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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Office of the Lord of Council

Postby Neologism on May 30th, 2019, 1:18 pm

Lord of Council's Office
ImageThe Lord of Council's Office is an elegant building of stone brick. It is located in the heart of the University Quarter, and indeed, is one of the oldest structures there. It had been standing for centuries even before the Valterrian, and had originally been the home of the ranking admiral in the Royal Navy of Alahea. When Zeltiva began to reemerge from the destruction of the Valterrian, the building had been repurposed as the official residence and offices of the Lord of Council, ostensibly the political leader of the city.

In reality, the Lord of Council is largely a ceremonial leader. Practical power in the city was held by two groups, the University of Zeltiva Board of Regents, and the Administrative Committee of the Sailors' Guild. To attempt to go against both one is impossible, and so it is commonly known that the Lord of Council simply rubber-stamps their decisions.

Still, the Lord of Council serves a purpose to the people of Zeltiva, if not for at least a mundane reason. It is at the Lord of Council’s Office that Zeltivans go to acquire business permits, buy and trade land, pay taxes, and look for work. And thus, the Lord of Council as acquired one of the finest office spaces in the city where he/she can be accessed. The Lord Councilor’s Office, and that of his/her staff, the Councilors, and their staff, are all located on upper floors away. With permission a citizen can hold an audience with the Lord of Council or one of the Councilors, however they must first apply at reception.

ImageUpon entering, visitors are greeted by an elaborate reception area. The marble floors match the brilliant white marble walls that have been renovated to hold all public records in six large bookshelves. Hardwood chairs rest in the reception for waiting civilians, and in the center is a neat hardwood desk where one can get their questions answered and apply for and audience with a Councilor. The nameplate on the secretary's desk reads Tranaris Johnson. The name belongs to an austere appearing man in his late sixties, with a wispy white hair and prominent brows. He seems to be perpetually writing something down or frowning at a document, but he looks up promptly whenever he hears the door open.

"Welcome to the Lord of Council's office. How may we help you today?" The gruff an unamused voice will ring out, the exact same regardless of who enters or why. Upon receiving the inquiry of the citizen he will then begin to inquire the necessary questions and fill out a form to file away or to be reviewed by a Councilor for approval. Tranaris hand-fills all the forms necessary and relays the information to the necessary person himself. Going to the Lord Councilor’s office is never a quick errand.

Tranaris Johnson
ImageRace: Human
Date of Birth: Summer, 453AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: Keeper of the Lord of Council’s Office
Skills: Mathematics (65), Writing (55), Politics (50), Law (40), Copying (30)
Language: Common (Fluent), Fratava (Fluent)
Concept: An elderly man with a very businesslike demeanor. Tranaris Johnson has served as the keeper of the Lord of Council’s office for well over four decades. There is very little that goes on in the city that he is unaware of. A man who is content with his role in Zeltiva, Tranaris strives to do only one thing and that is to preserve the honor and integrity of the Lord’s Office. It is well known that Tranaris Johnson is a very connected individual and though he has had the opportunity to assume the role of Lord of Council himself he shows absolutely no interest in doing so. With it being common but unspoken knowledge that the Lord of Council is little more than a figure-head, many wonder if Tranaris prefers his position because his power is tangible and real.
Other: ST Moderated.

Lile Frithisen
ImageRace: Human
Date of Birth: Summer, 492AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: Lord of Council
Skills: Leadership (60), Organization (50), Rhetoric (40), Writing (30), Law (30), Politics (20)
Language: Common (Fluent), Fratava (Fluent), Tukant (Poor)
Concept: Lile was never meant to be elected, or so she thought. As the wife of a prominant Gracey family member who was running for Lord of Council, she made a concentrated effort to create a favorable public appearance for her husband. Unbeknownst to her, the Sailor’s Guild and Board of Regents conspired to have her elected instead of her husband. The two ruling factions had suffered through too many years of powerful Lord Councilors and saw Lile Frithisen as a pretty-faced, inexperienced, daughter of a shipwright who would bend to their will easy enough. There are rumors her husband has separated from her after her unexpected win of the seat, although they appear together in public to maintain appearances. So far the Board of Regents and Sailor’s Guild have been pleased with Lile’s performance, although she is beginning to gain more political influence with the people, having been the most personable Lord of Council in recent years. Having been in office since Spring of 516AV, Lile is gaining strong social favor with the people and filling her role as Lord Councilor and puppet to the ruling factions well. The Board of Regents and Sailor’s Guild are satisfied with her cooperation and so it appears she will be up for re-election in 522AV
Other: ST Moderated.

OOC Forms :
In order to own property, enroll in the University, or to receive a ration chips during famine, one must acquire a visa. Everyone age twelve and older is required to get a visa and citizenship. Citizens who leave the city for longer than six years will lose their citizenship and be required to apply for a visa upon return.

Code: Select all
[b]Name:[/b] [url=CS Sheet Link]PC Name[/url]
[b]Race:[/b] Consult race relations in the [url=url]Player Guide[/url] before applying.
[b]Date and Place of Birth:[/b] Day Season Year, City
[b]Languages:[/b] Language (Poor/Basic/Fluent), Language (Poor/Basic/Fluent)
[b]Job or sponsor:[/b] Required for eligibility of ration chips. Sponsors are PCs who already have Zeltivian citizenship and pay the applicant’s seasonal expenses.

One cannot vote in Zeltiva until they’ve gained Zeltivian citizenship. Children under the age of sixteen and whose parent’s already have Zeltivian citizenship will automatically be given citizenship when they turn sixteen. Children under the age of sixteen who turn sixteen in Zeltiva without a citizen parent will automatically be given a visa and can apply for citizenship after two seasons.

Code: Select all
[b] Name:[/b] [url=CS Sheet Link]PC Name[/url]
[b]Date and Place of Birth:[/b] Day Season Year, City
[b]Residence:[/b] Quarter, Building#
[b]Job or sponsor:[/b] Required for eligibility of ration chips. Sponsors are PCs who already have Zeltivian citizenship and pay the applicant’s seasonal expenses.
[b]Date visa was issued:[/b] Minimum of two seasons, maximum of four. If one does not acquire citizenship before their visa expires, they must apply for another visa and wait another two seasons before they can apply for citizenship.

Having a job in Zeltiva does not require a visa or a citizenship. No need to apply for leveling up a job skill, it will be accounted for when you submit wages.

Code: Select all
[b]Name:[/b] [url=CS Sheet Link]PC Name[/url]
[b]Job:[/b] Consult the [url=http://www.mizahar.com/lore/Price_list_(Income)]The Price List[/url].
[b]Location:[/b] [url=Location Link]Location[/url]
[b]Applicable Skill(s) and Level:[/b] Skill (XP#)
[b]Wage:[/b] # gm/day.

Two completed job threads will gain full wages, one completed job thread will gain half wages. If a PC was in Zeltiva for half or more of the season they can earn full wages so long as they do not apply anywhere else. If a PC was in Zeltiva for less than half a season, they only qualify for half wages and need only do one job thread.

Code: Select all
[b]Name:[/b] [url=CS Sheet Link]PC Name[/url]
[b]Job & Skill Level:[/b] Job, Skill (XP#)
[b]Two Job Threads:[/b] 2,500+ words each
[list][*] [url=url]Job Thread I[/url] (Word Count)
[*][url=url]Job Thread II[/url] (Word Count)[/list]
[b]Seasonal Experience Threads:[/b] 1-3 Threads
[list][*] [url=url]Seasonal Experience Thread I[/url]
[*] [url=url]Seasonal Experience Thread II[/url]
[*] [url=url]Seasonal Experience Thread III[/url] [/list]

Owning a business in Zeltiva does not require a visa or citizenship. Apply here and a Storyteller will PM you once your business is approved or denied.

Code: Select all
[b]Name of Owner(s):[/b] [url=url]PC Name[/url]
[b]Has your Business Sheet been Approved?:[/b] Yes/No (Hint: It must be approved)
[b]Business Sheet:[/b] [url=Business Sheet]Business Name[/url]
[b]Address:[/b] Quarter, Building#
[b]Any NPCs Employeed?:[/b] Y/N

If one would like to acquire a loan in order to start a business, PM an ST.

Coming Soon.

To get a PC location added to the map, be it residential or business, please PM a storyteller.

Original location credit goes to Liminal.

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Office of the Lord of Council

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