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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Zeltivan Glassworks

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:04 pm

Zeltivan Glassworks
ImageThe Zeltivan Glassworks have been in operation in their current incarnation for a number of years. Located on the end of West Street where many of their more esoteric pieces are displayed and available for purchase, the workshop hosts three functioning ovens that when lit let off a plume of thick smoke high into the sky above the city. Although the owners of the workshop have long held the lease on a shop from which to sell their wares to the general public, the majority of the income comes from requisition orders sent down from the university. The academics and students of Zeltiva University have much use for glass, from the vials and phials used in experimentation and scholarly research to the dishware and bottles in the kitchens. The glass produced in Zeltiva is not remarkable when compared to that of Riverfall or Wind Reach, indeed the only reason that the manufacture of glass in the harbor city remains steady is the sheer convenience of a local source of limestone and sand that much reduced cost of shipping. While the Zeltivan Glassworks are reliable for common items and simple class creations, if one is looking to procure a specialized piece it would perhaps be best to look abroad.

The layout of the workshop is fairly simple. It squats between two old stone buildings on a space that is assumed to have once housed a garden before the Valterrian. Three hundred years after the catastrophe changed the very face of the world a man from Syliras bought up the land and set up the workshop as a smithy, building the new shop out of limestone cement as most modern Zeltivan buildings are made form. The business was later purchased and re-imagined, the furnaces replaced with the ovens that stand there today. The old building east of the workshop holds the offices and residence of Johann Calbert, current proprietor of the Glassworks, whilst the western building houses storage for completed orders awaiting retrieval. The workshop employs a number of apprentices who learn from their expert glassworkers as well.

Johald Caruth
ImageRace: Summer, 462AV
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: Owner of Zeltivan Glassworks
Skills: Business (55), Negotiation (50), Glassblowing (40), Socialization (30), Drawing (20)
Language: Common (Fluent), Fratave (Basic)
Concept: The current owner of the Zeltivan Glassworks, Caruth counts himself as an expert of the glass art despite very little claim to that title. A brash man who delights in money, Calbert inherited the workshop from his mentor and teacher upon the man’s death as he was the most skilled at that time. Unfortunately, his skill has not progressed much since the acquisition, over twenty years ago. His ability with glass, though arguably poor in comparison to the Inarta masters, or those of the Akalak, are acceptable within the city. The Zeltivan Glassworks only continues to prosper due to his uncanny ability to sniff out a lucrative business opportunity and hard workers. He can frequently be seen making trips to the university’s administrative offices baring bottles of quality wine. Physically he is a short man, with an oft red face and many a burn on his hands. Though it may be surprising, his dedication to his art is wholehearted, and he often seeks out excellent craftsman to perform where he lacks. Still, most who work under him must tip-toe around his fragile ego, since Caruth is willing to listen to anyone who appreciates a well-crafted statuette, but only if their remarks for his own.

Consult the Price List. Most glass items can be acquired here with the exclusion of mage-related items or region-specific items, if you are uncertain, PM an ST.

⥼ Glassblower: Shaping and molding glass is not a very common skill in Zeltiva thus those with such skill can find a decent living, if only they can stand working under Caruth. These individuals craft glass shapes, decor and even windows. All glassworkers are considered apprentices until they reach the competent level. Base pay is 7 gm/day, must possess the Glassblowing skill.
⥼ Laborer: Charged with the very important duty of stoking fires and refilling water buckets as well as ensuring stored glass is kept clean and organized safely, many unskilled workers can find a job at Zeltivan Glassworks. Due to the fragility of the items in their care, laborers here are paid a little more than other places, although it takes only a single mistake to lose one’s job. Base pay is 2 gm/day, and seasonal experience is awarded in endurance or organization.

Original location credit goes to Montaine.

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