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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Laviku's Figurehead

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:03 pm

Laviku's Figurehead
ImageRecognizable from a distance as one of the few buildings almost entirely built from wood. Due to both its flammable nature and weather sensitive materials it is placed well away from other craft shops like the blacksmith and is hidden on one side from the sea by the stone buildings on the other side of the University Quarter going towards the pass. When a ship or two is in the process of being built or repaired, shipwrights are often seen tramping through the University Quarter, often grumbling about the hike from the docks. All for the sake of specialty items such as the name sake of the shop, figureheads, heavy steering wheels or other such necessities which have become a staple in Zeltiva.

The shop is named for the figurehead of Laviku greeting customers just outside the building. It is in fact part shop and part workshop catering towards carpentry and woodcarving. The front half appears to be a mash of wooden furniture and nautical adornments; from tables and chairs to figureheads and massive steering wheels. Wooden crafts and trinkets, broom handles and staves adorn the wall where tool such as saws, drills and files do not. If one looks past the clutter of objects against and on the wall they could see shapes made from hardwood set against the walls over the interior planks. Naturally it is cut, shaped, and carved to look like waves as a tribute to the god of the sea.

Towards the back lay the main work area containing large worktables studded with vices, all of which tend to be cluttered with designs and sketches as well as the healthy amount of various grades sawdust. To the very back of the workshop huddles the entrance to a back backroom built to store various types of wood in various forms. From common oak and pine to a rare few planks of exotic jungle wood, beams to sheets, the storage room is rather expansive. The last door through the storage room leads to the back of the workshop, where there is a series of vats in various shapes and sizes to help shape and warp wood.

Boris Heigan
ImageRace: Human
Date of Birth: Fall, 485AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: Owner of Laviku’s Figurehead
Skills: Carpentry (65), Carving (55), Sculpting (40), Weapon: Handaxe (30), Wilderness Survival: Mountains (20)
Language: Common (Fluent)
Concept: The current owner of the small, well maintained shop is meticulous in nature (when sober) and shrewd in business. Where his former partner was skilled in woodcraving, he is skilled in carpentry, but it was his business practices that made the shop what it is today. His gravely, course voice coupled with the speech impediment belays his keen intellect, which he often uses to his advantage in negotiations. Yet, when he gives his word, in business and in private matters, he always keeps his end of the bargain. After that bargain is met he spends much of his day working on that and usually a few other commissions or honing his craft and managing records and finances. When a ship is in the works and requires his direct attentions he goes to the docks and shipyards to work on ships. Whereas in the evening he spends his time as a known local at the Kelp Bar.

When approached he stands tall over his patrons, at least 6'4 with thick layers of muscle and fat on his body. His thick arms attest to his former work as construction carpenter and his nimble gait seems to hint at work aboard a sea faring vessel. While his face would otherwise be considered round and personable, he is seen as intimidating by the fierce grimace he constantly wears. Healers that he has seen claim that the semi-paralysis is some sort of palsy, of which he has found no cure from the many such people he solicited. This leaden his tongue and makes it hard for him speak, contributing to somewhat quiet demeanor, unless of course he as a bit of ale in him.

Consult the Price List. Most wooden items can be acquired here with the exclusion of mage-related items or region-specific items, if you are uncertain, PM an ST.

⥼ Carpenter: Lavikus Figurehead employs a small fleet of carpenters. It takes a creative mind and skilled hand to create functioning items from wood. A carpenter crafts items from wood as simple as a basic ax handle to something as advanced as Haut de Bois. Base pay is 5 gm/day, must possess the Carpentry skill.
⥼ Woodcarver: Laviku’s Figurehead is also known for its skilled artisan woodcarvers. With elegant skill and plenty of detail, the woodcarvers are able to craft simple lettering, to the most intricate of sculptures. Just as important as the carpenters, the woodcarvers manufacture a bulk of Laviku’s Figurehead’s revenue. Base pay is 5 gm/day, must possess the Carving skill.

Original location credit goes to Mattias.

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