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The Lumber Mill

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 10:59 pm

The Lumber Mill
ImageAn bell's ride away in the forest above the Denvali Quarter, the Lumber Mill is the main producer of Zeltiva's wood trade resources. Owned by the Gracey Family, the Mill has been worked for numerous generations and continues to do so to this day - working the land and harvesting the resources available. While the territory in which the harvesting from is large, a few dozen acres in fact, the building itself is a small affair. There are a few acres of new trees in various stages that shows where the mill had been. Due to the weather and for the preservation of resources, the mill only operates only two seasons out of the year: Summer and Fall. Only during the working seasons does the Wave Guard regularly attend to ensure the safety of the workers, and all other times of the year the mill is inactive except for a private guard sent by the Gracey family to protect their resources.

ImageLocated at the end of a word mud and stone road in a clearing, the main structure stands at two stories at its highest point and is constructed mostly of wood. Behind the mill itself is an open shed for the felled, already de-limbed trees yet to be treated. They are neatly sorted into species, size and use before they are processed. Around the various workers tend to the materials, cutting it down and scaling the logs before they are taken into the mill proper. Outside the occasional horse drawn wagon resides, ready to take the processed materials down to the city docks where they are unloaded and distributed.

Through a large set of double doors at the front of the mill, the scent of saw dust and cut wood resides mixed with the residue of wood treatment being applied to the fresh cuts. The floor is covered in a thick layer of powdery saw dust, something that is continuously added to with each passing day. It is also within that it becomes clear the full nature of the operation. The long alley takes pride of the mill, double doors gracing opposite ends, the turning rollers leading debarked logs to be sawed, split, edged and trimmed into their final lengths, before being taken off to drying in a contained rooms. In the drying room itself, several kilns line the edge and drive out the naturally occurring moisture. It is during this time that the wood is also treated and tended to. Once done, the lumber is loaded up and sent down into the city for further processing.

⥼ Laborer: Working for the mill is seasonal work, and often taken on by those down on luck looking for a temporary contract to pad their coffers, or by those sentenced to labor for crimes. It is hard work, but it is easy work and the only dangers are posed from the wilderness the mill encroaches on. The Wave Guards can ensure a degree of safety, but it is otherwise a simple job. Base pay is 1 gm/day, and seasonal experience is awarded in endurance or bodybuilding.

Original location credit goes to Fallon.

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