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Zastoska Bath House

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:00 pm

Zastoska Bath House
ImageA few chimes walk west street into the Ancient Quarter, Zeltiva's Bath House rests among the Pre-Valterrian architecture. From the front it doesn't look small, but the building does not give an onlooker the idea of elegance. The structure's stone had been neatly patched up over the years, leaving clear signs of the building's battles against storms and time. To a stranger, the building is old unassuming. Without direction, a newcomer may not find the Bath House. A Zeltivian can see the rich base of the structure, that may not bear its Pre-Valterrian carvings any longer, but the architecture shows its past pride.

Upon entrance, initial evaluations will immediately change. The warm relaxing air that circulates through the spacious main room is filled with the gentle babble of water behind walls, which has a rather calming effect. The first room one enters in the bathhouse is the lobby. As the visitor walks in, they will be greeted by an assistant. A cup of tea ready in case it is wanted, adding a small price to the tab. If the patron is coming for a bath, private or public, towels and an array of soaps will be offered, also for a small price. Then the customer may choose to join the general public for the standard fee or reserve their private bath for a little bit more. The option for a message will be presented, and a listing of the types upon request. If the bather wishes to keep their things away from the public eye, they can simply give them to the assistant, which will also add a small price. In Zeltiva, it is common practice for Zeltivians to bathe in the small streams that lead to the harbor from the mountains, or to simply pull a bucket from a well and use that water. Thus, the only bathhouse in town is considered s small luxury, even under the most basic of circumstances.

ImageIt is custom to go through a washing room before entering the public or private baths, and then to finish one’s bathing in the steam room. The washing room is a rather small room that is not meant for one to spend much time in. The ceiling has small holes in it to let the natural light in, but keeps most of the weather out. There are a few candled lit on the walls, but the room is otherwise largely left alone. A large pool of water is found in the center of the room and it is where a few people are in to quickly scrub their skin of dirt and grim, lathering themselves with soap and rinsing off as best they can before quickly departing for the main baths. The water here is not heated, making it utterly unavailable during freezing times, although few people take baths during these times anyway. It is typically frigid and a murky green. One can feel the algae between their toes on the bottom of the pool, although they are assured by an assistant that the pool is emptied every other day and then refilled, there is no mention of deep cleaning.

ImageAfter scrubbing as much dirt from their bodies as possible, people can then go into the public baths which are heated and always open. This is where one can soak and enjoy their time in the baths to either relax or socialize. The public bath is an outdoor bath, with walls growing up around it for privacy. It was possible the baths used to be inside at some point, but few have issue with the outdoor baths. Fires are stoked in the crevices underneath the bathhouse and copper piping runs around the corners to ensure the whole of the bath is can be heated when necessary and prepared for any weather. The Zastoska bathhouse staff regularly cleans this water and fills it will scented oils that are meant to soothe and relax patrons. There are a few chairs and tables about for one to take breaks from the water and enjoy some tea or receive a facial or grooming from the Bathhouse staff. No clothes, with the exception of staff, are permitted in the bathhouse, however.

If one does not wish to go to the public bath, they will be escorted to a private bath if they paid for it at the front desk. Upon request up to four people may inhabit a private bath at once, and this is where masseuses are called to give massages and private grooming and cosmetics can be applied as well.

After either a public or private soak, one can enter back into the changing rooms to retrieve their items and depart or one can enter the steam room. The steam room is similar in design to the scrubbing room, although instead of a pool in the center of the room, there seems to be an elevated stone slab. Ringing the slab is a small moat of water where staff are regularly placing and replacing hot stones that keep the water softly boiling and thick wafts of steam rising in the room. It is an unspoken rule that talking here, even among people who attend the baths together, is not allowed, and staying longer than ten to fifteen chimes is not recommended. Even the staff works in shifts of ten chimes, switching with those working in the lobby to ensure that they are not too affected by the heat. Here patrons are encouraged to take a reed mat and lie down and relax.

ImageRace: Human
Date of Birth: Winter, 480AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: Owner of Zastoska Bath House
Skills: Massage (65), Tactics: Business (55), Cosmetology (40), Organization (35), Teaching (30), Medicine (20)
Language: Common (Fluent)
Concept: Anelda is a rather complicated woman. There is an aura that surrounds her that demands not only attention but trust as well. At a glance, she may seem cold or unfriendly, but that is not the case. She genuinely cares for people, and invests great time in the individual. Her life style is strict and she puts a lot of emphasis into hard work, which is what gives people the idea of her being cold. It is common for her to do most of the work herself, only having one or two massage assistants in her work.

Anelda grew up in the Bath House, the establishment being passed down generation after generation. Rumors are that her family had started the Bath House, but no one can remember that far into the past. It is a well-known fact that her family built it up from the ruins, restoring it and keeping its reputation for being one of the most reliable businesses in the Ancient Quarter. She attended the University as a teenager, convinced that she would learn magic like her mother. But it wasn't long before she found herself back at the family establishment, following her father's footsteps. She didn't resent the fact though, finding joy in helping people relax. She focused on her job, mixing in the little auristics she learned in order to find what her customers need for their massage. She also uses her knowledge of medicine to help sore muscles, cuts and bruises, for those who need it at no extra cost.

    Public Bath: 1 gm/day
    Private Bath (4 Bells, up to 4 people): 5 gm/bell + 2 gm per additional bell
    Full Body Massage: 15 gm
    Neck, Shoulders & Head Massage: 10 gm
    Back Massage: 7 gm
    Foot Massage: 5 gm
    Egg and Honey Facial: 5 gm
    Herbal Facial: 15 gm
    Mud-pack Facial: 10 gm
    Steam Facial: 10 gm
    Hair Dying: 15 gm
    Hair Styling: 25 gm
    Manicure: 10 gm
    Pedicure: 10 gm
    Plucking: 5 gm

    Tea: 1 sm
    Private Locker: 1 sm
    Towel: 1 sm
    Clothes Washing: 5 sm
    Regular Soap (3 oz): 2 sm
    Scented Soap (3 oz): 3 sm
    Bath Oils (Private Only, 6 oz): 5 sm

⥼ Personal groomer: Personal groomers mix and apply facials, perform pedicures and manicures, cut and style hair, and help with hair management. They can be hired for all manner of personal grooming, and are often exclusively requested by the wealthy due to the cost and excess of their services. It is a lucrative career for someone who knows to help someone relax and attend to another’s personal hygiene. Base pay is 5 gm/day, must possess the Cosmetics skill.
⥼ Masseuse: The bath house employs masseuses to help patrons relax and to attend to some deep muscle pains. While masseuses are not doctors, they are trained in the workings of the human body and muscular system and frequently requested by those with the coin who seek the comfort and relaxation of having one’s muscles attended to. Base pay is 5 gm/day, must possess the Massage skill.
⥼ General Staff: For those who have not yet specialized or choose not to specialize in a particular skin, even the bath house has general labor. Unlike working in the quarry or the docks, bath house staff work long and tedious hours cleaning and attending to some of the most disgusting aspects of human nature. In charge of emptying and scrubbing baths, cleaning and folding other people’s clothes, and cleaning any bodily fluids that may find their way around a building where 100% of the patrons are naked. Base and final pay is 1 gm/day, no skill required, but seasonal experience will be awarded in Organization.

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