was used to it now, regarding it like some hideous work of art, but he couldn't help thinking it was doing a number on him.. slow and steady.

A knock on his door drew him from his thoughts and he moved with a slight sway towards it, tugging it open. Another pair of Daggerhand brothers stood on the other side, armed and ready. Straightening, Ora regarded them each in turn, eyes narrowing as he studied their armor before his gaze dipped to note the weapons each had on them. Flicking his gaze back up the one nearest him - the one he figured was acting as the leader - he tilted his head, "You boys been busy?"

The one at the back huffed a chuckle. The one in the front only eyed him harder.

"We're about to be. You're coming with us. Suit up and lets go."

Orakan only shrugged and shoved the door closed, paying no mind to the fact he was shutting it right in their faces. A bit of privacy was required to get himself ready, afterall.
“The means to every crime is ours,
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we multiply the horror a hundredfold.”

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