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The events of this autumn season.

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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Autumn 519 AV Calendar

Postby Luminescence on September 5th, 2019, 4:00 pm


An atmosphere of unease has settled on the city this season as mages go everywhere looking over their shoulder and make doubly sure to lock their doors at night; the mage killer is still on the loose, with the Shinya and Constellations working hard to find the murderer. An incredibly hot autumn does nothing for the stress of the season as the weather shifts dramatically, once again signalling a coming winter without the presence of Morwen.

Overview of Season Events

☼ Daytime Event - ☾ Nighttime Event
☆ Moderated/Prompted Event

1st: The Watchtowers flare red, announcing the beginning of autumn.

13th: Another strange letter appears in the Gazette; this one urges for citizens to band together to aid in the search for the murderer. It lists a meeting place and time; Alheas Park by the pond, on the 28th of autumn, at exactly midnight, and promises information to any who show up.

☾ 22nd: The Moon Festival is held to honour Leth and the harvest, beginning as soon as Syna sets and the sky darkens. Hundreds of candles and lanterns are lit across the city, filling it with a warm glow. The Chandra welcome many visitors to the Temple of the Moon as people both party and pray. Celebrations last well into the morning of the next day.

☆☾ 28th: The meeting noted in the letter posted to the Gazette takes place. Anyone who is interested may attend. (See OOC Info below for more details. If you're interested, please sign-up in my office so I can get a feel for how many people will be involved)

31st: The Mhakula Tea House announces an autumn specialty of iced teas in order to try and keep citizens cool; when asked about where they get their ice, Atsuya and Guzo just shrug and smile.

38th: People at the Basilika begin blaming Ponrose for the murders; her sister-turned-caretaker, who has until now kept herself out of the public eye, insists that Ponrose is in no type of mental or physical state to be able to kill anyone, let alone several mages.

☆☾ 47th: As the Shinya, the Constellations, and a group of civilians struggle to figure out who is behind the murders, the killer strikes again. The Crone is found dead on the porch of her shack; this time, however, there is a different detail. Rumours spread like wildfire that the crone had the mage-identifying mark painted on her forehead in her own blood. (Stay tuned for more info on this thread!)

55th: Now in the public eye and rarely left alone, Ponrose's sister casts suspicions on the Dusk Tower, the only remaining tower that is opposing civilian mages, and known political rivals of the Dawn Tower. Those who buy into this particular theory cast heavy suspicion on Chiona Dusk in particular, wondering if she perhaps isn't as mentally sound as she has insisted she is since she went mad and murdered an Ethaefal a year ago.

62nd: Accusations and wild conjecture begin to be thrown around regularly, and distrust hangs heavy over the city, with anyone having the potential to be the killer, no matter how well you think you might know them.

75th: The Shinya and Constellations quietly begin taking several people into custody, some as genuine suspects and some for simple questioning, but most are released within a few bells.

82nd: Rostam the spiritist is taken to the Catholicon with serious injuries, but alive; it's assumed that he was the next target of the killer, and people across the city wait with bated breath to see what he has to say when he recovers, but it could take some time.

85th: Ponrose is discovered wandering the halls of the Catholicon; she seems disoriented and distant, her condition worse than when she was released. Nobody is quite sure how she got there, but she is swiftly taken into custody by the Shinya as people begin to call for her death, once again pinning her as the killer, assuming she had gone back to finish what she started.

OOC Info

Whodunit?! This season will see the start of your very own game of Clue as the murder of mages continues. If you're interested in trying to solve the murders, you must attend the mysterious meeting advertised in the Gazette.

After the meeting takes place, everyone who is participating may do their own investigations, either solo or with others. If you want to investigate something specific, interview someone, etc., PM me. I will either give you a prompt or storyseed of sorts, or do a quick thread start for you. I will avoid actively modding these threads as much as possible in an attempt to keep things going at your pace, but depending on what you wish to do it may be necessary.

Please either make a plan for your investigation ahead of time in regards to what you are looking for and detail it to me, or update me as you write the thread in regards to what you look for/ask people. You may need to roll for certain things, and this way I can tell you what you learn. If you're not sure of what you might find or what your PC might reasonably be able to deduce/see/figure out, err on the side of caution and ask me! :)

I'm also trying a slightly different approach to the listed modded threads this season that will give players a bit more freedom and allow you to work more at your own pace instead of relying heavily on me, so stay tuned for that; the necessary information will be mentioned in the appropriate threads.

The murder plot will be wrapped up early next season with a trial where everyone who was involved may cast their vote, so be sure to do plenty of sleuthing this season!

Weather Throughout the Season

This autumn is a scorcher; after a pleasant last two seasons that were cool and rainy, autumn brings unbearable heat with lots of sun and little clouds, and absolutely not a drop of rain. Even breezes are few and far in-between as the sun beats down mercilessly, causing a scramble as fashions shift once again, now favouring sunhats and light, airy fabrics.

Seasonal Challenges

Complete 6 of these challenges to earn Lhavit's Seasonal Medal. A maximum of 3 challenges can be completed in a single thread, and if doing multiple challenges in a thread each one should consist of at least 800 words; that is, threads containing 2 challenges should be a minimum of 1,600 words, and threads containing 3 challenges should be a minimum of 2,400 words. Single challenge threads should be a minimum of 1,000 words. If you have completed the challenges, then post them to my office with links to the threads.

✧Find a creative way to beat the heat

✧Get a sunburn

✧Participate in the murder investigation

✧Go swimming (with another PC)

✧Watch the sunrise or sunset (with another PC)

✧Earn 5 XP in an information-gathering skill (ex: Investigation, Interrogation, Intelligence, etc.)

✧Earn 5 XP in a sneaky skill (ex: Stealth, Subterfuge, Impersonation, etc.)

✧Play a game of truth or dare (with another PC)

✧Visit the Starglow Spa for a day of pampering

✧Get a tattoo at Lazuli Ink
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