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The Equinox

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:11 pm

The Equinox
ImageNear the docks lies a small brick building squeezed between two other buildings. There is an overhand with a dark door, and a sign above that reads "The Equinox." The shop is less than impressive from there, crowded and dimly lit, it is hard to tell what the shop is exactly from the outside. The sight when one walks through the door, however, is very different.

The light of a twenty candled chandelier reflects against a smooth stone floor. Large windows around the back walls also let in plenty of light on a sunny day, and a great view of the bustling docks. Between these windows are large, elaborate murals depicting different ocean-themes. There are separate stations against the walls, each for a tattoo assistant. The mirror at each reflect the chair with a reclined back for the customer, and a stool beside it for the artist. Next to this is a set of drawers containing tattooing supplies: needles of different sizes, cleaning solutions, clothes, inks, etc. Against the wall to the left and right of the entrance are chairs for those waiting.

At the very back there are two doors. To the left is a door no one ever wants to have opened. This leads to the owner's office, which is in a constant state of disarray, covered in papers and bottles that reek of alcohol. Lewd isn't usually found in here, choosing to hover around the shop. The door to the right is a supply closet containing extra tattoo supplies and additional tattoo stencils.

The Equinox is well known for its strange behavior of both its employees and its owners. Lewd, true to his name, will often greet his employees with a cheerful "Hey, vagiks." This sometimes varies, with some other crude alternative taking its place. To anyone who is new to the shop this can come as a bit of a shock, but after a while it becomes apparent that this is more playful banter than actual insult.

Another trait exclusive to the Equinox is a paste created by the owner. It is assumed to be made up of smashed up plant material, and is used, by being squeezed from small tubes, to create the pattern on the customer's skin that is to be tattooed. This provides a safe alternative to other methods and prevents the risk of infection from using other drawing tools to map out the tattoo.

ImageName: Lewis Santon
Race: Human
Date of Birth: Winter, 457AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: Owner of The Equinox
Skills: Tattooing (70), Brawling (60), Organization (55), Teaching (50), Socialization (40), Drawing, (30)
Language: Common (Fluent)
Concept: Lewis is about average height at only 6 feet. He isn’t a very large man, though, has loose skin from the thick muscles he used to possess from years of sailing before starting his tattoo shop. He suffered from premature balding in his late twenties, something he very much hated, though he will now claim he likes being bald, as hair is just a "burden."

Many who first encounter Lewis describe him as an obnoxious creep. He earned his name from the tattoos that cover his arms, as well as his overall behavior. He is very crude in speaking to and his treatment of both his customers and employees, throwing around a wide variety of insults and swear words he's picked up from visitors from all over Mizahar. He is especially bad with women. He will often comment on women who walk in, or even by, his shop, complimenting clothes their wearing or making subtle remarks on their "parts". He’d never actually acts on these, and his nose is still intact to prove he has never actually physically harassed or abused anyone. In fact, after being either a regular or an employee to the shop, one will find that he isn't actually so perverted and obnoxious as he comes off, but enjoys the shock value of his words.

While this behavior added to his acquiring of the name "Lewd," his tattoos on his arms reinforce it. Covering his arms are tattoos of women, many of them fairly obscene. If asked about them, Lewd will claim that each one is of a women whom he was with, but most of the employees suspect this a complete lie. He also comes off as very self-centered, not caring much for the rest of the world but only himself. The others, however, consider this just a coverup to make himself look tough. The fact that he treats Eth considerably kinder, being the one exception to his usual habit of playfully insulting each employee when they arrive at the shop, also gives evidence of this.

Lewd doesn't usually do tattoos himself anymore, but sits in the back of the store drinking some form of alcohol or another. His favorite to have out is the infamous Kelp Beer, which even he doesn't actually drink, but keeps simply because he knows almost everyone else detests it.

ImageName: Coral Brine
Race: Human, Svefra
Date of Birth: Summer, 484AV
Place of Birth: Eastern Ocean
Title: Tattoo Artist at The Equinox
Skills: Tattooinng (60), Brawling (55), Rhetoric (50), Sailing (40), Drawing (30), Weapon: Cutlass (25), Fishing (20)
Language: Common (Fluent), Fratava (Fluent)
Concept: Coral earned her nickname from her skill in speaking. She can talk her way out of nearly anything and talk other people into nearly anything. As such she has become known as the prankster in the shop, always trying to get a laugh from exploiting her fellow employees, and sometimes even the customers. She is often the proof that Lewis’ behavior is all for show, because she is happy to throw his comments right back at him, and does not put any weight into his snarky words, simply laughing at him as if it was a joke and not an insult to the shock of new customers. She prides herself in being an "expert masseuse," though in reality she had only taken a single class on it a few years ago. Coral will often try to get customers to "buy her services," and massage employees thinking it will make them more willing to go with one of her schemes, when it reality it is likely just her pretty face and silver tongue.

Coral is lightly tanned, with long black hair and square bangs framing her face. Having grown up sailing with her family, she is fairly muscular. On her left arm is a tattoo of two dolphins, typical of Svefrans, and also symbolic of herself and her brother.

Coral is Cordo’s sister, the two being fraternal twins. She claims to have been born first and thus has taken the role of the “big sister”, taking care and protecting her brother. The two are very close, and Cordo is the one person who Coral will never prank. The usual playful joker turns very serious when she thinks her brother has been threatened or insulted, and will readily defend him, regardless of if he needs it.
Gnosis: Oceanus 1

ImageName: Cordo Brine
Race: Human, Svefra
Date of Birth: Summer, 484AV
Place of Birth: Eastern Ocean
Title: Tattoo Artist at The Equinox
Skills: Tattooing (65), Drawing (55), Sailing (45), Fishing (40), Weapon: Dagger (30)
Language: Common (Fluent), Fratava (Fluent)
Concept: Outwardly he comes off as very unemotional, not shy, just emotionless. Like a rock. He'll smile every so often for his sister, or very rarely if something is very funny, but seeing him smile is rare. He isn't depressed or sad, he just simply doesn't care to express himself. The catch, the source of his nickname, is that he produces diamonds.

Coral spends every minute of down time he has drawing tattoo designs. Some of them are fun doodles, but many are extremely intricate, and beautiful. He has actually contributed the bulk of the designs the shop uses.

With skin a little more lighter than his sister's, Cordo is the same height as Coral, though much leaner. He has a tattoo of two dolphins on her left shoulder, typical of most Svefra, though it is also symbolic of him and his sister. His arms are both covered in a similar tattoo designed up to about his elbow, looking like either waves or fish scales. His neck bares a small turtle tattoo just underneath his black hairline.

Cordo is Coral’s brother, the two being fraternal twins. Having been born a few chimes after her, he has been dubbed the "baby brother". Coral tends to treat him as if she is extremely fragile and is very overly protective of him. Contrary to what one would infer form the way he acts, Cordo takes very little notice of anyone let alone what they say to her. It may be this very behavior that prompts Coral to such extreme defense.
Gnosis: Oceanus 1

ImageName: Tobias Jaybir
Race: Human
Date of Birth: Fall, 493AV
Place of Birth: Nyka
Title: Tattoo Artist at The Equinox
Skills: Tattooing (65), Drawing (50), Storytelling (40), Meditation (35), Unarmed Combat (25)
Language: Common (Fluent)
Concept: Tobias, or Eth, as he is known as in the tattoo shop, is one of the most kindhearted people in Zeltiva. He is always very polite, and very willing to help anyone with anything they need. He is a very good listener and is the only one in the shop who actually cares to talk to the customers about their lives, even giving advice on some of their problems.

He has a very muscular build, stands at about 6'4", and has neat brown hair. He is completely covered in tattoos, to even his face. He is almost never wearing a shirt in the shop, revealing the sun and moon tattoos on his back. He also has a candle tattooed on his right bicep and the word "Hope" on his chest. Coupled with his kind and calm attitude, this "beautiful" appearance makes up the origin of his nickname. Many of his friends claim him to be almost as diving in appearance and attitude as an Ethaefal.

Eth is the only one who didn't have to go through the usual difficult process of being hired at the tattoo shop. When he arrived in Zeltiva, he was all but broken, mentally and emotionally. His mother had been attacked and killed in front of him in Nyka. She hadn't done anything wrong, but had simply encountered the wrong group of monks at the wrong place at the wrong time. Now lost and alone, Eth fled with a group of strangers headed for Zeltiva. Lewis, seeing the boys state, took him in as an apprentice.

He has become a strong worshiper of the Goddess Priskil. When he isn't doing tattoos, he is making himself stronger, either mentally through meditation or physically through body building. He is also very close with Farren, and many think the sweet man is pining after the mysterious Bur.
Gnosis: Luminance 1

All tattoos only come in black.

⥼ Sizes:
    Small (1 GM): Would be palm-sized.
    Medium (5 GM): Would range from the surface of the forearm to the entire arm.
    Large (10 GM): Would be the entire back or bigger.
⥼ Intricacy:
    Simple (Listed): Would be simple geometric shapes or stick figures.
    Advanced (x3) Advanced would be more complicated geometric shapes or more complicated pictures.
    Complex (x5): Would be highly intricate shapes or realistic/life-like pictures.

⥼ Tattoo Artist: As the Equinox has a very limited need for many tattoo artists, any prospective employee has to go through a sort of "initiation" to prove they are worthy for the exclusive position. What this entails is various tasks (usually embarrassing or difficult) chosen by each existing employee. If the task is completed successfully, the initiate gains the approval of that employee. Approval must be achieved from every employee for employment. The first task, given by the owner, Lewd, will always involve proving one's ability to apply a tattoo. The last task will be to acquire the "shop's" approval by making a visual contribution. This can be achieved by something like painting a mural inside or outside of the shop. Base pay is 4 gm/day, must possess the Tattooing skill.

Original location credit goes to Wart.

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