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Raster Street

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:30 pm

Raster Street
ImageIn Denval, the most bustling market, where one could find anything they needed and most they desired, was named Raster Market. Since the city’s relocation within Zeltiva’s borders, however, the market has evolved. Denvali tradesmen and merchants who did not wish to venture outside of their quarter to the University or Sailors Quarters began to set their shops up on one of the few straight streets of the Denvali Quarter. This street has since been the first stop for many Denvali residents to find the things that they need for their everyday lives. As the years go on, the street’s reputation becomes more settled as the new pseudo-market for the Denvali people, known as Raster Street. Denvali merchants are smart to keep the shopkeepers stocked and happy, often opting to trade with the Denvali primarily, especially for far away goods near the Denvali’s old home in Kalea, which are always in high demand.

Raster Street could be comparable to West Street in purpose, albeit significantly smaller. And unlike the planned and wide avenue of the famous West Street, which has enough room for hauling carts and wagons as well as the mass amounts of foot traffic, Raster Street is small, winding, and cramped. On a good day, only a single wagon may be able to find its way down the street, although often the wagon moves so slow due to the crowds that it is often easier and faster to hire simple labor to haul one’s goods to the shop. Unlike West Street, the merchants here to do not hide their wares behind wooden doors and glass cases, operating their shopfront more comparably to a stall in a street market than a shop on an avenue.

ImageDue to Zeltiva’s rainy and windy weather, Raster Street is dominantly made up of many colorful buildings pressed up against a cobbled street. These stores and workshops open their doors to the main street, letting their goods spill out their entrances for onlookers to peruse, and hopefully purchase. During rain or unfavorable weather, the merchants may not lay their goods out front, but will still keep their doors held open, with waxed canvas propped above the entrance to keep the unwelcoming weather out. This communal environment is highly reminiscent of Raster Market back in Denval, and although can feel alien to most Zeltivans, makes many Denvali feel as if they were back home.

Still, a majority of the items found on Raster Street are made in the quarter, from local Denvali craftsmen. Here one can find the Denvali adaptations to the typical Zeltivan resources. Like any other shopping place in Zeltiva, food is scarce and hardly for sale here. The only regularly stocked food item is rice, which has gone from a staple to a delicacy in the Zeltivan diet. The simple grain that reminds most Denvali of home runs a high price in this Zeltivan market, but one that any Denvali with enough coin is happy to pay.

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