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Cutters & Carvers

Postby Regime on March 12th, 2019, 8:34 pm

Cutters & Carvers


Axe and Timber

Lumber is important to everybody, regardless of race, beliefs, or location. For housing, for furniture, to weaponry. Sunberth too needs a large supply of lumber, and as such, there is a market for the collection of lumber, and carving of wood. This place, run by the twin Cutter brothers, supply Sunberth with most of its wooden and lumber needs. They are best know for their ongoing rivalry with the Rodgers & Rodgers twin brothers who maintain the walls of the Gated Community with their construction business.

The Carver brothers cut the wood down from the vast wildlands of the Sylira Region outside of Sunberth. From there, they take the lumber to their own workshop, store, and home and they cut the wood into whatever they need. From firewood to recurve bows, the Cutter and Carver brothers do it all.

Despite these two seeming to be fairly straight shooters by Sunberth standards, they also have secrets of their own that are well hidden. Members of the Night Eyes. It is rumored among a very few people that the Woodcutters' workshop also doubles as one of many secret hideouts for the Night Eyes, and is occasionally responsible for carrying or storing illegal merchandise for the Night Eyes.

But so far, their involvement at all is unproven.

NPC's & Services

ImageName: Kander "The Cutter" Carver
Age: 38
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Title: Co-Owner of Cutters & Carvers.
Skills: Weapon (Woodsman's Ax): 72, Logging: 70, Stealth: 68, Bodybuilding: 66, Wilderness Survival: 55, Subterfuge: 52, Driving: 51, Carpentry: 45, Brawling: 45, Endurance: 42, Carving: 35, Wrestling: 37.

Gnosis: None.

Kander Carver is known as the "Cutter", but this isn't for any dark, mysterious, or silent reasons. Of the brothers, he is the stronger. The one that tends to cut down trees and haul them home for carving which is his brother's specialty. The Cutter cuts down the trees, cuts the lumber, and so on. When comparing the brothers, one will find they are identical in appearance, except for small personal preferences such as hair length, how long they'll go before shaving their face, or clothing worn. Besides this, they can only be separated by personality, and even that doesn't change much.

Kander is known for being the gentle silent type, honest but never telling anybody what they shouldn't know. To most people, he is as trustworthy as anybody in Sunberth can be. A hardworking laborer with incredible natural strength from decades of cutting wood. He's a man with a seemingly simple non-chaotic life, but that's what happens when you actually live outside of Sunberth, you have that luxury of living (almost) in peace. He personally sets up lumbering camp sites and finds locations to gather lumber in the wildlands.

ImageName: Keith "Dean" Carver
Age: 38
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Title: Co-Owner of Cutters & Carvers.
Skills: Carving: 80, Weapon (Carving Knife): 74, Carpentry: 64, Stealth: 60, Acrobatics: 59, Fletching/Bowing: 53, Intelligence: 51, Negotiation 50, Larceny: 48, Logging: 35, Driving: 28, Brawling: 26.

Gnosis: Night Stalking, 1.


Keith, either called Dean or Carver, is remarkably like his brother Kander. He may be more talkative than his brother, but he's not arrogant or obnoxious in his speech. Just as hard of a worker as Kander is, Keith is skilled more with his hands and their finesse rather than muscle and strength. Where Keith will still go an cut lumber for countless reasons, he will more often than not be found at the workshop carving or preparing wood for personal use or sale. Keith has been known to, on occasion, go into the City and assist Ol' Legs with repairs, when there's a short time frame and a lot of work to be done.

Dean himself is a straightforward man, never beating around the bush or verbally avoiding the point to conversations. He speaks when he needs something, wants something, or feels his words are important, or a question is to be answered, other than that he is just as silent as his brother, or the wood they work with. When potential customers or employees come to the Cutters and Carvers, Keith is always the one to deal with them, strike deals, make sales, and hire people for work. Keith is more often involved with the Night Eyes than his brother is, but there's no visible resentment between the brothers, either one would take an arrow to the chest for the other and Kander is always willing to help the gang.

Gang Ties
Night Eyes: Their involvement with the Night Eyes is secret. Rumors circulate, but have never been confirmed.
Goods and Services
  • Lumber, local: 1–10 gm/sq foot.
    Gathered from the local wildlands.

  • Lumber, exotic: 30 – 50+ gm/sq foot
    Kander ventures to Taldera on rare occasion. The shop keep a small stock of woods native to the Northern Reaches.

  • Sculptures/carvings/etc., common: 1–5 gm/5-15lb
  • Sculptures/carvings/etc., unusual: 6–10 gm/5-15lb
  • Sculptures/carvings/etc., rare: 11–50 gm/5-15lb
  • Sculptures/carvings/etc., exotic: 51–200+ gm/5-15lb
  • Carpenter: Shop work.
  • Carver: Shop Work.
  • Laborer/Logger: Wilderness and Shop.
  • Driver: Transportation.
  • Wilderness Guide: Logging sites can be far from the city, guides are needed for the less wilderness adapted employees.

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