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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Wright Manor

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:14 pm

Wright Manor

On the western side of Zeltiva, where the narrow plain on which the original city was built begins to give way to the Zatoska Mountains, stands a large house. It was made of locally quarried granite; the unadorned style of the architecture marked it as a structure no more than a century old. It is surrounded by a large, immaculately landscaped lawn, punctuated at intervals with junipers trimmed in geometric shapes. A low brick building stands at the southern end of the property, keeping the larger house company.

Although the careful landscaping hides the fact, the house had been unoccupied for more than fifty years. It had belonged to Kenabelle Wright, the legendary Zeltivan navigator whose circumnavigation of Mizahar remained the finest achievement of the city's sailors and explorers. She had purchased the manor following her return from that expedition, and it was while living there that she had written her famous book about the voyage. In 459AV, presumably while sailing to Sunberth , Wright has disappeared. All attempts to locate her or her vessel have proven fruitless, and Wright has officially been declared dead, much to the sadness of Zeltiva.

Normally, the story of the manor would have ended there. But when Wright's will was read, it was found that she had left specific directions that her home be maintained precisely as she had left it. Her fortune was locked in an estate administered by the Lord of Council's Office, and her property taxes were paid out of that fund. Additionally, Wright instructed that her housekeeper and groundskeeper be retained on salary in perpetuity, assigned to keep everything in order. Although both have now been dead for some two decades, the servants' children have taken over the positions of housekeeper and groundskeeper, and continue to live in the brick outbuilding on the south end of the property.

The iron gate to the road outside, that was once open and welcoming to Kenabelle’s visitors, is kept locked. There is a bell, however, and if one rings it and is willing to wait a few minutes, one of the servants will eventually come to the gate and peer through the bars at the visitor. With suspicion in their eye, they will ask: ”What business have you here with the Wright Manor?”

Wineda Pickerjaw
ImageRace: Human
Date of Birth: Spring, 495AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: Groundskeeper at the Wright Manor
Skills: Organization (65), Research (55), Writing (45), Composition (40), History (30), Gardening (20)
Language: Common (Fluent)
Concept: Wineda was born never having known Kenabelle Wright. She knew about her of course, having heard all the stories growing up. Her parents, Kenabelle’s groundskeepers adored the explorer and spoke fondly of her. As far as Wineda knows, Kenabelle was kind and just and not greedy, although she had earned wealth through all her work for the city. Still, without really knowing her, Wineda idolizes her. The story of Kenabelle Wright is majesty to Wineda, and as far as she can know, there is no greater honor than to serve the late Kenabelle Wright’s memory by caring for her property as she wished for it to be so. Even though her parents did not pressure Wineda into taking over the estate, Wineda was happy to do so, learning what was necessary for the upkeep, and already possessing the heavy respect of the Wright property in order to do it.

Wineda is otherwise a quiet woman. She enjoys reading, and her income is padded enough by caring for the property that she is able to take a class at the College of Scholars on occasion. She prefers the quiet life that being a groundskeeper for the Wright Manor requires, and very much enjoys her role. She treats the Manor very much like a memorial, not liking anyone to enter the house or touch the things. When she must, in order to dust and ensure the Wright items are preserved, she does so with great reverence and respect.
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Tine Pickerjaw
ImageRace: Human
Date of Birth: Spring, 498AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: Groundskeeper at the Wright Manor
Skills: Gardening (60), Botany (50), Organization (40), Sculpting (30), Socialization (20)
Language: Common (Fluent)
Concept: Tine is Wineda’s younger brother. Although Tine got all of the same stories and same training as Wineda, he seems to appreciate it less. Perhaps it is his age, perhaps it is because he had known all his life that he was destined, in fact nearly required, to become a groundskeeper for the Wright Manor. While he respects Kenabelle Wright’s memory and the reverence the city has for her, he dreams of becoming a Guard and patrolling Mathew’s Bay with the Wave Guard. Still, he has a skill with his clippers and is primarily the one responsible for the impeccable lawn that the Wright Manor has been known for. That, and, the Manor pays so well, he doesn’t find enough motivation to leave the work he was assigned.

Tine is a bit of a prankster. He is a rambunctious fellow who always seems to have his mind running. He is unable to sit still for very long, but luckily his work on the gardens and lawn of the manor keep him busy. Still, he is always eager to leave the Manor at night, and make his way into the University or Sailor’s Quarter for some hard earned partying. Unlike his sister, Tine does not prefer the solitary life of being the Wright groundskeepers, and while he respects his job and the Manor itself, it is clear he yearns for something more.
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Original location credit goes to Liminal.

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