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The Lyceum

Postby Neologism on June 14th, 2019, 11:32 pm

The Lyceum
ImageIn Denval, the Lyceum had been a small educational facility, tribute to the University of Zeltiva, and following in its footsteps. Having been built in 474AV, the Lyceum had been a loosely structured and small facility, but was treasured by the Denvali people. However since the Denvali people had sought refuge in Zeltiva, their educational opportunities expanded to those of any Zeltivan, with access to the University, should one be able to afford it. As a result, there was little need to reinstate the Lyceum in the Denvali Quarter as there was for other Denvali staples. Instead the concept morphed and adapted to what the Denvali people really needed: A way to preserve what was left of their city and culture.

The Lyceum is no longer a formal educational facility, but rather a gathering place for Denvali elders to share the oral histories of their lost city, and for new generations to learn of their culture. There are a few anthropologists working within the Lyceum to help preserve these oral histories into writing, and do so with vigilance and great care. While anyone can come to listen or tell stories, only a select few are allowed to view or work with the small but growing library of texts and artifacts preserved and found from the old city. These artifacts are not entirely closed off, displayed behind shielded glass for those who are curious to view. As a result the Lyceum has become almost a museum as well, offering a glimpse into what is left of the lost city of Denval.

The Lyceum itself blends in perfectly with the buildings surrounding it. Made of the same modern Denvali-Zeltivan architectural hybrid and painted a vibrant color similar to the other buildings in the quarter, one may not be able to find it without direction or prior knowledge. Only once reaching the front courtyard of the small orange building, would one be able to recognize the Lyceum for what it is. Other than the simple seating for outdoor storytelling, there is the remains of a royal period architecture, of a giant column which an ancient building used to support itself with. In the beginning of the quarter, the Denvali had intended to create a magnificent building in which to preserve their history, using this column as the foundation for the design. However necessity and limited time have not allowed this dream to happen. Instead the Lyceum sits in a rather regular building, with the tribute to this ancient architecture marking it for what it is.

Upon entering visitors will find a single high-ceiling room with many wooden benches for seating, and a few heavily shielded glass paneling’s in which mundane Denvali artifacts are displayed for public viewing. To the north end of the room, there is a simple dark wood door which opens to stairs which lead down into the rocky base below the building. It is assumed that the more valuable pieces and literature are stored here, although no one other than the resident anthropologists are allowed access, and they do not share.

PM an ST to use the basement floor. This location is otherwise free for use.

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