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Dining Hall

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:26 pm

Dining Hall

Since many of the students and instructors wrap their whole lives into the University’s affairs, the University has made a point to provide for all aspects of life on campus. There is a building that is centrally located within the campus grounds and thus serves as the Dining Hall where most of the main meals are served to those with empty bellies and hungry salivating mouths. This building is often kept open due to the urging of the Head Chef Master of the University’s kitchens. No matter what the time of day, if someone is hungry they can always find a plate or bowl filled with hot nourishment to satisfy their hunger, and drinks to quench their thirsts.

The Cafeteria Hall is a long rectangular building that was crafted with grand bricks while the inside is elegantly decorated with hand-carved wooden beams and white-painted walls and ceilings. The flooring is parquet wood from the local forest near the city. At one end is a large fireplace to help heat the hall during the winter, while dotted along the walls are large paned doors that serve as windows, which are often opened during the spring and summer to allow in the warm refreshing breezes. Overhead hangs the hand-crafted chandeliers with three rings of candles (which have to be lit magically, or upon a very tall ladder) making them appear like miniature black iron pine trees. In addition, the wall sconces hold torches that are set ablaze during the darkness of night or during storms that darken the daytime skies.

The hall has a few long tables with benches on either side that have been positioned near the fireplace and on either side of the main entrance, while down the middle are a series of round circular tables designed to accommodate group seating of up to eight people. However the more that sit at the round tables, the more crowded it is, so oftentimes only four or five people will sit at these tables. Also along the walls between the window paned doors are the tables that hold the main plates that come from the University’s Main Kitchen, loaded with different dishes, and even a few tables that hold the different drinks the Head Chef Master offer the school.

Off behind the Cafeteria Hall building is a slightly smaller building with a made of modern architecture and not nearly as ancient as the Dining Hall building. It is the home of not only the Head Chef Master but also the Main Kitchen of the University where the more elaborate meals are prepared under the watchful eye and hands of Head Chef Master Devin. While the school does offer smaller self-use kitchens among the community dorms of the instructors, this is the only kitchen that actually houses the stock house where the food is stored and prepared for the University students.

ImageThe Main Kitchen is built entirely out of red oven fired bricks that help keep the building warm in the winter and cool in the summer time. The Kitchen also has large windows which can be open either completely or just the top portion. The brick flooring allows for the easier cleanup of any spills that might happen, the removal of blood and guts from animals being freshly butchered inside, or even help to keep the feet of the cooks and other servants warm during the winter days and nights.

The room is divided up into separate work areas and stations. There is the area for the preparation of vegetables and fruits, a station where the meat is prepped, a station for the cooks, and even a station for the washing of the dishes left over from the meals and prepping taking place every day. The wash station is separated by a wall with a wooden frame window so dishes can be passed from the kitchen to the wash area.

Toward the south end of the build that serves as the Main Kitchen’s quarters is the stock house which is of course divided into two sections. An ice room for holding things like the meats, and a storage room for pickled things, vegetables, and dried items. The Stock house can only be open by the touch of either the Head Chef Master or his top assistant in the morning before any of the workers arrive for the start of the day. This is to keep thieves out of the stock that is often very limited in its amount already. Finally behind the end of the Stock House that serves as the Head Chef Master’s living quarters. It is nothing more than a small apartment with a cot bed, a small dresser for clothing, a wash basin, two chairs for a sitting area, and small bathroom.

Devindaher Villbarg
ImageRace: Human
Date of Birth: Fall, 451AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Title: Head Chef Master
Skills: Cooking (70), Food Preservation (60), Leadership (50), Teaching (45), Brewing (40), Medicine (30)
Language: Common (Fluent)
Concept: Head Chef Master Dave Devindaher (known around the campus as Master Devin) is every bit as tough as his age-weathered facial features make him appear. While not cold-hearted, he drives a tight ‘ship’ in the kitchens of the University. His tone is deep and conveys the strength that time and knowledge has given him. He is a taskmaster and always makes sure those serving under him are busy working on something, be it manning the ovens and stoves to preparing the ingredients for the daily dishes being served.

Master Dave has a very kind heart, and when he notices one of his employees is in trouble, he is not above speaking with them, offering the advice of an elder to many young minds, ears and hearts. The old man loves his job among the students and staff of the University. Even during days when he isn’t fit enough to oversee the duties in the main kitchen, the old Zeltivan can be seen wandering the grounds checking up on students to see if they might need an extra bit of food before bed or even dropping off some bread and soup to a student or staff member that is up late into the evening researching something. Because of this there are many rumors that Master Dave is actually nothing but a teddy bear in the body of a grizzly bear.

⥼ Cook: Although not a formal restaurant, the Dining Hall is the largest communal eating areas in all of Zeltiva. It is a luxury provided to the students and instructors that attend and work for the University, allowing them to live and eat on campus in order to retain their focus. The cooks here work within the portions allotted by the University, and although many take pride in the things they are able to craft with the typical Zeltivan fair, they must learn to accommodate for famine as well. It is a hard, but rewarding job. Base pay is 3 gm/day, must possess the Cooking skill.
⥼ Dishwasher: Because the Dining Hall serves so many people, it is necessary that cleaning up is it’s own job. Often offered to University students who wish to make an extra coin while they study, the job is grueling, but with easy hours, and simple pay. All one must be able to do is wash dishes, after all. Base pay is 1 gm/day. No skill needed, although seasonal experience will be awarded in Organization.

The Dining Hall is only available to University students and instructors that are being housed on Campus. No one else will be permitted to enter IC. If you are not a student or instructor housed on campus, you must PM an ST to use this location.

Original location credit goes to Jarah.

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