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Good Intentions (Crylon)

Postby Asterope on June 2nd, 2021, 6:10 pm

Congratulations, you've received your grades!



✦Medicine +2
✦Observation +5
✦Leadership +2
✦Socialization +5
✦Persuasion +1
✦Bodybuilding +1
✦Endurance +3


✦Medicine: Using pressure to stop bleeding
✦Crylon: Was in Ravok
✦Crylon: Agreed to help Aster with the injured boy
✦Ageing by touch: Some wounds are too severe for it to help
✦Medicine: Trying to make do without proper materials
✦Crylon: Stoic, but a good person
✦Lore of realizing not everyone can be saved
✦Sunberth: Not even children are safe
✦Sunberth: More religious freedom than Ravok
✦Drykas: Mourn their dead, even without a body
✦Aster: Doesn't want the dead to be forgotten
✦Lore of praying for the dead
✦Location: The Dust Bed
✦Jebediah: Sunberth's graveyard keeper
✦Lore of digging a grave
✦Crylon: Worships Izurdin and Priskil
✦Izurdin: God of strength, industry, and the Isur
✦Priskil: Goddess of hope and radiance
✦Crylon: Preaches hope
✦Crylon: Wants to help Asterope
✦Isur: Forged by Izurdin
✦Isur: All have stone arms

Crylon Stonecraft


✦Land Navigation +1
✦Observation +5
✦Medicine +2
✦Socialization +5
✦Logic +3
✦Intimidation +1
✦Interrogation +1
✦Bodybuilding +3
✦Endurance +4


✦Sunberth: Has a chaotic layout
✦Sunberth: Crime is the norm
✦Asterope: Asked for help with an injured boy
✦Medicine: Using pressure to stop bleeding
✦Medicine: Using alcohol to clean wounds
✦Lore that death should be accepted
✦Intimidation: Making use of an Isur's stone arm
✦Asterope: Was in Ravok, but looked different
✦Asterope: An Ethaefal
✦Sunberth: More religious freedom than Ravok
✦Endurance: As much physical as it is mental
✦Location: The Dust Bed
✦Jebediah: Sunberth's graveyard keeper
✦Negotiation: Money doesn't always work
✦Asterope: A slave in Sunberth
✦Asterope: Wants to help people
✦Lore of digging a grave
✦Endurance: Blocking out pain
✦Isur: Made of hope and determination
✦Lore of praying for the dead
✦Ethaefal horns: Not dissimilar to Isur arms in material
✦Ethaefal horns: Have no real practical purpose
✦Syna: Goddess of the sun
✦Syna: Like a mother to certain Ethaefal
✦Lore of an Ethaefal's shift
✦Ethaefal: Divine under their deity's light, mortal otherwise


This thread was a lot of fun to write, thank you again! Also, I know I tend to give a lot of lores, so feel free to ignore ones you don't want.

Thank you for your patience! As always, please don't forget to delete or edit your grading request in the queue. Otherwise, if you have any questions or concerns about your grades, then just PM me and let me know!

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