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Postby Quzon on August 23rd, 2013, 2:25 am


Quzon Gemshock Pitrius
Quzon of the Barbed Earth.
Pale Mountain.


Race: Mixed Blood. (Isur/Myrian)
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 30th, Spring, 488AV.
Height: 6'0 ft
Weight: 235 lbs.

Fluent Language: Myrian - Myrian army bird call language
Basic Language: Isur
Poor Language: Common

Profession: Mill Operator
Current Location: Syka

Gnosis: 1st mark of Prowess

Physical appearance:

    Hair Color: Black.

    Quzon keeps his hair cut short because it is easier to maintain. On occasion, he can readily be seen sporting a large amounts of stubble on his face.

    Eye Color: Green.
    Eye Injury: As of Winter 517, Quzon is color blind and can only see in black and white due to the Tainted Shadows in Riverfall.

    Skin Tone: Pale, slight blue. Quzon's Isur blood gives him the deathly pale appearance of someone who has never spent time in the sun. However, his Myrian side does show if one looks close enough to see the faintest hint of tanned skin trying its damnedest to grant him a smidgen of color. In contrast to his bodies pale hue, Quzon's entire left arm holds a dull black coloration that can mistakenly be confused for gray. It is a color signifying his half isur Pitrius clan heritage.

    Body & racial attributes:

    Quzon has a muscular, sturdy, and naturally chiseled physique from having to rely upon his physical attributes in order to survive not only the horrors of living amidst the jungle, but also from his training as a bodybuilder.

    Being Half-Isur grants him a high amount of natural strength, durability, and stamina greater than that of an average human. His light green eyes also offer him improved nightvision in low light situations. Being half Myrian, his body is adapted to and allow for the ingesting of some poisonous plants and species that inhabit the Jungle region. In a pinch, a he can survive on a diet of blood for up to a week.

    Quzon has received several tribal Myrian tattoos over his life, all which are on his left arm. He gained his first tattoo after his Blooding Ritual which encompasses the entirety of his left arm down to the wrist. The second tattoo covers his left pectoral which he gained after his first year of mandatory service in the Taloban army. He gained his third after his second year in the army which runs down his back to his left shoulder blade. His fourth tattoo covers his right shoulder which he gained upon completing his service in the army.

    More importantly, his 1st mark of Prowess from Myri takes the form of a realistic stylized blade located on his right pectoral.

Images :

    Clothing worn in threads (will update if changed):
    ImageQuzon is proud of his body and like many common myrian, wears little in the way of clothing due to the hot weather in the jungle. His entire outfit consists of: a loincloth, a leather vest, belt, and pair of simple black boots.

    If he should ever find himself cold or need cover from the elements, he will wear a black tilmatli styled cloak. His belt is worn only out of need to holster his weapons. It is wore loosely enough to tuck his hand-axe into it. And, While not a piece of jewelry, he wears his Chackram around his neck like a metal neck-piece.

    Quzon wears Hunter's Hide when in combat, or to warm himself up. The cured hide wraps around his body mimicking the anatomy of a beast, fur and smell included, with the head of the animal serving as a helmet.

    Wilderness Survival: Quzon now wears a long sleeved shirt & pants made out of Isuas when out in the wilderness.


    Quzon has always felt out of place since his earliest memories.

    He endured the stigma of being a mixed blood in not only one, but two predominantly semi-xenophobic races. The Isur with their superior elitist attitudes towards mixed bloods and the Myrians who are warmongering isolationist. Q grew up as an outcast in Taloba where he was taunted for his pale skin by his peers as if he had some type of disease. Or worse, was a Symenestra; this has left him with an intense hatred towards the spider race since he considers the name synonym with the greatest insult meaning 'weak' and 'frail'. However, that taunting gave him something to rebel against. It also made Quzon obsessed with 'power', in all facets of the word since it was what his people respected. The taunting lessened after preforming The Bloodingritual by becoming recognized as a full Myrian in the society, but the past mocking made him who is is today.

    There is no mistaking that Quzon is an inherently violent person who found a way to flourish in a chaotic world by tempering his angers through a fanatic need for physical exercise because physical strength is one way to gain power. Quzon is very much a person who seeks perfection in all his goal, and will go to unheard of lengths to acquire them.

    The first thing that is obvious about him is a rather looming intensity reinforced by his taciturn manners. He never says much, and what he does say he truly means. Despite his nature, Quzon is not without honor and will challenge enemies outright if a person angers him, because it would be a well earned victory.

    He's not much of a joking person though his humor is increadbly dry or morbid when it is expressed. He can be a close, loyal, and unfaltering friend to those who have fought by his side. When faced with danger, Quzon's first reaction will always be to fight rather than to acknowledge 'fear'.

    The language of Common is his worst spoken language, as such he has been known to speak of himself in the first and third person.


    At first glance, Banir Gemshock Pitrius and Lekwa of the Barbed Earth had both appeared to be relatively distant but, upon a more in depth look into their lives they were, in fact, a perfectly compatible yet dysfunctional couple. Even they found it difficult to believe that the two had any type of relations aside from their routine uneasiness. Their original pairing springing from the fact that Lekwa found the Isur male attractive, resulting in her insistent seduction of Banir.

    Banir was an isur from the Pitrius Clan who found himself within Falyndar when the Isur caravan he was traveling with made a detour to the savage lands, rather than go immediately to Alvadas. He was a mage who devoted much of his time to the arcane study of Djed. Once he had been seduced by Lekwa; an arcane reimancy geomancer, Banir decided to stayed behind to learn what he could about the Myrians. His stay extended longer once he learned she was going to bare his child.

    Once Quzon was born, Banir wished to continue his studies elsewhere. So It was agreed that Lekwa would raise and be a true parent to the child. However, Banir made it clear that Quzon would be taught the religious beliefs of Izurdin and spend some type in Sultros when he was older. He's since lived most of his young life his life in Taloba where he passed his Blooding by killing a Akila hound with the use of Earth Reimancy; which was the requirement for all members of the Barbed Earth clan who specialized in the use of the magic to defend Taloba. He then joined the Taloban Army to preform his mandatory three years of service, and staying on for an extra fourth year; 508 AV through 511 AV.
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Postby Quzon on August 23rd, 2013, 2:30 am


The following Public NPC's are who Quzon served with while in the Taloban Army.

Public NPC's Approved here

ImageYolotli of The Changing Moon
Age: 28
Position: Fang Leader
Skills: Leadership: 45
Weapon (Kris dagger): 51
Unarmed Combat: 26
Animal Husbandry: 5


Wizened by her years within the military, Yolotli strikes most as a heartless crone at first. She Carries herself with a hardened kindness with a determination unshaken and a steadfast soldier in Myri's name. However, as a part of the Changing Moon clan, which seems to hold a monopoly on the breeding the creatures. She has a soft spot for the strange, hairy little pets bred by the Myrians of Taloba known as Riamm. When her fang is on patrol out of the city, one generally accompanies her and stays around her tent within the Fangs collective when they make camp. The fluffy creature becoming the Fangs makeshift mascot.

ImageXoco of The Slitted Throat
Age: 27
Position: Second-In-Command of the Yolotli Fang.
Weapon-Wakizashi: 45
Weapon-Short Bow:30
Leadership: 26
Torture: 26


The strong right arm woman to Yolotli; and she certainly packs one heck of a punch. Her origin actually hails from lhavit where her father was a member of the warrior order known as the shinya, her mother having traveled the world before returning to Taloba after her pregnancy ended. The influence of her father being where her use of the barbarian weapon known as the Wakizashi derives. She is cunning, ruthlessness and has an inclination toward killing and eating the eyes of fallen enemies after battles.

Image Momoztli of The Lost Grove
Age: 25
Position: Healer of the Yolotli Fang
Medicine: 26
Weapon-Long Bow: 26
Weapon-Dagger: 20
Herbalism: 26.

By Myrian standards, "Momo" as she is often called could be considered a sweetheart. She doesn't have quite the capacity for cruelty or the willingness to go quite as far in harming others; in fact, she has less of an inclination toward combat in general. and has some amount of sensitivity. A natural healer, she only joined the military because it was mandatory and didn't want to let down her clan. As the Fang healer, she the last person called out into battle and often the resistant voice of reason when it comes to killing more innocent non-Dhani, Symenestra, or nuit barbarian outsider.

She has saved more "human" lives than anyone will ever truly know while the Fang was out on patrol. It is because of that fact that the fang understands why she bares the 1st mark of Rak'keli.

ImageTepin of The White Water
Age: 26
Position: Warrior of Yolotli Fang
Weapon-Gladius: 30
Duel Wielding:26
Unarmed Combat: 26

Cruelty and savagery are words that equally detail Tepins existent. At first glance he is a bit overzealous in seeking victory in the name of Myri. Everything is a challenge to him from throwing the furthest rock, to even winning a foot race, though his favorite game is 'who is the better killer'. Often, he and the fang healer, Momoztli of The Lost Grove, clash and bicker like children due to being polar opposites in personality.

If their was anyone in the group constantly reprimanded by the leaders it would be Tepin, who's body is covered in scars from punishment torture by Xoco of The Slitted Throat for either not following proper orders or his simple ignorance. However, he seems to have a masochist personality of victory though pain and a slight attraction to Xoco.

Image Teyacapan of The Patient Shadows
Age: 25
Position: Scout of Yolotli Fang
Skills: Stealth: 26, Weapon-Shortbow: 26, Running: 30, Acrobatics: 20, Wilderness Survival: 5

Teyacapan is the coldest and most withdrawn of all the Fangmates, and with good reason. She was born mute so is unable to speak. Typically using a Tiger Roarer, a wooden instruments strung on a rope that, when swung, creates a roaring sound to warn the team of true danger. However, in the case of every day conversation she carries a a pouch belt filled with several small wooden whistles that mimic the specialized Myrian language of bird calls .

Image Zagvir Gemshock Pitrius
Race: Isur
NPC Type: Dead NPC
Relationship: Quzon's Uncle
Wrestling: 50
Weapon-Widowmaker: 45
Wilderness Survival: 48
While Quzon and his father's relationship remained strained, he did find solace in his Uncle Zagvir. It was Zagvir who took Quzon out into The Unforgiving and trained him to fight like an Isur. Unarmed and straightforward. He treated Quzon as if he were a full Isur, and treated him with the respect. Although, during training, Zagvir was just as brutal as any Myrian instructor.
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Postby Quzon on March 31st, 2017, 7:35 am

Skills Initial SP Bonus Earned Total Level
Observation 4, 3,1,1,4, 3,2,4,4, 3,3,4,4,4,4,42,4,4,5,168Expert
Reimancy (Earth, Fire, Water ,Lava) SP251, 2,2,2,2,3, 4,3,4,3, 1,3 55 Expert

Skills Initial SP Bonus Earned Total Level

Skills Initial SP Bonus Earned Total Level
Acrobatics 2,1,1,15 Novice
Acting 11 Novice
Animal Husbandry 5SP 4,1 10 Novice
Auristics 5,16 Novice
Bodybuilding2,1,1, 2,3,1,3,2,2,1,2,121Novice
Brawling 1, 12 Novice
Cooking 11 Novice
Dancing 22 Novice
Endurance 2,1,1,2,1, 1,1,1,1,1,2,115 Novice
Food Preservation 11 Novice
Geology 2,1,1,26 Novice
Horsemanship 11 Novice
Hunting 1,1, 46 Novice
Hypnosis 5,16 Novice
Interrogation 1,34 Novice
Intimidation 1,1,1,25Novice
Investigation 4,1,16 Novice
Intelligence 11 Novice
Land Navigation 1,1,1,14 Novice
Leadership 2,2,3,1,19 Novice
Medicine 11 Novice
Meditation 1,1,1,1,2,12,312 Novice
Organization 11 Novice
Persuasion 22 Novice
Philosophy 1,1,13 Novice
Planning 2,2,2,17 Novice
Rhetoric2, 1,1, 2,1,1,1,2,2,2,2,1,220 Novice
Riding 22 Novice
Running 1,1,1,1,15Novice
Socialization 2,1,3,1,2,2,1,315Novice
Stealth 1,2,1,37 Novice
Subterfuge 11 Novice
Tactics 1,1,3,1,1,512Novice
Teaching 1,12Novice
Torture 33Novice
Tracking 5SP 1,28 Novice
Unarmed Combat 5SP 2, 3,111 Novice
Weapon: Aclis 11Novice
Weapon: Chakram 5SP 5 Novice
Weapon: Hand Axe 10RB 1, 2,1,1,116 Novice
Weapon: Knife 33Novice
Wilderness survival (Jungle) 5SP 1,1,1,210 Novice
Wrestling 1,2,2,16 Novice

    Resolve: 32
    Interrogation (Novice): 1
    Intimidation (Novice): 1
    Meditation (Novice): 1
    Leadership/Persuasion (Novice): 1
    Endurance (Novice): 1
    Torture (Novice): 1

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Postby Quzon on March 31st, 2017, 7:38 am


Personal and Bodybuilding
  • Quzon: half Isurian, half Myrian
  • Quzon: hates his training interrupted
  • Quzon: stands out among the crowd
  • Quzon: Battles between rage & peace
  • Quzon: willing to help a stranger
  • Quzon : Wants to go back to Sultros
  • Quzon: The shame of hiding
  • Quzon: Does not favour surprises
  • Quzon: Works out to distract himself from unpleasant emotions
  • Quzon: Always have an escape plan.

  • Quzon:"Dedication breeds Strength
  • Quzon: Keeping heads as trophies.
  • Quzon: Repetition bread muscle memory.
  • Quzon: A bottomless bag?
  • Quzon: Keeping a Gift givers bones
  • Quzon: Dance for Myri.
  • Quzon: Pain as a lesson.
  • Quzon: Karkula Whiptail attack.
  • Quzon: Obsessed with killing the one-whiskered Whiptail.
  • Quzon: Whiptail broke his rib.
  • Quzon: Nicknamed “Knuckles” by Duncan.
  • Quzon: Can hunt down Whiptail with Amulet.
  • Quzon: Believes he could be a scholar.
  • Quzon: Accepting a job as Geologist for Syka.

  • Body Building: start with push ups as a warm up
  • Body Building: add more weight for a challenge
  • Body building: move from arms to legs
  • Body Building: chest and shoulders follow legs
  • Body Building: putting all your weight on one leg
  • Being Mistaken for a Symenestra
  • Bodybuilding: Lunging while carrying weight
  • Bodybuilding: Letting nothing and no-one interrupt a workout
  • Body Building : Lift with the legs rather than the back

  • Body Building : Bend knees before lifting
  • Body Building : Deadlift technique
  • Body Building : Alternating barbell press technique
  • Body Building : Harder to train muscles that haven't been trained in a while
  • Bodybuilding: Necessary dedication
  • Bodybuilding: Dead-lift shrug for trapezius strengthening
  • Bodybuilding: Squat thrust
  • Bodybuilding: The Pickaxe Swing.
  • Bodybuilding: Mining as an Exercise.
  • Bodybuilding: Pickax wall smash routine.

  • Bodybuilding: Leg strength, the bodies foundation.
  • Bodybuilding: Proper squat form.
  • Bodybuilding: Squat Daily squat routine
  • Bodybuilding: Weighted sand-walk
  • Bodybuilding: Single-barbell weight press
  • Butchering: Removing a Yukman spine to reach its brain.
  • Sit Up: do not put arms behind head
  • Soreness can be mistaken for fatigue
  • Squats: help legs
  • Push Ups: works the chest and shoulders as well as arms

  • Board: hold self up until collapse
  • Isurian Mantra: Be as a mountain
  • Isurian blood helps with endurance
  • If One Has No Crafting Skill, Craft the Body
  • Motivation : Conquer the mind, conquer the body
  • Exercise Right or Not at All
  • Acrobatics: Tuck and roll tumble.
  • Acting: pretending to be lovers
  • Butchering: Harvesting a kill
  • Dancing: Firedancing
  • Dancing: Earth Dancing
  • Dancing: Rhythmic stomps.
  • Dancing: Rhythmically vigorous movements
  • Dancing: Combat as dance moves.
  • Endurance: push all muscles to their limits
  • Endurance: Withstanding a cupped ear blow
  • Endurance: Proper breathing while running.
  • Gemstone: Black Tourmaline
  • Geology: discoloration can mean old gasses or mineral deposits
  • Geology: chemically altered minerals form gems
  • Geology: how to find a mineral deposit

  • Geology: mineral mica
  • Geology: mineral mica as a sign to find gems.
  • Geology: Akalite.
  • Geology: habitat signs of Akalite growth in soil.
  • Geology: Moonstone, grown by Leth.
  • Geology: Emeralds.
  • Geology: Signs of Inhospitable gem environments.
  • Geology: Physical properties of Ironstone.
  • Geology: Alternating patterns in sedimentary rocks to find ore.
  • Geology: Finding Iron ore.
  • Geology: Finding feldspar around iron ore.
  • Geology: Mineral Mica location in Syka.

  • Herbalism: The Appearance and Applications of Suma Root.
  • Horsemanship: Reigning a horse pulling a wagon
  • Horse-riding: Signalling a horse to go faster
  • Hunting: Masking your scent
  • Intimidation: Threatening a strider to intimidate a Drykas
  • Intimidation: Threatening to burn people to keep the peace.
  • Intimidation: Use stature to your advantage
  • Interrogation: Inflicting pain to coax an answer
  • Land navigation: Riverfall’s city map.
  • Land Navigation: Following a river to the coast
  • Leadership: Keep workers busy.
  • Leadership: Counting to set a group work rhythm.
  • Leadership: Commanding someone in danger to protect themselves.
  • Medicine: Keeping Sterile for Working
  • Medicine: A Tskanna Infant Turned the Wrong Way
  • Medicine: Helping Birth Tskanna calves

  • Meditation: Focus on calm, in moments of anger
  • Meditation: Lore of meditation mantra
  • Meditation: Concentration on the body to focus djed.
  • Meditation: Diaphragmatic breathing meditation.
  • Meditation: Sounds of Heartbeats for focus.
  • Meditation: Bodybuilding as a focus.
  • Mining: Efficient pickax mining swing.
  • Mining: Don’t swing wildly.
  • Mining: Appearance of Garnet
  • Philosophy: Contemplating happiness.

  • Philosophy: Not clinging to hate.
  • Persuasion: Using knowledge as leverage
  • Stealth: Crouch low to foliage for cover
  • Stealth: Keeping to the shadows
  • Stealth: Watch your step
  • Stealth: Use cover

  • Subterfuge: Aiming from somewhere you’re not, so as not to be detected
  • Tactics: Taking a hit to dish one out
  • Tactics: Earth reimancy as a ranged weapon
  • Tactics: First and second lines of res defense.
  • Tactics: Provoke a target to distract them from an ally
  • Tactics: The element of surprise
  • Tactics: Saving res for later use
  • Torture: Removing body parts with a hunting knife
  • Tracking: Horse prints
  • Tracking: reading disturbed plant life
  • Wilderness Survival: Using a flint & steel.
  • Wilderness Survival: Use Amulet of Desire like compass.
  • Wilderness Survival: Don’t set up camp in high tide areas.
  • Wilderness Survival: Telling high tides reach through sand displacement.
  • Wilderness Survival: Pitching a tent.
  • Wilderness Survival: Travel prepared

  • Getting in for Close Strikes When Unarmed
  • Using an Axe to Disarm Your Opponent
  • Brawling: Using your momentum against a foe
  • Brawling: Tackling an opponent
  • Brawling: Always be prepared for a low blow
  • Unarmed Combat: Judging an opponent’s moves by his breathing
  • Unarmed Combat: Southpaw Stance
  • Unarmbed Combat: Roundhouse kick
  • Unarmed Combat: Blocking a kick with the forearm
  • Wrestling: Use your weight to hold the mount
  • Wrestling: Bear hug technique
  • Wrestling: Belly-to-belly Suplex throw
  • Wrestling: Two handed wrist lock.
  • In a hunt or fight, it is acceptable to reserve the killing blow

Locations and misc
  • Lore of Taloba Geography (SP)
  • Taloba: Getting familiarized with the Tskanna Yards
  • Endrykas: The Wind-Knotted Gates
  • Endrykas: The Conclave
  • Taloban Culture: Tribes are led by elder warrior matriarchs
  • Drykas Culture: Striders are their love & life
  • Vantha: Physical Traits
  • The Unforgiving: Where zith dwell
  • Endrykas: The Wind-Knotted Gates
  • Location: the Night Tower (Riverfall)
  • Location: Lore of Riverfall religious temples
  • Location: Gilia Medical Center
  • Location: Antiquities Society
  • Lore of pre-Valterrian nursery rhyme (Tainted Shadows)
  • Akalak: can't produce females
  • The Cerulean: They are strange or insane. (Riverfall)
  • Location: High Spirits (Riverfall)
  • Location: Wysar's Tower. (riverfall)
  • Location: School of Earth & Life Sciences(riverfall)
  • Yukmen: Underground Dangers. (Monster)
  • Yukmen: Landspawn born in the ground.
  • Coalinga Mines: Report Cerulean problems to Typhus Chivan.
  • Jungle Wilds: The Wrestling Ring
  • Sharktooth point: Dangerous, but a good place to fish.
  • Karkula Whiptails: Have life mates.
  • Syka: Settlers are expected to contribute.
  • Treshal: A bird and a Myrian delicacy
  • Common: Using inflection to phrase a question
  • Nandhai: A Falyndar insectivore
  • Syka: Best places to catch birds
  • Syka: Purpose and Appearence of a Tenday Gathering

  • Acquaintance: Gatonk of the Tainted Thorn
  • Hayti: Tskanna Caretaker
  • Ixzo: Unmarked by Myri
  • Azmere Stormblood: The last of this pavilion
  • Azmere: Follows an honorable path
  • Azmere & Quzon: Share a workout
  • Amunet: a promise to wrestle next time
  • Konrad: A tenacious, if dirty, fighter!
  • Zagvir: Fought & died fighting zith
  • Nessela: Spiritist and Owner of the High Spirits
  • Duncan: Blind paddle board reimancer.
  • Founder Randal Zor: A Builder.
  • Buraga: The imposing man with a longsword.
  • Mathias: A Founder of Syka.
  • Mathias: wilderness survivalist and priest of Xhyvas.
  • Kamilla: A reimancer

  • Lore of Religion: Myri (SP)
  • Morwen: Goddess of Winter
  • Sivah: God of Summer
  • Bala: Goddess of Fall
  • Tavasi: God of Spring
  • Myri: Goddess of War
  • Morwen: Abandoned Mizahar
  • Akajia: Does not control the Tainted Shadows
  • Myri: Blooded weapon prayer ritual.
  • Semele: Praying to Semele, Battlefield of all Victories.
  • Xhyvas: Unknown Deity.
  • Izurdin: A belief in building stronger people

  • Vantha Bounty Hunt
  • Quzon: Eats the heart of a Vantha
  • Making a New Friend the Myrian Way
  • Becoming Employed as a Caretaker at the Tskanna Training Yards
  • Tainted Shadows: unaffected by reimancy
  • Tainted Shadows: If all else fails, pray to Syna.
  • Intellegence: Roumor that Tainted shadows gather at The Oasis.
  • Tainted Shadows: Soulmist does not effect them.
  • Quzon: Karkula Whiptail attack.

  • Amulet of Desire: Glows in direction of desired object.
  • Amulet of Desire: Has limited range.
  • Amulet of Desire: Can glow
  • Ring of Change: transformation times.
  • Ring of Change: Earth Velispar land swimming.
  • Auristics: Magic to enhance senses.
  • Auristics: Possible to perceive physical
  • Auristics: Possible to perceive Internal structure
  • Auristics: Possible to perceive the feeling of other
  • Auristics: Possible to perceive “other natures”
  • Auristics: Aura of Iron ore.
  • Auristics: Becoming tired after a single novice use.

  • Auristics: Fledgling warning, only focus on one aura at a time.
  • Hypnosis: Hypnotists are artists of the mind
  • Hypnosis: Wield Djed through charisma
  • Hypnosis: Suggestion
  • Hypnosis: Emotional response
  • Hypnosis: Using Hypnotic Suggestion.
  • Hypnosis: Enemies suggestion.
  • Reimancy: Transmuting res to earth
  • Reimancy: Utilizing Reimancy to Dig Holes
  • Reimancy: Better Res control when close to the caster.
  • Reimancy: Using res to attract elements.
  • Reimancy: Lava Para-element transmutation.
  • Reimancy: form gems through Reimancy?
  • Reimancy: Moving res as a Gas.
  • Reimancy: Danger of attraction, self stoning.
  • Reimancy: Deactivation of attraction.
  • Reimancy: Earth Arrow head. (Projectile)
  • Reimancy: The Decay rate of Res.
  • Reimancy: Using Gestures for concentration.
  • Reimancy: Using incantations for concentration.
  • Reimancy: Res attraction pressure.
  • Reimancy: Creating Earth spheres.
  • Reimancy: Controlling multiple res clouds at once.
  • Reimancy: Group Earth Reimancy.
  • Reimancy: Jungle earth transmutation.
  • Reimancy: Bodybuilding Squats as a gesture.
  • Reimancy: “Stop” Incantation.
  • Reimancy: Separating res.
  • Reimancy: Mining with Earth Reimancy
  • Reimancy: Multi element dance.
  • Reimancy: Firedancing, Upward tornado-twirl.
  • Reimancy: Fire dance, snake-ribbons.
  • Reimancy: Earth dance, earth-ribbon.
  • Reimancy: “Burn” Incantation.
  • Reimancy: Fire Transmutation.

  • Djed: The Self.
  • Spiritists: They use Soulmist?
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Postby Quzon on March 31st, 2017, 7:40 am


Item Price Acquisition Description
Handaxe 6 gm At starting A small axe designed to be used as a secondary weapon, usually with a battleaxe. (Axe Head/spike: 7in), (Blade Material: Steel), (Overall Length: 17in), (Handle: Wood). Spiritual weapon: As of Winter, 517 A.V. the entire ax was coated by a master Spiritist and can interact with ghost and ethereal undead.
Chakram 10 GM At starting A thrown weapon with the shape of a flat metal hoop baring a sharp outer edge. While capable of being used in melee, it is primarily used for range attacks. It is circular in shape with a sharpened metal outer edge and ranges in size from approximately 12 inches in diameter. Typically seen worn around Quzon's neck like a piece of jewelry.
Aclis 1 gmbought A club attached to lightweight cord. Mainly used in close combat, it may also be thrown, with the cord being used to drag it back to be used again. Quzon keeps the cord wrapped around his waist like a belt, letting the club hang at his side.
Toolkit, Hunter/Trapper's 25 gmAt starting A medium-sized leather pouch containing a hunting knifeImageThe knife is any blade smaller than a dagger. Though not necessarily designed for direct combat, a knife can make for a good back-up weapon in a pinch. The sheath of the knife is found slipped into Quzon's right boot where he keeps the knife as a tool and for combat., a roll of thin rope for making simple traps, a handful of vials containing common animal scents (rabbit, deer) and a preserving kit. Also includes two tiny and one small animal snare as well as a 10 square foot camouflage tarp.
Tent, four-person 10 gm At starting
Rucksack 1 gmAt starting Designed to complement the humble backpack, this rucksack is made of stout leather and is extremely durable. It is worn around the waist as a belt and fits snugly underneath the ordinary backpack, greatly increasing one’s carrying capacity.
Leather Vest & cotton Loincloth SPSP
Linen Undergarment SPSP
Wool Cloak SPSP black cloak
Simple Boots SPSP
Belt 2smSP Wore on waist where he keeps his Axe holstered.
Waterskin SPSP
Backpack SPSP Brown leather backpack
Set of toiletries SPSP A Comb and Brush made of bone, Soap , and Razor from the starting package all found in the backpack.
Balanced Rations SPSP 1 Week’s Worth of food in backpack
Eating knife SPSP in backpack
Flint & Steel SPSP located in Quzon's backpack
Hunters Hide 20gmBought The cured hide wraps around the wearer mimicking the anatomy of a beast, fur and smell included, with the head of the animal serving as a helmet.
Gauntlets, Spiked5gmBought The knuckles of these gauntlets are set with inch-long spikes which make a punch become much more deadly.
Large Chest 2gmBought A large chest used for storing all manner of items. Quzon keeps the bulk of his bodybuilding equipment in it.
Pick, Miner’s3gmBoughtSimilar in most ways to the common weapon, this pick is weighted and specially designed to aid in digging through stone.
Antiquities Society Medallion 50gmBought Antiquities Society Compass Rose Medallion. Obtained when made a member.
Bottomless Backpack RewardThis item has enormous storage capacity. Well able to hold anything that can fit through its opening without being heavier than 15 lbs.
Eversharp Dagger This plain looking dagger holds its edge from here to tomorrow, never dulling unless faced with a magic item more powerful than its slightly magecrafted edge.
Laviku's Mask rewardThis clear face mask, when worn beneath the waves, allows a wearer to see clearly beneath the waves and hold their breath for upwards of ten minutes at a time before needing another.
Shielding Magical Tease reward - A page, rough with age. On the page written in common is the beginning of what looks like a journal entry. There is a paragraph speaking of the beginnings of (Shielding). If the page is handled too much it might disintegrate. No one knows what happened to the rest of the journal. This page grants the PC a lore in knowing about the magic of their choice and a 5 points in it if it is a magic that does not require initiation.
Auristics Magical Tease reward - A page, rough with age. On the page written in common is the beginning of what looks like a journal entry. There is a paragraph speaking of the beginnings of (Auristics). If the page is handled too much it might disintegrate. No one knows what happened to the rest of the journal. This page grants the PC a lore in knowing about the magic of their choice and a 5 points in it if it is a magic that does not require initiation.
Hypnosis Magical Tease reward - A page, rough with age. On the page written in common is the beginning of what looks like a journal entry. There is a paragraph speaking of the beginnings of (Hypnosis). If the page is handled too much it might disintegrate. No one knows what happened to the rest of the journal. This page grants the PC a lore in knowing about the magic of their choice and a 5 points in it if it is a magic that does not require initiation.
The Amulet of Desire Reward When you hold it in your hand and turn a careful circle until you stand in whichever direction the person, place, or thing that you desire will cause the amulet to glow. The person place or thing you desire can change moment to moment. It will continue to glow as long as you concentrate on that object of desire and point in the direction it lies relative to you. This item will only work if you are within a 10 mile distance of the one thing you desire. (Must have a LORE of the item person or location your character desires or else they don't know it exists to desire it. If you want an idea concept or fact, this will not work with this item. It works only on physical things. These items will be important at a later date in future events.
Moonstone Obtainedgemstones
Emerald Obtained gemstones
Tourmaline, Black Obtainedgemstones
Skeleton The Skeletal remains of the last owner of the Bottomless backpack, and assumed writer of the Magical Teases
Food Preservation Chest Reward This magical chest is as described. Anything that is placed in its depths will be perfectly preserved. Meat, cheese, fruit... any sort of food will not decompose and be as fresh as the day is long when the chest is opened again - even if years have passed. The chest is large enough to hold a large elk or deer, boar, or even a human corpse. Because some unusual things are considered 'food', often things like fresh cut flowers and grains can be stored safely in this chest.
Desirable Fish Trap Reward The fish trap is wonderful for streams, rivers, lakes, and even the ocean. It never needs baited and can be tossed into the water attached to a rock or staked to a pole. It never needs baited and must be checked once a day. The trap can and usually does hold multiple fish if left in the water long enough. Fish of all desirable edible types find it irresistible, while poisonous or bony or even unpalatable fish avoid it at all cost so its harvest is indeed selectively efficient.
Isuas clothes16 gms bought 1x. Long sleeved Isuas shirt. 1x. Isuas pants.
Insect Repellent4gms bought
Toolkit, Survival.25gms bought This kit contains the basic essentials for a surviving in the wilds of Mizahar. It includes a simple first aid kit, flint and steel, 2 simple snares, a waterskin and a simple tent. It also contains a small compass, a small roll of fishing line and 6 basic fishhooks, 2 candles, a blanket, a needle and thread and a small, simple knife.

Item Price Acquisition Description
Body Building Equipment Family Heirloom Family Heirloom Commonly found in the home of an Isur but also found scattered throughout Mizahar are items meant to aid in the strengthening and shaping of one's physical strength and endurance. A set of this equipment consists of a variety of metal weights, bars, ropes and chains. The purpose of this equipment is to offer resistance to a person trying to lift, stretch or otherwise move such items. As the Isur discovered long ago, one's body responds to repetitive, resisted motion by growing muscle and thus increasing strength and endurance. Quzon's father's personal equipment given to his son to keep in shape. They are "religious items" to Quzon since he was taught Izurdin the God of Strength showed mortals the way to craft theirbody into perfection, and with true strength comes victory and with victory he also honors Myri in battle.

Ring of Change :
Gillar wrote:Quzon's prize for this challenge, The Ring of Change, is as follows:


Crafted from the bone of a young adult Earth Velispar and blessed by the Moon God, Leth, this ring grants the wearer the fantastic ability to transform into the legendary Velispar.

When the sun dips below the horizon and the rise of the moon begins, the wearer experiences a series of unique changes. During the first two bells (hours) following the sunset, the wearer will undergo a strange transformation. Their fingers will elongate along and they will grow three-inch claws. Their skin takes on a deep bronze color with dull grey and green hues. Their skin also gains a vaguely scaled pattern; not actual scales but more of a color and shade pattern resembling scales, much like the Velispar-human hybrid known as the Verusk. Their teeth also become more pronounced, elongated and sharpened. Their eyes take on the look of a reptile with slitted pupils.

As they reach the two-bell mark, the wearer will undergo a more severe change. Bones and muscles stretch, pop and shift as they take on the legendary form of the Velispar. The core of their body becomes as big as a large horse, although much more slender and elongated with a long tail. Their skin becomes a deep gold with bright green and silver patterns with full scaling. Their head is bearded with elaborate curling horns, large eyes, an almost wolf-like maw with three-inch long teeth. Their claws are six-inch long. Lean, powerful muscles ripple through their enhanced, reptilian form.

After the four bells of being in the form of a full Velispar, the wearer returns to the pre-Velispar hybrid form for another two bells before returning to their normal form.

Powers and Abilities

- As the sun sets each night, for 8 hours after the wearer undergoes transformation from Verusk to Velispar back to Verusk.

- In the hybrid, Verusk form, the wearer has functional three-inch claws that can be used to aid in unarmed combat.

- In the Velispar form, the wearer is able to literally swim through raw, natural earth and stone at a highly increased speed. Travel times for land routes are effectively reduced by 30%. They become one with the earth at this time. Worked stone however cannot be moved through. Thus worked-stone structures and buildings will block this ability.

- In the Velispar form, the wearer can carry 800 lbs of weight and pull 1,600 lbs.

- In the Velispar form, the wearer gains a single skill that they don't already have at a Competent level with 50 skill points; representing the Velispar's acquired knowledge. If the wearer already possesses the skill, they add 25 points to their existing total. The skill is rolled anew each time they transform from the list that follows. The skill gained changes every time they change. They lose all knowledge and ability with said skill as soon as they lose the full Velispar form.

- In the Velispar form, the wearer gains the temporary ability, for four hours, to use the first mark of Leth's gnosis, Telepathy.


- An Earth Velispar is opposed by the element of Water. Water buries, drowns, isolates and erodes earth. Because of this, the ring will not function when the wearer attempts to cross large bodies of water such as rivers, lakes or oceans. If on a ship or boat, the ring will not function. If the wearer is already transformed and attempts to cross such bodies of water, the ring will immediately deactivate and the wearer will return to humanoid form in a very painful manner; incapacitating them for the remaining time the ring would have been active.

- The ring only functions at night for 8 hours. When the transformation finally ends, the wearer will be groggy and tired and must sleep else suffer the effects of extreme sleep deprivation.

- The transformation into a Velispar is rather extreme and any clothing worn will be shredded and totally destroyed. Any gear will be dropped. So the wearer must plan accordingly and travel lightly. The change is somewhat uncomfortable and is similar to morphing in that it involves the actual movement and change of bones, muscle, organs and tissue.

- Their is no control over the transformation once it begins. The ring cannot be removed once the process starts. If the ring is removed before, the transformation will not take place. If it is removed after, overwhelming exhaustion will set in requiring the wearer to sleep for three days straight before having strength enough to function. Putting the ring back on during this time will have no results; it will not function until the wearer's body has rested the full three days and is capable of handling the change.

- While the wearer will not suffer the voracious appetite of a young Velispar, when they return to their normal form they will be overwhelmingly hungry and will need to eat heavily to prepare for the next change.

- If lost, given away or the wearer is otherwise separated from the ring in a permanent manner, the ring will lose all power and abilities and become nothing more than a worthless bone ring.

Temporarily Acquired Skill List (A single skill to be rolled for during each transformation. Roll 1d60.

(1) Archaeology
(2) Architecture
(3) Astrology
(4) Astronomy
(5) Camouflage
(6) Climbing
(7) Cryptography
(8) Dance
(9) Escape Artist
(10) Farming
(11) Fishing
(12) Floristry
(13) Foraging
(14) Fortune Telling
(15) Gambling
(16) Geology
(17) Herbalism
(19) History
(20) Hunting
(21) Intelligence
(22) Interrogation
(23) Intimidation
(24) Investigation
(25) Land Navigation
(26) Larceny
(27) Law
(28) Leadership
(29) Mathematics
(30) Medicine
(31) Meditation
(32) Metalsmithing
(33) Mining
(34) Mountaineering
(35) Negotiation
(36) Observation
(37) Organization
(38) Persuasion
(39) Philosophy
(40) Physics
(41) Poison
(42) Politics
(43) Running
(44) Salvage
(45) Scavenge
(46) Scouting
(47) Sculpting
(48) Seduction
(49) Singing
(50) Spelunking
(51) Stealth
(52) Storytelling
(53) Subterfuge
(54) Tactics
(55) Teaching
(56) Tracking
(57) Trapping
(58) Wilderness Survival
(59) Shielding (vs Earth Reimancy)
(60) Earth Reimancy

The ring's powers and abilities as well as limitations and drawbacks may change over the course of its use if the need for balance is required.


Current housing: Syka, Quzon's Quarters.

Current Rooms & Furnishings
  • Master Bedroom (Simple)
    Includes a walk-in closet and a simple privy. Furnishings include a straw bed, two chests of drawers and a small mirror. There are also a couple of rough benches and a small table. 400 sq.ft.

  • Common Area (Simple) This is a plain room or equivalent sized space containing a few benches and generic artwork or tapestries. This structural component may be purchased to for balconies, meeting areas or just an all-purpose room. 400 sq.ft.

  • Storage (Simple)
    An empty room with rough walls and unfinished floor. Sometimes made into a vault with the addition of stone or masonry walls, locks and traps. 400 sq.ft.

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Postby Quzon on March 31st, 2017, 7:42 am


Summer 518 :
2nd of Summer, 518 A.V. - [Coalinga Mines] Child of the Mountain.
3rd of Summer, 518 A.V. -[Coalinga] Buried Faith
3rd Day of Summer, 518 A.V -Hunting Darkness
10th of Summer, 518 A.V. -[Takula Outpost] Brave From Start to Finish.

Spring 517 :
33rd Day of Spring, 517 A.V.:Ironborn, I.
1st Day of Spring, 517 AV.: The Little Things That Count

Winter 516 :
[Placeholder Winter 516 job 1] ***
[Placeholder Winter 516 job 2] ***[/u]

84th Day of Winter, 516 A.V.: [The War Storm Pavilion] Embrace Violence
80th of Winter, 516 A.V.: [The War Storm Pavilion] Bruised knuckles.
12th Day of Winter, 516 A.V.:Building Bridges
2nd night/3rd of Winter, 516 A.V.: The Cold Reality of Winter (Completed)
1st Day of Winter, 516 A.V.:Dance of the Warforged

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Postby Quzon on September 1st, 2018, 12:18 pm


Purchase Cost Total
+100 GM (Starting Package)
Axe, Throwing -8 gm 92 GM
Toolkit, Hunter/Trapper's -25 gm 67 GM
Tent, four-person -10 gm 57
Rucksack -1 gm 56
Chakram -10 gm 46
Belt -2sm 45 GM. 8sm
Practice Dummy, Simple -10 gm 35 GM. 8sm
Fall 513 living expenses Squalor -530 GM. 8sm.
Winter 513 living expenses Squalor -5 25 GM. 8sm
Spring 514 living expenses Squalor -5 20 GM. 8sm
Summer 514 living expenses Squalor -5 15 GM. 8sm
Fall 514 living expenses Squalor -5 10 GM. 8sm
Winter 514 living expenses Squalor -5 5GM. 8sm
Spring 515 living expenses (inactive)0 5GM. 8sm
Summer 515 living expenses (Squalor)-5 8sm
Fall 515 living expenses (inactive)0 8sm
Winter 515 living expenses (inactive)0 8sm
Cashed in/Sold Housing in Taloba+500 GM 500gm.8sm
Bought Wagon, Covered -45 gm 455gm 8sm.
Yvas-2gm453gm 8sm
Yoke, horse-7 gm446GM 8sm
Seme, horse-200 gm246gm 8sm.
Sold Practice Dummy, Simple +10 gm 256gm 8sm.
Spring 516 A.V. Living Expenses (Poor)-45GM211 GM. 8sm
Summer 516 A.V. Living Expenses (Inactive)-0
Fall 516 A.V. Living Expenses (Poor)-45gm 166gm. 8sm
Hunters Hide-20gm 146gm. 8sm
Bit And Bridle-2gm 144gm. 8sm
Winter 516 A.V. Living Expenses (Poor)-45gm 99 gm. 8sm
Aclis-1gm 98 gm. 8sm
Gauntlets, Spiked 5 gm 93 gm. 8sm
Supplies 11 gm, 3 sm. 82gm.5sm
Large Chest-2 gm 80gm. 5sm
Cart Harness-2 gm 78gm. 5sm
Vantha Bounty (See SS) +1000 gm 1078gm. 5sm
Spring 517 Living Expenses (common)-135 gm943 gm. 5sm
Summer 517 Living Expenses (inactive)0943 gm. 5sm
Fall 517 Living Expenses (inactive)0943 gm. 5sm
Sold Covered Wagon45+988gm. 5sm
Bought Cart (3 person) 15-973gm. 5sm
Pick, Miner’s-3970gm. 5sm
The Antiquities Society membership-50920gm. 5sm
Healing session-10910gm. 5sm
Saddle, Riding-10 gm900gm. 5sm
Saddle Pad-1 gm 899 gm. 5sm
Winter 517 Wages+1,365 gm 2264gm.5sm
Winter 517 Expenses (Common)-135 gm2129gm. 5sm
Kuahala Estates rent -368gm1761gm. 5sm
Spring 518 Expenses *Cora Apartments -135gm1761gm. 5sm
Bought Banded Mail -250gm1511gm. 5sm
SoldSelling mount related gear and heavy armor because moving to Syka.: Saddle, Riding+10 gm1521gm. 5sm
Sold: Saddle Pad+1 gm1522gm. 5sm
Sold: Yvas+2gm1524gm. 5sm
Sold: Yoke, horse+7 gm 1531gm. 5sm
Sold: Seme, horse+200 gm1731gm. 5sm
Sold: Bit And Bridle+2gm1733gm. 5sm
Sold: Cart Harness+2 gm 1735gm. 5sm
Sold: Cart (3 person) +15 gm1750gm. 5sm
Sold Banded Mail +250gm2000gm. 5sm
Summer 518 Expenses-135gm1865gm. 5sm
Earned: Spring 518 Wages+2,7304595gm. 5sm
Earned: Summer 518 Wages+2,7307325 gm. 5sm
Fall 518 Expenses-135gm7190gm. 5sm
Winter 518 Expenses-135gm7055gm. 5sm
Syka house furnishingsRooms built himself via Reimancy. 50% off. Master Bedroom (Simple) 800 gm, Common Area (Simple) 250 gm, Storage (Simple) 250 gm-650gm6305gm. 5sm
Spring 519 Expenses -135gm6270gm. 5sm
Hearth, Average-3 gm6267gm.5sm
Weekend Challenge June/July 2019+9gm6276gm. 5sm
Summer 519 expenses-135gm6141gm. 5sm
WS Supplies-49gm6092gm. 5sm
Book, Blank-3gm6089gm. 5sm
Ink (1 Oz. Vial)-1gm6088gm. 5sm
Quill-5cm6087gm. 5sm. 95cm
Longsword-15gm6072gm. 5sm. 95cm
Birthday Gift/Bird traps-31gm6041gm. 5sm. 95cm
Ink Sticks (10 sticks)-3gm6038gm. 5sm. 95cm
Summer 520 Expenses-135gm5903gm. 5sm. 95cm
Fall 520 Expenses-135gm5768gm. 5sm. 95cm
Spring 521 Expenses-135gm5633gm. 5sm. 95cm
Winter 522 Expenses-135gm5498gm. 5sm. 95cm
Summer 522 Expenses-135gm5363gm. 5sm. 95cm
Spring 523 Expenses-135gm 5228gm. 5sm. 95cm
Fall 523 Expenses-135gm 5093gm. 5sm. 95cm
Total:5093gm. 5sm. 95cm

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