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The Essence of Time

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:04 pm

The Essence of Time
Image The Essence of Time is a Perfume Shop on West Street, started by a half-Vantha, Xenil Lightouch. It has since been bought and run by the Mrs. Morningsky, and her sister, Hari, who maintain the shop but not its reputation. It is a small, well-furnished and tastefully decorated shop. Two things will strike you upon first entering: the unoffending light vanilla smell which wafts out through the door. Although modern, it has been beautifully constructed with dark woods around Zeltiva, and a detailed beautiful ceiling, a mimic of the Alahean architecture of the ancient quarter and proof that the perfume trade is far from completely dead. Xenil had attracted an army of privileged patrons among the higher classes during his time, and although Mrs. Morningsky is not the same sociable person as Xenil, her skill keeps loyal customers coming back for more. The back shelves of the shop are lined with a multitude of glass vials with labels denoting their scents, most are clear but some in more vibrant jewel-like colors. Otherwise the shop is fairly simple and open with a few comfortable chairs beside a warm hearth for mingling customers to rest, and a counter behind which Mrs. Morningsky and Hari can be found.

It must also be noted that, prior to the disappearance of Xenil and Valentine, the Essence of Time had gained a reputation as the perfect place to pass notes onto a lover or to find an illicit relationship among the upper-class, due to its respectable yet romantic exterior and interior, it was never too crowded nor too empty, not to mention the extraordinary discretion of Xenil, Valentine and any other temporary staff. Here, you could have been sure to conduct conversations in peace until you catch the eye of the assistant or owner, who will then immediately appear by your side, as if by magic, all courtesy and charm.

In winter of 516AV Xenil and his nephew Valentine vanished. Many assumed that they had been swept up in the genocide of the Vantha after Morwen’s disappearance, although no one knows who turned their deaths in for pay. Considering they were both only half Vantha, their disappearance was not investigated far, and for a time, they were forgotten. After the disappearance of Xenil and Valentine, the Essence of Time stood abandoned for the better half of a year. It was beloved by the wealthy and a staple of West Street. Although the shop’s goods were quickly sold out, it was not yet renovated and resold to another shop when an old woman by the name of Zenar Morningsky and her far younger sister Hari, bought the deed in Fall 517AV. They did not change much of the interior, other than to reorganize it to its exact earlier design. They managed to find the Lighttouch’s old recipes and have been able to create the same familiar perfumes scents beloved by Zeltiva. Although the shop is no longer home to secret lovers and nefarious matchmaking, it remains in business, although barely, due to its loyal customers and ties to The Saville.

Zenar Morningsky
ImageRace: Human, Mixed (Unknown)
Date of Birth: Spring, 466AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: Owner of the Essence of Time
Skills: Perfumery (65), Disguise (60), Impersonation (55), Botany (50), Philtering (40), Tactics: Business (30)
Language: Common (Fluent), Vani (Basic)
Concept: She now runs one of the most prestigious perfume shops in Zeltiva, and Mrs. Morningsky knows it. Mrs. Morningsky is a very tall and broad, although not fat, woman, and she covers up the less desirable traits with custom dresses from Yvette, extravagant hairstyles. She is also known for her heavy hand with makeup, which many find moderately unattractive, although if one looks close enough it is clear she does so to cover unsightly scars. And although she seems to be very sociable, she is not nearly as tactful as Xenil used to be, and so is often avoided by many. Although she is a part of the social higher class, and for some reason is good friends with Yvette, many do their best to avoid her company if they can help it. For anyone who will listen she will tell a long-winded and scatterbrained story of her late husband who was a sailing merchant importing perfumes from Kenash, which was where she got her talents. If one gets that far they may also hear her adorn her sister and her long-hatred from Vantha and most Talderan races. Most people do not stick around long enough to hear her political opinions however, as many wish not to listen to the raspy voice of the old woman. Those who still visit the shop only come for perfume, with little conversation. Mrs. Morningsky is not a likeable woman due to her tendency to rant, but is quite warm and friendly, happy to help customers with whatever they need, so long as they can handle an earful of her life story along with it. She remains in business because she has somehow managed to maintain the beloved Lighttouch recipes and keep her customer’s happy with the products she delivers.
Other: PM an ST to interact.

ImageRace: Human, Mixed (Unknown)
Date of Birth: Winter, 486AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: Perfumer at the Essence of Time
Skills: Perfumery (60), Philtering (55), Disguise (45) Botany (40), Mediation (30), Sewing (20)
Language: Common (Fluent), Vani (Basic)
Concept: Younger sister to Mrs. Morningsky, Hari Morningsky is contrastingly quiet and reserved. She operates the perfume shop with her sister, but avoids the public eye as much as she can, quite literally. Many customers far prefer to ineract with Hari because she avoids most eye contact, mumbles if she must speak, and does not hold conversations. Any attempt to create conversation will be met with an uncomfortable and meek silence. Tall like her sister, Hari wears androgynous clothing, and remains much of a tomboy. She has a soft spot for animals, any pets or strays that wonder to her doorstep are fawned over from the window, and although her sister is outspoken on her hate for Vantha and Morwen, Hari is always noticeably sadder during winter. She often does not work during the winter season and mopes in the back as much as possible, much to the displeasure of her sister.
Other: PM an ST to interact.

The perfumes that can be acquired at Essence of Time are listed here. Specific scents are up to interpretation, within reason, and with the exclusion of magic or region-specific items, if you are uncertain, PM an ST.

⥼ Scents
    Floral (1 GM): Sweet and romantic, floral perfumes are the favorite of most women in Zeltiva, and even some men. Florals are sometimes single notes, but generally, combine the scents of various flowers to create a classic feminine appeal.
    Spice (3 GM): With notes of cloves, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and pepper, spicy perfumes are comforting and alluring in an old-fashioned way. Spice perfumes have the widest range of prices and scents and offer very gender neutral tone, becoming a favorite among all citizens of Zeltiva, who can afford them at least.
    Wood (5 GM): Strong and familiar, woody scents are considered the masculine base of perfumes for the Zeltivan. They can be the common hickory to the extravagant patchouli and hold notes of bark and moss, conjuring up images of winding forest paths. Rare modifier not available.
    Citrus (7 GM): Considered to be extremely exotic in Zeltiva, citrus scents are infused with the sweet tangy scent of the exotic fruit, and are the favorite of the wealthy elite. Although sometimes cheaper than some spice scents, citrus scents can only be imported and so have come to signify status and connection. Common modifier not available.

⥼ Modifiers
    Common: Listed Price
    Unusual: x2
    Rare: x5
    Exotic perfumes must be specially ordered.

Mrs. Morningstar and Hari operate and manage the store completely by themselves. They do not take on apprentices or temporary employees as Xenil and Valentine had, and since the shop has lessened in popularity since its reopening, they claim that they do not need the extra work and will turn down any requests for employment.

Original location credit goes to Arianthe Swansong.

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