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Mathew's Keep

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 10:56 pm

Mathew's Keep
ImageThe Wave Guard is based out of Mathew’s Keep. With funding from the Sailor's Guild and the assistance of architects from the College of Applied Skills, the Guard established itself as a force all its own in the year 395 AV when the building was completed. From that day onwards additions and subtractions were made as need be, changing with the times much like the Guard itself. Regardless it remains to the day a sign of Zeltivan law and a place wherein the Wave Guard carries out the day to day duties of the enforcement of those laws.

Tucked on the edge of the Sailor’s Quarter near the border of the new Denvali Quarter is Mathew’s Keep. It is an unimpressive building built during Modern Zeltivan times. Although there is clear inspiration of pre-Valterrian architecture, the building is created to be sturdy and functional rather than glamourous. It is the headquarters of the Wave Guard, and so it is a building meant to serve a purpose. This is where ranking officers devise strategies and consult on maintaining the safety of the city, where Recruits find their lodgings, and where all Guards come to train and report for duty.

The building itself is a large five story structure carved of stone and built in a rather small fortress-like manner. It possesses two large iron banded double doors to its entrance and a ring of balconies around each level for ease of movement. Out behind the building proper is a small training yard set up with various dummies and training weapons. Often times one might see small groups of recruits running laps around the main building. Wave Guards are welcome to use the training yard, though practice sessions are irregular for most full members and usually only to keep their skills sharpened. Recruits are often seen here though, drilled under the watchful eyes of senior Guards.

Although the keep looks rather intimidating, Mathew’s Keep is actually open to the public. Stepping inside, one will find a large lobby with a reception area. This is where Zeltivans can go to file complaints, turn themselves or someone else in, apply to be a Guard, or petition the help of the Guards. There are usually two to four guards working in the lobby, consulting civilians, filing reports, or simply standing guard. Ringed around the lobby of the first floor is a pseudo-second floor which is home to the lieutenant offices. Each Lieutenant is given a desk and a bookshelf, where their Guards and Recruits directly, there is occasionally tactical planning one must do at a desk.

The second floor is lodging for Guards on duty. Although Guards are expected to obtain their own housing there is occasion for Guards to need to lodge at the keep during exceptionally long shifts or during political unrest, essentially whenever there is need. Guards are assigned bunks temporarily for the night or few days, so it is not acceptable to leave one’s belongings in the trunk at the foot of the bunk. Still, there are amenities, a simple bath room and a small kitchen for basic cooking, as well as a privy outback.

The third floor is much the same as the second, although this floor is for Recruits to live in. During their training Recruits are required to live in the keep, and thus the chests at the foot of their bunks is allowed to contain personal belongings. This is so that the training Guards can keep an eye on recruits and maintain complete control of their lives during their training. It is common for Recruits to lose sleep for menial tasks the Guards set them on, or to become isolated from the city until they complete their training. This is done on purpose to strengthen the resolve of Guards so that they may be able to handle uncomfortable and extreme circumstances as well as learn to rely on one another and work together against unfair and impossible odds. All Guards must go through this, although the length of time they stay is dependent on their speed of learning.

The fourth floor is home to the Captain and Admiral offices. It is a small maze of a few small rooms that ring a central war tactics room where Captains and Admirals may conference as necessary. All the offices are the same from the newest Captain to the High Admiral. There is a total of eighteen offices, although during peacetime not all of them are in use.

The fifth floor is a windowless dark level with iron bars sectioning off sections of the level for cells. Zeltivan law does not include imprisonment for its punishments, so this floor is more of a holding area than anything else. Prisoners here are often apprehended by the Guard and are awaiting punishment. Apprehended criminals do not often wait here long, as punishment for various crimes are severe and clearly outlined. Most punishments are created to mark the person as a criminal for the rest of their lives, forcing them into being alienated by their peers and thus deterring further illegal acts, rather than reeducated the person to a crime-free life.

See the factions section of the Player's Guide

All PCs can use the first floor. Wave Guard PCs can use the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th floors. All PCs PM an ST to use the 4th floor.

Original location credit goes to Eldritch.

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