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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

The Docks

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:10 pm

The Docks
ImageThe docks at the harbor in Zeltiva put all other such structures in Mizahar to shame. There are four long piers that are capable of berthing ships with a crew of 100 or more -- even though no other city has such a thing. Twenty smaller piers are placed at regular intervals; on a normal day, about half of them are full. Ships, cargo, and people came in and out with dizzying speed and breathtaking precision. The Zeltivans are both the sharpest traders and the only true maritime power in Mizahar, and the quantity of traffic at the docks certainly proved it.

ImageAll newcomers are greeted by Searchers from the Custom’s Office to catalog their wares or to help direct newcomers to the Lord of Council’s Office where they can acquire visas, or to the dockmaster to rent a space for their boat. Cargo is quickly catalogued and offloaded into a waiting wagon, which is destined towards wherever the merchant’s have agreed to trade it. The dockworkers and other laborers know their tasks and do them well -- the Sailors' Guild will stand for nothing less, and in return, they earn far more than most people employed in manual labor could dream of.

Of the many trade ships that come through the Docks, there are three that frequent Zeltiva’s port and are well known among its people. Those are The Suvan’s Grace, The Winder, and Crystella’s Delight. Kendrick is familiar with most all of the captains that come through the port and is often able to align potential travelers with the best trade routes to get them where they are going, when asked kindly.

All of this activity is supervised by Veraline Kendrick, the Dockmaster. She has an office in a wooden building that is set back some five hundred feet from the water. Should anyone wish to speak to the person in charge, it is to her that they would be directed. For someone of her status, the simple wooden building seems somewhat misplaced, but the interior of the building is surprisingly elegant, with thick wood furnishings, and Akvatari paintings on the walls. Kendrick's doors are made of solid Zeltivan wood, and they swing open without so much as a sound.

Veraline Kendrick
ImageRace: Human
Date of Birth: Summer, 476AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: Dockmaster
Skills: Sailing (75), Wilderness Survival: Ocean (70), Fishing (60), Organization (50), Weapon: Trident (45), Weapon: Cutlass (40), Food Preservation (30), Teaching (15)
Language: Common (Fluent), Fratava (Fluent)
Concept: Veraline Kendrick herself is a dark-skinned woman with brown hair, and a fierce stare. She might be around forty, but she is in excellent shape and condition for her age, and gives off an impression of someone who knows their business, and knows it well. She greets any visitors with a polite nod and firm words, preferring to cut to the point and not often responding to small talk. No one is really scared of her, but there is a deep respect, and a soft awe that surrounds her.

Although much of her job requires her to be in her office, she is out working with the dockworkers as much as possible. She prefers to be hands-on and approachable, which has worked in her favor. She is regaled by much of the Sailor’s Quarter as the smartest woman around due to her impenetrable grasp and uncanny knowledge of everything that is going on on the docks. During what spare free time she has, she can be found sailing her personal catamaran across Mathew’s Bay, and disappearing on the beaches on the far side of the city. She must have done something to impress Laviku, because she is also one of the few land-dwellers who bear his mark.
Gnosis: Oceanus 1

The Dock deals purely in the trade of goods and storage of ships and boats. If one wishes to purchase a boat or boat-related items, they must go to the [url=url]Shipyard[/url]. Below is listed daily prices for mooring and berthing boats. For larger ships, please contact an ST with how many days and for what purpose you need to berth your ship.
⥼ Mooring Rent:
    Rowboat, Ship’s Boat: 5 SM/day
    Casinor, Catamaran: 1 GM/day
⥼ Berthing Rent:
    Barge, Fishing Boat: 5 GM/day
    Khnor, Palivar: 10 GM/day
    Saique, Kersha, Sloop: 15 GM/day
⥼ Berthing Rent:
    Loading Cargo: 1 SM/100 lbs.
    Unloading Cargo: 2 SM/100 lbs.

⥼ Dockworker: Dockworkers are one of the more highly sought after jobs in Zeltiva. They make far more than any other laborer should, but for good reason. The Sailor’s Guild holds their dockworkers to high standards, and since the job is so in demand, slacking is not worth it. Still, they treat their dockworkers well, and many make a career out of the job. Dockworkers are expected to help ship captains load and unload cargo after the Searchers have done their job. They are in charge of collecting dock rent for the ships that dock there, and maintaining a clean and neat dock. A fairly easy job, except when one considers the size and activity of Zeltiva’s harbor, meaning any Dockworker must learn to be a good team player in order to work most efficiently. Base pay is 4 gm/day, must possess the Bodybuilding skill

If you would like to develop a ship and a trade route, please submit it to the development OOC. All ships are free for use without moderation after the player(s) have acquired moderator permission.

Original location credit goes to Liminal.

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