Closed [The Bharani Library] To be a Seeker...

Abrahm applies for a position at the Library and undergoes his initiation

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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[The Bharani Library] To be a Seeker...

Postby Abrahm Lartius on August 12th, 2019, 12:25 am

To be a Seeker...

The 23rd of Summer, 519 AV

“Petching wind,” Abrahm complained as he clutched onto his blue scarf, preventing it-- for the umpteenth time-- from being carried over the mountain peaks by a summer draft.

On the Tenten Peak, Abrahm stood before an enormous skyglass building as the sun was setting over the horizon. The last of Syna’s rays reflecting off the walls bathed the streets below in a kaleidoscopic sea of light, giving passers-by the impression of walking on a rainbow. A golden plaque next to the large door of the building read “The Bharani Library”. With its many graceful curves, its steep points and great attention to detail, the Library was a true testament to Lhavitian master craftsmanship.

Upon entering the Library, Abrahm found himself in a grand hall. On the inside, the building was framed with skyglass crystals which twinkled softly as ambient light played on their surfaces. Hallways led off from the main hall into the other parts of the library, where shelves upon shelves of neatly-stacked books, scrolls and other artifacts could be found. Skyglass stairs led up to the higher levels of the library, where more bookshelves were sure to be discovered. In the center of the hall stood a beautiful desk, decorated with intricate carvings, behind which sat the white-robed figure of a woman.

Abrahm inhaled sharply, every muscle in his body shook and a slight shiver ran down his spine. The combination of her white robes, pale skin and very light blonde hair startled the young visitor, who thought her to be a ghost. Quickly realizing this not to be the case, Abrahm straightened himself up and reached into his pocket, which contained the case to his spectacles, and put them on. Luckily, the receptionist had not noticed his frightened reaction, being occupied with a stack of papers on the desk in front of her. Breathing a sigh of relief, Abrahm walked up to the welcome desk.

Looking up and noticing the visitor, the receptionist greeted and introduced herself as Silvya.

“How can I help you?” she added, smiling politely.

Bowing in greeting, Abrahm inquired about a job application.

“Oh, that’s not a problem,” the white-robed receptionist responded. “Just fill in this application form and I’ll soon have a Savant over to interview you.”

Handing him a form, Silvya gestured to one of the hallways. Abrahm bowed his thanks and walked down the hallway to his right, an application form in hand. He passed a white-robed man carrying a stack of books, who inclined his head in greeting and continued walking in the direction of the grand hall.

When he reached the room to which the hallway led, the young visitor, unsurprisingly, found rows of bookshelves. In the middle of the room, surrounded by the shelves, Abrahm found a few chairs and tables (upon which some quills and ink bottles could be found); designated areas for reading and studying. Some of the Library’s other visitors could be found seated at some of the tables, walking between the bookshelves, or conversing quietly in a corner. Abrahm also saw a small number of white-robed individuals in this part of the Library; the librarians, Abrahm assumed, as he noticed one or two of them perusing the shelves, checking lists, and organizing the volumes.

Why all the white?, Abrahm wondered silently to himself. He made a mental note to ask at a later point in time and sat down at a table.

Reaching for a quill and dipping the point into an ink bottle, Abrahm began to fill in the application form while he waited on the Savant who would interview him.
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[The Bharani Library] To be a Seeker...

Postby Luminescence on August 15th, 2019, 2:58 pm

Silvya barely cast a glance up when the doors to the library opened, focused on the papers in front of her; the newcomer looked at her, seeming slightly startled, and she gave a brief courteous smile. With a pop of her shoulders, she straightened up from her hunched position over the surface of her desk, introducing herself politely and asking how she could help the visitor.

The man was looking for a job. Silvya arched one pale brow, casting a critical gaze over him, but said nothing except to inform him of the procedure and give him an application. In all honesty, applicants to become a Seeker were rare; while she knew that there were several pre-made copies of the document just in case, she had to do a little bit of digging through her drawers before she found them.

Handing one to the man, she stood from her desk, brushing off invisible dust from her white robes as she whisked away to find a Savant to interview the man, leaving Abrahm to fill out his application. It was simple stuff; name, age, are you from Lhavit?, if not where are you from?, and a few other easy questions. In all honesty, none of it mattered; what mattered was being able to tell if the applicant could read and write well enough in Common.

Silvya padded down the halls until she found who she was looking for. A tall, slim woman stood by one of the bookshelves, flipping through a tattered journal, examining the pages for signs of serious decay. "Cass," Silvya called, catching the woman's attention.

She looked up, carefully shutting and replacing the book on the shelf as Silvya approached. "There's a man who wants to join the Seekers. He's near the front filling out an application now."

Cass' dark eyes gleamed with something indecipherable, and she smiled at Silvya. "I see. Thank you. I'll go take care of that." Silvya nodded, and trailed after her as she strode with purposeful steps back down the hall, Silvya returning to her desk and Cass seeking out Abrahm. It didn't take much to find him.

Spotting him sitting at one of the tables, Cass walked over. She practically towered over Abrahm, sitting as he was, and it was clear she would have a good few inches on him even when he was standing. "Hello," she said, voice smooth and cool; she spoke quietly, as to be respectful of the patrons of the library around them, but loudly enough that Abrahm wouldn't have to struggle to hear her. Her voice held a commanding tone, even at a lower volume.

"My name is Cassandra. Silvya tells me you're interested in applying to become a Seeker, Mr...?" She paused, giving Abrahm a chance to introduce himself, holding her hand out for a handshake. If Abrahm took her hand, he would find it smooth and soft, but calloused along her fingers from years of writing.

Cassandra tilted her head slightly, examining him for a long moment. "What makes you want to be a Seeker, hmm?" She asked; her voice was casual, but something in the way she looked at Abrahm was less so. There was something just shy of intimidating about the woman.

While she waited for Abrahm to answer, Cass leaned down and slid his application away from him; if he protested or wasn't finished, she brushed off his words and assured him it was fine, her dark gaze skimming the page as she listened to his reasoning. Clearly he could read; his writing wasn't what she would call neat, but it was legible and with minimal spelling or grammatical errors that she could pick out.

Once Abrahm was done with her first question, she continued before even acknowledging his response. "I see you're not from Lhavit," she noted, the darkly printed 'No' beside the question 'Are you from Lhavit?' catching her eye, the ink still drying. She hummed thoughtfully as she glanced down at the question below it.

"Zeltiva. Interesting. I've heard the library there is one to truly be envious of. A world away though, practically. What drew you here, and what drew you to us?" Cassandra finally tore her gaze from the application, arching an eyebrow as she settled her sights on Abrahm once more, already thinking of the best way to conduct the man's initiation; however, her expression gave away nothing, unreadable except for a vague curiosity.
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