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Vasin goes about his business in Sunberth

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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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The City of Freedom

Postby Orakan on April 19th, 2019, 8:31 am



● Observation - 5XP
● Investigation - 1XP
● Socialisation - 5XP
● Planning - 1XP
● Acrobatics - 1XP
● Logic - 2XP
● Intimidation - 2XP
● Running - 1XP
● Longsword - 2XP
● Unarmed Combat - 2XP
● Tactics - 1XP
● Cartography - 2XP
● Drawing - 2XP
● Mathematics - 2XP
● Land Navigation - 1XP

● Lore of finding a dead body
● Observation: Viewing the multiple wounds on a fresh corpse
● Sunberth denizens are a paranoid lot
● Investigation: Finding the source of a sudden sound
● Tent City: Home of the poor and hopeless
● Tent City: Also a place of inspiration and warmth borne from necessity
● Cartography: Best as a beginner to use another map as a guide
● The feel of testing new armor
● Acrobatics: Finding balance in extra armor
● Slag Heap Fire: Eternally burning
● Sunberth: Be ever mindful of thieves
● Location: Yedra's Fountain: A source of drinkable water
● Yedra's Fountain: Rumours
● Yedra's Fountain: Give the urchins there a wide berth
● Yedra's Fountain: Water tastes salty yet sweet
● Yedra's Fountain: Glimpsing something in the waters
● Vasin: Wants to help people
● Falling for a street kid's ploy and finding yourself in a trap
● Longsword: Guard: Posta de vera crose - shows your back and armpit to your opponent
● Longsword: Strike for the neck
● Unarmed Combat: Shoulder check
● Longsword: Guard: Posta sagittaria - face your opponent head on
● Longsword: Locking sword to pin an opponent
● Unarmed Combat: Pinning an armed opponent to further trap their blade
● Tactics: Drawing an opponent in
● Longsword: Pommel strike
● Cartography: Counting paces to measure distance
● Mathematics: Measuring the diameter of the Tent City
● Cartography: Denoting hills with a bump mark
● Location: Southern Hills
● Cartography: Titling areas of distinction
● Location: Aquillar Hot Springs
● Cartography: Denoting structures with a box symbol
● Cartography: Indicating distance
● Location: The Plantation


Hey you! I know it's a fiddly thing, but may I get you to please rearrange (and keep) your skill table in alphabetical order please? Feel free to pop your competent skill at the top and to nudge me if you need any coding help :) Thanks for the read! Do let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding your grade and don't forget to delete/edit your request in the grading queue.
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