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Maiden's Cape

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:20 pm

Maiden's Cape

In the Sailor’s Quarter, there rests a quiet little cape tucked into the rocks, facing what is left of the Cerulean Pier. It honors the memory of the maiden known as The Waiting Maiden. A sense of peace can be felt here as locals can take in the scenery and statue, and couples can often be found here as well to enjoy a romantic evening and watch the sunset. The story of the Waiting Maiden is a popular tale among the citizens, a love story about a sailor and his love with no real ending to it.

The story tells of the two being desperately in love, as they had both made a promise together on that very cape. The sailor promised his love that he would soon return from his trip, and she promised in return that she would always wait. Watching the horizon for the incoming ship that was bound to return, eventually the days became months and finally years; yet she still kept her promise to him. After she passed away her story had touched the other sailors and residents well enough to craft a statue, to forever scan the horizon for her lost love. Some believe they can feel the Maidens presence there, bound to her promise until her sailor would return once more.

Original location credit goes to Cloud.

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