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Astronomy Tower

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:28 pm

Astronomy Tower

Protruding from the roof of the East Wing is the Astronomy Tower, a haven for stargazers and students of the sky. Astronomy, a well-respected and necessary science, is taught here. It is one of the more recent additions to the East Wing, founded in the past hundred years. Astronomy is useful to not only the College of Navigation, but to all of the Colleges, even the College of Djed. It is a pivotal point in many sciences, and thus has a proportionately large study body. Most students learn the basics to aid in their other skill lessons, although a rare few grow so curious about the sky above them, they choose to their their studies further, and producing excellent research for the University.

The whole of the tower is devoted to Astronomy and various natural science classes based on the sky. From the ground floor to the upper three floors, separated by a long spiraling staircase, one can find small but beautiful study halls and lecturing rooms. The rooms here have been built with the modern Zeltivan architecture and so the interiors are decorated to reflect the purpose of the building, with detailed and accurate depictions of seasonal skies on the ceilings and large tapestry maps hung on the walls. On the very top floor of the tower is the observatory which is dedicated to some of the world’s most expensive telescopes and interactive globes for the teaching of this science. The observatory itself is a room of glass and stone, allowing students and staff to use telescopes and study the sky. The glass windows can be opened fully too, creating an open air feeling to the room. Various gadgets, such as compasses and magnetic instruments are also found in the Tower.

When classes are not running, the Astronomy Tower is open for public use. Students often come to the observatory simply to observe and reflect, and to escape the bustle of the city below and look beyond.

ImageRace: Konti
Date of Birth: Fall, 417AV
Place of Birth: Mura
Title: Observatory Master
Skills: Astronomy (75), Physics (70), Mathematics (65), Research (60), Arcanology (55), Teaching (50), Summoning (40), Cartography (35), Meditation (25), Astrology (15)
Language: Common (Fluent), Kontinese (Fluent)
Concept: Cyril is a slightly aloof woman. Unlike other Konti she was not immediately able to tell what her gift was, or what she was meant to do with it. Since she has no control over how it works, she did not realize for a time that she was actually sensing beings in other planes, she thought she was simply mad. It was after coming to Zeltiva and learning of Summoning, other worlds and planes, that she realized what she was sensing. She still does not seem entirely present, although her ears are keen and her mind sharp, one would be a fool to think that Cyril was not at least ten steps ahead of any academic conversation.

The Konti had always felt the call to devote herself to the sky and it’s many deities, and she found her way to do that through study. Cyril took an intense interest in Astronomy, as well as astrology, and navigation. As a young girl she left Mura to attend the University, which was when she realized exactly what her calling required of her. While astronomy had always been an important science to the University and its students, it was drastically underfunded and appreciated. Cyril excelled in the science, making fools out of her teachers quickly, and heavily involved her pursuit of knowledge with her strict devotion to her Gods. She was the pioneer that helped the University take the steps to building the Astronomy Tower, and to this day remains the Master of her science.
Konti Gift: Cyril has an unusually powerful and mysterious gift. Although well matured, she is still curious as to what exactly her gift entails her. She gets random senses of beings that do not exist in the plane she is in. She has once realized that she was sensing things in the Ukalas or the Void, although she has no control over the gift, nor has she been able to center it and actually see what she is sensing. It does offer her a keener insight on who has gnosis marks, although she cannot exactly tell what they are, simply because she can sense their attachments to beings of the Ukalas: Gods.
Gnosis: Akarni 2, Telepathy 1, Divination 1

Original location credit goes to Paragon.

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