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[The Clinic] Red Right Hand

Postby Orakan on February 28th, 2019, 6:02 am

23rd of winter ♦ 20th bell

The Clinic was not a place people readily sought. It was not a place of healing, not a place where you'd be well cared for. For most of those that called Sunberth home, The Clinic was a place of horror best avoided at all cost. It was well known that many a man cut down in a fight had perished from illness or bloodloss by avoiding the place and most would argue it was a better fate, preferring to meet their end than endure the terror and torture the Doctor within would put them through before any form of 'healing' would take place.

Orakan, like most, knew to avoid it if possible, to fear it. Yet he couldn't deny the allure it had, the pull. And, with that, he had found himself volunteering to assist with some interrogation within the house of horrors, found himself being led there by a fellow Daggerhand Brother. It was the Big Sibling he was loyal to that had initiated this talk but Orakan knew little of either, just that the man he followed, the man overseeing everything, was a Brother named Sebastian.

It wasn't like Orakan to ask many questions.
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