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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

The Mark

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:20 pm

The Mark
ImageDeep in the heart of East Street, a rotting shell of a building stands. The front door has long since been ripped off, allowing weather and wind to wind through the big rooms and hallways, weathering what is left of what used to be a simple household. Still, the roof holds well enough, and yet no squatters find themselves sitting in this building’s hall ways. Anyone who does poke through this building will find a simple worn path in the splintering wood flooring, leading to the stairs down to the basement. And then once they reach the basement, they will find stairs going even further down, dug into the ground, and descending into the bowels of Mizahar, with only a lone candle every few flights to light the way.

The Mark, as it is known to the locals, serves one very vital purpose to the people of East Street, and occasionally even the upstanding members of the Sailor’s Quarter - it is the only establishment that quite openly operates as a loanshark's office. Since East Street is largely under the Martial Society’s authority, it is the only place a business like this would thrive. It is a place advertised as an advantage, a step up from the low and hard life of its customers, but anyone who isn’t on their last leg is best to avoid it as best that they can. If anyone was fool enough to dare venture down into the bowels of his underground domain, they would soon note the parchment ledgers from all along the ages waxed to the antique walls of a small office with only two doors, a testament to the "Mark's" ancient existence.

Welcomed with a soft voice from a strangely pale man that operates behind a massive desk of finely finished wood, it is clear that once one enters strict etiquette dictates every motion thereafter. One will sit upon the chair across from the man and state their purpose with clarity and precision. The foreboding loanshark (though he finds such terms uncouth) respects himself well enough to deny business without such ceremonials. Once formalities close the man will greet them with nothing short of comforting warmth of demeanor. This intimacy of distance, however, reveals the peculiar nature about the one the clientele borrows from. Bearing the nondescript name of "Mark," he possesses the unmistakable pallor of a fresh corpse.

If one remains despite this fact, they will be met with a series of simple yet undoubtedly uncomfortable questions. How much, for how long, why and if not? The agreement will be decided upon in detail, with punishment for disobedience clearly expounded upon. Of course, all of the above remains but rumors, as people take to either deny having any contact with the man, or they are simply no more. Perhaps it is a part of the transaction, but no one who comes out of the room will speak about the 'man' downstairs.

The Mark
ImageRace: Nuit
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Title: The Mark
Skills: Unknown
Language: Common (Fluent)
Concept: Whoever meets the man and lives to remember him will know only the basics. Calm and without any major emotion shown, he will conduct business without bias. With centuries of accrued resources he will also conclude business without bias if his clientele lose interest in upholding their end of the deal.
Other: PM an ST for use.

Loans can last 1-8 seasons, and can range from 10%-30% in interest per season. Unlike loaning from the Lord of Council’s Office for a business, the Mark is a little more… lenient with who and why he loans money. When deciding how much money to borrow to whom, Mark will often inquire about the client's particular set of skills, living relatives, influence within the city, current possessions, housing, current ledger, as well as employment (if any) and numerous predictable expenses. The nuit will never borrow you more than everything you have is worth combined. Even then, the prices of everything in your possession are rounded down not to what they're worth when you bought them, but to what he believes he could get when reselling them. Conversations with this loanshark can be long and infuriatingly boring, but he'll always get the job right. Interrupting him just once while concluding the deal might prove wrong for your fortunes, as he'll refuse to deal with anyone he deems incapable. It doesn't really matter to him how desperate or in a hurry you are, each contract takes time with consequences predetermined by both parties before the deal is concluded.

Hypnotism may be at work here, as even while borrowing you money, he expects you to tell the truth in how much you're willing to lose should you fail to satisfy the debt. People can never be pushed into these choices after all, instead they are free to make them for themselves.

Occasionally, the Mark will come across someone who cannot or does not intend to pay him back. No one is quite sure what happens to these people, just that they one day disappear and never return. Some even whisper of the Mark wearing their bodies as payment.

PM an ST to arrange a loan.

Original location credit goes to Valanir.

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