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World's End Grotto

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:06 pm

World's End Grotto
ImageSeated at the very end of West Street, where it begins to melt into residential avenues, in a small cluster of foothills, rests the World’s End Grotto. This inn and tavern provides temporary rooms for wanderers and visitors to Zeltiva, as well as a popular haunt for denizens of the University Quarter. It blends it well with the shops and houses surrounding it, but it recognizable by the pure white paint and the ivy growing across the front of the building. There is a small alleyway leading to a stable behind in which a traveler can rest their horse for the evening while they also find a room for themselves.

As an inn, the World’s End Grotto is known for its good value and comfortable rooms. They have accommodations for short and long term guests and can usually accommodate animals, although not always. The building is a total of three stories, with the top two being wholly devoted to providing these rooms. The front of the building can be deceiving, since it extends out over the stables behind, offering more rooms than one could comprehend at a glance. The inn can provide only common rooms, with one full size bed or two bunk beds. Each room features a bed with a small chest at the foot. The room also contains a small table with two chairs and a pitcher of water, and fresh linens. They also contain a chamber pot, and Serra is happy to point visitors in the direction of the Zastoska bath house if needed. Not all rooms have windows, as the building has gone through many renovations and is pushed up against other buildings, but if it does, it is a north or south facing window that gives the visitor a view of either the mountains above or the bay below.

ImageAs a tavern, the World’s End Grotto is beloved by the University Quarter as being one of the few public places to dine. Due to the nature of food in Zeltiva, it is considered a luxury to go out to eat, rather than to eat in one’s home. And while the World’s End Grotto may not compare to some of the fine dining in Zeltiva, it is a homely and welcoming atmosphere where individuals and families can often go to purchase a meal or to grab a pint of the famed Zeltivan Kelp Beer. It also provides residents of the inn section a place to eat. It is one of the few places in the city where one can also find fresh bread, so long as Serra is able to secure a wheat trade, and so while Zeltiva has no official bakery, there can often be a line out the door for a fresh wheat roll in the morning.

Most Zeltivan citizens come to the Grotto just to eat or drink - the refreshments and social lounge are open to everyone, not just those staying in its rooms. The inn has been renovated numerous times over the years, but at its heart and soul, the establishment has stood since the reconstruction of modern Zeltiva. As a result, it is enmeshed deeply in Zeltivan life, and is one of the most well-known establishments in the city.

Serra Danalle
ImageRace: Human
Date of Birth: Winter, 486AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: Owner of the World’s End Grotto
Skills: Cooking (65), Mathematics (55), Storytelling (50), Brewing (40), Organization (30), Horsemanship (20)
Language: Common (Fluent), Fratava (Fluent)
Concept: Serra Danalle took the business over from her parents at the young age of twenty three. It has since been over a decade and she has taken to the business flawlessly. Mostly due to the guaranteed popularity of being one of the few places one can purchase a meal. Still, she has learned to be an agreeable manager, treating her people well, and a diplomatic negotiator. She often converses with the merchant and foreigners who pass through her inn, offering her some interesting connections, and being the reason she has secured wheat from Syliras and thus can offer the people warm fresh bread, most mornings.

Danalle prefers a personal touch, spending much of her time front of house, making new guests welcome. She trains her staff herself, and while the Grotto is not an impeccable high class in, it runs smoothly and is always busy.

All one can buy at the World’s End Grotto is listed below. During famine prices double and bread is not available.

⥼ Lodging
    Single Room: 5 SM/day
    Shared Room (per bed): 2 SM/day
    Stabling: 5 SM/day

⥼ Food
    Kelp Beer, Gallon: 2 SM
    Kelp Beer, Mug: 4 CM
    Bread, Loaf: 2 GM
    Smoked fish wrapped in kelp: 1 SM
    Seafood stew: 2 SM
    Smoked fish, pickled kelp, and cheese: 5 SM
    Grilled poultry, tubers, and pickled kelp: 2 GM

⥼ Cook: As one of the few places to get a meal out of one’s own house, the Grotto is also one of the few places who employs cooks. Most cooks in Zeltiva are hired privately to cook for a noble family or for a guild, but at the Grotto one is able to work under Danalle and can be one of the few with access to wheat for baking. It is a highly sought after job among the cooks in Zeltiva, but it is rewarding. Base pay is 3 GM/day, must possess the Cooking skill.
⥼ Barmaid: Barmaids are a common sight at the Grotto. Alongside Danalle they keep the tavern section running smoothly and ensuring customers are pleased. Due to the popularity of the Inn, Danalle’s barmaids must be quick on their feet, and with their tongues. Base pay is 2 GM/day, must possess the Organization, Storytelling, or Persuasion skill.
⥼ Maid/Stablehand: Danalle is always in need of extra hands to help with the stables and the rooms. So she hires laborers, usually young adults looking for their trade or University students, who can help her clean the rooms in between guests, and to keep the stables in good condition. One can do either of these jobs or float between them, but is not required to care for the horses, and thus requires no horsemanship skill. Base pay is 1 GM/day, and seasonal experience is awarded in Organization.

Original location credit goes to Paragon.

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