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Quzon's Home in Syka.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Quzon's Quarters

Postby Quzon on April 29th, 2019, 5:08 pm

Quzon's Quarters


Built throughout Winter 518 AV.

Quzon's five acres of land can be located off the beach beyond the rocky shores of Sharktooth point. It is there that Quzon used Reimancy to carve his home into the side of a stone cliff further inland away from the shore. He's claimed the acre of land in front of the cliff with the rest stretching back to claim as much as the raised landmass as possible.

A campsite is erected near the cliff face that consists of a tent and a space for a campfire. With Syka being about survival, the tent is generally for free use to anyone needing refuge for any reason.

Exterior :

Three stone steps lead up to a simple wooden door at the base of the cliff, which leads to the inside of Quzon's Quarters. Upon entering, a guess would find themselves standing in a small area that acts as a foyer.

A right turn at the entrance leads directly into the Quzon's current Master Bedroom.

Its furnished with a straw mattress that lays atop a covered wooden plank on the floor, two chests of drawers, and a small mirror. There are also a couple of rough benches and a small table. Located on the wall opposite of his bed are the doors leading to to It a walk-in closet and a simple privy. To add artistic value to his home, the wall acting as his headboard was made into a grating of stone that allows him to look into the other room.

The area to the left of the entrance on the opposite side of the grating acts as an all purpose common room where he keeps his body building equipment. A hearth can be found near the far back wall, which doubles as his homes kitchen space. Next to the hearth is the door to his storage area where he keeps various supplies.

Should Quzon require any more space, he plans on adding a stairway into a hallway leading from the left area which will go deeper into the ground, then possibly move his bedroom from the front to a back subterranean area.

Current Rooms & Furnishings
  • Master Bedroom (Simple) 400 sq.ft.

  • Common Area (Simple)
    This is a plain room or equivalent sized space containing a few benches and generic artwork or tapestries. This structural component may be purchased to for balconies, meeting areas or just an all-purpose room. 400 sq.ft.

  • Storage (Simple)
    An empty room with rough walls and unfinished floor. Sometimes made into a vault with the addition of stone or masonry walls, locks and traps. 400 sq.ft.

He'll make future rooms as needed:
eventual Add-on images :
Future Hallway

Style of any future simple Bedroom rooms
Bedroom (Simple) 400 sq.ft.

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