[Calendar] Fall 519

Calendar of Events for Falll 519

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A city floating in the center of a lake, Ravok is a place of dark beauty, romance and culture. Behind it all though is the presence of Rhysol, God of Evil and Betrayal. The city is controlled by The Black Sun, a religious organization devoted to Rhysol. [Lore]

[Calendar] Fall 519

Postby Gillar on September 10th, 2019, 2:59 am


Fall 519 Calendar of Events

General City Atmosphere

The strange behavior found in animals as well as Kelvics in and around Ravok that began in Spring has finally calmed down. While it has taken a couple of seasons, the strange activity normalized after a few ups and downs. Slowly, life has gradually grown more normal; at least as normal as life can get in Ravok.

The City Guard, along with the Ebonstryfe, were able to enhance their protection of the city and the mainland through their increased patrols. While the Summer found an increase in animal aggression, the city-wide curfew went a long way in reducing the threat posed to the citizens by the abnormal animal behavior.

Restrictions on domesticated predator animals have been lessened although a close eye is focused on any animal that otherwise shows signs of abnormal aggression.

State of the City

With the threat from predatory animals seemingly gone or at least, diminished, life slowly returns to normal. However, there are a few unusual occurrences that, initially, are quite minor but grow to be something of note. While there is no official addressing of the various incidents, word begins to spread; rumors of things happening that are just...not right. Reports of these odd events are primarily focused on the first several days of the season and eventually fade until there are few if any reports of oddities in the middle to later part of season leading up to Winter.

The Voice made an official announcement in the Central Plaza stating that the threat from the odd animal behavior has been dealt with and that there should not be any more danger.


It is comfortable; an average of 70-75 degrees, sunny with occasions of light rain and slightly cooler temperatures at night with the occasional light breeze. Extremes in temperature are non-existent. Basically, the typical weather enjoyed all year round. There are a few glitches in this during the first few days of the season with the rare and extremely odd instance of snow flurries early on and a hail storm not long after that.

3rd Day – Fall has come to Ravok although few would notice any changes from Summer. Rumor has it that a messenger from the Temple of the Black Sun has been moving about the city, stopping at specific points and delivering messages to particular individuals. While this cannot be confirmed, a figure dressed in white robes adorned with the black designs of a sun has been seen wandering about the city seemingly with a purpose. [Quest, see posting to come].

11th Day – The Ebonstryfe publically unveils a new addition to the security of the city in the form of a humanoid being composed of sprockets, gears, pipes and belts. Looking like a skeleton composed of strange, mechanized parts, the being is referred to as Janson and is said to be the prototype for a new type of city protector. There is obvious apprehension among the citizens with no small amount of fear present. Janson however has displayed an ability to communicate articulately and seems rather pleasant.

19th Day – One of the zith hunting packs that threatened the people during the Summer has been eradicated. The bodies of the zith were put on display in the Central Plaza as proof that the City Guard and the Ebonstryfe are succeeding in protecting the citizens from all threats.

30th Day – The battered remains of a merchant vessel have washed up at The Docks. It appears as if something rather large took a huge bite out of the center of the ship. There were no survivors and other merchant vessels have requested aid from Ebonstryfe patrols to help escort them and provide protection.

47th Day – Janson, the strange being introduced earlier in the season as an addition to the security of the city, has received what is being called, an upgrade. He has been reintroduced with skin. While he does not have any truly distinctive features; he is hairless and "generic" looking, he is a bit easier on the eyes. He is often found wandering the streets, greeting citizens and offering words of encouragement. His voice is surprisingly soft and even comforting in a way. He reacts to encounters in a way that almost feels...scripted...but it is not unpleasant.

53rd Day – The Voice unveils to the people a new addition to the Temple of the Black Sun. What she has called, Time's Face, has been installed on the main dome of the Temple. It is a round, metallic structure with notches representing a single bell. A metal arm moves from notch to notch as it follows the various breakdowns of the measurement of time within a specific day. All who pass through the Plaza can view Time's Face and get a sense of what time of day it is. Marking each Bell as it passes, Time's Face rings out as if a great bell had been rung.

77th Day – Winter is on the horizon even if most in Ravok never really experience it; save for the occasional mishap. With the coming of Winter, the attacks merchant vessels seems to have increased. A total of 6 merchant ships have been attacked thus far. There have been few survivors. Those who have survived tell of a massive form slamming into the hull and crippling the ship. A mass of tentacles and enormous teeth is all they remember.

90th Day – The Ebonstryfe begins a full hunt for what is attacking the merchant vessels. In the meantime, Janson has been making the rounds throughout the city. He has his fans as well as his detractors. Many fear his lack of humanity while others feel he is a great addition to the city; one who can do what humans cannot. Where the final decision lands, only time can tell.

What This All Means For the New Season

A new addition to the city in the form of Janson is introduced. A constructed being who is slowly growing and adapting to become something more...human.

There are attacks against merchant vessels that begins as a single event but grows to be something more.

The city is finally recovering from the strange animal behavior of the past two seasons.

A strange messenger wandered the city in the first few days of the Season, what the messages were that were delivered remain to be seen.


* Write 20,000 words worth of threads over the course of the entire Season with a general focus on invention, creation, gadgeteering or some other form of construction.


* Write 20,000 words worth of threads over the course of the entire Season with a general focus on sailing, fishing, shipbuilding or other sea-themed elements.


* Write 12,000 words worth of threads over the course of the entire Season with a general focus on dealing with understanding personal history and how it your life has led you to be who you are now.

* Learn gadgeteering, construction, carpentry or masonry and gain 50 skill points in said skill by the end of the Season


* Learn gadgeteering, construction, carpentry or masonry and gain 25 skill points in said skill by the end of the Season.

There will be awards in relation to whichever challenge you seek to take on.

There will also be unique awards given for participation in any of the moderated events taking place this season.

Personal Note: The Quest mentioned will technically begin this Season but will also engage in a bit of time bending. What this means is that if you were registered/active last season, you will be able to participate in this season's quest.
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