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Marcel's Magic Supplies

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:24 pm

Marcel's Magic Supplies
ImageThe University of Zeltiva is one of the few places in Mizahar where learning magic is not only possible, but encouraged. Still, the disciplines are dangerous, no matter how mundane, and so those with access to the instruction remains a close-knit community. A vital part of that community is Marcel’s Magical Supplies which provides most of the tools that a budding mage might need.

The shop resides within a no-nonsense, rectangular; two-story building that sits snugly between the University campus and the rest of the Quarter. It looks very much like a residence, and as it is not a known entity to many Zeltivans, often overlooked beside the other residential buildings beside it. Upon entering, a prospective shopper will find themselves in a medium sized room. There is an elegant oak table with three plush chairs around it in the center, the walls hold intricate tapestries and a few cases displaying the more harmless wares. It is not uncommon to find one or two mage students lounging or studying in this area, as it is one of the few places they may plot and read without worry of distraction. Towards the back of the room is a desk with two identical oak doors on either side it. At the desk sits a young woman with a glittering smile who gets up as you enter to ask for your credentials. Since all customers to Marcel’s must be recommended by another, she will make polite conversation, requesting the name of the newcomer’s recommender. She will check these with her records and only continue conversation on confirmation that one is actually qualified to enter.

To someone looking to inquire about the mundane (at least, as mundane as possible when dealing with magic), she will be happy to suggest, point out, and describe anything relevant to the customer’s queries. If interested in the procurement of supplies that assist a student of the arcane, one must make an appointment. Appointments themselves cost nothing but time, and when the time comes, be it seasons or mere days, the involved party is directed through the door on the right. This door leads to a staircase, and at the top of the staircase is another room. This one is rather large, and is made for comfort. Fur rugs are arranged artfully, the furniture is dark mahogany, and two luxurious red velvet couches flank the roaring fireplace. Another door stands at one wall, but access to what is beyond is restricted to staff. This is where Marcel makes deals that require a more personal touch.

Price ranges for Marcel’s services vary. If something is as simple as collecting a certain, easy to find plant from a relatively safe and nearby location, the price can be as low as 15 mizas. The more difficult and complicated the process, however, the more expensive it will be to acquire it. Marcel is not below using illegal means to procure an item or making less-than-legitimate deals with less-than-legitimate people, but the cost for covering up such activities will add to the price.

Marcel Gracey
ImageRace: Human
Date of Birth: Winter, 486AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: Owner of Marcel’s Magic Supplies
Skills: Arcanology (65), Negotiation (55), Larceny (50), Scavenging (40), Investigation (30), History (15), Archeology (10), Botany (10), Geology (10)
Language: Common (Fluent), Nader-Canoch (Basic), Kontinese (Basic)
Concept: Though he is always ready with soft words and soft smiles, Marcel is a vicious salesman. He knows how to make something seem worth more than it actually is, and his expensive furnishings suggest his considerable business skills to those able to see. He is dominated almost completely by logic, and most ‘friendships’ he had are one-sided, created only to benefit his interests.

There is an exception to this, however. He is fiercely protective of the two who work for him, and any slight against them is a slight against him. If they are harmed he will hunt the offender relentlessly, and it won’t be money he’s after.

Born to a powerful Zeltivan family, he was known for being selfish and self-serving. He chose not to follow the family business or but to pursue a career that he did not particularly care for in the University. As a young man, he gambled often, and though he always managed to pay his debts and keep away from loan sharks by peddling magical trinkets he began to make connections with the ‘darker’ side of town, a highly unusual habit of someone of his lineage.

He dropped his classes before fully making headway in his chosen political path, but refused to return home and put up with the disappointment with his parents. It was then that his skill in bartering surfaced. Maintaining relationships he’d had previously had with the djed student, he began to sell other people’s creations. Most students were happy to unload their masses of learned or failed projects to someone willing to pay for them, however small the sum was, and Marcel sold such objects for much more than he had paid for them. He soon became ‘the one to go to’ for a student that needed to get rid of something or someone who wanted to buy something of a magical nature. Within a year he had enough money to open up a modest shop.

Mages began coming to him for supplies, especially those the University couldn’t, or wouldn’t, provide. Marcel began to pull in favors he hadn’t used for seasons to learn of where such things were. His underground connections strengthened, and less savory individuals started to come to him for the same reason. His business grew, and legitimized, partially through his hard work building connections all over Zeltiva and some of Sylira, and partially due to the noroity of his family for their effective and reliable businesses. Today Marcel’s Magic Supplies is a private shop, catering to those magically inclined, but with a stellar reputation and loyal customer base.

ImageRace: Konti
Date of Birth: Summer, 467AV
Place of Birth: Mura
Title: Receptionist at Marcel’s Magic Supplies
Skills: Philtering (65), Auristics (55), Sheilding (45), Arcanology (40), Investigation (30), Organization (25), Larceny (15)
Language: Common (Fluent), Kontinese (Fluent), Fratava (Basic)
Concept: Reilmai is a quiet woman, although she is not soft. Raised among Konti she is, of course, a pacifist, but she is an ambitious woman. Ever-curious and constantly searching for more things to learn, her area of expertise has become magic, and all thing related to it. Unlike Marcel, Reilmai has studied magic under the University and so has the credentials to be trusted among those in the University searching for Marcel’s expertise. She is most often the face of the shop, and the one who guards the transactions from peering eyes.

Young for a Konti, Reilmai travelled to Zeltiva to follow her need for a mate. She had always been inclined towards djed since discovering her aptitude for finding and understanding how people possess and use their own djed. Once arriving to Zeltiva she found a heavy interest in learning from the College of Djed and furthering her skill. Still she was entranced by a particular human who was deeply associated with many mages, and yet possessed no magic of his own. She began to get to know Marcel and he found her Konti gift to be useful. Having complimenting personalities she has come to be one of the few people the Marcel genuinely cares for, and one of the few faces that lend some semblance of comfort to those who purchase from him.
Konti Sense: Reilmai's gift allows her to sense the djed of others through association. In a very broad sense she can tell if someone in the room with her or in her immediate area practices magic. The more time she spends with a person the more easily she can identify their djed trace, recognize them for it, and begin to learn what discipline’s they practice and the extent of their skill with each particular discipline.
Gnosis: Divination 1

Consult the Price List. Some mage-related items can be acquired here, PM an ST to purchase an item.

You absolutely must have the lore of this location before gaining access to it. Graders may not give themselves this lore and must receive it from another grader/ST.

Once one has gained access to this location, it requires ST permission or moderation to use and acquire items from or sell items to.

Original location credit goes to Eorar.

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