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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

The Fish Market

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:11 pm

The Fish Market

The massive fish market sprawls along the docks. Fish being the only somewhat plentiful food supply in a city where famine is common, the market is the only thriving food establishment of sorts. It is not just fish that is sold here though, the fish market sells all of the food that the city yields from the sea: fish, kelp, oils, salt, etc. It is also the main hub where one can find imported foods, such as dried meat, wheat, and coffee. The fish market also serves as the only place where cooked food is served, other than the World’s End Grotto.

In the middle of the venders is a tiny stall with a single wood burning grill where all sorts of delicious smoked and grilled fish and seafood can be purchased. Any foreigner to the city is immediately sent here to experience true Zeltivan cuisine. The best-selling item is the grilled Horned Sand-fish, a local treat only found in the waters around Zeltiva. It is commonly served stuffed with herbs and salt, wrapped in seaweed, skewered on a stick and grilled over the open flame. This stall also sells seaweed salad, kelp beer, and a Zeltivan delicacy, tea-eggs. Hens are a common source of meat due to not needing much space, and so their eggs are common as well. Tea-eggs are simply soft boiled and then the shell is cracked and the eggs are marinated in a green or black tea overnight. Once peeled they have a cracked black exterior, but are as soft as any other jellied egg. They are typically cut in half and then served doused in honey as a desert to kids.

On either side of this grill are the stalls for the venders which stretch on and on, almost the length of the dock itself. All of this is overseen by Magnus Harkings. Magnus is an old gnarled sailor, who, after retiring from the trade business, started the market with only two stalls and his salt worthy crew. Fishers and merchants are able to rent a stall for selling their catch or wares. Harkings, the fish market owner, is also happy to buy the bulk of a fisher’s catch for a settled price. He does this to provide job security to fisherman, and also to help regulate the price of fish, which can rise and plummet on a whim. It is Harkings’ job to attempt to keep it reasonable so that the people can eat, an over-looked responsibility of his job.

Magnus Harkings
ImageRace: Human
Date of Birth: Winter, 461AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: Overseer of the Fish Market
Skills: Tactics: Business (70), Negotiation (60), Leadership (55), Sailing (45), Mathematics (40), Gambling (30)
Language: Common (Fluent), Fratava (Fluent), Arumenic (Basic)
Concept:Magnus worked for years on a large trading vessel that traveled the Akvatar route from Zeltiva to Abura, Ahnatep and back to Zeltiva. The main item of transport for him had been art. Massive statues, delicate paintings on cloth canvas and the many luxury items imported from Ahnatep such as dyes and perfumes. Magnus never really saw the use in the items he brought back and forth but the Mizas were always good and his crew provided good company.

Not much is known about his history outside of his tales on the sea. His family is a mystery as well as his upbringing. If he ever had a wife or child it was never known to anyone, not even his crew. His past is the one thing he keeps tight lipped on.

He will be more than happy to tell you anything else you would like to know and wears his emotions plainly on his face. While not a violent man he is quick to anger and does not put up with anyone pushing him or his crew around. He cannot stomach injustice and is known in the sailing community as being "soft". Regardless of his reputation among his follow sailors he is well liked and someone notorious for getting to be where he is by means that are unknown.

He lives by the expression "Power is gained through two means: Fear and respect. You can't live without power, it's just a matter of how you get it." If you ask him where his power lays he will only smile at you and leave you to guess on your own.
Gnosis: Minting 2

Consult the Price List. Most food items described in the Player’s Guide can be acquired here with the exclusion of mage-related items or region-specific items, if you are uncertain, PM an ST.

⥼ Food
    Seasoned seaweed smoked Horned Sandfish: 2 GM
    Pickled fish and tuber mush: 1 GM
    Smoke fish (in-season) and seaweed Salad: 5 SM
    Tea-Egg (Green, Black): 5 SM

⥼ Renting
    6’x4’ Stall: 1 GM/day, 70 GM/season
    10x4’ Stall: 2 GM/day, 90 GM/season

⥼ Fisher: Because of Zeltiva’s access to the sea, and their lack of farming land, fishing is the most common source of food for the city’s people. Harkings keeps a small army of fishers employs to ensure the people are eating and the market is level. Due to the difficulty and minimal preservation tactics, fishers do not fish in bulk, often only bringing back a mere fishingboat’s worth per day. Fish that spoils costs the fisherman greatly, so one has to be aware of how much fishing is being done that day. Harkings is always happy to buy a fisherman’s whole load for a set price, or they are welcome to rent a stall and attempt to sell their catch on their own. Many fishers just sell to Harkings, as it is a guaranteed paycheck, and the man has a strange way of always selling what he buys. Base pay is 4 gm/day, must possess the Fishing skill.

Original location credit goes to Oracle.

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