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Temple of Laviku

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:09 pm

Temple of Laviku

Given how tightly Zeltiva is associated with the sea, it is little surprise that one of the most prominent religious buildings in the city was a temple to Laviku, King of the Sea. Worship of this deity is most pervasive among the Sailors' Guild, and indeed, the Guild funded its construction in the mid-300s AV. Rather than the granite of which most important buildings in Zeltiva are made, the Temple of Laviku is constructed with marine limestone, to which no expense was spared. The outlines of shells, corals, and other marine objects are clearly visible in the intricately carved stone, which has been polished to show off the coral and sea matter within. The temple is three stories high, and is situated at the western end of the Sailor’s Quarter, on a small hill that had an exceptional view of Mathews Bay.

Inside, a large elegant stair case, surrounded by depictions of Laviku’s Otani and Kalvikasi. Directly forward is a large room, two stories high, the walls of which are entirely and delicately carved with images of the sea, Otani, and other gifts of the God of the Sea. In the very center of the temple, a grand statue of Laviku himself stands, surveying the scene. There are also several benches on which worshipers can sit facing a long alter with a large offering bowl full of sea water and candles on either side.

No priest or other cleric would greet the worshiper unless he or she was specifically looking for guidance. Much as the ocean reveals its secrets only to those who seek them, the priests of Laviku do not impart their wisdom unless someone deliberately seeks them out.

Original location credit goes to Liminal.

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