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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Archives Building

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:18 pm

Archives Building
ImageThe lettering in the granite above the entrance doesn't say "Archives Building," of course. Rather, it says "CITY LIBRARY," and although it has obviously been there for a long time, it is perfectly legible.

The building itself is at the edge of the University Quarter, only one street away from the boundary that separates the part of Zeltiva that had been spared in the Valterrian from the much larger portion that had been annihilated. It is firmly constructed in the Royal period style, with ornately carved columns and a high, arched entryway. The doors have obviously been replaced since, but the brass and oak additions fit in perfectly with the architecture. Before the Valterrian, this building had, as the signage indicated, housed the City Library, as well as the Museum of Art. This much was well established. What is somewhat less clear is how much of the contents had survived.

After the Valterrian, the building was shuttered, as the remaining inhabitants of Zeltiva had more pressing matters than books on their minds. In the middle of the third century AV, the reemerging University of Zeltiva had purchased the building, and set it up as their archival repository. The University issued a statement, which was repeated on several subsequent occasions, that all materials of value had either been stolen, destroyed by rats or insects, or suffered irreparable water damage due to the broken seals around the windows. There were, according to the University, absolutely no pre-Valterrian materials of any kind that could reveal formerly known knowledge or shed light on what had gone before.

However, the University's policies have caused some to doubt their veracity on this point. The Archives Building is completely closed -- not only to the general public, but also to students, and even the faculty. The only people who have any level of access were the Board of Regents, and the Head Archivist -- who is listed on the University's records as one "S. Cartsmith," but who seems to have no office, no mailbox, and no way to be contacted. Various people claimed to have seen Cartsmith, but their reports vary wildly. Cartsmith is an impossibly old man, or a shapely young woman, or a four-year-old child. Cartsmith is an incredibly powerful mage, is a powerless bureaucrat, or is the relative of one of the Trustees. Cartsmith is an Alvina who is toying with the knowledge of mortals. Cartsmith is actually Kenabelle Wright, who's faked her death to take the position. Cartsmith is dead, and the University is covering it up. Cartsmith had never existed at all, it is simply a trick to fool the student body, or someone's idea of a practical joke. The theories are endless.

What is not theoretical is the pair of armed guards that stand in front of the entrance. They looked distinctly unfriendly, and they were heavily armed with a sword, spear, and a large assortment of knives. If one is courageous enough to speak to one of them, they would rarely get anything beyond a grunt or a nod in response -- and no one is ever admitted into the building. No one.

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Original location credit goes to Liminal.

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