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Bohrnn & Goldwoerth

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:05 pm

Bohrnn & Goldwoerth
ImageOn the West Street facing the well renowned Saville rests a low stone arch between two buildings, easy to miss by the unknowing traveler. Below the arch a small set of steep steps lead to a narrow alleyway between streets. The alley is crossed with an old oak bridge, midway through hangs a sign over a door which reads: "Bohrnn & GoldWoerth".

Bohrnn & GoldWoerth's seemingly quaint two story establishment sidles up to West street, but has no entrance on the commercial street itself, but rather on this odd bridge through the alley. Once one is able to find it, they will step into the first floor where Isulla GoldWoerth is labor intensively organizing customers’ orders, taking notes on commissioned work and continuously polishing and cleaning the hundreds of unique and small gadgets for all purposes laying on the countless shelves.

In the back of the work shop is a small winding staircase that leads up to the second floor and down to the floors below. On the wooden floor above, rests the projects atelier where a team of gadgeteers plan out all commissions from the small and intricately detailed to the large and heavy. This floor also serves as storage facility for passed job plans. Below the bridge there are be two stone floors although one will appear to be completely underground for someone standing on the alley. In reality there is only one single massive division. Thirty feet high, running parallel to the alley for ninety feet and forty-five feet across the nearly five hundred square yard space is the largest assembling workshop in the region of Syliras apart from The Ironworks. Between the three independent forges, the woodworks and the assembly area, amidst huge cranes, stairs, hooks and cable ropes, skilled employees work under the firm direction of Jaavolin Yyntent Bohrnn and the detailed watch of Ihmyyru Steelbent.

Founded on the Spring of 449AV by three business partners the then "Gudder, Bohrnn and GoldWoerth" (GBG) specialized in nautical support gadgets such as mechanical stellar maps, monocles, compasses ship water pumps and other highly specialized tools meant to give support for Zeltivian exploration of the seas. Years later, driven by the genius of Otro Muggen Gudder the firm changed direction turning its focus on what seemed to be the new emergent market: weapons. Gudder was arguably the best weapon conceptualist and sketcher since the Valterrain and his vision and inventions pushed GBG to an establishment of great status. The Knights of Syliras commissioned GBG for siege weapons, catapults, scorpions, lifting bridges and advanced defense systems paying nearly each item its weight in gold.

ImageIn 466AV Gudder was arrested and condemned to death in Syliras after being found guilty of selling secret weapons commissioned by the Knights of Syliras to Ravok's Black Sun. Gudder's name had fallen in disgrace and as he had left no descendants his name was excluded from the firm which became simply Bohrnn & GoldWoerth. After Gudder’s arrest, Mallixious Yyntent Bohrnn, helped steer the company back into its gadgeteering roots. While Bohrnn & Goldwoerth still do specialize in siege weapons they also specialize in nautical mechanics as well, securing their place as a vital part of Zeltiva’s economy. In 498AV, Cydnol GoldWoerth passed in a tragic accident with the forge. His daughter, Isulla, hired the Isurian Master Ihmyyru Steelbent to take Cydnol's place running the forges. Bohrnn retired shortly after, leaving the engineering craft in his young son, Jaavolin’s hands. The second generation of Bohrnn & Goldwoerth children are maintaining the thriving business, despite the company’s history.

Bohrnn & GoldWoerth also employ a small group of skilled students from the University every season paying them extra to their wages as part of an agreement signed during the Winter of 501AV, where the University conceded all repairs to be made on University property to be sent to Bohrnn & GoldWoerth.

Isulla Goldwoerth
ImageRace: Human
Date of Birth: Summer, 480AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: Co-owner and Head of Business at Bohrnn & GoldWoerth
Skills: Leadership (65), Tactics: Business (60), Research (55), Mathematics (45), Writing (40), Organization (35), Teaching (30), Blacksmithing (10), Metalsmithing (10), Gadgeteering (5)
Language: Common (Fluent), Fratava (Fluent), Isurian (Poor)
Concept: Isulla is a quiet woman, although she takes nonsense from no one. Fairely pale and petite, many do not suspect her to drive a hard bargain, a detail that has come in handy for her frequently. Having accidentally inherited a thriving business at the age of eighteen, she has learned when diplomacy and when a strong arm are necessary to navigate the merchant economy of Zeltiva.

As the eldest of the GBG children, Isulla always knew she would inherit the business. Having been prepped from a young age, she was an adept leader even before it would be her time, which meant the business did not suffer at her father’s death. Although she mourned him as any daughter would, she quickly set to work to find an adequate replacement for her father, Cydnol. She managed to hire Ihmyyru after hearing of his history with the company and meeting him in Syliras, and then luring him to Zeltiva with promises of working with nautical instruments. She does not work the trade of the company, however Isulla is vital to the smooth running of the business and keeping the forges running from a Miza’s perspective.

She treats her workers well and also keeps them in line. Although most all workers seek Ihryymu or Jaavolin for their skill expertise, she is often the face of the company as she has the most front with customers. Isulla secured the insurance deal with the University and has made some other notable and well-paid but risky business maneuvers, earning her a great deal of respect from most all who know her name.

Jaavolin Yyntent Bohrnn
ImageRace: Human
Date of Birth: Fall, 489AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: Co-owner and Head of Engineering at Bohrnn & GoldWoerth
Skills: Gadgeteering (60), Metalsmithing (50), Carpentry (40), Etching (35), Drawing (30), Sculpting (20), Sewing (10)
Language: Common (Fluent), Isurian (Poor)
Concept: One of two sons of Bohrnn, Jaavolin was the youngest and so did not expect to inherit the business his father created. Still, he learned the engineering and gadgeteering skills from his parents and fell in love with the art. And when his older brother opted to join the Wave Guard instead of take on the family business, it was a no-brainer for Jaavolin to take his place. He was not nearly as prepared for the business as Isulla was, however he learned as much as he needed to and quickly opted to recede on the business front. Instead he focuses on the engineering and gadgeteering concepts that keep Bohrnn & Goldwoerth running. Having never been a very social man, it is incredibly common to find Jaavolin hunched over a desk burning candles late into the night as he plans and sketches out new gadgets and inventions to propose to customers or to try his hand at creation.

Although still relatively young, he is a quick learner and a patient mentor. He still keeps in touch with his retired father, but since the hiring of Ihmyyru, has become very close with the Isur, idolizing the man and his skill. Although Isulla secured the University deal, Jaavolin has become the face of it, as he is young enough for the University students who apprentice at Bohrnn & Goldwoerth to gravitate towards him. He has become an excellent team player and is growing in skill to become one of the better gadgeteers in modern Zeltiva.

Ihmyyru Steelbent
ImageRace: Isur
Date of Birth: Winter, 443AV
Place of Birth: Sultros
Title: Head of Weaponsmithing at Bohrnn & GoldWoerth
Skills: Blacksmithing (70), Metalsmithing (65), Weaponsmithing (60), Armorer (50), Leatherworking (40), Etching (35), Drawing (30), Teaching (20)
Language: Common (Fluent), Isurian (Fluent)
Concept: Ihmyyru is a stoic and thoughtful man. Having travelled some in his life, he has learned to be patient, and having made mistakes as a young isur, he has learned to be wise. Longevity has eased his adventurous nature but never his passion for his work. He can often be found in the Bohrnn & Goldwoerth forges, or occasionally visiting the World’s End Grotto. As one of the few isur in Zeltiva he prefers to stay out of the public eye, and their following curiosity, although those who can hold a conversation with him about his work are friends in his eyes.

Hailing from the landlocked kingdom of Sultros, Ihmyyru of the Terras clan had always had dreams of sea travel and been curious about the nautical mechanics that have been relatively foreign to Isur. As soon as he reached the age of forty, he set out to Alvadas with the intention of reaching Syliras. Proficient in his industry he wanted to remain by the sea in Syliras, but to put his skills to use. Still young, he was quickly intrigued by Gudder’s silver tongue and began to help Gudder establish business in Syliras too. Once he discovered Gudder’s corruption, he cut ties opting to keep his name out of those troubles.

Thinking he was done with the GBG business, Ihmyyru did not expect the young Isulla Goldwoerth to approach him a few short years later, speaking of the death of her father and requesting his help and skill. After realizing Gudder’s influence had left the company, Ihmyyru agreed to move to Zeltiva and help with the business. His fascination with nautical engineering and the sea had never left him, and only grew stronger when fed by Zeltivan culture and knowledge. He remains content with his job and has become a staple of Bohrnn & Goldwoerth.Gnosis: Izentor 2

Consult the Price List. Most tools, seige weapons, and gadget-type items can be acquired here with the exclusion of mage-related items or region-specific items, if you are uncertain, PM an ST.

⥼ Etcher/Engraver: Whenever one looks for intricate designs etched in metal, stone or glass, they go to an engraver. An engraver uses their skill and tools to create all manner of highly detailed designs, shapes and writing into otherwise unworkable surfaces. Borhnn & Goldwoerth hires few engravers for the aesthetic addresses of their work. Clocks, locks, telescopes, sextants, etc. can all be sold at a hirer price if they look just that much fancier, and thus their resident artists come in handy. Base pay is 6 gm/day, must possess the etching or engraving skill.
⥼ Gadgeteer: A rare breed of individual on Mizahar, a Gadgeteer buries themselves in study, experimentation and creation of unique objects and ideas that border on supernatural. They are welcome at Borhnn & Goldwoerth where their talent and ideas are put to use. Gadgeteers are expected to work on commissions when given, but are otherwise encouraged to invent what they can inbetween commissions in order to benefit the company. Jaavolin works closely with his gadgeteers, to insure cohesiveness within the business and best quality products for the customers. Base pay is 8 gm/day, must possess the Gadgeteering skill.
⥼ Weaponsmith: Weaponsmiths hired by Bohrnn & Goldwoerth occupy a specific type of brilliance. Since the business specializes in siege weapons and nautical mechanics, so do their weaponsmiths. Whereas the gadgeteers handle the smaller and detailed items, weaponsmith work on building catapults, bombards, mooring, and more. Ingenuity is encouraged, however most Bohrnn & Goldwoerth weaponsmiths are commissioned for specific jobs on their day to day. As the main supplier of weapons for the Wave Guard, these weaponsmiths are always busy. Base pay is 8 gm/day, must possess the Weaponsmithing skill.

Original location credit goes to Opalla.

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