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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]


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ImageThe Sailor's Quarter is home to a particular kind of establishment - ones that do their business in risky gambles, and risqué encounters. Loveless is one such establishment. Located on the west end of the the docks, it is one of the first buildings that greets one walking into the busy quarter. This is because it is one of the few establishments that wants to cater to all sorts of people, the rich and the poor.

Though unassuming from the outside, the location is recognizable by the intricately carved wooden sign labeling it as “Loveless”. It has no need for women to linger in the doorway, Loveless has a reputation to upkeep. It is an old building, and an even older establishment, with the signs of modern construction made to appear ancient, giving false class to a Sailor's Quarter staple. When one enters the brothel, they are greeted by an elegant lobby with heavy perfumes burning in the corners. A few ladies and gentlemen lounge within, but no lewd activities are found here, other than drinking and occasionally a card game, as this is where most of the courting happens. Beautiful young men and women offer free drinks and snacks to those who lounge here, while others lure customers back to the many rooms, for a more… involved night.

Past this lobby is a myriad of staircases leading up to the upper floors where romantic music can be heard, and the giggles and screams of people enjoying their time. One can purchase time with a worker of their choice here, and this is where the never-ending party begins. Here one can secure their own room or reserve a small ball-room for parties. Drinking is encouraged, and past the lobby, one can acquire almost anything, and anyone, they want… for a price. There is nothing, so long as it does not harm their workers, that Loveless won’t cater to a customer. The business itself is a roaring trade - many analysts have tried to work out why, with one hypothesis suggesting the severe lack of food in Zeltiva leads its citizens to other... pursuits. One can find anyone here, from the typical East street dweller, to a University Instructor, to a ship’s lieutenant. Often those of extreme wealth do not need these services, able to hire private escorts instead. And while there is a little social shame in attending Loveless, many Zeltivans are happy to indulge in the shameful behavior on occasion.

Madame Zarie
ImageRace: Human
Date of Birth: Spring, 481AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: Madame of Loveless
Skills: Seduction (75), Leadership (65), Organization (60), Teaching (50), Acrobatics (45), Dance (40), Rhetoric (35), Massage (30)
Language: Common (Fluent)
Concept: Madame Zarie is the most desirable woman in Zeltiva, and she knows it. When she walks into a room, men and women straighten up and tend to pay attention… or at least dream of paying attention. Madame Zarie excels at her work because she is able to tell exactly what a customer is looking for and direct them to the best available worker who can help them with that need. Madame Zarie, by herself, is sweet and seemingly caring, although due to her Ranuri mark, her behavior can sometimes change, depending on who she is talking to, in order to best please them. Unintentionally this has become an excellent business tactic.

No one knows much about Madame Zarie’s history, other than that she was born and raised in Zeltiva, and has never left. Something in her life caused her to gain Nikali’s favor, not one but twice. Although she is relatively young for Loveless’ history of Madames, she excels at her work, because of this favor, and loves her work and her people. Still, she has her own skill in ensuring the privacy of her customers and safety of her workers remains sound.
Other: Ranuri 2

ImageRace: Human
Date of Birth: Winter, 493AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: Head of Men at Loveless
Skills: Seduction (65), Bodybuilding (55), Persuasion (50), Massage (40), Endurance (30), Rhetoric (25)
Language: Common (Fluent)
Concept: Mitcen is a young and attractive gentleman. Like most of the workers at Loveless, he does not like to share his history, although few are aware that he was born and raised in Zeltiva. Some say he had a perfectly pleasant middle class family and the availability to go to the University and study in his life, but simply didn’t. Mitcen is the prime example that sex work is not always a result of a lack of options. Still, he is a handsome man and with his silver tongue he often secures the higher paying, private, customers with whom he is often requested. Many guess at which high politician or ancient family member he shares beds with, but Mitcen has proved that he is trustworthy, as no names have ever slipped from his mouth.

Mitcen works hard on his body and appearance, and although vain, he is justified. He attracts the eye of men and women, and as far as anyone can tell, does not have a preference. Although young, he is close to Madame Zarie, and thus has been given the chance to prove himself by being the Head of Men at Loveless. It is his primary duty to welcome potential workers, teach them the ways of the establishment and what they need to know, and to help them get their first few customers. It is a demanding job, as a second hand to the Madame, because he works closely with the men who work at Loveless, ensuring their protection and that their work is satisfactory to the customers.

ImageRace: Eypharian
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth: Ahnatep
Title: Head of Women at Loveless
Skills: Seduction (65), Persuasion (55), Subterfuge (50), Acrobatics (45), Dance (35), Teaching (25)
Language: Common (Fluent), Arumenic (Fluent)
Concept: Khathi is a fierce woman who fills the exotic fantasies of many sailors, and is happy to use that to her advantage. As one of the most requested women at Loveless, other than Madame Zarie herself, Khathi has naturally risen the ranks of the establishment to a secondary leader position, taking on the responsibility with ease. She is not a shy woman, and enjoys playing with the delicate power exchange of sex worker and customer, but has always relied on her wit to get her out of trouble. Although hard to tame, Madame Zarie keeps her around because of her undeniable appeal and skill in her work.

Born to a lower family in Ahnatep, Khathi found herself in sex work as soon as she was eligible. She was blessed with gorgeous skin and eyes, as well as four dexterious arms. Although she did not want to make a life for herself out of something she considered “temporary work” and so she seduced her way onto a trade ship for a lower cost and found her way to the northern human cities, winding up in Zeltiva. Lost and unsure how to navigate the new city and the new culture, Khathi used what she knew to get what she wanted. Madame Zarie noticed her skill and offered her a job at Loveless, which she turned down in the hopes of one day studying at the University. But Madame Zarie knew this, and offered the skilled Eypharian a job, and a few free classes, gambling on the risk that Khathi would not stay.

It has since been five years and although Khathi took a few classes at the University, she has grown to feel comfortable in her work, and she excels at it. Her exotic beauty and extra set of arms are rare here, and do more good than hindrance to her seduction tactics. She has long since abandoned her hope of attending the University full time, which many think is a result of her close relationship with Madame Zarie.

Most workers are happy to appeal to both sides of the gender spectrum, and one does not find difficulty in finding someone of their preference in the lobby to escort them to a room upstairs. If, for whatever reason, who you are looking for is not available, Madame Zarie is happy to accommodate. She will either point you in the direction of who can best please you or, for a little more, attend to your needs herself. Wine and light food is offered, except during famine.

⥼ Services
    One Worker: 4 GM/bell
    Multiple Workers: 3 GM/bell for each additional worker
    Head of Men or Women: 8 GM/bell
    Madame Zarie: 15 GM/bell, single bell only

⥼ Food and Drink
    Wine, glass: 2 GM
    Wine, Bottle: 10 GM
    Smoke fish appetizer: 2 GM

⥼ Rooms
    Private Room: 5 GM/bell, fee is waived if a worker is hired.
    Small Ball Room: 15 GM/bell, no more than ten people allowed. Service fees are separate.

⥼ Worker: The one job where job security will always be guaranteed is sex work. Although the only brothel in town, Loveless is not the worst brothel for one to be employed. Wages are fair, enough, and safety is, more or less, taken care of. All one must do is show Madame Zarie that they know what to do with their body, and they know how to please a customer. Beginner’s are often sent on waiting duty, serving drinks, and watching the more experienced workers do the work. As one progresses, they earn respect within the brothel. Base pay is 3 gm/day, must possess the Seduction skill.


Original location credit goes to Paragon.

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